Here’s something for the statist/collectivist brain trust, from Nobel Prize laureate Milton Friedman. Read up and perhaps add a few points to your IQ and EQ. ​POINTS TO CONSIDER: * The only party which can meet the armed state is organized crime/drug cartels that have the connections to move goods through customs or around customs […]

A family friend dropped by yesterday, Sunday morning, with a copy of the Federalism proposal. In a nutshell, the proposal called for just five regions in the Philippines.Their experts claimed that it would make governance more efficient and responsive. She asked me what I thought about the notion. Without batting an eyelash, I told her […]

The Philippines has recently jumped on the terrorism bandwagon. The outcome has always been the loss of more freedoms under the guise of protecting your freedom. This modus operandi of the state can be seen with recent imposition of martial law in Mindanao – and the threat of extending it to the entire country. Supporters […]

JUST THE NUMBERS   Philippines Labor Statistics – July 2016 vs Jan 2017 Data provided by Philippine Statistics Authority   It’s already mid-year of 2017 thus far, the Philippine Statistics Authority has already provided data up to Jan 2017. So let’s just review the data they provided:   Employment Rate – Dropped by 1.3% (from […]

The global elite is at its divide and rule tactics once again. It divides humanity between pro and anti when in fact the agreement does not address the root cause. We cannot use a solution that uses the same o same o kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place – an […]

Update: Dr Agnes Callamard gave an update on May 16, 2017 that she is well and free. Philippines #fakenews is busted! A story on the arrest of UN Rapporteur Dr. Agnes Callamard has been making the rounds on social media lately. The links are from sites and Here’s the snapshot from Here’s […]

The impending tax increases of the current administration will hit the already burdened Filipinos wallets.  This criminal enterprise called the Philippine government will go to great lengths to sustain the lavish lifestyle of its tyrant and his minions. In order to mitigate the impact of the tax increases, freethinking Filipinos can reduce their spending so that […]