‘Singaporean terrorist’ helping Abus—Puno –, Philippine News for Filipinos

‘Singaporean terrorist’ helping Abus—Puno

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:44:00 04/02/2009

Filed Under: Red cross kidnapping, Acts of terror

MANILA, Philippines—An “international terrorist” from Singapore was acting on behalf of Islamic militants in the 76-day Red Cross hostage crisis, Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno told local television Wednesday.

The “Singapore” militant served as an interpreter for the Abu Sayyaf group as it negotiated with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Manila government, Puno said.

He said “the Singaporean,” whom he did not identify, could also have made contact with relatives of a Swiss and an Italian who were among three Red Cross workers abducted on Jolo Island on Jan. 15.

“Apparently a Singaporean has been moving along with the group and serving as their interpreter,” Puno said.

He said the Abu Sayyaf had also apparently contacted the hostages’ relatives in Europe and he suspected the Singaporean “is serving this purpose.”

Puno described the suspect as “one of those international terrorists that are under the protection of the Abu Sayyaf. He has been with them since the very beginning.”

Sheesh. Keep on stoking the issue and next time around it will not just be a Singaporean, it will also include a Malaysian, Indonesian, Bruneian, Thai, Pakistan, and Pakistan. The government of the farcical Philippine state forgets it is surrounded by Muslim countries.



  1. UP n grad · ·

    Singaporeans are Buddhists or Christians or Taoists.

  2. I agree. Gonzales is more than likely, throwing another ball from left field.

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