Of schmoes and joes

Been replying on a blog site lately – FV or Filipinovoices.com

Reading the reactions reminds me of the typical “pwede na” flipazz mindset – the same dysfunction that takes pride in mediocrity.

And it is really really funny, how the onion-skinned squirms every time their buttons are pushed.

Then they resort to ad hominems that they have the balls because they have their faces as avatars next to their post. So typical of domestic flipazzes, when their arguments are lost – they cling to ad hominems like a lifevest in a sea of shiznit.

How could the dude be so eggheaded not to figure out it’s the blog administrators who approves if an avatar will be shown or not?

And just in case, the dude grows some brains out of the fecal matter that sits between his ears – welcome to the human race… ROTFLMAO!!!

Chill out and get a life instead of sticking your head into your butt while reading FV… cheers!

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