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CANDIDATE Economy Culture Human capital Foreign affairs Infrastructure National Security Governance
Chiz Escudero
Senate Agenda
More care for the environment and natural resources to ensure availability to future generations. Tax reform: Improve tax collection efficiency, publish budget and allocations on Web, allow tax payers to suggest where their taxes should be spent*. More opportunities for micro and SME business thru favourable lending rates and improved financing facilities*. nil Affordable housing to all. Enhanced livelihood thru micro-finance and training. Priority to local and female entrepreneurs. More funding for state colleges to open college education to more youths. Universal access to medical care. Uphold freedom from discrimination. nil Improved logistics infrastructure for manufacturing industries*. More peace talks in Mindanao*. Uphold legislation that focuses on integrity, freedom, and peace.Put a stop to the extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances*. Independent “special” courts to investigate “extra-judicial” killing*.
Bayani Fernando
If elected president…
nil nil “Reform basic education”. Strengthen English, Science and Mathematics curriculum in public schools; establish libraries in public schools*. nil nil nil “Reform electoral system”. Reform campaign spending. Return to 2-party system. Public campaign financing.
Richard Gordon
Senate website profile
Government to take lead in “creating” jobs. nil nil nil Direct pump-priming/ stimulus spending on labour-intensive infrastructure dev’t projects. nil Implementation of effective oversight and accountability. Act on exposed cases (not stop at exposure) through to prosecution.
Jamby Madrigal
Official website
nil nil Protection for indigenous people against illegal logging, mining, and “greedy corporate interests”. nil nil nil To “not become” like President Gloria Arroyo.
Francis Pangilinan
Official website
nil nil nil nil nil nil Reduce case backlog by increasing budget allocation for Judiciary*.
Ed Panlilio
Facebook fan page
nil nil “No one left behind” (GK slogan) nil nil nil Seeks blessing from the Catholic Church to run for presidency. “Get rid of corruption in local government”.
Mar Roxas
Political positions (Wikipedia)
Issues “that matter”
Systemic review of agriculture and trading in agricultural products to find solutions to alleviate rural poverty. Creation of 6-yr MSME development plan. Tax cuts applied to OFW remittances and low wage earners. nil Believes in use of native language as medium for early education. Curtail migration of Filipino workers to countries at war or undergoing civil unrest and others that offer unsafe or unsecure work environments. Broad public access to affordable medicines. nil nil Formulation of 10-yr Food Security Plan. Uphold national territory in re-negotiation of MOA-AD. Transparency in Government – free public access to government information that has no bearing on diplomatic/national security. Pardon Erap. Celemency for Trillanes.
Gilbert Teodoro Jr
Ideas and innovation as engine for future growth. Detailed economic devt strategy per region in Strategy section of website. Allow foreigners to own land for industrial and tourism business use*. Cultural awareness programs for Cordillera indigenous people. Boost technical, mathematical, and English language content in curriculum; additional 2 years elementary school. Supports English as medium for instruction*. nil More competitive infra devt program (up to 5% of GDP); more private sector involvement in infra devt*. Detailed infrastructure devt strategy per region in Strategy section of website. Restart the talks with MILF “on a solid footing”*. Enhance international military engagements and ties*. More fiscal management autonomy in local government. More investment in investigative agents and techniques*.
Manny Villar
Official website
Facebook page
Help returning OFW’s start tourism-related enterprises*. Encourage entrepreneurial spirit of Filipinos thru financing incentives and improved capital raising facilities*. nil nil nil nil nil Improve judiciary thru “high level political will” to solve pending cases, witness protection, deploy “round-the-clock” resources*.
Add your candidate! nil nil nil nil nil nil nil

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