Perdition and the Arrogance of Ignorance


I thought Pat was having a eureka moment when I read this:

It would require every single Filipino to sacrifice at least a part of himself or herself to enable the process of healing and reconstruction.

Then I, came across this:

Are we really a young democracy that majority of the anakpawis, as what this BongV portrays in his article over at are “ignoramuses”? BongV wants us to believe that the D-E class are the worst because they allow all of these chaos to happen in this country. That the onus for change lies in us, the A-B class.

I don’t know how Pat came to the conclusion that the onus for change lies in the ABC classes given that  no matter how the ABC class votes – their numbers are still insignificant given that 93% of the voting population are categorized as DE.

% of Total Voters

While a case can be made that the onus lies in us being the opinion-leaders, at the end of the day, it will not be the ABC group who will do the actual voting for the DE group. The DE group will vote on its own-volition – with or without the opinion of the ABC group. Erap and FPJ trumps Raul Roco anytime, anywhere, anyplace – onli in da Pilipins.

Admonishing the ABC group is preaching to the choir, nearly everyone agree that change is needed, that competent leaders are needed – but what is 7% unanymity when the 7% can be negated by another 7% of the DE group. The remaining 86% is still up for grabs not counting loose change. Eighty three motherfrakkin percent (83%), all from the DE group makes the choice. Just get 50% of the 86% – roughly 43% of the voting population – and you can start to load the moving van, to be unloaded in Malacañang. A cursory review shows that Erap won the presidency with 39% of total votes, and GMA won with the controversial 40%.

There were candidates superior to both Erap and Arroyo, but the majority of the 93% (the DE group) wouldn’t have it any other way. As one can see, one can take the horse to the river, but you can’t make it drink. If the horse does not think it is thirsty, it will not drink.

BongV must have been absent when his History professors were teaching him about Philippine history. Or, BongV must have been so blind that he forgot that the very freedoms he so enjoys now was the result of the “ignorance” of the D-E class.

The very freedoms I now enjoy, arise from the freedoms granted in the 1935 Philippine constitution – which was crafted under the supervision of Uncle Sam – these Filipino professors must be reading Zaide a lot – try Agoncillo for a change. Beyond that, as a Moro my freedom was enjoyed through the defense against the Spaniards by my Moro ancestors while the indios were trying to emulate the Spaniards. The Sultanates led and their constituents understood the roles each needed to play to make the Sultanate thrive – and it did, for 300 years.That’s a piece of history not taught in the Catholic version of Philippine history – where Philippine history begins with the indio kissing the butt of a Spanish bigot’s alalay.

It was a member of the D-E class, not an Ilustrado, who went out of his comfort zone just to break the hold of colonialism in this country. Members of this D-E class also went out of their way, forsook their own futures, and fought the Japs for democracy. And this same class went out to the streets in 1986 to eventually end a dictatorship.

Sure, Bonifacio was of the D-E class supposedly, he had the tactical wherewithal, but he lacked the strategic thinking and foresight that ultimately led to his own demise – like all the other millenarian revolts afterwards. Btw, during the same time, the Spaniards were paying tribute to the Sultanate of Sulu – not to mention that the Moros fended off the Spaniards successfully.

The D-E class is not ignorant. They are even more intelligent than us. They vote actors in office to spite the political system. They regularly vote for comics and neurotic judges to national offices because they don’t believe that these people will ever change the way things are anyway and better that these people occupy government posts for entertainment.

So, the D-E class to spite the A-B group votes for Erap. Well, guess what – who got hurt worse, it was the D-E class, as capital was fleeing from the idiocy of the Erap government – courtesy of.. Pat’s geniuses – the D-E class

Whereas, members of the A-B class urge people to vote and for what? To vote for the perpetuation of a dysfunctional democracy? To vote to change a group of greedy elites with greedier ones? The D-E class knows this, that’s why they mess the elections everytime. Are we so ignorant not to see why the D-E class behaves the way they do?

Pat has his socioeconomic groupings behavior backwards. How can 7% of the voting population overturn the votes of 93% of the population. The 93% from whence the votes that make or break an administration come from are from the DE groups.

Perpetuation of a dysfunctional system cannot come from 7% – it comes from the 93%. And now, the 93% thinks that it is the 7% who forms the majority – for Gadzooks since when did 7% become a majority. If the ABC groups composed 55%, I will believe that. But 7%? WTF. 7% does not make a majority, dude. 93% is more than a majority – and voila, they are from the DE group. To insist otherwise, is what I think most refer to as the arrogance of ignorance. Quoting from a 1984 article by W. V. Mayer entitled “The Arrogance of Ignorance” (emphasis added):

Arrogance comes in a variety of forms. The arrogance of great wealth, the arrogance of great power, the arrogance of great beauty, and the arrogance of a great master are bearable because they rest on an acknowledged and measurable base. The arrogance of ignorance, however, is unbearable because it is rooted in smug satisfaction with being isolated from the facts of the case.

To paraphrase the Canadian Cynic, – It’s not that the DE groups and their panderers are so horribly ignorant in their criticism; no, that’s not it. It’s that the ignorance is worn publicly and great pride. No fancy book larnin’ for those folks, no sir. They don’t know the first thing about governance but, rather than admit it humbly, they bellow it from the rooftops — their sheer, unadulterated ignorance is the very basis of their arrogance, and they wear their total lack of knowledge almost as a badge of honour.

We, especially BongV, are the ignorant ones because despite our phds and our masteral degrees, we still don’t understand them. And all these revolts led by us, the A-B class, have been failures. Whereas the revolutions the D-E class led all went well, and straight to victory.

Bonifacio’s “Revolution” and other millenarian revolts was eaten up by Uncle Sam. To say that the DE had successful revolutions is not only mistaken but is delusional.

What are these revolutions one speaks about? EDSA was a revolution? It was actually a restoration of the landed gentry back into positions of power. Who did the actual restoration amidst cries of “Tita Cory” of the comprador big-bourgeoisie Cojuango clan – hell yeah, the DE group! That’s a victory? If the current mess that the Philippines is in a victory of the DE class – well what can I say, it’s not even right to use the term Pyrrhic, a more appropriate phrase would be “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

It is not us who will eventually lead this nation to greatness and true change, no. It will be the Filipino masses, once described as the unwashed, who will eventually end this tragedy and jail the breakers of the law and their minions.

The masses have always been the source of political power – IF they lift a finger to exercise such power. the philippine masses will whine, but lift a finger? why lift a finger when watching wowowee provides the path of least resistance.

Thus, far the masses, by their sheer majority(93% of the voting population) have selected the leaders thinking that the 7% compose the majority who will dictate on the 93% minority. Omigolly, the absurdity never ends.

To which, cvj says at July 29, 2009 at 10:31 pm

You do have a superiority complex.

When a wrong that needs to be righted is pointed out glaringly and substantiated objectiely– and such action is perceived as “superiority complex”, to me, that is a cop-out, a strawman, a red herring. We have a culture of impunity thumping its chest with the arrogance of ignorance. It does not address the issue at hand – a failed culture that tries to paint itself as democratic when its attitudes and practices are not in any way conducive to democracy. But, what else is new in the land of perdition except another groundhog day. An old saying goes “ignorance is bliss”. As long as someone is unaware of the undesirables in life, one will supposedly continue along joyfully in his routine.

As Mark Gottlieb, points out:

sheer stupidity is not the greatest danger presented by the current crop of blank slates. It is the arrogance bred of ignorance that constitutes an unparalleled descent into goofiness.

In the long-dead past, incompetents generally recognized their own incapacity and behaved accordingly. Today, every jackass sees himself as a genius, and every fool fancies herself a philosopher.

Once, a young colleague at a major firm accosted me in tones of confusion and desperation.

“Mark! Mark!” she called as I walked past her office door. “When was World War II?”

I thought at first that she was joking, but, alas, she was not. The deadliest global conflict in human history had somehow escaped her notice. Yet if I had asked if she honestly believed she deserved her B.A. and felt qualified to perform her job, she would have been gravely insulted and likely kicked me until I was dead.

Like the pod people of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the arrogantly ignorant appear at first glance as normal as you or me. But beware.

The most profound risk they represent springs not from their cluelessness, but from their inability to recognize their own limitations. Such blind hubris can lead to monumental errors of judgment, grotesque mistakes, and the refusal to accept — despite a mountain of evidence — that the strategy they are pursuing may be leading your organization off a cliff. When people like that are in your employ, it is you, not they, who suffer the consequences.

These days, the arrogance of ignorance is so pervasive that I feel confident in making a small wager: Ten bucks says that the worst offenders will read these words and wonder, “Who is this joker talking about?”

If characters like that work for your company — brother, you’re in for a world of hurt.

True enough, the 7% have been borne the brunt of the choices made by the 93% – and to top it off, the majority (93% of voting population – the DE group) claims that the minority (7% of voting population) rules anyway so just choose a candidate in a dumbf*ck manner, smugly and proudly.

Now if only an elementary Math teacher can please explain that 93% is greater than 7%, we can make some “progress” – everybody gets a star, even morons get a “Miss Congeniality” ribbon – in Science class.

p.s. I’m a humble jackass fool, my hellos to all the genius philosophers out there.

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