Going Delusional

Inquirer has been churning out delusional pieces one after another!

here’s one – Harvey is SO NAIVE – Noynoy and Mar ARE TRAPOS!!!

Alliances mean compromise!!! DUH!

These alliances mean WARLORDS! susginoo

Let’s deconstruct these hilarious delusional piece.


Harvey wrote:

As the deadline for the filing of candidacies draw near, realignments are now happening left and right with the Liberal Party (LP) and the Nacionalista Party (NP) being the main beneficiaries. Many administration stalwarts have left the so-called political giant, Lakas-Kampi, mainly due to the perceived weakness of their current standard bearer, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro. Even within the ranks of the opposition parties, many have transferred from one camp to another with Bukidnon Rep. TG Guingona leaving Sen. Manny Villar’s NP to be part of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s People’s coalition as the Kaya Natin Movement-backed candidate and former Senator Serge Osmena leaving the Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC) to also be part of this LP-led Senate slate.

As these realignments continue, more and more civil society groups who are actively supporting the candidacy of Aquino and his runningmate, Senator Mar Roxas, are becoming wary of the possible political accommodations and transactional politicking that may occur. So far the LP has done well in selecting local and national candidates that represent the kind of new politics and good governance that Aquino personifies but there are persistent rumors that certain politicians with very shady backgrounds and are known to be corrupt are now trying their best to be part of the LP-led People’s Coalition Senate slate and be openly endorsed by Aquino.

Houston to Harvey – New Politics, really? It’s more like NEW FACES, SAME OLD FAMILY NAMES, SAME OLD SCRIPTS! Gimme a frakkin break! Was looking at Noynoy and Mar’s provincial sorties – they were hooking up with the local lords – warlords, local economic elite, local oligarchs – the same people who cause the local misery are working with “the messiah”  – it’s so frakkin hilarious, hypocritical and a complete PHONEY!


Harvey wrote:

This is no longer surprising given that Aquino has continued to lord it over the field of current Presidentiables in the recent surveys that have been conducted. As we grow closer to the deadline set by the COMELEC for filing of the certificate of candidacies, you can expect that there will be more of these “highly-experienced” political operators and politicians who will try their best to wiggle their way inside the inner circle of Aquino and Roxas. They will offer Aquino and LP their political machinery and wide network of supporters in exchange for a formal endorsement as an official candidate.

What do you expect? Of course, he will lord it over the emotion-driven but totally vacuous group of people who vote on the basis of pedigree and “honesty”. Honest, my ass? Really – they can’t even be honest with Hacienda Luisita. Or honest that Noynoy had no legislative output both as Congressman and Senator.


Harvey wrote:

On one hand, the challenge for the people around Aquino is to ensure that these traditional politicians or “Trapos” are kept away from him and LP. They must never forget that the current strength of the Aquino campaign rests on his and his family’s unquestionable integrity and character. If and when political compromises happen and become the norm of his campaign, he would’ve fallen into the trap laid down by his enemies who want him to fight them in their old game of patronage and money politics. In this kind of a game, Aquino will be at a disadvantage given that his current adversaries are savvier, more moneyed and more experienced in this kind of playing field. Aquino has a unique chance of bringing the campaign and politics in the country to a higher playing field that is primarily led no longer by the trapos but by ordinary people like you and me who will proactively work with him in bringing good governance and ethical leadership in our country. His national campaign manager, Former Department of Education Sec. Butch Abad hit it right in the head when he said that this is no longer just an Aquino campaign but it is a people’s campaign. This kind of belief has made Aquino the runaway leader in all the surveys thus, his campaign must continue to be anchored on this if they want to ensure victory by May 2010.

Aquino and Roxas ARE scions of oligarch families. These oligarch families ARE embedded in the fiber of TRAPOHOOD. Noynoy’s backers are the vested interests like the Lopezes, the Ayalas, the Cojuangcos – How naive can one get !!!? The very same oligarchs that have carved out the economy into fiefdoms with impunity and complete disregard of the working man and the middle class. It’s not a “would have fallen into a trap” – Noynoy IS THE TRAP! To make the working

Carmen Pedrosa was shooting straight when she wrote:

Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, of forgettable credentials, has been put up as the presidential candidate of reform and change in a country with more than 96 million people and humongous problems. Filipinos are being asked to close ranks and support him with nothing other than that he is the son of Ninoy and Cory, and a brother of Kris to boot.

But all this was preceded by a funeral cortege reminiscent of Ninoy’s after his assassination. The inference is that Filipinos are unable to distinguish between the two events.

The celebrity sister is marshalling all her connections in the movie world for a bandwagon for him as the candidate of the nation. What does that make of us who want to think and know that this Kris and Noynoy act is a shallow form of entertainment and far from Filipino aspirations for better lives and a nation respected in the world.

I think it is a runaway overkill with a cast of movie stars, all friends of Kris among them Sharon Cuneta, Ogie Alcasid, Ai-ai de las Alas and of course the profound Boy Abunda who dishes out world views in his talk show. I hear there is even a Noynoy anthem sang by Regine Velasquez.

The Kris and Noynoy act is designed to win the masa, the ignorant masses that make up the country’s electorate. And of course, we will have a sea of yellow — yellow t-shirts, yellow umbrellas, yellow flags, yellow bandannas — all very pretty — but is this serious? Why should we allow the trivialization of election if it is the ultimate test of democracy? Simple. It is the presidential system as we have interpreted it — a popularity and money contest, not dissimilar from the American kind but without any seriousness.

*      *      *

It is easy to dismiss the whole she-bang as showbiz and regarded as just another movie script. The story begins with Cory’s well-attended funeral and its transformation into a political cause for Noynoy’s candidacy and his election as president. It has its appeal and none more strident than ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo, Ako ang Simula.

Fine. By all means, guard the votes but who and what are we voting for? Those questions seem to have been left out. If it were for someone who would lead us, truly lead us, then it is a meaningful advocacy. But the sorry truth is the guarding of votes only means we are being made pawns of a determined onslaught by oligarchies who do not want change and yet want us to believe that they are campaigning for change.

According to ABS-CBN “we have one year to change traditional politics in our country and we are empowering them through this multimedia campaign.” Only one year? We have been at it for generations.

It will of course be condemned if media were to proclaim their candidate and that this advocacy is part of the grand scheme to get Noynoy elected as President because he will protect vested interests.

The Lopez owned media boasts of its multiplatform structure — television, radio, cable TV, the Internet, and mobile technology. I can bet you it would never be used if it were in support of a strong state capable of regulating the power of monopolies. But for a long time now, it has been clear that the marriage of powerful media and political partisanship is a lethal combination. It has not helped the country move forward. It isn’t about change but about protecting the status quo.


Harvey wrote:

On the other hand, the civil society and people’s organizations that are supporting Aquino should also realize that it is also important to create alliances with politicians and political parties as long as these alliances do not compromise the core values of Aquino and the people’s campaign. These alliances are necessary to ensure that Aquino’s votes are counted properly and protected from the cheating machinery that is expected be in full throttle again come May 2010. Moreover, these alliances are important since if Aquino wins, he will have an easier time governing and implementing the necessary reforms if he will be able to have enough allies in Congress and the local government units. In the field of politics today, we cannot be purists and say that we despise all politicians and political parties since we have seen that not all politicians are engaged in patronage politics and corruption.
These icons of good governance and ethical leadership are exemplified by the likes of Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca, Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo, Ifugao Gov. Teddy Baguilat, Jr., San Isidro, Nueva Ecija Mayor Sonia Lorenzo and Pampanga Gov. Eddie Panlilio.

Alliances means compromises – no compromise means no alliance – Harvey is naive. Alliances is how WARLORDISM came about. The “icons of good governance” are only good as far as honesty goes – other than that they are inept, incompetent, and short-sighted – and he calls that governance?


The real key for Aquino and his campaign team is to find that unique balance between the ideals and values that he represents with the realities of Philippine politics. If he is able to find this balance and sustain this growing momentum until the elections, he will have the unique chance of making it to the history books by being able to get more than 50% of the votes, something that has not been achieved by any winning President in recent Philippine electoral history.

These balance means PATRONAGE POLITICS.

And Noynoy is the candidate for change? WTF is Harvey thinking?



  1. wow! I’m speechless. You hit the nail right in the head. Harvey is a Noynoy fanatic and fails to see (or should I say chooses to ignore) things correctly.

  2. the noynoy camp should just come out with the fact that noynoy is as traditional as any other trapo out there. oh, but i forgot, his supposed non-traponess is the whole foundation of his substance-free campaign.

    harvey keh… what a shame. so educated yet so clueless.

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