Why for over 55% of voters, 2010 is 'NOY? NEVER!

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A buddy of mine came across two pieces by the Chair Wrecker. One concerns “why 40% or more are noy or never“. The second exhorts people to junk candidates who advocate charter change. I stumbled upon a third – why the biggest campaign spender could be the worst possible plunderer. There were interesting propositions and assertions that I felt needed more looking into.

.Let’s cut to the chase and look at what essentially each of these articles have to say:


In political advertising, Senators Juan Ponce-Enrile and Gringo Honasan can project themselves as defenders of democracy. Senator Lito Lapid can claim that he is a genius. Senator Loren Legarda can boast that she is loyal to her cause and the opposite of hypocrite. Senator Manny Villar, who made billions selling houses to the poor, can claim that he will be their savior from poverty.

There is also the criticism that political advertising, especially the way it is conducted here, somewhat tends to trivialize the issues instead of widen the electorate’s appreciation of the issues that affect their lives. Instead of bridging the Information Gap, political advertising can mislead the mind of the benighted.

It would be good if media will launch the equivalent of CNN’s Truth Meter which judges the claim and assertion of every candidate as to whether this is true, a half truth or an outright lie. That way, Filipinos can be guided accordingly. They’ll know who the lying serpent is and thus be spared later on from having to repent for electing evil.

Filipinos should check out who the outrageous big ad spenders are. Anyone spending over P1 billion just for ads alone makes a good suspect to becoming the worst possible plunderer. Who else but a plunderer will spend over P1 billion of his own money just to land a P45,000 a month job?


Indeed it is good to check.  But, consider this other angles as well.

The Villar Angle. While there is also reason to suspect that the biggest spender can be the worst plunderer, there is also reason to believe that because biggest campaign spender has already made his billions, therefore the campaign spending is a small percentage of the billionaire’s chest.  The billionaire’s objective of winning the Presidency is not to earn the PhP 45,000 a month because he has already made his billions, nor to skim tax money, nor to collude and fix contracts, but a billionaire with a pet hobby. This billionaire’s hobby, however, is politics.  If he were funding the ad campaign with taxpayers money – that would be revolting. Funding the ads with the billionaire’s own money – that’s a hobby, loose change so to speak! And as Villar himself puts it – he needs to level the playing field because Aquino is an established brand name and probably has a brand name equity that’s worth billions as well.

Spending to achieve brand parity is plain and simple competition – Noynoy’s campaign is using the issue to detract from the crux of the matter – Noynoy lacks substance, his integrity is overrated, he has nothing to show for the years he spent in Congress and the Senate, and he misrepresents an anti-Arroyo stance as a sign of good governance – am telling you, you can be a rabid anti-GMA personality but equally incompetent and surrounded by a phalanx of corrupt relatives. Anti-GMA and Inept Governance? You better believe it!

The Gordon Angle. Does this mean that because Aquino and Villar spend bigger than me, they are potentially bigger plunderers? Told you – Gordon’s campaign is cost-effective – that’s how we will run the government if elected 😉

The Perlas Angle. It’s time for new politics. Enough with the politics of money.

The Conspiracy Angle. Villar’s spending is nothing compared to the brand equity sunk by the oligarch media machinery and its Hyatt 10 stooges. The oligarch Lopez-owned ABS-CBN, in cooperation with the Makati rah-rah-rah boys who are under the employ of the Basque mestizos y mestizas  is applying full court press against the noveau riche Villar. A noveau riche Villar is threatening to the existing oligarch-dominated protectionist economic order.

A colleague who anchors Sentro ng Katotohanan, Arnel had this to say,

Come to think of it, let us say right now, a good guy plans to help the country and with the present system, I am sure he would first make himself rich, then enter politics (or showbiz, or both), then make his way up until he became President.. I call this “working the system”. I am sure we wouldn’t know much of this guy either. He wouldn’t expose himself too much too soon to be a subject of marginalization by others. He wouldn’t expose his real positions because it will be used against him and stop him right from his tracks. He will be silent most of the time, but occasionally would pounce on some opportunities to advance his position. In the end, when he is ready and has enough ammunition, he will pour all he has (money) and all he learned to gain the final target, the Presidency.

So to properly evaluate Villar, I want to know how he became rich and how he became as successful as he is now. If he has bribed government officials to do his business, I wouldn’t mind it so much because I know he wouldn’t succeed otherwise. If he has bought voters to be elected congressman, bought other congressmen to make him Speaker, bought other senators to make him Senate President, I wouldnt also mind too much because that is how the game is played.

I also want to know his lifestyle. Has he practiced clean living? Has he raised his family well? Is he a violent person, or does he rely on violence to get his way?

If he has caused direct harm to others and his company has engaged in fraudulent transactions, then he is off my list.

The Smartass Angle. “Senators Juan Ponce-Enrile and Gringo Honasan can project themselves as defenders of democracy. Senator Lito Lapid can claim that he is a genius. Senator Loren Legarda can boast that she is loyal to her cause and the opposite of hypocrite. Senator Manny Villar, who made billions selling houses to the poor, can claim that he will be their savior from poverty.”Wait till you get a load of this crap– httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W16OSkUNNd8

– Someone needs a shot against Foot-In-Mouth Disease 😀


China and Vietnam attract the bulk of foreign investors in Asia and both China and Vietnam do not allow foreigners to own land in their country. So why should we when that will only make property prices skyrocket beyond the levels that Filipinos can afford? So why should we allow foreigners to buy and own land here when there is not even enough for our expanding population?

The truth is foreigners are not lured by laws allowing them to own land but by level playing fields and big markets that deliver hefty returns on investments. In fact, the vermin promoting Cha cha are some of the biggest disincentives to foreign investments coming here.

What rational investor will want to operate here where the laws are subjectively implemented and whimsically altered to suit narrow interests? What rational investor will want to operate here where we are rated as high risk for a social explosion owing to the poverty situation which fuels social unrest and insurgency?

The 1987 Constitution set the direction for dismantling political dynasties but the same type of vermin promoting Cha cha did not pass an enabling law. The 1987 Constitution was clearly a legacy of Cory Aquino to her people. The proposed Cha cha is nothing more than another attempt of the vermin who are trying to kill all vestiges of People Power and perpetuate GMA in power.


The decision to locate a business is a combination of various factors. What Esposo forgets is that China and Vietnam’s labor cost is way lower than the Philippines. Thus, given a field where the investor faces non-ownership of land and similar red-tape, the Philippines becomes uncompetitive due to higher labor costs.

How can Esposo talk of a level playing field when the 1987 Constitution tilts the playing field in favor of the oligarchs – the only Philippine citizens who can match foreign investors in joint ventures.  Thus economic growth is limited since the oligarchy sits on its ass. PLDT, Maynilad, Globe, and Bayantel, BPIcan be content with delivering lousy service because they have the economy all to themselves – Noynoy and the Hyatt 10 will take care of it. So yes, William – you need a level playing field – but Noynoy ain’t the one delivering it.

This same vermin Esposo talks about it – are also the same vermin that are coming on board their Aquino campaign. Kamaganak, Inc. – Who are you kidding???


Filipinos had good reasons to prefer Noynoy. In his platform (visit http://www.noynoy.ph and click on the PDF of the Noynoy Aquino Platform), it is vowed that:

1. From a President who tolerates corruption, under Noynoy, the nation gets a President who is the first and most determined fighter of corruption.

2. From a government that merely conjures economic growth statistics that our people know to be unreal, Noynoy will give us a government that prioritizes jobs that empower the people and provide them with opportunities to rise above poverty.

3. From relegating education to just one of many concerns, Noynoy is making education the central strategy for investing in our people, reducing poverty and building national competitiveness.

4. From treating health as just another area for political patronage, Noynoy is recognizing the advancement and protection of public health, which includes responsible parenthood, as key measures of good governance.

5. From justice that money and connections can buy, Noynoy vows to reestablish a truly impartial system of institutions that deliver equal justice to rich or poor.

Any rational Filipino who longs to save his country from the depths of desperation and deprivation that traditional and corrupt politicians have brought us — will logically opt to have those five hallmarks of Noynoy’s platform. Those are logical deductions arising from a desperate national situation.

The emotional feature of the Noynoy ascendancy is the passion with which most Filipinos now feel for their new champion. They see him as the Moses they can trust to free them from their generational cycle of poverty and bring them into their Promised Land.

For them, the 2010 presidential election equates to it is NOY or never. For them, it is Noynoy or no political and economic emancipation.

Apparently, Bill Esposo needs a Platform 101 remedial class from BenK. I can’t emphasize enough what fellow blogger benign0 articulates on what the platform issue is all about:

Most of these published “platforms” presented by the Philippines’ current “political parties” do not pass our standards of quality in terms of the following:

  1. Clear articulation of the current (as-is) situation to serve as a context for Points 2 and 3 below and from which priority ISSUES are identified and defined;
  2. Clarity of POSITIONS taken on specific issues pertinent to the articulation of situation (Point 1);
  3. Clarity of ACTIONS to be taken to realise goals based on positions taken on identified issues (Point 2); and,
  4. Structural/relational coherence of a framework tying together the issues, positions taken, and actions to be implemented identified in Points 1 to 3 above.

Platforms need to meet the above four criteria to qualify as a well-thought-out manifesto for change befitting the collective intelligence that Pinoys imagine themselves to possess.

You can come up with one that meets the above requirements in FOUR EASY STEPS (refer here for an intuitive guide to developing one that even a 10-year-old can understand).

You can also refer to our sample of a really good platform statement (refer to the top most row shaded in avocado green) that meets all of the above criteria.

If you are a politician and you wanna come across as one to be taken seriously, then STEP UP and differentiate by exhibiting a bit of INTELLIGENCE for a change. That way you can PROVE that you’re not merely insulting what meagre intelligence the Filipino has left over from years of misguided education.

Another thing is given the six items provided by Noynoy, there is no assurance he can deliver on those. A colleague, Chuck was kind enough to check the facts. Consider, given for example, his performance in the Senate

Do a search of the Senate’s Web Page where you can search bills filed through their author or co-author.
http://www.senate. gov.ph/lis/ leg_sys.aspx? congress= 14&type=bill

Beside the “Go” button you can click on “Filter” and then choose the Senator’s name..

ABNOY Aquino has A MERE 3 Pages – and in MOST of them, he is merely a co-author.
http://www.senate. gov.ph/lis/ leg_sys.aspx? congress= 14&type=bill&senator=ABENI&p=1

RICHARD Gordon has 18 Pages – MOST of them he authored himself.
http://www.senate. gov.ph/lis/ leg_sys.aspx? congress= 14&type=bill&senator=GRICH&p=1

MANNY Villar has 57 Pages – MOST of them he authored himself.
http://www.senate. gov.ph/lis/ leg_sys.aspx? congress= 14&type=bill&senator=VMANU&p=57

JAMBY Madrigal has 5 Pages – Mostly co-authored.
http://www.senate. gov.ph/lis/ leg_sys.aspx? congress= 14&type=bill&senator=MJAMB&p=1

For short, using B7 jargon – tinimbang si Noynoy at ang kanyang platform, at ito ay kulang na kulang.

He receives compensation from taxpayers, behaves like a 15/30 employee, e di ba corruption rin yun? Then he claims to run on integrity? Out of your desperation you will elect a slacker who can’t even honestly admit that his Congress and Senate stints were lackluster.

Ito talagang mga handler ni Noynoy lalo na itong si Esposo, kulang ng sapak!


Noynoy’s handlers will frame this campaign as an Aquino versus Villar – a false dilemma. You know why? Because if Noynoy and Gordon were compared -Gordon makes Aquino will look like an intellectual pygmy!

Villar has issues with integrity, Noynoy has issues with ability (or the lack of it). Gordon possess both integrity and ability. Subic versus Tarlac anyone? Ramon Tulfo
did not mince words when he said Pinoy voters are immature and illiterate – Perhaps he can limit those to Noynoyistas… LOL. Mon goes on to say

NO MATTER what the Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia say about Sen. Dick Gordon being the tail-ender in their surveys, he is the most qualified of all the presidential candidates.

Popularity is not a gauge of a candidate’s qualification for the job of running the country.

If accomplishments and leadership are to be the bases for choosing a president, Gordon would be first with former Defense Secretary Gibo running a far second.

The rest of the candidates would be considered also-rans.

But then Filipino voters are still politically immature.

* * *

To illiterate and semi-literate Pinoy voters, hardly literate Lito Lapid would be their first choice for senator and bar topnotcher and legal luminary Frank Drilon, the second choice.

That’s the reason we have legislators who sign bills into impractical laws without reading them because they are as illiterate as the people who voted for them.


I agree that “any rational Filipino who longs to save his country from the depths of desperation and deprivation that traditional and corrupt politicians have brought us — will logically opt to have those five hallmarks of Noynoy’s platform. Those are logical deductions arising from a desperate national situation.”

The Smartass View:Within his sphere of influence in Hacienda Luisita, or even his congressional district – was he able to demonstrate implementing or executing programs that give life to his platform? NO HE DID NOT!

Clearly, the best candidate who can deliver  Noynoy’s platform isn’t Noynoy – 56% of Filipinos AGREE!.



  1. Slick move … Chair Wrecker prepares people to not get shocked with next survey – 40%

  2. my problem with election spending is that there is a law that limits such spending. i would doubt seriously the claims of any candidate that flouts these limits.

  3. GabbyD:

    Here’s the specific section of the law, also known as OMNIBUS ELECTION CODE
    Batas Pambansa Bilang 881, filed in 1985:

    Sec. 100. Limitations upon expenses of candidates. – No candidate shall spend for his election campaign an aggregate amount exceeding one peso and fifty centavos for every voter currently registered in the constituency where he filed his candidacy: Provided, That the expenses herein referred to shall include those incurred or caused to be incurred by the candidate, whether in cash or in kind, including the use, rental or hire of land, water or aircraft, equipment, facilities, apparatus and paraphernalia used in the campaign: Provided, further, That where the land, water or aircraft, equipment, facilities, apparatus and paraphernalia used is owned by the candidate, his contributor or supporter, the Commission is hereby empowered to assess the amount commensurate with the expenses for the use thereof, based on the prevailing rates in the locality and shall be included in the total expenses incurred by the candidate.

    Sec. 101. Limitations upon expenses of political parties. – A duly accredited political party may spend for the election of its candidates in the constituency or constituencies where it has official candidates an aggregate amount not exceeding the equivalent of one peso and fifty centavos for every voter currently registered therein. Expenses incurred by branches, chapters, or committees of such political party shall be included in the computation of the total expenditures of the political party.

    Expenses incurred by other political parties shall be considered as expenses of their respective individual candidates and subject to limitation under Section 100 of this Code.

    Sec. 102. Lawful expenditures. – To carry out the objectives of the preceding sections, no candidate or treasurer of a political party shall, directly or indirectly, make any expenditure except for the following purposes:

    (a) For travelling expenses of the candidates and campaign personnel in the course of the campaign and for personal expenses incident thereto;

    (b) For compensation of campaigners, clerks, stenographers, messengers, and other persons actually employed in the campaign;

    (c) For telegraph and telephone tolls, postage, freight and express delivery charges;

    (d) For stationery, printing and distribution of printed matters relative to candidacy;

    (e) For employment of watchers at the polls;

    (f) For rent, maintenance and furnishing of campaign headquarters, office or place of meetings;

    (g) For political meetings and rallies and the use of sound systems, lights and decorations during said meetings and rallies;

    (h) For newspaper, radio, television and other public advertisements;

    (i) For employment of counsel, the cost of which shall not be taken into account in determining the amount of expenses which a candidate or political party may have incurred under Section 100 and 101 hereof;

    (j) For copying and classifying list of voters, investigating and challenging the right to vote of persons registered in the lists the costs of which shall not be taken into account in determining the amount of expenses which a candidate or political party may have incurred under Sections 100 and 101 hereof; or

    (k) For printing sample ballots in such color, size and maximum number as may be authorized by the Commission and the cost of such printing shall not be taken into account in determining the amount of expenses which a candidate or political party may have incurred under Sections 100 and 101 hereof.

    Sec. 103. Persons authorized to incur election expenditures. – No person, except the candidate, the treasurer of a political party or any person authorized by such candidate or treasurer, shall make any expenditure in support of or in opposition to any candidate or political party. Expenditures duly authorized by the candidate or the treasurer of the party shall be considered as expenditures of such candidate or political party.

    The authority to incur expenditures shall be in writing, copy of which shall be furnished the Commission signed by the candidate or the treasurer of the party and showing the expenditures so authorized, and shall state the full name and exact address of the person so designated.

    Sec. 104. Prohibited donations by candidates, treasurers of parties or their agents. – No candidate, his or her spouse or any relative within the second civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, or his campaign manager, agent or representative shall during the campaign period, on the day before and on the day of the election, directly or indirectly, make any donation, contribution or gift in cash or in kind, or undertake or contribute to the construction or repair of roads, bridges, school buses, puericulture centers, medical clinics and hospitals, churches or chapels cement pavements, or any structure for public use or for the use of any religious or civic organization: Provided, That normal and customary religious dues or contributions, such as religious stipends, tithes or collections on Sundays or other designated collection days, as well as periodic payments for legitimate scholarships established and school contributions habitually made before the prohibited period, are excluded from the prohibition.


    For the presidency, If one were to go by the PhP 1.50 per head (based on 1985 rates) – that is easily PhP 60M for the entire Philippines – given that in 1985 the exchange rate was PhP 16.20/USD – PhP 1.50 in 1985 is roughly equivalent to PhP 4 per voter (present value in 2010).

    At 40 million registered voters, that’s a limit of PhP 160 million – per candidate. Add another PhP 160 million as the party’s expense. so, the combined expense of party and candidate becomes PhP 360 million.

    The PhP 4 per candidate is actually conservative, considering that the current limits are:
    * Php 3.00- individual candidate supported by political party
    * Php 5.00- individual candidat not supported or nominated by political party
    * Php 5.00- Politcal Parties
    * PhP 10.00- candidates for President or Vice President


    Considering that in 2007, Villar had assets of roughly $940M or – PhP 42,300,000,000 (PhP 45/USD)

    Even if Villar spent PhP 360M pesos, that is only 0.08% of his total assets! Does he need to steal spare change from government? I doubt that very much.

    However, the other guys in the billionaire list are supporting Noynoy – know why? Because Noynoy is their stooge, Vilar definitely ain’t.

  4. Hmm, these election spending limits are dependent on the population… so if the population increases, the spending limit increases too. Flawed. This is a smart move by self-interested election officials. It’s not a specific cap like in the U.S. For sure the politicians like our population to increase because of this.

  5. Enough with these knee jerk solutions.

    We need to think long term guys.

    We need to “draft” Manolo to the senate which is the “Training Gound” for future presidents.

    Where do we start? How about we tweet the darn thing to death and then celebrate our victory over a caramel macchiato.

    See you at Starbucks 🙂

  6. Yeah.. and have the first faggot president in the planet.

  7. And what’s wrong with that?

    See you at Starbucks 🙂

  8. Nah.. Starbucks is lame.

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