The Saling Pusa Candidate: Nick Perlas

Saling Pusa Award

The Saling Pusa Award goes to Nick Perlas. His platform addresses the low hanging fruit. There is so much to correct or needs fixing at this point. In case you are wondering what low hanging fruit is,

We have Mother Nature to thank for the expression low hanging fruit . A fruit-bearing tree often contains some branches low enough for animals and humans to reach without much effort. The fruit  contained on these lower branches may be not be as ripe or attractive as the fruit on higher limbs, but it is usually more abundant and easier to harvest. From this we get the popular expression “low hanging fruit”, which generally means selecting the easiest targets with the least amount of effort.

Low hanging fruit, for short, refers to the no-brainers which should have been addressed a long time ago if we did not vote for neanderthals.

Nick Perlas hits the sweet spot on what needs to be done. Now if he can apply the same analytical skill on how he can create the conditions conducive towards gaining at least 40% to 45% of the electorate, crafting and executing his plan for success – his platform, elegant and concise  will remain as sand castles lost in the waves of the ocean of voter stupidty it sought to transform. I have no doubt that Perlas has a plan for winning – the crux really is, does he have enough time to rally the troops and send them out to deliver the message, and achieve adherents to his cause.

Alas, my dear Nick Perlas, it is too little, to late. Note for next presidential election – read up on strategic positioning or Product Positioning even.

Your product platform is magnificent. However, the people who need it most are not buying. How in the world can the Noypis not vote for such a brilliant man?

Is it the messenger or the audience? Perhaps, the NGO disdain for corporate approaches will have to take a back seat for now.

Here’s my unsolicited sophomoric advice, picked it up from Google University by the way 😀

Product positioning has been described as ‘winning the hearts and the minds of customers’. Great brands have long term customers (for example. the ‘love affair’ that Mac customers have with their Apple computers; Ipods, etc.).Positioning your product or service means you need to first define ( marketing segmentation ), and then understand, your target market. (Services are intangible so you need to determine early on in service positioning what your target market values in your service area and how your services are different than many other services.)

Marketing a New Product

Product Positioning and Differentiation:

Does your positioning strategy focus on, and align with, your product differentiation strategy? Is your product or service unique, better, economical, profitable (for the market), or does it have other distinctive criteria that will differentiate it from the many other products and services available?

These points of differentiation must be important and valued by your customers (for example, being marketed as an economical product in a luxury goods market would be a significant positioning mistake).

When introducing new products, your new product plan needs to be focused on differentiation and positioning strategies and tactics.

Positioning your product needs to be focused on delivering a valued and distinctive product to a specific market and delivering in a way that customers accept (that’s the hearts and minds part of the equation). Good product positioning will make it easy for your intended customers to define why they want to buy the product (they will see the unique benefits).

Small businesses typically do not have large marketing budgets. But no matter what kind of budget you have, you need to focus on getting product positioning right (it will pay for itself).

Conduct marketing research (you can use free online surveys) on your product. How do your customers view your product? How do they view your organization? Ask your customers to describe what they think of when they think of your brand and/or your business’ name (it’s a good idea to do this in a way that allows anonymity to encourage honest feedback).

Customers have an image of your brand as either a positive or a negative, based on their experience, their perception of your brand and their understanding of your product benefits.

That positive or negative image will determine whether or not they buy your product and how much they will pay for it (how much value they attribute to it). So make sure you carefully focus on your pricing strategy as an important part of your positioning.

Focus your efforts on positioning or ultimately you will need to re-position your product (changing and/or improving your product’s identity or brand). Re-positioning is very hard to do successfully. Work on the relationship between product differentiation and product positioning. Overcome the ‘noise’ in the marketplace and be recognized for having a unique product.

Product Positioning To-Do List:

  1. Conduct a market segmentation.
  2. Define your target market.
  3. Identify the product attributes.
  4. Data collection from the target market (customers and potential customers) on the identified product attributes.
  5. Determine the product’s share of heart and mind (of the total potential mindshare). Being ‘first’ in the market usually is a significant benefit in mindshare.
  6. Place your product in the right ‘space’ (e.g. luxury market; economy market; high value, low volume; health; snack; etc.)
  7. If position is a graph, determine what your product’s ideal position on that graph might be (e.g. nutritious, high cost snack).
  8. Determine what you need to do to reach that position in the minds of your market.

If you are not first in the market, you are a market follower or a market challenger. You will need to position your product in relation to the leader, but do not attempt a head-on challenge for the leader’s position – unless you have a lot of money to fund the attempt (and some luck).You will gain more by taking a position where the leader demonstrates some weaknesses (for example in the luxury car market, the small but not economical Smart Car is a new position).If you are the market leader (first in), and you are being challenged by market followers, focus your marketing message to reinforce that you were the first (the ‘real’ thing, rather than the imitation).

Product positioning is as much science as it is art.

Be very careful in positioning your product, it is challenging to change that perception later in the product’s life. Your product message needs to be consistent, reliable, simple and unique. Your growth  depends upon doing this right.

Having said that, reformers and solutions implementors need to take a closer look at Nick Perlas’ platforms. His grasp of the issues is definitely SOLID as shown in his agenda below:

If that does not make you understand that the man gets it – I don’t know what will.

As far as Nick’s directions are concerned – he is preaching to the choir.

The thing is Nick Perlas is a pleasantry junkie – AP is definitely your cutie patootsie site… NOT.

Perlas has to “touchie-feelie feel good” because he has to win the votes. Obviously you can’t win the vote by telling a prospective voter off – that would be political suicide. Idealists are people, too – and if they don’t brush up on their people skills – they can have the best product on the shelf  but no one’s buying.

The ones who have a brain though, will make the buy – or would say “- we have been looking for this product all along, where have you been hiding?”

AP on the other hand, is not running for elections – so, kid gloves are off and will not hesitate to dish it out – our only vested interest is that the standards for evaluating candidates be raised so that Filipinos can get a better shot at success in life.

Candidates of all stripes, not just presidential candidates but local candidates can look and adopt Nick’s solutions as well.

Perhaps, this is Nick’s greatest gift and curse – the fact that he climbed Olympus nay ran and brought the fire to the masses only to be punished for doing so.

Nick can wax poignant or be ready for the next round of elections or he can opt to work with whoever wins if given the opportunity to achieve his agenda of serving the people.

Any dedicated Perlas partisan will vehemently disagree that Perlas will not win – I would, too.

But who the hell are you kidding, I sh|t you not – Perlas will not win this election – but he will finish this race with his head held high having sown good seed on fertile ground. However, if he does win – I will be so happy to be proven wrong.

For me, the tough choice is not Aquino versus Villar – that’s a no-brainer – NOT THOSE TWO, DUMB*ASS. 😛

The not really- tough choice for me – is Gordon Vs. Perlas – the Doer Versus the Dreamer.

Whoever of the two wins – Gordon or Perlas, the Philippines wins.

The thing is – as long as candidates like Nick Perlas are “Saling Pusa” in our political life, the Philippines will just be “saling pusa” in the community of former developing economies who have leaped to OECD status.

Is voting for a Nick Perlas asking too much from the Filipino?



  1. nick perlas’ situation should serve as a case study for idealists who have plans of running for office.

    the way i see it, the biggest problem of perlas’ campaign is that it started late and it kicked off without a bang. being largely unknown, perlas should have started making noise s early as 2008. if trapo antics are not his thing, he could have introduced himself by launching a series of projects that provide real benefits to the people.

  2. exactamente.

    he ought to showcase projects which use the methodologies he espouses – which he himself personally led and implemented – hindi yung chuwariwap siya ng actual implementor.

  3. have you heard nicolas perlas speak in presidential forums? he’s not very eloquent and his flow of thoughts is very random. He says a lot of maxims and quotations. His platform is well written and has some clear objectives but it doesn’t say anything on how will he implement it. It’s just full of I”ll do this, I’ll do that and some trivial inspirational lines. there’s no action plan. He does identify the problems of our nation but he’s just like the other trapos who just promises things but does not have a clear plan on how will they accomplish them. He’s not offering something new to the table. Sorry, no offense but I just don’t think he is competent for the job. he’s not charming at nakakainiss pa siyang magsalita. A quote from his website “he has been analyzing, reframing, and altering the course of national and global events for over thirty years” and he has no public office experience. Wtf! I haven’t heard of him until now. what would analyzing and reframing events do to help our country in a big way? The president we need is a manager, a doer, one who accomplishes things. enough of dreaming, and analyzing shit.

  4. lunarcontemplations · ·

    hi, eloquence does not necessarily mean substantive. you are correct that he is not a very good speaker like Gibo or Gordon. If you research more, there is plenty of recommendations on how to achieve the platform and you also have to consider that NP does not believe in monopoly of ideas. He espouses participatory governance and perhaps when you have a better thinking head in the future, you may contribute to his visions as well. How did you miss the fact that Civil Society leaders and Government leaders in 60 countries wrote the Comelec on his disqualification as a candidate? Are you rather selective in your research that you did not find out that the UN hails his PA21 as “one of the most innovative work on sustainable development”?

    Reductionist and criticism-oriented thinking like yours do not see “wholes”. Yes, reductionism and criticism are powerful tools given the right context but reductionism do not see the whole and criticism only destroys and not build. Criticism drags us back to the past and prevents us from tapping into our creative faculties that will bring out the best of the Filipinos, including you. For us (including you) to realize NP’s vision for the country, we must harness our objective, artistic consciousness so that we may see “wholes” and parts that harmonize with one another. So we may see “chreods” or organized patterns in transformative processes. NP challenges us to go into uncharted land: to hone and school our consciousness so as to transform our inner self. This makes his fight so much more difficult as pointed out by the author of this blog we are commenting on.

    if you do not think that NP is not competent for the job given a track record that He’s got, who do you think amongst the others is? Did you know that your parents would have died in a nuclear meltdown if NP did not fight against the Marcoses and managed to convince the US congress to halt the corruption-ridden BNPP? Do you know that NP managed to ban 32 pesticide formulations in agriculture so you do not need to eat sickening agricultural products? Do you know that if you have a business now, you likely benefitted from NP because of his insistence to fight Trade Liberalization that sidelines our local producers? Do you know that NP is the father of organic agriculture in the Philippines? Do you know that he chairs the Lifebank that gives opportunities to over 250,000 micro-entrepreneurs that capitalistic large banks would never lay hands on?Do you know that NP is is globally respected for all his work?

    The problem why people no longer understand the substance of the written/spoken word is because we have become apathetic. I’m sure you know that in our country even a contract does not even mean anything anymore? And what exactly do you mean by public experience? one where one builds a bridge out of pork barrel where the proponents name is written bigger than the posts that carries the weight? Ask FVRamos and Cory Aquino (if you can communicate with the dead) if NP does not have ‘public experience”. It’s true that many of us have not heard of him. Do you know that Jesus Christ was also less known in his own hometown and that his own countrymen, the jews, nailed him to the cross?

    When you say that the President is a manager? Which type? the one who keeps talking and pushes everyone else around without clear instruction? Doer? when you open your senses wide enough you will realize that NP has already done what the others are still promising. If you help elect him and tell people even just in your immediate circles, NP will simply mainstream all that he has done in the last 40 years. And yes he has been “ANALYZING AND REFRAMING, AND ALTERING THE COURSE OF NATIONAL AND GLOBAL EVENTS FOR OVER 30 YEARS” and if you did not know that, that does not CHANGE the fact.. The fact that you have not heard of him yet may point out to another fact: THAT YOU WERE THE ONE DREAMING AND ANALYZING…Where were you?

    No offense meant BUT before we pass judgement, it is in our best interest to know more before we open our mouths. THANK YOU and IF YOU WISH TO MEET NP, I CAN ARRANGE THAT and SEE FOR YOURSELF how CHARMING the man is.

    P.S. to the writer of the original article, there is still time. As NP says “Man proposes and God Disposes”. Miracles can happen. There is a science of the Impossible and Black Swans negate the once WHITE SWAN theory that myopic scientific circles purported. Once you find it in your heart to EMPTY YOUR CUP, you will go out there and help NP and spread that good news to people within your influence, which I’m sure you have. “Too little too, too late” is often used by people who refuses to move and take action. If you can begin to understand this, you will have helped in the ressurection of the dead Filipino soul.

  5. luna:

    writer is an atheist and says – Man Proposes, Man Disposes.

    also, NP and I are on opposite sides when it comes to the economy.
    he takes the protectionist route – I prefer the open market. thus, I do not support Nick Perlas.

  6. if you read about him more, you will find that he has already done most of what he’s promising.

  7. I don’t know if you’re even a Filipino, but the name “Antipinoy” does not sound appealing to me, and so does your opinion.

  8. dominic · ·

    I’ll vote for Nicolas Perla, im not with the odds like Noynoy and MV, i think that he can wipe out all the corrupt and swap those people to non-corrupt/kabataan like he said in ABS-CBN.. I’ll vote for one, and that one is him..

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kilimanjaro Vibe. Kilimanjaro Vibe said: see the graph on sustainable development. that's how it should be. […]

  10. Katrina · ·

    I voted for Perlas. I knew he wouldn’t win but winnability was never a deciding factor for me. It is, for most Filipinos though, which sucks balls, of course. Anyway, just saying.

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