Who are you NOT Voting For?

The words – “If you’ve not chosen, choose quickly” jumped at me like a used car salesman peddling a lemon and salivating to get his margin at my expense.

Haste Makes Waste

It reminded me of my elementary school teacher who said “Haste makes waste“. Not wanting to forget the lessons from elementary school I read up what that meant –

“Haste makes waste” says that when we act too quickly (“haste”) we are more likely to make mistakes and end up with poor results (“waste”).

Example: “Most spelling mistakes are the result of going too fast and not checking your work; haste makes waste.” “Haste makes waste” also says that it is better to do things carefully than to do them quickly and carelessly.

Example: “I want you kids to take your time doing your homework tonight; haste makes waste!The results that we end up with when we do things carelessly are often useless and sometimes costly.

Example: “You should always take your time when doing your taxes and check your numbers very carefully; haste makes waste.”

The longer version for grown-ups would be – Stop. Take Stock. Say No. Think It Over.

In other words, If something is done too quickly, it may be done carelessly and need to be redone. Considering the number of EDSA ocho ocho people’s kili-kili power the Philippines has undergone in less than a decade (three times?) – I’d say there’s a lot of rework going on. Which, to me anyways, is a red flag – as in alarm bells ringing, tornado sirens blaring – someone has been wasting, someone has been acting in haste.

It is okay to choose, but choose well, do not decide in haste because haste makes waste. Remember, the only time you can no longer change your choice – is after you cast your vote. As long as your vote has not been cast – your choice is not cast in stone and you still have enough time to re-evaluate the candidate’s value proposition.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Will you trust a slacker’s slacker to increase efficiency?

If someone is doing a prosecutor’s job then why the hell is he being paid as a legislator?

One stands for born-with-a-silver-spoon “Old Money”, another stands for streetsmart “New Money” – same moneyed interests. There’s two more candidates who moneyed interests don’t like, and have integrity and honesty, too – THAT interests me to find out WHY?

Resist the Temptation To Put the Cart Before the Horse

A call to arms can be very empathic. For example

We must each choose how we participate in the coming election. If you’ve chosen a candidate, help his campaign. Be part of it. Make your voice heard in that campaign as much as you can.

Certainly we must participate, but FIRST, we must choose. Given that election day is on May 10,2010 – the day on which your choice is deemed final, there is room for vetting – it’s your vote, as my Mom and Dad would remind my siblings and moi – DO NOT FEEL RUSHED TO CHOOSE.

It is YOUR VOTE, and exercising your due diligence to ensure that you have chosen the best candidate.

Listen to you conscience, should you go for “winnability” or should you go for the   candidate with the best ability, the best track record of getting stuff done, a tight grip on the needs of the present and the future – someone who was trusted to deliver and who did deliver with minimal collateral damage. May your preferred deity of worship help you “discern”.

The First step is more often than not, usually the hardest. Thus, most people wind up skipping the first step and just go through the motion of choosing – although they are not actually choosing a candidate – but choosing a bandwagon in order to start “participating”.

What really is more important in an election – what really is the priority – is it getting a certain candidate to win, or is it – finding the best candidate who merits your vote?

It is important to avoid doing things in the wrong order; to have things confused and mixed up – remember to put the cart behind the horse and not before it – or do not put the cart before the horse.

The first reference to this phrase in English comes in George Puttenham’s The arte of English poesie, 1589:

“We call it in English prouerbe, the cart before the horse, the Greeks call it Histeron proteron, we name it the Preposterous.”

He was probably referring back to, or possibly translating directly from, a work by Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC) – On Friendship:

“We put the cart before the horse, and shut the stable door when the steed is stolen, in defiance of the old proverb.”

The hysteron proteron that Puttenham noted relates to similar phrases from Greek authors. In grammatical terms a hysteron proteron is a figure of speech in which the thing that should come second is put first. For example, ‘putting on one’s shoes and socks’. This may be done for literary effect of simply without thought. This form is extended into more general use in phrases like the 2nd century Greek satirist Lucian’s ‘the cart draws the ox’, or Theocritus’ ‘the hind hunts the dogs’.

Various other phrases that refer to things being the opposite of what they rightfully should be are found in English, notably “the tail is wagging the dog”.

The Dutch have a similar proverb – “het paard achter de wagen spannen”, i.e. “harness the horse after the wagon”.

In the rush to participate, you can wind up choosing a candidate just for the sake of choosing – or perhaps, based on the lower rungs of the reptilian brain’s visceral fear-based fight or flight criteria.

Get a grip of yourself.

Remind yourself that the difference between animals and us humans is our capacity to change our responses to external stimuli – we can choose to go with the flow and jump on the brainless bandwagon in order to gain acceptability and belonging – or we can choose to be authentic human beings with the capacity for reason and mastery of ourselves.

Before jumping on a bandwagon – ask yourself – am I doing this just to feel accepted? Or am I doing this because this is the right thing to do?

I dunno if someone was waxing poetic or had watched too many B-movies, but I kid you not – “Ask not what your candidate can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” is one of the cheesiest paraphrasing of JFK’s blurb.

If the candidate can’t do anything for you, why the eff would you put him there in the first place? Why have an election in the first place? Just have a monarchy and for anyone to qualify in government service must be a descendant of Cory and Ninoy or else they will not be qualified to hold any government position – not even a janitor.

Here’s my take on the darn thing – Choosing the Best Candidate Based on Merit (Ability, Performance, Experience, Platform, Integrity) is One of the Best Things You Can Do For Your Country!

Choices… Choices… Choices

Choices are part of life. When you wake up in the morning you choose whether you will have oatmeal or rice. For some it’s a choice of eating the only meal of the day in the morning.. or eating it at night.

Each one has a way of arriving at their choice – be it the trivial or the life changing.

Some will pray, hoping their choice will be discerned by what’s whispered into their ear by invisible winged supernatural creatures.

Some will opt to just toss a coin, or go with your gut.

For this specific problem – choosing the best candidate for President of the Philippines, I use the process of elimination.

The process of elimination is a basic logical tool to solve real world problems.

By subsequently removing options that may be deemed impossible, illogical, or can be easily ruled out due to some sort of explicit understanding relative to the entire set of options, the pool of remaining possibilities grows smaller.

An ideal problem which could be solved by the process of elimination alone involves a finite set of options, one of which must be correct, in which all but one is easily identified as an incorrect solution. In educational testing, students are often encouraged to use process of elimination when faced with multiple-choice questions.

This problem solving method can be applied to help solve many problems in the real world.

An example of the use of the process of elimination when searching for faulty equipment:

By replacing each component in turn with ones that are known to be good, the faulty part will be revealed. This procedure depends upon both a full inventory of system parts and a supply of substitutes.

This process is used during criminal investigations, both to solve cases and narrow down a list of suspects. Fictional detective Sherlock Holmes said, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

It boils down to evaluation criteria

I am not voting for a contestant on American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew – I am voting for someone who will become the president of my country, therefore I will use more stringent criteria.

If it were just up to finding who has the most pretty face, or who has the most known family name – that will be a no-brainer.

But, this is more than looking for a pretty face – this is about PROVEN (not imagined.. proposed.. fantasized.. dreamed about) ABILITY TO EFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE.

I have already eliminated WHO I AM NOT VOTING FOR.

I am not voting for Erap because he has no ability whatsoever.

I am not voting for Noynoy because he is lazy and did nothing in the Senate for three years, does not have enough executive experience, and has Big Business, Haciendero, and Oligarchy written all over him.

I have no idea what Gibo Teodoro stands for – and I can’t make a determination since he is barely a blip in the national scene. I need to know more about this dude.

I am not voting for JC Reyes. There’s something about them that makes me remember the Taliban.

I am now down to two candidates who are ARE NOT WINNABLE but Totally HONEST and ABLE.

One is a dreamer – the other is a doer. Wanna make a wild guess who I eliminated in the last round?

It’s my vote and I choose to vote based on ability.

If others choose to vote based on winnability – that’s their call.

But I am not compromising my vote for an inferior candidate who has better chances at winning – that my friend says a lot about integrity – yours, mine, and our society.

And for the “UNDECIDEDs (daw)”, this one’s for you –

Haste makes waste” says that when we act too quickly (“haste“) we are more likely to make mistakes and end up with poor results (“waste“). Example: “Most spelling mistakes are the result of going too fast and not checking your work; haste makes waste.” “Haste makes waste” also says that it is better to do things carefully than to do them quickly and carelessly. Example: “I want you kids to take your time doing your homework tonight; haste makes waste!” The results that we end up with when we do things carelessly are often useless and sometimes costly. Example: “You should always take your time when doing your taxes and check your numbers very carefully; haste makes waste.”


  1. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    Exactly. Great article BongV!
    There are just too many drama queens these days. That FV post had EMO written all over it.

  2. oysterhalfshell · ·

    Great post. This winnability virus is killing us, as a country, and as a people. We forget that our lone vote bears weight. It adds up to a future for this country. I have a problem though. The last two candidates are definitely both doers. I am assuming you are alluding to Gordon and Perlas. Gordon is a doer (Subic, Tourism, etc…) Perlas is definitely a doer and I want to explain why. People will mistake his vision for dreams. But this man does not just dream, he has done so much not just for this country but for the world. That is why he is called a PRACTICAL visionary. And that is why he is globally renowned, for the global impact of his work. His platform on poverty? He was instrumental in UNICEF’s Family Food Production and Child Development programs. He has done his very visioned policy/program when back in the 80’s he pioneered sustainable agriculture in the Philippines. He made it possible for farmers from 25 provinces to do organic farming on a commercial scale. His work has far reaching effects to our farmers and our country’s agriculture. He has also developed and implemented the micro finance programs for more than 200,000 families. His platform on good governance and corruption? He spent most of his life fighting corruption during Marcos’ time for the Bataan Nuclear Power plant, against the DA for pesticide use, against Erap, and again against the Arroyo administration during the Garci scandal. His platform on peace and order? He wrote the manual being used by the government and UNDP for the MNLF Peace Agreement of 1996. The Act for Peace Program served over 15 provinces as of 2007. His platform on the Ecology? Well for his work on the environment, he was honored with a highly coveted Right Livelihood and UN Global 500 awards, awards bestowed on prominent individuals like Jimmy Carter, Margaret Thatcher, David Suzuki and Wangari Maathai. His platform on Education? He founded three alternative schools, focused on multiple intelligence back in 1990’s, among these Manila Waldorf, where individual talents in the arts (among others) are given as much importance as academics. His platform on governance? His work on societal threefolding which espouses a new form of governance (where the 3 contending powers of society: (State) political, (Market) economic and (Civil Society) cultural, equitably share in the task) is being used worldwide, by organizations including the United Nations, as a framework for policy making. These are just a few of what he has DONE. I can add a lot more but I will have lost you. So let’s not eliminate yet or have a last round, Yet. Because, truly, the best man, should win.

  3. Intelligent Voter · ·

    I second that.

    May “War Cry” pa daw siya. What’s that all about?

    Makikipag barilan ba siya kay BenK? Hanggang Airsoft at Counterstrike lang ata si Cocoy.

    Mamumundok ba si Cocoy? Dehins pwede. Walang signal ang Iphone niya doon. At pag nalaman niyang walang Starbacks doon, bababa na siya.

    Evaluate and think well folks! Don’t let a dumbass like Cocoy infect you with their ignorance!

  4. Humble Servant of Christ · ·

    My greatest concern of this Cocoy fellow is that he seems to be forcing my hand. I do not like being pushed into making a decision (just as BongV nicely shows with the car salesman metaphor). Just state your facts, make your argument and let the reader decide for himself with deep reflection. The elections are still months away diba?

    And what is this to be “Neutral” is to be “Indifferent” logic? That sounds a bit absolutist doesn’t it? Is he a member of the Black and White movement by any chance?

    Cocoy strays much from the teachings of Christ. I will pray for him.

    God bless.

  5. Now this hits the spot. Before you choose what you want, you should learn to choose what you don’t want. After all, didn’t the other side say it’s a contest between good and evil? 😉

  6. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    He’s using a salesman’s pressure tactic, that’s for sure. The man has lost his integrity if I may say so.

  7. Anne Boleyn · ·

    There was this person who told me not to waste my vote for Gordon because he is not winnable. I told him to go to hell. He is for Noynoy. What a dumbass.

  8. Hi Bong,

    If you are alluding to Nick Perlas as a dreamer, and by implication within the context of your sentence, not really a doer, then you have take a long look again at his resume. 🙂 http://filipinowriter.com/20-reasons-why-im-campaigning-for-nicanor-perlas-to-be-the-next-philippine-president
    IMO, that’s the danger of labels–they simplify reality instead of allowing us to let reality BE, and be OPEN to it. And the reality about Nick is that he cannot really be labeled, boxed, tagged. Unique si Nick. But since we’re on the subject of labeling, let this humble brain try though. Creative, Honest, Incorruptible, Farmer, Teacher, Author, Musician, Activist, Athlete, Health buff, Listener, Scientist, Innovator, Consensus-builder, Radical, Thinker, Dreamer, and definitely, a Doer. 🙂

  9. In all fairness, this is not an attitude unique to this country, and it is a difficult one to break. Prior to the 2000 elections in the US, my uncle — who is a brilliant mechanical engineer with a mind that works on a plane I can barely even comprehend — told me that he would like to vote for Ralph Nader, but that doing so “would be a vote for Bush”. This, coming from one of the three most intelligent people I’ve ever met. So it’s not too surprising to me that some dumbass somewhere else at a different time would get hung up on the same idea. Doesn’t make it right, though. However, I can recognize that getting people over the “winnability” hurdle might not be as simple as it seems.

  10. It’s a pretty cheap and desperate tactic. It seems some people realize that if others are given the chance to think it through, they’re going to think their way beyond the choice those people want others to make.

  11. “Choosing the Best Candidate Based on Merit (Ability, Performance, Experience, Platform, Integrity) is One of the Best Things You Can Do For Your Country!”

    That says it all!!!

    We’ve got to shake the heads of Pinoys who feel insecure when a candidate of their choice doesn’t rate high on the surveys. Thus, they end-up joining a “bandwagon” because they put a premium on winnability. The numerous voters who’ve done this over and over again fail to realize that they end up cheating themselves (and their country as well). Sadly, this damaging attitude won’t be easy to eradicate (as BenK states above).

    Those who ask you to “choose now” are no different from other bandwagons. It’s best to ignore them.

  12. these people are full of themselves… i’ve had my share of nick pri.ck cugto, cocoy the lover boy and abe the orator’s scheming tactics of posting an opinion and protecting their own psuedo-intellectual stupidity by censoring posts that do not conform with their standards… either in form or substance or both. i’ve never whined here… i just made fun of their moronisms. i dare them post any ACHIEVEMENT OF NOYNOY here:


    my last post on the 135th page :


    the problem is we have already reached the 135th page…. we still cannot come up with a very objective enumeration that can be captioned:


    we still have to fill up the following:



    hope we can invite other pro-noynoy psuedo intellectuals to fill up the blanks…

    ==============END OF POST========================

    … they wouldn’t even bother looking at that where the logical and the irrational mix up… the post has been there for the last two months… some have tried to “intellectualize” noynoy’s non-performance but ended up with NOTHING…

    The FVs psuedo-intellectual morons wouldn’t even dare to be there… because they have nothing to say…. they feel that FV is their comfort zone… and a cut above the rest of any blog forums. they’ve coated themselves by their right to censor anyone because it’s their right. if this Cocoy really feels the need to “help out” his chosen candidate… i dare him to intellectually mast.u.r.b.a.t.e at that site. but how can an intellectual imbecile perform such an intellectual act?

    hay nako… hayaan nyo na lang yang mga hunghang na mga yan. hayaan nyo na lang na magpacute yang si Cocoy kay Lila… mahirap ang inlab… nagiging cutsie patootsie (sabi ni BongV).

  13. You know what? I’m not going to debate you on Mr. Perlas, since I’ve already drawn my conclusions about the election, and will be composing something appropriate to explain them later on. I would just like to say that it’s nice to see you Perlas supporters getting out and making your case, and ask, what the hell has taken you people so long?

  14. Cocoy should harken to the timeless wisdom of Rush: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

    So there. Assertion invalidated, and no firepower required.

  15. It’s just human nature to want to feel like you’re on the winning side. When Gore lost in 2000 (or rather, when he gave up on it), I was in a bad mood for weeks. When Obama won in ’08, I reacted about the same way I do when the Steelers score a touchdown. We shouldn’t knock people’s emotional investment in the outcome of the election, because that’s a victory against apathy. But the emotional investment has to be for the right reasons. Kind of the way those Perlas fans up there come across.

  16. hehe. Reinforcement’s arrived, BenK, and be ready for the blitzkrieg. 🙂

  17. I thought he was actually asking, “choose between the yellowists and anti-incumbents or the anti-pinoys.” 😉

  18. Better late than never?

  19. Intelligent Voter · ·

    U.S. Politics has the advantage of being viewed as a long struggle of political ideas over decades. Thus a person cannot despair if the election does not turn out to his favor as he knows that this is just one round in a 150 year boxing match.

    Philippine Politics is more interesting for it is really more like a one shot power ball lottery vs. the 150 year boxing match analogy.

    Choose your candidates well my friends. Don’t let Cocoy’s emotional tactics fool you.

  20. Intelligent Voter · ·

    That’s a good point Chino.

    Charlie Munger once said that, “sometimes you can get more insight if you reverse the question.”

  21. Intelligent Voter · ·

    The Riders of Rohan have arrived!

  22. Intelligent Voter · ·


    You should see some of the posts over there at FV. They are comparing Noynoy to Obama. I have read all of Obama’s books—the comparison is not valid and utterly ignorant.

    If there is a book that Noynoy wrote out there, please tell me. I would like to read it.

    The intellectual firepower is simply greater here at Antipinoy.

  23. Intelligent Voter · ·

    His “us vs. them” assumption shows quality of his character and mind.

    Life is filled with infinite choices. You are bound to disagree on something sooner or later. Just because I choose to disagree with you now does not make me your enemy.

    Read, Very Important: But if Cocoy treats anyone who disagrees with him as his enemy in this “holy war” of his, then that decision will taint the name Cocoy Dayao for the rest of his life.

    Some say Cocoy is still young. Bullcrap. I am only 2 years older than he.

  24. Si Nick Perlas marami na nagawa for 40 years in service. He led the stopping of the Bataan Nuclear Plant during the Marcos regime, he led the contingent to stop APEC from ransacking poor countries because of globalization, he is the co-author of the Philippine Agenda 21 which is hailed as the most comprehensive and best sustainable development footprint in the world, he had won the Alternative Noble Peace Prize and was awarded an Earth Warrior.

    His societal three-folding concept was adopted by Harvard and is now being taught around the world as an innovative approach to administration.

    He co-founded LifeBank Foundation which provided miicrofinance to more than 250,000 poor farmers, he caused the banning of 32 toxic and harmful pesticide formulation in the country…. See More

    When he was disqualified he made history because for the first time more than 2,300 people from 50+ countries protested his disqualification. Those than sent a letter to the COMELEC include Sen. Bob Brown of Australian and even David Suzuki who was a world known environmentalist.

    Perlas had been talking to parliaments even he is not yet a president. He was respected locally and even worldwide.

    He is the only candidate which includes cultural upliftment and inner change in his platform.

    He is the only one that does not preach more OFWs but instead would help to create more jobs in the country, help entrepreneurs, help scientific innovation and advance multiple-level intelligence education.

    Sensya na mga bigan at kapatid kung mahaba… kasi through him am sure na mababago natin ang ating bansa. Tulad lang natin siya na may lakas ng loob at kakayahang maglingkod at mamuno.

    Mananalo siya kung iboboboto natin siya at ikakampanya sa abot ng ating makakaya.

    Maliwanag ang direksyon na gustong tahakin ni Perlas… check out his platform http://www.nicanor-perlas.com/Nicanor/complete-platform2.html


    Mananalo si Perlas kung iboboto at tutulungan natin.

  25. Dave:

    To say he led the anti-nuke stuff is misinformation – before there was Nick – there was NAJFD, BAYAN – Wigberto Tañada – for Nick to claim sole ownership of the antinuke is dishonest.

    Second – threefolding was actually a concept formulated by Steiner –

    Social Threefolding is a sociological theory that suggests increasing the independence of society’s three primary realms (economy, polity and culture) in such a way that those three realms can mutually correct each other in an ongoing process. The movement aims for democracy in political life, freedom in cultural life, and uncoerced cooperation/community in economic life. It is based on the philosophy of Anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner.[1][2] Steiner held that polity, culture and economy had been slowly growing independent of one another for thousands of years, and would continue to do so for thousands more. Thus a “threefold social order” is not a finite blueprint or something that might be “implemented” in the course of a day or even a century. Steiner and others since have made many concrete reform proposals to advance social threefolding, but Steiner’s idea of a threefold social order aims at an open-ended process of restructuring society; Steiner emphasized that the specifics of how this could best be done at any given time and in any given place change.

    Give credit, where credit is due – in this case Steiner.

    As I’ve said – it’s easy to be a backseat driver.

    Try being the driver for change. But before Nick sits on a 747, he could have considered the Cessna.

    As to his platform, that would the low hanging fruit – the obvious inefficiencies that need addressing.

    Moreover, while he talks jobs – I haven’t seen his position on Charter Change – removal of protectionist policies.

    Para bang pinoy na narinig yung topic ng main players – and then says “kasali ako dyan”. Later on down the line he say, “I spearheaded it”. Really?

  26. Your airplane analogy is a good one. There’s a reason they’re called NON-governmental organizations — it’s not at all the same kind of business, and a guy not having much, if any, experience in actual government no matter what his other achievements does not give me a lot of confidence.

  27. What that reminds me of is Top Gun – though the analogy could be slightly off.. whatever…

    Perlas is Michael Ironside aka “Jester” – the instructor, the paradigm creator.

    Gordon is Tom Cruise aka Maverick – the hot shot student of Jester.Theory-wise – Jester tops Maverick – after all he’s the instructor.

    But Maverick with fresh hands-on battle skills who actually engaged the enemy BEFORE getting into Top gun school, has field-developed tactics of his own – that’s not in the book.

    When school is over – the graduates get deployed in the front lines.

    The instructor stays behind.

    The dog fight ensues – and Maverick kicks butt.

    Maverick returns to become an instructor in Top Gun.

  28. Crazy Canadian · ·

    Bong, let me tell you a story. I was snorkeling around Key Largo when a hurricane swept me out to sea. I clung to a coconut for two days until I saw an Eagle Ray and rode it until we reached Islamorada. There, I collapsed on the beach and was approached by an endangered deer. I was not supposed to touch it but, unable to walk, I decided to ride on its back. It took me all the way up to Miami where it died. But I was able to join a group of gypsies. They had good drugs. I woke up the next day in a hotel bathtub full of ice with a phone taped to my hand. There was a note in the wall. “Don’t panic,” it read. “We have taken your kidneys. Relax and call 911.” Right. But the phone battery had died. Luckily, there was laptop nearby. I logged into my Gmail account and read an email sent from a friend telling me to forward this email to all my friends so that Bill Gates will give me $5,000. I did what was instructed but only got angry emails in return. And so the rest is history.

    The moral of story, Bong, is not to trust an Eagle Ray to drop you off on some stupid island.

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