Never Again? Absolutely – Sobra na, Tama Na

Never Again? Absolutely – Sobra na, Tama Na,… Ang Isang Aquino. Its interesting how noynoyistas like Margallo are using emotional buttons to gain votes. It is the nature of the beast to make emotional appeals. However, as a thinking mammal we can choose to follow the path of instant gratification or we can defer gratification and think about the validity of the proposition. For instance, this attempt to resurrect the dead horse known as EDSA.

Abe Margallo wrote

The Spirit of ’86 remains an unfinished project.

It was unfinished after Cory Aquino and her band of oligarch-loving cabinet hijacked the open mass movement and waylaid its progressive agenda.

Take note for example the parallel in how easily the Nazis were de-Nazified and returned to business as usual in Germany and in how discretely the Marcos loyalists were de-Marcosified and allowed to restore themselves to their pre-EDSA statuses (think of Danding who fled with the dictator to exile and Marcos crony Lucio Tan who today are both kingmakers again).

You have to thank Cory Aquino for that.

There are others, Manolo Quezon reminds us, who have as quietly reinvented (or recycled) themselves: the Aguilars (and Villars), the Estradas, the Teodoros, the Gordons, and the Escuderos, the Angaras, the Punos, the Cayetanos, to name a few more.

At least they went to reinvent themselves  – Cojuangco and Aquino have not and remain stuck in a feudalist paradigm.

By some stretch, the Yellow Revolution was a sequel to the revolutionary narrative of the Filipinos’ long struggle against oppression by foreign tormentors (or its many current forms) except that the focus then was the fight against the abuses of a locally grown tyrant.

Until, Cory Aquino and her band of oligarch-loving cabinet and oligarch-filled Congress reinvented revolution and redefined it as moving the Philippines back to feudal oligarch-dominated pre-Martial Law Philippines.

NEWSFLASH: Check out GMA TV’s Special Report on Hacienda Luisita. It’s a must-read for
anyone who wants to understand the facts behind HLI.

This week the country commemorates the tragic shooting ofprotesting farmers on January 22, 1987, an incident better known as the Mendiola massacre. Along with the Hacienda Luisita massacre of November 16, 2004, these two incidents represent the darker side of the Aquino legacy.

The struggle between farmers and landowners of Hacienda Luisita is now being seen as the first real test of character of presidential candidate Noynoy Cojuangco Aquino, whose family has owned the land since 1958. Our research shows that the problem began when government lenders obliged the Cojuangcos to distribute the land to small farmers by1967, a deadline that came and went. Pressure for land reform on Luisita since then reached a bloody head in 2004 when seven protesters were killed near the gate of the sugar mill in what is now known as the Luisita massacre. This is the story of the hacienda and its farmers, an issue that is likely to haunt Aquino as he travels the campaign trail for the May 2010 elections.

The articles comes in three parts:

C-5 is a controversy? At least, Villar has faced the music -has Noynoy faced the music on SCTEX? Check out GMATV’s special report on “The SCTEx issue”.

Be informed. Knowledge is power. The truth (even if it hurts) will set you free.

On the other hand, it is painful to imagine how by another twist of fortune some heroes of the EDSA uprising (my mentors, Jojo Binay and Rene Saguisag, come to mind) have seemed to have forgotten about (or abandoned?) the project of ‘86.

Actually, Hacienda Lusita highlights how the Aquinos abandoned the social justice agenda of ’86.

How could we ever gainsay or minimize the evil of the Marcos regime?

Defintely, not the way the Aquinos did it.

Yet, we have seen how an unlikely copycat, at least at her inauguration to power, has sought to revive the specter of the ignominious era in a variety of sinister plots or designs: making a travesty of the check and balance mechanism such as the impeachment process and legislative oversight, militarizing the executive agency, “packing” the Supreme Court and the COMELEC, and, of course, the constant fiddling with the Cha-cha nuclear option. Of late, even without martial law being declared, we have witnessed the case of 43 “health workers” arrested en masse, held incommunicado and possibly tortured.

As Jose Rizal once quipped, there are no tyrants where there are no slaves. You know the tyrant – guess who the slaves are.

Thus, trust in the legitimacy of our fundamental institutions is at a dangerously low point. Our society is in a crisis of trust.

After Cory Aquino waylaid the social justice agenda – why should another Aquino be trusted – Sobra Na, Tama na ang isang Aquino.

Corazon Aquino’s government was instrumental in seizing assets from the Marcoses and after nationalization selling them to the Lopezes. That process gave the Lopezes their controlling stake in Meralco. [source: Asia Times]

How can the people’s faith be regained? How can we reclaim our basic decency? How can Filipinos be motivated to comply with the minimum prerequisites of a good society?

Find the candidate who can bring about the “change in men”.

We have seen repeated accounts of how money and votes are interwoven into the numbers game and technical legalisms; whoever has the most of them is set to gain power. But how can the winner command fealty from the governed based on principles if he or she embodies the absence of moral compass by which to lead? Without value-commitments, such a leader will only recreate the vicious cycle of a dysfunctional society. Yet, the inviolate principles are too universal, too commonsensical, too motherhood to be overlooked: integrity, honesty, fairness and, again, trust.

The bottom line is this – are they able to deliver the goods are not? Have they shown themselves capable of trust – are they credible? For instance how in the world can Noynoy Aquino represent integrity and good governance if he only had 9 bills in three years – it’s a stretch of the imagination to believe a slacker’s statements on efficiency.

Truly, we can surmise that one possible route out of this rot is by way of example of authentic leaders, not the exceedingly clever, the most photogenic or the greatest in forensics.

If you want authentic leaders, compare Tarlac, Negros, Subic and  Marikina – which economy is more diverse. If you don’t get it – you are part of the problem.

On the other hand, there are various democratic avenues that may be taken to address our dilemma. The formal exercise of sovereign will is one. But if this too turns awry as when the steering media debauches it and deepens the crisis of trust, going back to old-fashioned democracy is a coterminous option. Geography is not even a valid excuse for those who have access to the magic of modern technology. Yes, reasoned discourse among the various sectors of our community with a view to reaching a common understanding offers one of the best hopes for our democracy – at least for now.

Be more specific with what exactly is your dilemma.

In such regard, disagreements and differing views even on core issues are to be expected in the dialogue but we must guard the process against sheer pettiness and corruption at all cost.

Pettiness – you mean like vote for Noynoy because he is the son of a hero? WTF?

As part of this discourse, we ask one question of relevance: Is there an earnest effort from those in position of power to grow the economy so that ordinary people are afforded the opportunity for self-fulfillment or make the state respond to the people’s interests rather than the usual suspect, the special and vested interests?

In fairness to Arroyo, she has grown the economy, however, as the economy is skewed towards oligarchs – and the pro-oligarch Cory Constitution is not about to get a facelift charter change – go figure.

Concerning now the presidential elections scheduled for the May 2010, we likewise ask these questions: Who among the candidates is the fair personification of the vision being suggested: inclusion, consultation, transparency, participation? Who is promising to exact accountability instead of impunity? Who demands almost innocently that we follow the True North of the moral compass – kung ano ang tama?

Heto ang tama – vote for someone with proven ability – compare the transformation of Subic and Marikina to Tarlac

Image: Courtesy of

– wanna see what an Aquino 2.0 admin looks like – go to Tarlac.

Lest we forget, it’s well to note that the political exercise is not just about those who aspire to lead. It is also about the community writ large, us.

Are we up to the challenge of self-empowerment? Or are we ready to re-live the spirit of ’86 and say: Never again?

Never again what? Absolutely – Another incompetent pro-oligarch Aquino – Never Again – Sobra na Tama na… ang isang Aquino.

Go for proven performance.  That’s a no-brainer. In pasaway terms –

Villar – Sipag at Tiyaga

Teodoro – Galing at Talino

Aquino – Mommy and Daddy.



  1. Lupa, Lam Ang · ·

    i like that icy feel in the end Mr. BongV. (haha) mommy and daddy. : )

    hope the “sympathy effect” wears out soon.

    gone the days of heroes and heroines to look up to.
    what we need is us being competent and independent.
    what we need is to father ourselves up, and stop being a wuss.

    i really like this article. have a nice year Mr. BongV.

  2. you have a nice year too Lam Ang. welcome to AP.

  3. John Paul · ·

    If Noynoy loses and Villar wins, is that a better scenario?

  4. They are not the only candidates in town. It will be a disservice to limit our choices to the two.

    But since you really want to push this line – I’ll indulge you. If it were just between Noynoy and Villar – based on past performance (quantity and quality of legislation submitted), his thrust of promoting entrepreneurship, his cool-headedness during the Estrada impeachment trials, his business-savvy – on all counts he outclasses and outperforms that fraking slacker Noynoy Aquino.

    To answer your question, yes – A Villar win is a better scenario – a lesser evil compared to an Aquino win (which further consolidates the Lopez conglomerates chokehold on the Philippine Economy. Brace yourselves, Meralco is about to bleed you dry while you are watching ABS-CBN – this is the twilight zone – the Philippines).

    However, it need not go down that route – there’s always the man who pioneered transformation in the Philippines – did it Subic, can do it again for the Philippines – Dick Gordon. If you wanna push further to a Philippine utopia – there’s Nick Perlas.

  5. Can I repost the first pic in Facebook? I’m sure you’ve also seen this video on the SCTEX massacre. Never againt to an Aquino presidency!!

  6. jackstone54 · ·

    Between Villar and Aquino, I’d choose Villar. I agree with the Anti-Pinoy’s view that Villar outclasses Aquino on all counts. As for the C-5 controversy, a friend of mine, who is anti-Villar, said that Winnie Monsod’s explanation is all innuendo. And if she has all the evidence against Villar, why doesn’t she file charges against him? Her timing is suspect– why did she come out with her presentation only now? The C-5 issue has been around for a couple of years. She is very partisan– another Coryista turned Noynoyista.

    Noynoy was an unwilling candidate thrust into the spotlight, no thanks to the long mash note by Conrado de Quiros. Frank Drilon and the Hyatt 10 latched on to the idea and jettisoned their nino bonito in favor of the so-called brand name “Aquino”. They didn’t realize that the product doesn’t deliver.

  7. hey booom – yes you can. by all means – spread it.

  8. It’s unfortunate that anti-incumbentist people still see an enemy in anybody who’s in the government now. It’s as if government became synonymous with evil. They say that the government can only blame itself for the disrespect it is getting. Them idiots though should realize they voted in these “enemies” into office. But who’s the real enemy? Margallo uses his deceptive and misleading rhetoric to kid people into this anti-incumbentism, while helping cover up the actual oligarchal corruptiion that the Aquino and Cojuangco families are into. And like I said… the people are corrupt too. 😉

  9. You are right. They are not the only candidates in town but it seems the presidency will go to either men and that is why I focus my question on the two.

    I just got a bad feeling about Villar especially every time I see his “Stop My Hirap” game show segment in Eat Bulaga. I ask myself if Filipinos will fall for this trick.

    If Villar is so well accomplish and highly capable, why the need for cheap tricks like game shows, Wowowee and celebrity endorsers. It will be pretty cool if Villar actually swims in a river of trash. That will really win me some brownie points.

    I don’ want my leader to resort to such a low class thing like artistas, game shows and Wowowee.

    Regarding Noynoy, he also needs to get rid of his own harem of artistas endorsers. It is very insulting to see Boy Abunda’s face encouraging you to vote for Noynoy.

    Shit!! Looks like the Filipino nation will get shafted again this coming elections. We are just incapable producing a capable honest leader just like in our film industry.

  10. GMA’s special on Hacienda Luisita has a fourth part. And it’s the most shocking yet:

  11. UP n grad · ·

    Information only: GMA has signed another bill which will reduce the cost-of-living for
    Pilipinas senior citizens. In fact, GMA should be cocoy’s favorite if he only looked
    closer at GMA’s actions on taxation.
    … the National Treasury revealed a P52.3-billion loss in government revenues last year
    due to recent laws that exempt minimum wage workers from the income tax and the
    30 percent cut on corporate income tax.

  12. Fundador Del Brandy · ·

    What makes Noynoy Aquino an oligarch?

  13. An oligarchy (Greek Ὀλιγαρχία, Oligarkhía) (oligocracy) is a form of government in which power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, military might, or religious hegemony. The word oligarchy is from the Greek words for “few” (ὀλίγος olígos) and “rule” (ἀρχή arkhē). Such states are often controlled by politically powerful families whose children are heavily conditioned and mentored to be heirs of the power of the oligarchy. (reference: wiki)

    Connect the dots.

  14. UP n grad · ·

    to Fundador/Brandy: Just read Conrado deQuiros article from August 2009, where deQuiros
    could not help but acknowledge NoyNoy is a continuation of the Aquino oligarchy, and that the
    presidency belongs to Noynoy by right of inheritance.
    …Cory inherited the mantle when her husband died. History summoned her to do it,
    …there was no one else. . . . . Noynoy inherited the mantle when his mother died.
    …History summons him to do it, there is no one else. He will rise to untold heights.

    …It is his destiny.

  15. WoW! Philippine Politics has progressed to inheritance. WoW! Quiros took a page from Santo Papa in the medieval era of church’s impunity.


  16. Let me help in dotting it up.

    Hacienda Luisita = feudal property of Aquinos

    Aquinos and Cojuangcos = oligarchs

    Noynoy = Aquino and Cojuangco


    Noynoy = oligarch (+ cronies)

  17. A man who cannot rule over 6,000 hectares has no business being president of 7,107 islands

  18. It’s pathetic that you hear everybody deciding to vote for a “lesser evil”, when there is a real choice in Gordon-Bayani.

    Yep, I know your next line…”Pero mababa ang surveys nila/ pero hindi sila mananalo..” Nasasabi mo ito kasi na-impluwensyahan ka na ng surveys ng hindi mo alam. Ang surveys sa Pilipinas ay nabibili !! Kung walang surveys na yan, (isama mo na ang mga artista), then malinaw kung sino dapat ang magiging Presidente! Ano ang nakikita mo? Si Gordon at Bayani di ba?!

    Sa mga susunod na araw at buwan, ganito ang mangyayari:

    1. Both camps hate each other to death. Yung ayaw kay Noynoy, boboto kay Villar kasi daw “lesser evil”. Yung ayaw naman kay Villar, kay Noynoy boboto kasi nga ulit, “lesser evil” siya. So, swap lang ang mangyayari, at wala talagang totoong “ahead” sa kanilang dalawa. Kumbaga, they will cancel each other out.

    2. Alam ng lahat ng tao na magaling sina Gordon at Bayani. Pero hindi boboto sa kanila dahil sa sinabi ko sa item no.1…

    3. Mananalo si Gordon at Bayani dahil magkakaroon ng doubt kina Villar at Noynoy. At the rate they’re going, people will realize in no time that they are BOTH THE SAME EVIL. Therefore the logical choice now is to seek for an alternative choice, which is the right choice in the first place: GORDON at BAYANI!

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