Teleleng land never runs out of mornic stuff. In the latest explosion of moronism, Tornilyo Teleleng emotes and waxes barriotic, idiotic, pathetic, rheumatic, schizoprenic – in a manner that makes a noynoyista proud. Believe you me. your head will hurt after reading this discombobulating piece that will wreck the nerves in an encounter with Balagtas-esquengeze-lish.

I’ve been told many times not to dignify stuff such as this, but my Spidey sense tells me I should. Consider it as an exercise in being my brother’s keeper for he does not know what he is doing. The flaws in the syllogism are glaring and pretty much is an exercise in circular reasoning, red herrings, appeal to belief. All of which when put together and replicated in a massive scale brings us to the Philippine ochlocracy of the 21st century.

Credible - worthy of belief or confidence

Ochlocracy (Greek: οχλοκρατία or okhlokratía; Latin: ochlocratia) is government by mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of constitutional authorities. In English, the word mobocracy is sometimes used as a synonym. As a pejorative for majoritarianism, it is akin to the Latin phrase mobile vulgus meaning “the fickle crowd”, from which the term “mob” originally derives.

In ancient Greek political thought ochlocracy was considered as one of the three “bad” forms of government (tyranny, oligarchy and ochlocracy) as opposed to the three “good” forms of government (monarchy, aristocracy and democracy). The distinction between “good” and “bad” was made according to whether the government form would act in the interest of the whole community (“good”) or special interests (“bad”).)

In the Philippines we have a bastard government born out of the union of the oligarchy and the ochlocracy. How is this made possible? It is made possible by thinking in a manner similar to the posts being made by Tornilyo below.

Having said that, we proceed with another CPC – Clinico-Pathological Conference on another case of Aquinozheimers.


I AM SO COMFORTABLE WITH NOYNOY….. By TOTO CAUSING I hope you are also with me when I say that the MOST IMPORTANT TASK now is to stop first corruption. This is because our country has gone to an almost irreversible pattern that blatant display of corruption is the rule in all offices and all law enforcers whose service is not public trust but “hulidap.”

After stopping corruption is achieved, that is the time we can talk of production.

Under the present system of justice and check-and-balance apparatuses we have, whether prosecution can happen on warlord politicians or corrupt officials for crimes and corruption depends on the boldness of the President to confront the violators. So that what we need is the President who does not care if the ax would fall on his allies or friends or relatives or husband or son.

This is completely lacking in the person of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the past presidents you can name.

To prove my theory, I cite what a President can do in the case of Gloria Macapagal which she has not done all the time before the Maguindanao massacre.

Look how she easily pinned down the Ampatuans when she acted! It was peanuts to do so.

But she did this only because of the outpouring of outrage from all over the world because the massacre included 32 journalists.

If only she did the same to all past incidents and corruptions that included Joc-Joc Bolante, Hernando Perez, her husband, her son and cousin-in-law, her allies, Mike Defensor, Lito Atienza, and many other allies, can you imagine how good our country has become for now?


Manong Teleleng, pwede pakitagalog na lang po, sumasakit  talaga ang ulo ko sa Ingles nyo – and not for lack of trying? Ang essence nitong argument na ito is Reductio Ad Hitlerium.

Reductio ad Hitlerum, also argumentum ad Hitlerum, (dog Latin for “reduction to Hitler” or “argument to Hitler,” respectively) is an ad hominem or ad misericordiam argument, and is an informal fallacy. It is a fallacy of irrelevance where a conclusion is suggested based solely on something or someone’s origin rather than its current meaning or context. This overlooks any difference to be found in the present situation, typically transferring the positive or negative esteem from the earlier context. Hence this fallacy fails to examine the claim on its merit.

Its name is a pun on reductio ad absurdum, and was coined by an academic ethicist, Leo Strauss, in 1953. Engaging in this fallacy is sometimes known as playing the Nazi card,[1] by analogy to playing the race card.

The fallacy claims that a policy leads to—or is the same as—one advocated or implemented by Adolf Hitler or the Third Reich, and so “proves” that the original policy is undesirable. For example: “Gloria was an advocate of rule of law, so, (insert any candidate other than Noynoy), as an advocate of rule of law is, is like Arroyo,  wrong.” The tactic is often used to derail arguments, because such comparisons tend to distract and anger.

So why will our country would rise economically if corruption is stopped?


First, we will be assured that monies will be efficiently used to where intended.

Second, the budget deficit will be stopped and will be replaced by budget surpluses.


Simple, again.

If the BIR only honestly collects taxes, there is no need to increase taxes.

It is common to hear stories of businessmen due to pay a tax of P6 million but giving only P2 million to pay a manipulated computation and give P1 million to the taxmen.

Now, more than half of the country’s budget for a one-year operation is provided with funds by collections from the BIR. So that there is no deficit in collection to finance all the items listed in the national budget if only all of the taxes due are collected. We are not yet talking about customs collection and the exorbitant fees collected by the courts and other agencies.

So what do you think will happen if tax collections exceed the amount budgeted to be spent for a year?

This will give us surplus collections. The government can now begin to think of increasing the salaries of its employees or think of building more schools, bridges and highways in the countryside.

Third, our laws are assured of implementation.

As I previously blogged – Noynoy – and Tornilyo are WRONG ON CORRUPTION.

Noynoy’s solution approaches corruption as if it were just a matter of putting in place administrative/institutional reforms to address systemic corruption. Administrative reforms are obviously important – but on their own, are not enough to address systemic corruption. That Noynoy has not recognized this component points to either one or all of three things:

  1. Aquino is just giving lip-service to anti-corruption in order to take advantage of the public preferences.

  2. Aquino’s oligarch backers are not interested in addressing systemic corruption because they are benefitting from it. PLDT, Globe, ABS-CBN are more interested in protecting market share and the bottom line by keeping foreign investors (and competition) out.

  3. Aquino’s grasp of the anti-corruption issue is shallow and does not address the fundamental issues that cause corruption in the Philippines.

In the case of the Philippines, corruption is no longer petty but systemic as well. Therefore, administrative reform which focuses on “the strict enforcement of anticorruption laws on one hand, and on the other, the provision of “sufficient means” for government employees to be able to fend for their families. ” IS NOT ENOUGH, does not address systemic corruption.

To paraphrase Klitgaard – “When corruption does become systemic, as it is in the Philippines, the usual anticorruption measures are insufficient. Not obsolete, to be sure: there will always be a need to raise consciousness about corruption’s costs and to make the institutions of state and market less vulnerable to corruption. But we also need new thinking about new modes of action by new sorts of actors that can faciliate joint efforts to subvert corruption”.

And now, we have another rehash from Noynoy – ““We have good laws [that punish and prevent graft and corruption]. All we need to do is enforce those laws,” ” – WTF, it’s a sirang plaka  that just wouldn’t give up till you get a sledgehammer and smash it to pieces.

Noynoy is right on the issue of administrative/institutional anti-corruption measures – but so is everyone else  – that means Gordon, Villar, Perlas, and all Pinoys who have felt the brunt of petty corruption. For short, Noynoy does not have a monopoly of the corruption issue.

Sustainable anti-corruption isn’t just about “administrative reforms” and “sufficient means for government employees”. Such a perspective is utterly myopic, dated, ineffective, and does not address the deeply embedded systemic corruption in the Philippines. In other words, it is not enough to implement reforms, the existing relationships that make up the socio economic foundations of Philippine society need to be addressed and changed so that more economic opportunities are available to the widest number of citizens thereby decreasing the systemic pressure to resort to corruption.

Thus, like Noynoy, Esposo harps on administrative reforms, but misses the point that – administrative reforms are not enough and need to be partnered with a social empowerment component which necessitates among others – opening up the economy in terms of allowing greater leeway for foreign equity and for allowing ownership of real estate to allow more foreign investments.

At the micro level, how many times have we come across the retired foreign national who married a local, who bankrolls a sari-sari store or a retail establishment but is not granted legitimate ownership under the law? These are also foreign investors who can provide jobs but currently are getting a bum deal due to the consitutional restrictions.

So, while the Philippines partners in the ASEAN4 move forward, where does the Philippines stand in relation to FDI? The following charts illustrate the point that Esposo glaringly misses – Philippines is missing out on the FDI flowing to ASEAN while Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have FDI levels 200% to 300% higher than the Philippines in 2006!

We have so many laws crafted by our Congress. But almost all of these are good for nothing; they are not implemented. If THE PRESIDENT IS BOLDLY HONEST, these laws on banking, agriculture, economics and agrarian reform and other economic-related laws, such as those that protect local industries or products from smuggling, will be implemented

Ayun nga e – Sariling law – AGRARIAN REFORM – nilatak pa ng mga Aquino with the SDO option. And then I will trust them? I will trust the Aquinos na lolokohin na naman tayo. Therefore, I will not trust Aquino with my vote. I will trust Gordon with my vote.

If these laws are only implemented because of extra-bold honesty of the President, we do not need “Galing at Talino” presidents who brought down our country to the quicksand.

Nor do we need incompetent presidents,  nine bills in nine years, and then continuous pa ang disburse ng pork barrel. And we don’t need laws like “Tarlac Day”.

So that I can now say with my head so high that THE ONLY PRESIDENT WE NEED IS A BOLDLY HONEST PRESIDENT. He will be bold in acting on with extra vigor to cause the arrest and prosecution of crime and corruption violators.

As such, this kind of President will send a chilling message to all politicians, all warlords, all soldiers, all officials, all policemen and NBI agents.

And when corruption is stopped, we can begin to talk of big programs for economic leaps.

Now, can Noynoy Aquino pass the test of honesty I require?

I believe so.

Most of Noynoy’s colleagues have produced hundreds of bills EACH in only one year as a congressman or senator and some of them become laws. Noynoy on the contrary, had less than one bill PER YEAR.

I SEE THE CORRUPTION HERE? We pay for his staff, office, travel expenses, salary, allowances, budget and other logicistics… BUT AQUINO DID NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING!

If you compute what we spent on Noynoy (I am sure it will be in the hundreds of millions in those 11 years) compared to what he gave back to us, HE CORRUPTED OUR MONEY! He did not make ANY LAW! He sat on the money, position and prestige we gave him and wasted it.

He and his sisters did not steal when their mother Cory was the President. He did not take advantage of his being the President’s son when everything he could have wanted he could get upon his wish for his wish was then the command. His father’s status as a national hero is a sufficient safeguard against him making a folly. For sure he cannot afford to destroy Ninoy’s legacy and Cory’s saintly image for the price of P200 Billion.

What about the issue of a sea of crooks and crocodile waiting for him? Can he survive it?

I believe so, he can survive.

I can believe in the tooth fairy, pink unicorns, but until someone verifies and validates – Noynoy’s honesty – it will be a stretch of the imagination to believe someone who until today has not spoken the truth about Hacienda Luisita – they can’t even admit swindling the farmers. Susginoo – Doon pa lang sa test na yan – bumagsak na.

Also as noted by Time Magazine, – “When rebellious soldiers launched the seventh abortive coup against Aquino on Dec. 1, their most pointed complaints focused on the administration’s failure to deliver basic services and on allegations of corruption among the President’s wealthy and influential relatives.

It does not need an Einstein as president for a country to advance in electronics for there are always intelligent Filipino scientists and all Presidents have Cabinet secretaries who will provide the brain. The fact that Noynoy has that required honesty that can bring out a chilling message against stealing, these Cabinet men will perform to expectations.

You don’t need an Einstein – but you don’t need a lazy, incompetent, inefficient Noynoy either. You need someone more able, more experienced, more decisive, more upright – you need a Richard Gordon. At the very least he will have a brain that can sense if he is being taken for a ride, unlike someone who has to consult all his sisters and relatives for “discernment”.

And to think, Noynoy is a graduate of economics from Ateneo, unlike Erap who did not finish a course from Ateneo. In other words, I am confident that Noynoy has at least the minimum required intelligence to discern what is good and what is bad in making decisions after getting sufficient information from his cabinet men.

Tornilyo, you forgot to mention. Gordon is a graduate of history from Ateneo. He also graduated from the UP college of law – as a lawyer, he has more than the minimum required intelligence to discern what is good and what is bad in making decisions on his own with due consideration of his advisory team. Gordon outperforms Aquino. Recently, if I look at the headlines, I can see Noynoy flipflopping a lot. I don’t need a leader who flipflops. I need adecisive leader – Gordon’s the man.

Actually, the choice of anybody on who would become the best president is but a belief. For sure, NO ONE CAN PREDICT WHAT ONE MAN WOULD DO TOMORROW. No one can predict that Villar would not steal. No one can predict that Gordon would not steal and play going with the tide. No one is sure that Gibo Teodoro would do good no matter his claim to be the only candidate who has “galing at talino.”

While mine is only a belief, it did not come without any basis. I based it on his past performance of honesty. Much more that he will display HONESTY AT ITS BEST that he has a responsibility to take: the responsibility to protect the names of his father and mother.

HE IS DEFINITELY A UNIQUE COJUANGCO. He is the mold of two bests: The best of a hero and the best of a saint.

Lolo – he can be Rin Tin tin for all I care. But he has done nothing in the Senate, done nothing for the farmers Hacienda Luisita, and done nothing wortwhhile – AANHIN MO ANG ANAK NG BAYANI, UTAK NG TILAPIA NAMAN, SAKSAKAN PA NG BATUGAN. 😀

Others insist to vote for Villar because they believe in his advertisements that he can lift the poor from sufferings. Can you really believe him?

Others insist it should be Gordon because they believe he can transform the country. Why has he not transformed Olongapo from prostitution?

In like manner let me ask  if you believe Noynoy can transform the country. Why has he not transformed Tarlac from prostitution? TELELENG.

Others insist it should be Erap because they believe “walang mahirap kung andyan si Erap.” Why has he not done that during his time? What more can he do?

Others insist it should be Father Eddie Villanueva because they believe in his “Diyos at Bayan” formula. Why has he not improved the lot of his flock?

Others insist it should be Jamby Madrigal because they believe in her. But why has she even failed to unite her own family on issues of wealth?

Others insist it should be Nick Perlas because they believe he will make the country green. Why? Can he plant one billion trees in his first year of his term? Can he expect all those he planted would grow into full trees in six years?

Others insist it should be JC delos Reyes because they believe he can do magic. But why he cannot even express his programs clearly in different fora?




As a final note, let me say,






  1. BongV in his finest. Keep it up Man !!!

  2. Kahit na ano ang sabihin mo dito, eh sa inyo tong website na ito, mga pro Gordon kayo. You are all so desperate, para lang maungusan ng bet nyo si Noynoy. So pathetic losers, eh kahit na sa survey isa sa mga kulelat si Gordon nyo, na super yabang. At hanggang Gapo, ang laging binibida. At the end, yang sinsabi nyong walang K na si Noynoy will triump against all your accusations and mga negatives comments. Inggit lang kayo, kasi kahit anong gawin nyo, di matataasan ni Gordon, at mataas na rating ni Noynoy sa survey, na it only shows siya ang gusto ng tao. Sige palusot pa kayo… kahit anong sabihin nyo mas marami pa rin sa mga Pinoy ang maka Noynoy. Tulad ng kandidato nyo, mga mayayabang din kayo dito. Opss. wag pikon.. apg ganyon kayo talo na kayo….

  3. the voice of the people is not always the voice of reason. =)

  4. Ma Xianding · ·

    Hindi namin kawalan sa mga Antipinoy.com peeps kung manalo si Abnoy ninyo. I am sure all Antipinoy.com peeps will still be OK even in a Noynoy presidency dahil may mga utak naman sila. Ginagawa lang nila ito para sa mga mamamayang Pilipino dahil ang masa ang magiging kawawa kapag ang Pangulo ay walang nagawa at mama at papa lang ang maipagmamalaki.

    Kung matalo si Gordon, hindi si Gordon ang talo. Ang Pilipino. Tatawa na lang kami sa inyong mga bumoto sa Abnoy ninyo at sasabihin: TOLD YA!

  5. Ma Xianding · ·

    Hindi namin kawalan sa mga Antipinoy.com peeps kung manalo si Abnoy ninyo. I am sure all Antipinoy.com peeps will still be OK even in a Noynoy presidency dahil may mga utak naman sila. Ginagawa lang nila ito para sa mga mamamayang Pilipino dahil ang masa ang magiging kawawa kapag ang Pangulo ay walang nagawa at mama at papa lang ang maipagmamalaki.

    Kung matalo si Gordon, hindi si Gordon ang talo. Ang Pilipino. Tatawa na lang kami sa inyong mga bumoto sa Abnoy ninyo at sasabihin: TOLD YA!

  6. “At the end, yang sinsabi nyong walang K na si Noynoy will triump against all your accusations and mga negatives comments.”

    This is a pretty tired “argument” — “We’ll show you! You’ll see!” I’d laugh at you and play along just to see you get your just desserts — because I am highly confident you would — except that it represents a gamble with the future of close to 90 million people, and there’s nothing funny about that.

  7. “Inggit lang kayo, kasi kahit anong gawin nyo, di matataasan ni Gordon, at mataas na rating ni Noynoy sa survey, na it only shows siya ang gusto ng tao”

    Another Yellow Soldier down the brain-drain. Susme, naniniwala naman kayo sa survey-survey na yan eh halatang luto yan eh.

    Makita natin after a year or two sisigaw yan ng “Patalsikin si Noynoy!”

    “Maki-uso” mentality at its finest.

  8. vox populi, vox diaboli

  9. nagmamasid · ·

    ano daw? pikon? sino kaya fb page ang nagmomoderate at nag babanned ng comments at users. eh si noy ba ano ibibida? mama at papa niya? bakit hindi siya manindigan sa mga nagwa niya. ay teka, wala nga pala. ano mapapala ng pilipinas sa “tarlac day”? atleast si gordon hindi lang olongapo nakinabang, mga dating hindi kilalang lugar umunlad dahil sa tourism act, WOW Philippines. Sumabog pinatubo, nai-ahon uli niya olongapo. eh yun mga magsasaka na may lupa sana under ng CARP asan? mahirap pa din.

    kung surveys ang pag-uusapan, di ba 44% lang ang ratings ni noy? it means 56% ang may ayaw sa kanya, pano mo nasabing majority ng pinoy eh gusto si noy? gusto mo ng calculator para maintindihan mo na mas mataas ang 56% kesa sa 44%?

  10. Cool Guy · ·

    Seriously. People still think that Philippines minus Corruption equals THE BEST COUNTRY EVAR?

    Man, I understand now why a lot of the AP peeps aren’t even here anymore.

    That’s just sad to see, you know? Seeing that people think that once a corrupt leader has been replaced with a non-corrupt leader, the country will start shitting out crude oil and gold/totally beat the big countries/ponies and rainbows.

    Remember Erap’s Presidency? We knew he wasn’t that corrupt (not to mention wasn’t that smart either), and look where it dragged us. Top survey pick doesn’t equate to credibility.

    Being clean does not equal credibility.


  11. Arquenevis · ·

    I believe AntiPinoy’s campaign against Noynoy is near useless unless the information and the truth is distributed on the ground level. It has got a good following within the last few months but AP’s writers should print out their articles and distribute them in public. The public needs a good slap in the face.

  12. Dr. José Rizal II · ·


    All those surveys with Noynoy on top are all doctored ones. The real surveys done by real people, such as surveys done in schools and in offices mostly yield Gordon, followed by Gibo, as the leading candidate.

    Noynoy is nowhere near the top. But of course, the oligarchs backing Noynoy up want their manok to win so they manipulate the surveys to fool gullible Filipinos LIKE YOU into choosing one of the worst possible candidates for the presidency.

  13. You are right.

    Squatters are comfortable with noynoy because they said that “if Gordon Bayani be in the office, the squatters and the sidewalk vendors will disappear” Daming tanga ano? They don’t know what a real good government could do.

  14. antivirus · ·

    Tama po ang article na to. Sana, mapa-alam natin to sa mga masa nating kaibigan… tingnan nyo rin ito…

    “When we were trying to convince him not to run, Pinky said, ‘Noy, I
    want you to know this is a franchise and you only have 20 percent of
    the franchise. So it does not have to be you. It can be any of us,’”
    -Ballsy Aquino (Noynoy’s sister, referring to the PRESIDENCY)

    yan ang tingin nila, kahit sino sa kanila PWEDE…. BASTA AQUINO, PWEDE! KAHIT SI KRIS.


  15. If only a parliament government was a priority. As long as the top leader is not elected by the popular vote, the squatters also will disappear or be reduced, since there is no more incentive to pay them to get their votes. There will be less powerful politicians coddling them.

    And the squatters of course who don’t like Gordon-Bayani are the ones who want to stay squatters, because they want to live on others’ resources, not their own, like parasites. Squatter communities are the breeding ground for crime… and they want to stay that way.

  16. Parallax · ·

    great post bongv! mr. causing should make informercials for toxic weight loss pills instead of blogging; he might be far more convincing there. desperate spin for desperate people is what that guy is good at.

    you know what? if causing says


    then why not go the whole 9 yards and elect kris to be president? kris says whatever is on her mind, never mind if it’s inappropriate as long as she speaks her mind it really comes out of her. toto teleleng talaga bomalabs.

    noynoy isn’t even honest enough to admit that cory made it possible to dupe the hacienda luisita farmers through carp’s sdo.

  17. bienthoughts · ·

    you got one hell of a nice column here! Keep it up buddy! Noynoy is one hell of a big incompetent, flip human being, and again, for the nth time, without his mama and papa’s image, he’s nothing but a flip.

    I dont know why these people are very fond of calling him their savior, for crying out loud, ANYBODY BUT NOYNOY, PERLAS, DELOS REYES AND MADRIGAL! Lord hear my PRAYER!!!

    I can’t imagine our country being ruled by a man that he is. Noynoy is a big LIE, a man who can’t even stand on his own feet.

    I’m praying so hard LORD please, let it be GIBO or GORDON.

    Amen! 🙂

  18. jose acelajado · ·

    Honesty! of course we need it in our leaders, but who among them is not honest, everyone is claiming to be one! When they say they can do this and do that, are they honest enough to rate themselves, when after saying so before they were elected to office the last time, how did they fare? Are they honest enough to admit their inconsistencies?

  19. There are no mistakes in life, there are only lessons to be learned.
    – Mark Twain

  20. JR L. Gonzales · ·

    I definitely agree to this one. 🙂
    People, wake up!
    We need leaders that has the political will!

  21. Zadkiel · ·

    “if Gordon Bayani be in the office, the squatters and the sidewalk vendors will disappear” sounds like an equivocation. I know that you mean on your side that the squatters and sidewalk vendors would not be allowed to do their squatting and ambulant selling. on the other hand i can read it as they will disappear on the face of the earth. they would not be squatting and ambulant vendors anymore because Gordon has already “upgraded” them.

  22. Fundamentalist · ·

    Just wanna ask, BongV. Are you bisaya? Or can you speak bisaya?

  23. fundamentalist.. am taglishbis… tagalog-english-bisdak – davao city- born and raised.

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