Comparison of Substance of Platforms of Aquino, Gordon, Villar, Perlas, and Obama

I’ve been wanting to compare the substance of the platforms of Aquino, Gordon, Villar, Perlas, and Obama. This enough I can say – Nick Perlas is the gold standard in platforms. Aquino and Villar are fluffy talk without the specifics. Gordon is a slacker when it comes to platforms – good for him he’s got Subic but it’s no excuse not to have a platform.

Aquino, Perlas and Villar will retain the protectionist regime that benefits the oligarchs – Gordon is silent.

When it comes to the platform section on governance and the economy – Perlas whips Aquino, Villar, Gordon, and Obama!

How did I get to this conclusion, I’ll show you how. Please see below, mind map generated by mind meister on the approach.

The comparison is available as a PDF – and you can preview it below:

[gview file=””%5D

What does the comparison imply?

The platforms presented by the Aquino, Villar, and Gordon seems to think that we, Filipinos are idiots who cannot see through the fluff. We, Filipinos ought to be insulted with the low standards provided by these candidates. As the elections get closer to the home stretch, ask and demand that your candidate substantiate their platform.

Do not settle for motherhood statements. Demand. Assert. Require.

If we are to hand the reins of power and governance to a candidate shouldn’t we see a detailed blueprint of how exactly is he going to wield that power instead of a one-page brochure?

Based on platforms only, Nick Perlas knows exactly what to do – a lot more than Aquino, Gordon, and Villar.

Unsolicited advice to Gordon on platforms – Bawal ang Tamad! 😀

In scientific research, an experiment (Latin: ex- periri, “to try out”) is a method of investigating causal relationships among variables, or to test a hypothesis. An experiment is a cornerstone of the empirical approach to acquiring data about the world and is used in both natural sciences and social sciences. An experiment can be used to help solve practical problems and to support or negate theoretical assumptions.


  1. FreeSince09 · ·

    I have heard of an initiative somewhere of citizens banding to assert the promises made to them afteran election. I don’t know if this model can work in all the municipilaties but maybe this can work in many other areas.

  2. Aha, I see Perlas will keep protectionism… a down point for me. But yeah, so far he’s got the only complete platform around… a sign of preparedness. Maybe Gordon and others are prepared, but don’t want to give the signs. Makes you wonder whether they’re still picking their points. Or whether they’ll do photo-finish platform shows.

  3. i love AP’s objectivity. my impression is AP is inclined to go for dick in most respects, but as stated, gordon needs to work on this area… keep it up!

  4. by the way, any comparison with gibo? his student loan program looks interesting…

  5. BongV,

    Fyi, in yesterday’s PhilStar article entitled: “Gordon vows to make RP investor-friendly “:

    “Gordon, who is running on a transformational platform, said he would also overhaul the current system in the country where only the oligarchs have control over the resources of government.

    “The oligarchy does nothing but accumulate wealth,” he said. This paves the way for a system of patronage among the country’s political leaders, he added.

    “We have to break this cycle,” he said.

  6. JetP:

    I read what he said, the question is how? How is he going to break the oligarchs hold on the economy?

    We have tried a political solution – and the oligarchs just have congress do the work of adulterating the legislation – call it a duck, but it doesn’t quack.

    I assert that an economic solution is needed for an economic problem – break up the oligopoly, open up the economy, let market forces decide – in a free market and to be able to do that – the protectionist provisions of the 1987 constitution need to be stricken out.

  7. it’s become very obvious that our politicians do not have respect for voters.

    one thing i noticed is that after hearing all the noise that we’ve made about the importance of platforms these politicians started adjusting their respective messages. but instead of actually infusing more substance to their messages they simply included the word “platform” in their political ads. mga pilosopo nga naman.

    just listen to the tv newscasts. “ibinunyag ngayon ni XXXXXX ang kanyang plataporma….” and to think what was said was just a variation of “ipagpapatuloy ko ang laban” and “tatapusin ko ang kahirapan.”

    but hat’s really frustrating is that most people do not even see that they’re being played. now that the candidates are into using “platform” as a buzzword many now actually believe the candidates are being more detailed with their plans.

  8. BongV,

    Well for one, he did talked about opening up the Media Industry to foreign ownership…. that would result to improved facilities, efficient operations, better pay for media practitioners and journalists and less envelopmental journalism….good for everyone !!

    He is unequivocal of amending the constitution during his first year (converting the Congress to a Con Ass), and most likely would cover the economic provisions to better open up the economy with more FDIs.

  9. A lot say that my vote is a lost cause but my conviction for my consicence vote has grown stronger. I long to see the empowerment of the agricultural sector with INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL and the PROPER UTILIZATION of our God-given resources. You are the leader that our country needs!

  10. That’s what am talking about – thanks for the heads up!

    If Gordon is indeed for Charter Change, can you provide a link to where you read that statement? Greatly appreciate it.

  11. BongV,

    I heard him say this when he spoke at the Forbes Church Townhall meeting last Sunday…will find a written link for you.

    Go GORDON !!

  12. No point in putting Noynoy in the same league as Obama. Seriously. It’s an insult to Filipinos that this media-fad-produced individual who never had a platform just kept rehashing the same pro-democracy, pro-poor cliche. As if we don’t have enough democracy with all the ilk thrown around wherein everyone can cuss and malign anybody openly.

  13. lunarcontemplations · ·

    Hello BongV,

    Your critical assessment of the comprehensiveness of Mr. Perlas’ strategic agenda is a breath of fresh air given that not one party except that of Mr. Perlas’ PANGMASA can articulate how the Philippines, as a society, can get out of the rut we are in. Mr. Perlas’ Philippine Agenda 21, hailed by the U.N. as one of the most promising innovations in sustainable development and considered by the former FV Ramos as the FRAMEWORK of all sustainable development programs of the government proves Mr. Perlas’ edge over all the Presidential aspirants. If we look very closely at all that he has done, without a pre-conceived notion but to simply examine closely the capacity that this candidate has, it is safe to say that he is the only Presidentiable while the others can aspire, they cannot even come close to what Mr. Perlas has done, globally and nationally.

    As regards to your interpretation that Mr. Perlas is ‘protectionist’, I beg to correct that it is inaccurate.
    The term “protectionist” is a misnomer in the case of NP because it is really not so. NP is against an unlevel playing field in regards to trade. If trade liberalization means to turn over the cooking pots of our local producers such as our farmers, then yes, there is a need to protect them. If trade liberalization means for bigger economies such as China, US, and Japan to flood our markets with their products far cheaper than our local producers can offer then, yes, there is a need to protect it. Even Japan itself is protectionist. It slaps high tarrifs to amercican, chinese, and european products coming in to Japan while sellling their own products to the same countries in very low prices. Of course the trade liberals say it is in the spirit of production “effieciency” why these big economies can offer so low a price to a myriad of products compared to our local producers but this simply means that we, as a country, need to be at a state/level where we can really truly compete. Before we reach that stage though. The local economy, the real economy must first prosper. This is done by first empowering our local entrepreneurs (with the political will of government leaders + 0 corruption) to reach that level of efficiency through tax reforms, subsidies in technology, and niche market developement because the Filipino’s ingenuity is in making products that are not merely functional but also artistic.

    in my opinion, it is first important to point out that what you mean by protectionist. And if you have heard about the PA21 and the NP’s book on Shaping Globalization. If you have not, then it will be pointed out that it is in your best interest to use a word that you truly understand. Lest you would have missed the very point of your message in the same blog.

  14. I found something. I don’t know this is Gordon’s Complete platform.****-

    Give RP a government that works

    The central question that the May elections must answer is: How do we get our nation moving? What will it take to propel our country forward? What should be our priorities? The next president must give the nation a government that works—effective government. All our travails as a nation are the result of ineffective government—a government that cannot enforce the law, a government corroded by corruption, a government weakened by dissension and strife, a government that cannot assure the safety and well-being of the people.

    We are a talented and resourceful people, and this is proven by the productive service of 10 million Filipinos in other lands. What has failed us is political leadership and government.

    With effective government, we can finally address the primary challenges that have kept us down and undeveloped.
    First, we can embark on a massive investment and productivity program to raise national economic output—in agriculture, in industry, in services and in global trade. This is the key to producing the jobs for our millions and keeping more of them at home.
    In this regard, food security and the El Niño problem must be addressed not later but right away. We should invest in irrigation of lands, farm to market roads, technologies, local dams/water catchments with the goal of being not only self-sufficient but a rice exporter by the 4th year of a Gordon Presidency. In the future, we should have a culture of preparedness and pride to enable us to engage the world.

    It is also in this regard that we should maximize the opportunities brought about by the Tourism Law, and promote the creation of tourism economic zones with an infrastructure master plan. Let us remember that tourism can be the engine of growth that can propel our country and its people into the 21st century by generating investment, jobs and dollars while protecting and preserving with pride for our posterity our nation’s heritage.

    Second, we can raise the quality of education for our young people so that they can fully compete in the world. This means better schools, better teachers, better laboratories and facilities and better instruction in the key sciences and technologies of the times. The vision is a quality population that will be key to national development propelling the country forward in the new Global Economy.

    Third, we can keep the peace in our communities and ensure security for the nation. This is fundamental to building an enabling environment for the economy to grow and prosper. We can fortify peace and order through self-discipline, vigilance and respect for the rule of law. We must respect, understand and accept our brother Muslims to be able to end the conflict in Mindanao.
    Instead of an all out war, a full court press on Mindanao—progress and development is what the South needs. Simultaneously, there is a need to clean up the military and to modernize our defense capabilities in addressing external threats. Thus, stronger relations with our historical allies and a deeper awareness and participation of the citizenry are necessary.

    Fourth, we can embark on the modernization of infrastructure, taking into consideration the integration of disaster risk maps and land use planning, in our country. This means all necessary, stable and modern infrastructure that will serve the economy and attract investors long into the future. And that includes sufficient power at affordable cost. As the World Bank has put it, “Infrastructure is the wheel of development.” Without infrastructure you can get nowhere.

    Fifth, we can expand the tax and revenue base of government so that we can finance more public investments and social programs. Our tax effort remains weak because of weakness and corruption in our revenue agencies like the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Customs. So one of my first acts if elected President will be to effect a major overhaul of these agencies, including enabling legislation to ensure reform. We will execute an efficient and effective budget reduction program: maximizing revenues and savings while at the same time minimizing waste and eliminating fraud and abuse.

    Sixth, we can end public cynicism and distrust of government by installing a new culture of honesty and integrity in the public service—starting from the top and reaching to the lowest rungs of the bureaucracy. Leadership by example. Let us be honest about this. Corruption has worsened many times over during the past 20 years. What we need is not a change of men but a change in men, under a Gordon Presidency, the Filipino character will be caring, competent, competitive, courageous, united, liberal, honest, transformational, secure, sustainable and successful.

    With effective government, we can aggressively compete in the world for more foreign investments, more tourism, more access for our exports, more markets for our services and human resources.

    Philippine Competitiveness
    In the world we live in today, let us have no illusions that there is an easy way for a nation to become more competitive.

    There is none.

    Countries today are jockeying more fiercely than ever for the markets, technologies, skills, foreign investment, and distribution channels needed to grow their economies and raise their standard of living. Globalization has made the competition tougher.

    But what is also an overwhelming reality now is that developing countries can effectively compete on virtually even terms with the advanced nations.

    The example of China and India shows us how effectively emerging economies can compete and how fast they can grow if they have the will and the know-how.

    It is in this light that I will espouse an aggressive competitiveness program for our country.

    We will not just watch our Asian neighbors rise to the heights; we will rise and compete with them. We will compete for market share in the world economy. We will contest foreign investment and export sales through our businesses. We will pit our vast and skilled human resources with theirs. And an effective government will provide the institutional support for national competitiveness—from our school system to our farms and factories.

    The point is: with vision and resolve, we can compete and we will catch up and even surpass other nations. Pagbabago. Sigurado.—Senator Richard Gordon

  15. Hey Zadkiel,

    Thanks so much for this new piece of info – we will do a second round of comparisons. See that’s the thing, why is it that, we the voters, have to to do the compilation.

    In my ghetto, yung candidate makes it easy for the voters – siya na ang nagcompile at nagcompare ng platform nya sa platform ng opponent nya.
    It saves you time and makes it easier to make up your mind. It also shows the the candidate is proactive and thoughtful. It implies that if given the chance, the candidate will have a thoughtful and proactive government.

    In the Philippines, the contest seems to be to muddle the voters mind to mush so that they’ll just take their cue from a “well informed” individual – e paano nga kung yung individual is extremely misinformed – the voters will be making decisions based on flawed information – nabuntis sa maling akala 😀

    p.s. yang brownouts na yan – nakupow… ganyang ganyan noong panahon ni Cory Aquino.. sabay kanta…. sana wag maulit ..

  16. Perlas will protect our environment, our local industries and products so that it can be made globally competitive. If that is the protectionism then I am all for it.

    The PANGMASA platform is more than 20 pages long because it is an in-depth analysis on our situation and an in-depth solution to our problems. Our problems are complex which therefore needs solutions at the root cause of the problem.

    We have heard so much of the promises of politicians every elections yet we end up in the same problem again and again… the solution let us all work together under a government that believes in us.


  17. smerdyakov · ·

    Great comparison and analysis, but where is Gibo in all of this?

    He is one of the serious contenders for the presidency, and in the eyes of many, preferred over Gordon with whom he shares a good track record and potential as President. You ignored rael’s question about Gibo’s student loan program. He is not mentioned in this article at all and it’s unfair and misleading to us readers who likewise want to hear about all the candidates. Please give your readers a chance to have perfect information about their candidates – you went to so much trouble to do this, why present an incomplete comaprison? Gibo’s platform has been up on his site for some time already. If you held out because at the time, Gibo didn’t have a platform yet, then I hope you update this post. You can’t shut Gibo out just because you’re for Gordon. Thank you!

  18. Manny Aquino · ·

    Why are you always not even recognizing Gibo Teodoro?


  20. lunarcontemplations · ·


    You really nailed it in the head “to muddle” things.

  21. gusto ko tong diagram na to ipopost ko to sa bulletin namin sa office, gibo ako the rest of them are noynoy fans. di na nga ako nagsasalita pinipilit pa nila ako sa abnoy noynoy na yun. sana kung boboto sila wag na nila akong idamay sa stupidity nila family namin iba iba kami ng pananaw pero walang villar at noynoy sa amin. thanks sa diagram pare very helpful to.

  22. smerdyakov · ·

    here’s a newsflash for you:

    yes, noynoy is courting DANDING to back his presidential bid, while gibo himself distanced from his uncle. let’s not forget that cory aquino hated danding’s guts because he was suspected to have ordered the killing of ninoy.

    as for GMA, noynoy voted not to play the hello garci tapes. you can read about it here:

    so if the fact that gibo used to be danding’s favorite is the only reason he’s not being represented in this blog, then i enjoin the site owner to defend his exclusion of gibo.

  23. lunarcontemplations · ·

    BongV, thank you for your blog. I know you are for Gordon and I respect that. Not to impose, share ko lang to sa lahat ng sumusubaybay sa blog na ito. mabuhay po kayo at salamat for being critical in your choices. This article is just to add information.

    “The Riddle of Man and the Choice of Philippine President for 2010”

    “The whole world except man is a riddle, the real universal riddle, and man himself is its only solution”
    Rudolf Steiner (The Course of My Life)

    The Filipino is at a crossroads. An opportunity awaits him to change his destiny. One that allows him to live with dignity and harness his fullest potential, after all, he has so much ingenuity that the rest of the world has seen in scant ways. This richly deserved destiny, though, is something he has to think through and act on, for the riddle of man, is central to the realization of this destiny.

    This coming May elections, how can the Filipino distinguish the real presidential leader amongst the many who have stepped in, presenting themselves as the cure of a dying society?

    Long suffering from a myriad of problems, the most obvious of which is the wholesale corruption that destroyed its structures and institutions and resultantly manifesting as massive poverty amongst its population, environmental degradation, and most sadly, moral erosion, the Filipino attributes these to the leaders who hastened the rape and plunder of this nation because of their own selfish interests.

    The Filipino himself too, little does he know, played a significant part to the ensuing chaos that he is mired in. He has succumbed to a culture of impunity, became apathetic especially to the most relevant issues that affect him. He has joined the bandwagon that subscribes to the “that’s the way it is” mentality. He has resigned thinking that it is “impossible” to change the state of the nation. Due this, opportunistic leaders countenance a “status quo” in the pretense of bringing “change” and promises that are perpetually broken.

    My own processes brought me to the following thoughts especially on the presidential candidates. The criteria by which I chose my president are as follows:

    1. An all-encompassing vision and a deep understanding of the human riddle.
    2. Qualifications – the candidate’s achievements
    3. Practical Contributions to Phil. Society – whether or not these contributions are publicized by media.
    4. Integrity, Honesty, and Non-corruptibility

    These criteria formed out of a serious desire to contribute a most significant step into the birthing of a new Filipino and Philippines led me to only one answer, at least where the Presidency is concerned.

    1. An all-encompassing understanding of the human riddle. To me this precedes all the rest. It brought me to a realization that all his qualification, direct contributions to Philippine and Global affairs, along with an unassailable character beyond can only be possible if the man were “enlightened”. Only a man who has a direct connection to this limitless source of ideas can produce such manifold practical implementations. Only a man who has found the answers to the human riddle can devise a framework to solve the crises that it faces.
    In our country, most if not all, our politicians arbitrarily concoct “solutions” that have no basis on the nature of man. Their myopic “solutions”, like many of our modern allopathic medicines alleviate one symptom only to produce a whole range of adverse reactions. Only a holistic knowledge of the world can man be effective as a human being…or as a politician if it were to help its fellow citizens in the realm of politics.

    2. His Qualifications:

    This man has worked outside of government, reviewing, reframing, and re-casting societal policies towards a future sustainable development.

    1. United Nations’ Technical Consultant – bodies such as UNDP, FAO, UNCSD, and UNICEF.
    2. Government – served as consultant to the Office of the President, Senate, House of Representatives, NEDA, DSWD, DENR, and an official delegate to the U.N. and APEC.
    3. Consultant to Donor Agencies such as Plan International, HEKS, NOVIB, CIDA, GTZ and many others.
    4. A known Civil Society Leader fighting against unfair Trade practices from bodies like the WTO and represented in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.
    5. A professor on the doctoral program on Applied Cosmic Anthropology at the Asian Social Institute and the Graduate program of the Southeast Asian Interdisciplinary Development institute (SAIDI).
    6. Co-founder and Board Member of the Global Leadership Initiative and a steering-committee member of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Commission on Globalization.
    7. Multi-Awarded: this man is the recipient of the following prestigious awards:
    a. Alternative Nobel (Right Livelihood)
    b. UN’s Global 500 Honor Roll
    c. William Masterson Award
    d. Top outstanding Filipino (TOPFIL) and many more
    8. World-respected expert on Environment and Climate change.
    9. International Best-selling author: Shaping Globalization.
    10. Internationally-coveted Speaker on multidisciplinary issues.

    In contrast to the rest of the Presidential Candidates, this man’s qualification for the Office of the President is unrivalled.

    3. Practical Contributions to Philippine Society

    My President, despite the lack of media popularity has already done so much for the country and for the Filipino without them knowing it. While the others are still promising, this man has already “saved” the Filipino from many past and present dangers dangers.

    1. Successfully convinced the U.S. congress to withdraw the over $ 600 Million Import of the nuclear reactor for the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant during the Marcos regime. Under threat and blacklisted by the former despot, this man braved ridicule and sacrificed his own comforts in exile for the safety of his fellow Filipino in corruption-laden BNPP which would have killed millions of Luzonians and Manilans through a meltdown.

    2. Convinced the Department of Agriculture to ban 32 pesticide formulations that made farmers all over the Philippines sick and a dead. This man proved that it is possible to grow crops in hundreds of hectares of contiguous farmlands in 25 provinces without the use of expensive and harmful pesticides where the continuous use of said formulations would have severely sickened many of us.
    3. Articulated and framed one of the most respected documents on societal frameworks, the Philippine Agenda 21, which former President Ramos characterized as the highest government framework for sustainable development. The UN also cited PA 21 as one of the more promising examples of innovative approached to sustainable development. This document has inspired many government and civil society structures around the world.
    4. Spared millions of Filipino farmers from the potentially disastrous trade liberalizations by convincing FVR to advance sustainable development as a third paradigm in the APEC 1996 summit attended by Clinton, China Premier, Japan and the rest of the 18 member states. This despite the strong resistance of the US government.
    5. Provided livelihood to over 220,000 economically poor urban Filipinos through micro-financing. He served as chairman and co-founder of the Lifebank…a pro-poor bank.

    These are just a few of the highlights of this man’s contribution to the Philippines and the world. The lack of awareness of the Filipino masses to this man’s effect on aspects of their lives does not change the fact that he has done so without fanfare and media sound bites.

    4. His Integrity, Honesty, and Incorruptibility

    His 40 years working at international stages has not changed the man one bit except that he becomes more sought-after. His comprehensive world-view has been utilized by leaders around. They call him a “sage”, a ‘practical visionary”. His knowledge about how governments work allows him to effect changes within it from the outside. His peers, even those who are now with the government, can attest to this man’s inability to sacrifice the ideal at the altars of corruption.

    We now have this man, in our midst. It is our opportunity and best interest to advance the awareness of the Filipino about this man and the vision that he has for our country. Most importantly to bring to our consciousness, the message, that if we were to change the Philippines, it must first start with every Filipino.

    This man, Mr., Nicanor Perlas, to me, is the Filipino’s idea of the ideal, made manifest. In many of the Impossibilities he proved to be possible, he said:

    “When we say things are “impossible”, we have to understand from what aspect of our individuality and consciousness we are uttering this pronouncement. For if we do not understand the peculiarity of our inner condition from which such a statement comes, we may unwittingly trap ourselves in our own self-constructed prison where we can only (and automatically) deny future possibilities for ourselves and for our world.
    What are we really saying when we say that something is “impossible”? In essence, we are simply saying that because a proposition about a future possibility does not align with our past experience, our prevailing belief system, our values, our habits, and our expectations about the future, then such a proposition is impossible. It cannot happen.”
    This distortion in our programmed thinking placed against what the pioneers of the computer revolution that said: “You do not have to predict the future, the best way to predict the future is to create it” simply proves that the Impossible is simply in our thinking.
    In the hands of the Filipino, now, is this enormous power to create its future…a new Philippines, The True Pearl of the Orient.

    Note; this is the author’s first attempt at writing and he apologizes for the lack of literary skills. To know more about Nicanor Perlas and your relationship with the vision that he wishes us to engage in, please take a look at the links below:

  24. Manny Aquino · ·

    To this site’s owner,

    kindly explain the ever obvious exclusion of Gibo Teodoro in all your articles such as this. Thanks

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