In the News: Mindanao Development Authority Office to Locate near Dureza's Seagull in the Sky

No sooner had the ink ran dry on the creation of the Mindanao Development Authority when I spotted a seemingly harmless news item on Inquirer. Here we are talking about the culture of impunity and what can be done to instill integrity. Then, bam, I get a whiff of something that stinks – the smell of delicadeza being placed under a bus and ran over without batting an eyelash and with a wide grin.

I was going through the Inquirer headlines when I spotted

Dureza heads Mindanao development body
By Jeoffrey Maitem, Dennis Jay Santos
Inquirer Mindanao
First Posted 20:17:00 03/09/2010

Filed Under: Government, Mindanao peace process, Poverty

COTABATO CITY, Philippines—Presidential Assistant Jesus Dureza has been named head of the newly created Mindanao Development Authority (Minda).

Dureza said by text message that he will lead Minda, which was created to consolidate all development efforts for Mindanao, during the next six years.

Minda was created through Republic Act 9996 and will replace the Mindanao Economic Development Council (Medco).

The creation of the agency, which will operate under Malacañang’s tutelage, was welcomed by Mindanao officials.

“It is important to address the need for a coordinated and integrated approach in the formulation and implementation of various Mindanao wide inter-regional development plans, programs and projects,” Undersecretary Virgilio Leyretana, who chaired Medco, said when President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed the bill that created Minda on February 17.

The new body will consolidate peace efforts and the development of the agribusiness sector in Mindanao, he said.

Minda will put up its main office in Maramag, Bukidnon but management offices will also be established in various parts of the island.

Seagull Resort, Maramag, Bukidnon

I was about to comment how noble of Manoy Jess, moving the Minda office to the hinterlands of Central Mindanao, to be in the geographical heart of Mindanao.

Maramag, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines

However, upon a closer look. If one were to superimpose the Mindanao road network, my take took a different turn.

Maramag, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Road Network

Though it makes me ask, for official business, do you really want to make that daunting trip to Maramag? It’s on the border of Davao and Bukidnon, it is so remote – although I admit, it is very scenic. It just does not add up.

Then I remembered what Maramag  is all about – that’s where Jess Dureza’s Mountain Resort – Seagull in the Sky is located.

Hit the Ground Running with Impunity

I am so tempted to pick up the phone and call Manong Jess – after all he’s the ninong of my two sisters, noy balato naman dyan. But, been there done that – was an anti-pinoy, too, once upon a time.

It seems Malacañang’s tutelage of MindA is now in full swing – first lesson, “How to be in Denial about Conflict of Interest“.

This enough I can say, if Mindanaoans know any better, they should demand the following from Minda and from Jess Dureza:

  • Provide a list of ALL suppliers to the Minda on the Web – for each supplier list the owners, addresses, and phone numbers of the suppliers of anything. I just have this feeling that a lot of this meetings will be in conducted in – tada… Seagull in the Sky – which is owned by Manong Jess Dureza.
  • Provide a list of ALL biddings of Minda on the Web. Who the bidders are, names of companies, incorporators, key executives. Make it as transparent and comprehensive as possible, something similar to the Google Finance site. Just making sure that there are no midnight-bids and that the bidders are not related in one way or another to Jess Dureza or his relatives or relatives of his relatives or any of his staff that will front for him.
  • List all scheduled meetings of the Pre-Qualification, Bidding,  Canvassing, and Awards meeting. The presence of media is a must, deliberations must be aired on a government funded AM radio channel. Ensure that taxpayers and a citizens watchdog committee representative is present in these biddings. If you have to drag a priest, do it – baka may natitira pang kunsensya.

I have a bad feeling about this, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I have a feeling that only roads leading to Maramag will be paved – leaving other areas that are unfortunate not to be called Maramag – in the dust. We have been on this road before, when are we going to ever learn.

Paano ba yan, pakapalan na naman ng mukha?



  1. Well as my old man keeps harking me, we’ll just wait for 30 years until people vote decent enuff bureaucrats.

  2. Free… the thing is we don’t elect bureaucrats like Jess Dureza – they are political appointees of the President.

    Paul Dominguez was a more effective champion for Mindanao than Jess Dureza. Paul is a corporate player who understands development in terms of equitable growth. I can’t say the same thing about Dureza. Apparently, Arroyo did not renew Dominguez stint – was that a statement made to FVR?

  3. FreeSince09 · ·

    Whoops, sorry. I forgot politician instead of bureaucrat. Anyways my old man’s been barking at me that we should just wait for “better” people to come along instead of going to the bondooks or picketing. Which is sad because we do need to AOM people into action.

  4. Free:

    What if we put ourselves in Jess’s shoes? Actually, Maramag is an ideal location.
    It has plenty of water, forest cover, cool temperature, it will be like Hot Springs AR.

    When taken within the context of rising sea levels (melting of the arctic ice and glaciers due to global warming – manmade or nature-wise thingie), situating in a highly elevated area is a good idea.

    It can also be a development “anchor” –

  5. I dont think Dureza has anything to do whatsoever with the new location of the Mindanao Development Authority office. His appointment as chair only came after the law creating MinDA was passed.

    In writing the bill which eventually became RA 9996 or what is now known as the MinDA Law, the authors (Mindanao congressmen including Senator Migs Zubiri) pinpointed and scaled the MinDA office to be equidistant to ALL points in Mindanao, being an island-wide coordinating agency.

    I suggest the blogger better read the law and check his facts first before claiming something that is obviosly a product of an empty mind. Huwag naman tayong magpaka-bobo.

  6. FreeSince09 · ·

    Good Idea Joe!

    Let’s congratulate Jesus Dureza for his luck in having his office just within his resort!
    It’s equidistant to all points in Mindanao and pretty much like most places of Mindanao, may not have accessible roads.

  7. Joe:

    Delicadeza dictates to choose otherwise.

    Moreover, is there anything wrong with the suggestions listed? Having those available and transparent shields Jess from allegations of wrongdoing – be proactive!

  8. Pure luck or otherwise, whatever you call it, Dureza’s appointment is a presidential prerogative. Talk about pro-active, there are a thousand pro-active ways to present the issue rather than spin a malicious point. I can clearly sense, the blog points to the latter.

    Nobody knows more than anybody else about what’s happening in Mindanao today and the issues and concerns that confront the island than the very people who are living right here, right now in Mindanao- on the ground and in the communities. I don’t know about the blogger, who’s probably based somewhere oceans apart.

  9. dangdang · ·

    Agree!!! you do not know what you are talking about Please check your details and opinion. Tagal ka na dyan sa states kaya di mo alam ano ang nangyayari dito sa Mindanao. I know you are an activist during the time of Marcos pa…as an activist you have to arm your facts with bases…Actually there’s not a thing of intelligence in your blog. It only shows that you did not read the bill itself and you should have researched on how the bill evolved or maybe you are not familiar how a bill is being legislated…

    Do not harp from a distant, come! join us in working for Peace and Development in Mindanao! That’s what Mindanao needs…to be one with Mindanaoans.

    Ay! dyan ka na lang sa pwesto mo ngayon.

  10. Dang… like I said.. Is there anything wrong with the solutions I recommended?

  11. Joe:

    you have not answered my question:

    Is there anything wrong with my recommendations? YES? NO?

  12. Speaking of presidential prerogatives – don’t you think people are quite aware of Presidential prerogatives like Ampatuan.

  13. Joe:

    What’s wrong with asking, why is it near Seagull in the sky? Are you trying to deny a fact? Since you mentioned Zubiri wanted it there – fine… I guess Zubiri is the only person from Mindanao?

    No one’s implying Dureza is about to do a Villar C-5 in maramag, joe – remains to be seen.

  14. It is precisely for this reason that I came up with the recommendations Joe – so that if Jess receives such an allegation – he can always point back to the written records – an audit trail. And people will appreciate how transparent and incorruptible he is.

  15. Bong:

    It’s not your recommendations that are debatable. Any logical thinking and morally upright individual like you perhaps, couldn’t agree further on that note.

    What’s worth pointing out is the ‘spin’ of your presentation, which seemingly or schemingly presents to readers a picture that it was Dureza who decided where in the world should the MinDA office be relocated.

    Don’t steer away from the real thread of discussion. I don’t give a s–t about the Ampatuans. The harsh whip of justice hopefully befall on them.

    Let’s go back to your point about Dureza moving MinDA office near Seagull resort. What and where’s the beef?

  16. Joe:

    That’s exactly the beef – what makes you think the issue will not be raised in the future? – all you have right now is your word.

    Address the issue now, put the measures in place – that’s the beef.

  17. If those measures are not in place, and the records are not available for review – am I not within my rights to doubt that there is a conflict of interest somewhere?

  18. Bong:

    You are (as I am) within your rights (whether as a Filipino or US citizen) to doubt any conflict of interest.

    But, I trust the professionalism and propriety of the people of MEDCo, now MinDA, many of whom I have engaged with on many occasions in various peace and development work in conflict areas of central Mindanao. I am just perhaps a tiny dot out of the many Mindanao stakeholders (NGOs, CSOs, LGUs, BUC, muslim leaders, former rebel groups, line agencies, private sector, business community, donor agencies etc) that vouched for MEDCo’s integrity, whether Dominguez, Angliongto, Dureza or Leyretana at the helm.

    To your credit, I agree to a certain point with your objective in bringing forth the need to be transparent. Transparency is the hallmark of good governance.

    Unfortunately, it is the premise upon which you schemingly laid the basis for your presentation that made me wonder ‘why the spin?’ Why make Dureza look like he authored these to happen, with graphics to support your claim?

  19. Joe:

    That’s the point – what makes you think am not the only who’s doubting there’s nothing there. There’s “professionalism and propriety” in all government offices – and we are still amng Asia’s Most Corrupt – I sense a disconnect somewhere.

  20. You can easily say – that’s not true. But given the peculiar interest in this topic – it kinda starts to become more interesting to say the least.

  21. Joe:

    Whether I live in Mindanao or not is irrelevant in determining an understanding of Mindanao – all am saying is the convenient proximity of Maramag to a lot of properties owned by politicians in the area.

    After all, am sure you can provide a list of other national and local politicians who have properties in Maramag?

  22. I can’t fault yout for sensing disconnection. You’re probably somewhere far like the States, looking at the Mindanao situation on your computer screen, and from there crystalize the issues to come up with a very fine analysis. How sensible indeed.

    MEDCo is not the entire government, please don’t disconnect yourself from logic. I am fighting for good governance too and it’s a shame corruption is unabated in certain government offices. F–k the corrupt officials because they’re stealing my hard earned peso. By the way, are you earning in peso or dollar? Are you a taxpayer here?

    I’ve been to advocacy struggles myslef during my youger year, but I continue to advocate and work with real people inspite of frustrations. At least I did not seek comfort in the US. and moved on with my struggle for equality and justice with people in need. What about you?

  23. There goes that rationale again… “because you’re in another country, it means you have no right to comment about ours… You left, for forget about it, you traitor.” That’s wrong. It only means that you want to exclude others’ opinion and force your own. Besides, BongV deserves to put this question up. And he deserves an answer.

  24. Joe:

    I might be closer than you think.

    Moreover, who is tasking MedCO? That’s a strawman reply.

    What’s being mentioned is this – the new organization has a clean slate – it can distinguish itself by adopting the recommendations.

    Moreover, corruption need not be internal to MEDCO, you, my friend, are not yet in the ballpark where the players operate, kumain ka muna ng isang warehouse ng bigas.

    This comfort in the US crap is so yesterday.

  25. Well, I said my piece as a matter of intellectual and logical discourse. As BongV unwittingly noted, I may have to start eating NFA rice now because there’s a whole damn rotting warehouse to consume…huh

  26. Akong gibasa ang blog, ang pag butang sa Minda sa maramag, labi na ang suggestion ni Bong nga i post sa internet ang supplies, schedule of bidding, etc sa Minda.

    Sa akong naobserbahan murag walay pulos kini nga lalisan pa:

    Una: Bisan asa nimo ibutang ang Minda magkagubot gihapon. Kung sa Davao muangal ang taga Cagayan, Zamboanga ug Cotabato, etc. kay davao centric daw, puros nalang sa Davao. Karon kay gibutang sa Maramag aron walay samok, magkagubot gihapon! Unsa man gyud diay inyong gusto. ipalutaw nalang ang opisina sa Minda sa hangin. Unsa, mag election pa ang tibuok Mindanao para mag desisyon kung asa ibutang ang opisina? Duh!!!

    Karon kay duol man sa resort ni Jess, ingon iyang tinuyuan ni? Tulibag-bag nga panghuna-huna. Mga bright man unta mo. Ang tinuod daghan kaayo ang ibog-ibog nato mga pinoy Ikaw Bong, murag hawud man kaha ka sa imong analysis, imo bang nakit-an kung unsa ang discussion sa senado ug sa congreso kun giunsa pag buhat ang MinDA bill. Sa akong pagtuo murag wala, busa pag hilom diha kay gapataka ka lang. Bong pubar daw og recomend ug lugar asa ibutang ang opisina sa Minda, diba lalis gihapon. Busa ayaw na pag alig-alig diha.

    Ikaduha: Bahin sa imong recomendasyon nga i-post sa internet ang mga list of supplies sa MinDA, bidding and awarding schedule, etc. Murag gibuhan na man na sa MEDCo sa pagkakaron nga i post ang schedule of bidding sa inlang website. kung maka lugar ka basa ra gud…aron malamdagan ka. Ang wala lang nila gi post mao ang listahan sa ilang mga supplies.

    Tama ka sa imong recomendasyon pero ang pag post sa supplies, dito ko murag nahimout ko sa kaubos sa imong idea. Pagka-gamay ra diay sa imong kaalam. Naunsa man nga ipost pa gyud nimo ang ilang mga computer nga pirti na kaayo ka karaan? Naunsa man ka uy, pakaulawan pa gyud nimo ang MinDA. Ang ilang mga computer hinay, kulang ang supplies, ang uban nga tarong-tarong nga coputer donated lang. Imo pa gyung i-lathala apil ang pangalan kung kang kinsa naka assign ang supplies ug kang kinsa gikan?? Maluoy intawon ka uy….

    Ikatulo: Walay kuwarta ang MEDCo. Pa recommend ka pa ug post sa website sa bidding. Intawon duy nag bid na ko sa una no gibarat inatwon ko! Dugay pa gyud kaayo mubayad kay utang lagi, walay pondo. Undo, walay perks sa MEDCo/MinDA aron masayud ka. Wala na sila ga pa-bid ug Milyon-Milyon kay coordinative ra ang ilang functions. Dito ka mag ngal-ngal sa nga infra nga departamento sa gobyerno kay basi naa kay ma-titi! Gapataka lang ka.

    Busa pag-hilom. Kung ninong man kaa nimo si Jess tawagi daw una ka mag hala-haal aron magka unod sad ning imong blog. Blogadag kaayo ka ba!!!!

  27. ++++ aw dili diay imong inong. ninong diay sa imong igsoon. Tawag usa kang jess haha…..promise??

  28. Ma Xianding · ·

    Gusto ko ang blog na ito kasi hindi ito ang blog na pang mga cugtas.

  29. KABATAAN PARTYLIST (Shameless plug) · ·

    THANKS for clarifying things.

  30. Bay bisdak,

    Mao gyud, hasta gyud kong pagka tulibagbag, tuli-onon pa gyud. Maayo nang nahiklaro nganong gibutang sa Maramag. Apan tinuod gihapon nga tapad ang Maramag ug Buda, sa Marilog. Apan dili tinuod nga gipili ang Maramag tungod kay duol sa resort ni nong Jess – sige motuo na lang ko, aron way samok :P.

    sa ikaduhang punto: kulang pa nang pagpost sa bidding schedule, kinahanglan apilon kinsa ang mga ning-bid, kinsa ang ilang mga supplier karon. murag wa ta nagkasinabot sa punto mahitungod sa supplies murag nasaag na sa istorya da.

    ikatulo: maayo ng ipagawas ang mulo sa medco dinhi bahin sa wa paghatag sa budget sa gamhanan – tuga tuga himo ug opisina wala diay budget.. pesteng yawaa ning kahimtanga oi.

  31. Aw kanang imong ingon nga nganong magbuhat ug opisina nga wala man diay kuwarta, mura ra kag niingon nga “nganong mukaon man nga ilibang ra man diay” o “nganong mang hugas man kog plato nga gamiton ra man ug ma hugawan ra man pag usab”. Ang pagmugna sa Minda tubag sa dungay ng hangyu sa mga taga mindanao nga maka-batngun ug usa ka mechanismo nga mas ligon para sa mga taga Mindanao.

    Ang MEDCo man gud na mugna lang pinaagi sa usa ka executive order nga giduso ni Presidente Cory Aquino niadtong 1992. Kay EO man lang ang nag mugna sa MEDCo kung maalisdan ang presidente nga ni pirma ug mi-duso sa EO naay puruhan nga mawala pud ang MEDCo. Gikinahanglan na pud ug laing EO nga pirmado sa nilingkod nga pangulo aron magpadayun kini. Kay tungod EO man, walay security of tenure ang mga empliyado kay sila co-terminus lang sa presidente ug wala silay saktong benipisyo nga kasagarang madawat sa mga regular nga empleyado sa gobyerno. Lisud kini nga sitwasyon ug ang kasagarang maapektohan mao ang pagdumala sa mga gikinahanglang proyekto.

    Bisan pa sa kapit-os sa sitwasyon sa mga nagdumala ug galihok sa MEDCo sukad pa niadtong 1992, sila nagpabilin sa pag barog sa ilang katungdanan ug naka angkon ug dungog sa tibuok mindanao ug bisan sa tiubuok nasud lakip na ang mga international nga pangamhanan ug pribado nga sector. Kini tungod sa ilang kaantigo sa pagdumala sa ilang mga kalihukan nga walay hugaw sa pulitika. Ni sulti ko niini kay ang mga congresista ug mga senador nga miduso sa MinDA nag gikan sa nagkinaiyang partido. Sila nagkahiusa aron tagaan ang Mindanao ug usa ka institusyon pinaagi sa Republic Act 9996.

    Ang panginahanglan sa pag mugna sa Minda, mas taas pa sa panginahanglan sa kuwarta nga mugna-on kini. Kung sa englis pa… The need to establish Minda is more profound than the need for the money to establish it”. Kung ibalik nato sa akong una nga ehemplo bahin sa pagkaun ug pag-panghugas ug plato; the inconvinience you may feel of deficating or in washing dishes is shadowed by your more profound need for nourishment and for keeping yourself & surroundings clean which for me is essential to decent and civilized living. Ayaw nalang ko pahubara niana sa biyasa.

    Dili na kinanglan nga maghulat pa ug dugang pondo aron ma mugna ang opisina kay kini nagalihok naman sukad pa niadtong 1992. Kung hulaton pa nimo ang kwarta basin kawang lang ang tanan.

    Ang imong ikaduhang recomendasyon matubag na sa Procurement Law of the Philippines. Ang procurement law ug ang implementing rules niini nag kinahanglan lang ug minimum requirements for a public bidding to proceed. Ikaw nalang basa kay dali ra man masabtan. Kanang sa google finance site dili man na enforceable sa Pilipinas. Kung imo nga irrecomend laing bangi na pud na…

    Ang imong unang tampo, bahin sa imong kahadlok nga sa seagull ang tanang meeting a Minda murag dili pa siguro na kamatuoran. Kay sukad sa una nga ang MEDCo naa sa Davao, murag wala pa ko nakahinumdom nga gi host sa Seagull sa punta dumalag dito sa davao city ang meetings sa MEDCo. Ayaw kabalaka, mahal kaayo ang Seagull in the Sky, pag bidding sa mga catering services kung panaglitan naay meeting sa Maramag, basi ang karinderia ni Manang Petra (dili kini tinuod nga pangalan sa buhi nga tawo) ang maka daug kay mas barato man. Bidding gihapon na bay ug i disallow na sa COA kung dili ipaagi sa bidding.

  32. PS. Ang COA auditors nga naka assign ug naka hold ug office sulod sa MEDCo, ug siguro sa Minda puhon, mga tang-an. Dili gyud ka maka lusot kung pananglitan naa kay ipalusot. Ug sa pagkakaron naga pre-audit na sila sa tanang cash advances bisan unsa pa kini ka gamay. Busa ang kuwarta dili gyud mawaldas. Ambot lang ang COA sa laing mga departamento sa gobyerno, kana wala ko kabalo. Laing storya na pud na.

  33. bisadak….
    bay daghang salamat nimo…at least bisan lau me kahibalo unsay nahitabo sa mindanao….informative kaayo imong diskurso ug gahinaot ko padayun ka ug pag share sa imong nahibaw an sa mindanao….

    keep it up bro….

  34. Bisdak:

    ayaw sulti ug patapos – wa pa nagdagan ang Minda – wa pa nilingkod ang inyong bag-ong amo.

    pasidaan ra ni – naa ra sa duha ang mahitabo – motuman ang COA sa sugo sa taas, or ang COA nga na-assign, matangtang, og magkalisud, mamatay pa gyud.

    so far wa pa koy nakit-an nga taga COA nga mosukol sa taas, makigbahin pa tingali.

  35. Aw kung ingnon ana na ang dagan sa imong argumento dili na ko mo tubay ana kay kana haka-kaha ra man. To argue based on theories, what if’s and on mere ideas that are wanting of facts is like running in circles. I can be intellectually creative if you want me to be. But my friend, mere philosophical discourse often if not all the time ends in frustration. As a blogger, I believe you know that.

    Si Jess, dili nako amo apan dili sya bag-ong amo sa MEDCo o MinDA. Aron maka balo ka si Jess adunay lawak (office) sulod sa MEDCo kay una sya na-appoint as MinDA Chair, Presidential Advisor on Mindanao siya. Aduna pud’y mga staff ang MEDCo nga naka assign sa iya. Sukad nga nahimong MEDCo Chair si Jess nidadtong 1998, bisan kadtong gipulihan siya ni Angie niadtong 2000 (mao ra kini ang panahon nga walay opisina si jess sa MEDCo), ug sa iyang ikaduhang pagbalik singpit MEDCo chair niadtong 2002 hangtund 2005; bisan pa sa iyang appointment as OPPAP Chair og Press Secretary ni Gloria, si Jess kanunay nag matuto sa Mindanao ug sa kalihukan sa MEDCo tungod kay girespeto ang iyang kaalam sa mga hisgutanan’g bahin sa Mindanao. Busa ang pag appoint sa iya singpit Minda Chair, kung imong hinuklugan walay nahimong kausaban sa MEDCo/Minda.

    Kanang imong giingon bahin sa COA dili kana problema sa MEDCo/MinDA. Problema kana sa COA! Kung aduna ka lig-on nga kaso bahin kang jess, COA nga naa sa MEDCo ug sa mga nag dumala sa MEDCo/MinDA sa hisgutang corruption o pagpangamkam pag blog ug usab aron mag storyahanay ta. Sa pagkakaron kay wala man, hilom usa.

    Ikaw ra ang nag ingon nga ninong sa imong igsoon si Jess. Kung kamatuoran ang imong tumong sa imong blog ug kung interisado ka sa kamatuoran bahin kang Jess ug sa Minda unta imo syang gitawan. Gikaro nimo sa iya ang imong mga pangutana ug kahadlok. Mas nindot pa unta kung i-lathala nimo diri sa imong blog ang inyong private conversations. Kay ikaw man ang nag sugod ug blog bahin kang Jess ug sa MinDA, the burden of proof is on your side. If indeed you are bent on getting the truth don’t hesitate, don’t skirt around, don’t pussyfoot, and don’t present yourself as if you haven’t done a good homework.

    My friend, amidst the ocean of mediocrity in this country there are many pockets of excellence that you can truly be proud of. In the case of Mindanao, Jess and MinDA i hope that you are intelligent enough to make the distinction.

    Hangtud diri na lang ug daghang salamat.

  36. Wa pa nagsugod ug operate ang MinDa under Jess.

    ug ikaw naa sa COA, a year or two from now – you will remember this article. – 😀

  37. jess and the word excellence don’t exactly go together – if one were to go by the the track record of the 1st congressional district under jess’ time. i’ll have to disagree on jess and minda being pockets of excellence. one, minda is a new institution – now if minda is the defunct medco – medco as excellence? no comment na lang ko ana bay. si ernie na lang pangutan-a 🙂

  38. Gapataka ra daw ka ingon sa imong amigo… Then again, if indeed you are bent on getting the truth don’t hesitate, don’t skirt around, don’t pussyfoot, and don’t present yourself as if you haven’t done a good homework.

  39. diha ta magbangi ron – if those two and the word “excellenge” go together in one word. you say they do. i say they don’t. pussyfoot my ass.

  40. BONG V.,




  41. Hahaha! Gamay ra man akong pangayu nimo. Tawagi lagi si Jess, nakaila man kaha sya nimo. Pareho pa gyud mo nga resort owner (inyo pa ba to?). I-klaro lagi sa iya imong pangutana una ka mag yawit. Gina-deny naman gani sa mga “nakaila” ang imong mga statement? Kinsa may tuohan nako/namo ron nga nag basa sa imong blog, ikaw nga usa ra o sila?

    Kung bangi lang dugay na man ta nag bangi sa hisgutang MinDA nga imong gi blog. But what I want from you is to show a good case and a preponderance of evidence about this brouhaha that you put yourself into. Until you have enough ammuitions, hilom usa. Zip it!

    Bay, the least that I would do is to evangelize you. I wont lift a finger to do that. If you want to wallow in that kind of thinking, of living in that squalid state of mind that you begin to love, by all means indulge in it; but take RESPONSIBILITY in bringing out the TRUTH. Kamatuoran ra man ang akong gusto nimo dili kung unsa ka ka-creative mo buhat ug storya, wa man puy unod! If you can’t take the responsibility in bring out the truth or at least take on the tests of validity and reliability for the statements you made then this entire site you created is nothing but RUBBISH!

    As I have said, if indeed you are bent on getting the TRUTH don’t hesitate, don’t skirt around, don’t pussyfoot, and don’t present yourself as if you haven’t done a good homework. Save yourself from further humiliation.

  42. Tama ka Danao. Ayu-ayo! Ug hinaut ko nga ikaw magmalampuson!!!

    Bisdak signing off!!!

  43. Juan Arquiza · ·

    Mr. Bong, as an insider from MinDA I totally agree with you. It is just so sad that there are still a lot of naive people, or just too closely attached to the MinDA Chair, and are still very much in the state of denying the truth. There are a lot of honest and good staff who truly cares for Mindanao, sad to say it is those who are in the management who is undoing the good work of their staff. If those who are critical to Bong wants proof and evidence, I wil give you proof and evidence. Until now better shut up because you dont know what’s happening inside the office.

  44. iladlad ng baho sa MinDa bay. kanang mga contrata nga lutong makaw.

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