Love the Infamy!

Yeahha…Thought I’ll put this here. Away from AP.

As BenK puts it

You know you are starting to make a difference when you really start pissing people off, it just goes with the territory. There is no available legal recourse for her to do anything, if she wants to make a complete fool of herself in Federal Court she can go ahead and give it a try, but no one should even dignify her tantrum with a response otherwise.

> March 11, 2010 at 6:23 pm
> Hahaha — sinabi na nga mga duwag iyang mga iyan, e. They took down quite a few of the offensive articles na. Natakot yata sila kay leytenian. 😉 Lalo’ng lalo na yung chef d’oeuvre ni Bong na entitled: “Alice in Tililing Land,” all about yours truly. Di nila alam may mga screen shot na pala kami… 😀

Actually, the post was taken down as a gesture of goodwill to Reyna Elena, who despite our differences, has kept her composure – La Capitana’s got class.


> Sabi ng Mom niya, he’s really troubled — ever since pala. Black sheep.

Proud to be a black sheep – always will.. born one, will die one.

> Doesn’t like women (twice divorced; no success ever since)

I absolutely like women, but not just women, I want a woman who I can really connect with. That’s why I got divorced twice, so I can get a third one.

Unfortunately, the Philippines has Jurassic outdated family laws. Thank goodness for countries that allow divorce – oh thank you thank you Uncle Sam. I have the opportunity to redress a marriage that has already broken down.  😛

> and looks down on the Philippines.

I look down on the idiotic behavior which causes the Philippines misery. I seek to quell such behavior so that the Philippines may be relieved of such burden – and rise to its full potential.

> And he’s still receiving money from his parents pala. Poor guy.

Reading comprehension alert! Figment of the imagination.

Fact check:

Your mom is already asleep… I would have wanted her to read your mail. Anyway am not very sure what transpired between **** and your Mom.But the way  i gathered it, it was lila who mentioned that you are divorced and “anti- woman.”… Of course mali naman ata yan  na “anti-woman” ka…. hhehehehe d ka nya kilala.

Hindi ako cigurado kong saan siya nakahagilap ng estorya but we surmise that maybe some info were given by some ** friends of the *******…. and you know among the ** community here, your Mom has been a maverick as far as they are concerned. Gusto nilang tanganan mama mo pero hindi nila kaya. Am not sure if our perception is right but we’re just piecing together the pieces of the puzzle.
Tomorrow when your Mom wakes up, she can give you more insights! Of course you have not asked money from us!

> *

> March 11, 2010 at 6:48 pm
> P.S. Resentful daw because he could never live down being unfavorably compared to his Dad on a constant basis. As they say, the baggage of unaccomplishment…

Wrong. That’s the herd mentality talking. Pinoys have this expectation that if your dad is a doctor, you too, should be a doctor, or if your mom is a lawyer, you too should be a lawyer. I don’t want to be a doctor, I don’t want to be a lawyer – I want something different, and I am doing something different right.  I’d like to go with a global conglomerate and learn the ropes of the trade which I can use a couple of years down the line. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about what I do due to non-disclosure agreements – this enough I can say – I found it!

This comment from Karl Garcia however –

moving on to Bong.
Bong calls himsels sanamagan.

His father was a director of a hospital in Davao, why should he compare himself to his dad, iba ang niche nya, more on supply chain management and IT.

I could never compare myself to the accomplishments of my dad, I am a sanamgan myself,but I am not proud of it,nor should I be bitter about it.

I am hoping that this name calling attacks against one’s person and everything improper that goes along with it would soon end.

Karl, close enough, excellent point… that just sent me LOLing  – though am not volunteering information – keep them guessing.

They were about to say what right do I have to say what I say wala naman akong nagawa sa Pilipinas. Only to be surprised, I don’t go around proclaiming what I have done for the Philippines, I just do it. It is precisely because I have seen with my own two eyes – the effects of the Pinoy dysfunction on the future – the children in the schools – who cannot vote – who have no voice – whose futures are impacted by the idiotic behavior of the Pinoys of today.



  1. KABATAAN PARTYLIST (shameless plug) · ·

    Well when the time comes when these bozos realize that things are only bad because people allow them to be the Flips just might have a chance. Until then, they can take their stupid court case and make fools of themselves in the press. Nyaks 😀

  2. Sandy Flores · ·

    Eww!!! Just another TANGALOG MONKEY roaming the internet!!!!

  3. WrongMonkey · ·

    I think I hate Filipinos now cause of you,not because of the points,but the superior-soundingness of your seem like you think your better than the average Filipino and you look like you use google translator.suckie sucke for 100 pesos any female ?me pokey

  4. Wrong Monkey:

    it’s a free world – you are free to feel as you please. 😆

    superior-sounding argument implies there is an inferior-sounding argument – whose is the inferior-sounding? 😆 😳

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