Noynoy Aquino – Candidate Who Wastes Our Time and Our Money

Heto ang gustong magiging presidente ng Pilipinas? Tamad na sa Senado, sa kampanya, tamad pa rin. Hindi lang tamad, pabago-bago ang isip, flip-flopping comments, making promises that he can’t keep – Ambot sa langaw, pila’y edad sa uk-ok (literally: ewan ko sa langaw, kung ilang taon na ang ipis), matud pa (ika nga) – Go figure.

Noynoy: Debates just waste of time
by Joel dela Torre
Friday, 12 March 2010 19:56
SEN. Noynoy Aquino won’t be joining presidential debates from now on.

Saying debates are just a waste of time, the Liberal Party presidential bet said he will no longer attend debates.

Aquino earlier challenged his closest rival, Sen. Manny Villar, to a debate “anytime, anywhere”. But with his new pronouncement, a face off between the two candidates will no longer occur.

Aquino said debates are no longer in the LP’s list of activities. He said aside from being a waste of time, debates do not attract listeners or viewers.

“I’ll be very honest with you, sino ba ang nakikinig doon?” he told reporters.

He said it takes him one whole day to prepare for a debate that lasts only three hours.

“Tapos sa dulo may three minutes ka magsasalita at baka makatagpo ka pa ng partial moderator,” Aquino said.

He was apparently referring to Antonio Lopez, who served as the moderator in the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry forum, and who Aquino described was “biased” for Villar.

Instead of attending debates, Aquino said they will continue campaigning around the country as they targeted 27 provinces.

Aquino also did not show up at a presidential debate organized by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. His absence angered Quiboloy, who said he had no word of honor.

It is not true that debates do not have viewers and listeners – tingnan mo naman, napakasinungaling nitong si Noynoy. People do listen and people do watch the debates. They want to see their candidates in action and demeanor. Eto ba ang isang “honest”  na tao?  Who the eff ang binobola mo Noynoy – kung sino mang panot na singbabaw mo.

Hindi pa nga Presidente, nagsisinungaling na, binobola na ang tao. Etong attitude ni Don Prinsipe pabago-bago isip (walang isip even), misrepresentation, in-denial – tells me and validates what I have been saying all along. Noynoy does not deserve our vote – explaining to voters what his position are in a debate are part of his responsibilities to the voting public. If he think its a waste of his time – I say, Noynoy is also a waste of our time. Simpleng equation – Wala kang panahon sa voters – why should the voters give you time? Junk Noynoy – the junk candidate.

Umaangal that he has to prepare for a day – kung di nga naman TAMAD! Doon pa lang umaangal na – Can you just imagine what he’ll be like as President? Saksakan ng BATUGAN. Palibhasa, nagtatamad tamaran noong araw – e ngayon playing catch up. Para bang si Sarah Palin. At least Sarah had the grace and perseverance – etong si Noynoy, feeling diva. Dodong, ayaw pa diva diva dinha kay di pa ka presidente, kagwang kang dako.

One more thing – the words – “I’LL BE VERY HONEST WITH YOU” is a red flag – it means the words he was saying before, compared to the words he is saying now – ARE NOT TRUE.  HE WAS LYING BEFORE – and now he is being “very honest”. Did I say that right? Know what, let’s check out Urban Dictionary, my gut tells me something (nope, dili ko kalibangon – my tagalog friends, you don’t wanna know what kalibangon means.. LOL – o siya.. di ko kalibangon means.. di ako na-e-ebak – what gives? gut is for making ebak di ba?). But I digress, let’s see what the phrase “To Be Honest” came up with:

To be Honest

An incredibly over-used refuge for the inarticulate to máke a point of statement. Can be used in any sentence as long as you agree with yourself.
i really don’t like to stick pineapples up my arse…to be honest. But have you tried a cucumber?

Absolutely pointless statement, that adds nothing to any conversation it is included in. Used by dumbasses to sound “smarter” or “prove a point”.

Also see: to be frank, frankly, honestly
To be honest, I’m full of bullshit.

Implies that the speaker usually lies, but will be honest this one time. Yeah right.
To be honest, I think you’re really good at soccer. Really.

Do yourself a FAVOR – if a Noynoy ad comes up, don’t give it your time – he thinks your a waste of his time, why waste your time on this lying slacker.

Do not vote for a LYING SLACKER. ANYONE BUT NOYNOY..(and Erap).

Dito na sa subok, masipag, magaling at matalino, at matino – the candidate who has all the qualities  Pwede ba , Gordon na tayo.

p.s. Balita ko solid ang Butuan City sa isang kandidato kasi nagbuhos ng pera at pinakain silang lahat sa restaurant – mga migz, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, sukuton/paninglon ra gihapon mo – bawion ra gihapon nang kwartaha – one free lunch, 6 years of thievery?

p.s. to the p.s. – Disapproval of Noynoy does not imply being Pro-Villar, it can also mean being Pro-Gordon, Pro-Perlas – you know, being Pro-Philippines.

p.s to the p.s. to the p.s – For short let’s take this up a notch – ANTI-NOYNOY and ANTI-ERAP = PRO-PHILIPPINES! COUNTRY FIRST, WAG MAGPAKA-ABNOY.



  1. it appears noynoy has thrown out any pretensions and has decided to go all out in using his mama and papa as campaign material.

    in his latest tv commercial, noynoy is no longer hiding the fact that his candidacy is running on nothing but the memory of his parents.

    so this latest report about his decision to skip any and all debates and forum is no longer a big surprise. wala na tinodo na talaga. it’s truly mama and papa to the rescue.

    what’s really sad about this is that many filipinos do not even realize that what noynoy is doing is a big insult to all of us. he’s running for the presidency. the highest post in the land, and yet he insists on denying us a chance to assess him fully. mainsulto naman sana kayo.

  2. too stupid to get insulted. wowowee is bliss.

  3. paano yun sinabi na hindi siya magnanakaw? hahaha to be honest hinahanapan na ko ni kris ng pang-shopping niya

  4. […] with a capital B as in bwiset. Saan ka naman nakakita ng kumakandidato para sa pagka-pangulo pero ayaw humarap sa mga debate o forum. Ang dami pang palusot kesyo ganito o […]

  5. Avoidance of debates is a silent acknowledgment of incompetence. Now he’s riding on thin air. If he crashes, it’ll do all us a favor.

    But he could save himself by making his family give away the hacienda immediately.

  6. have seen that commercial…. same old context… FATHER MOTHER I (TATAYINA AKO)… same ‘ol corruption context. hindi corruption ang sanhi ng kahirapan…. kasakiman, katamaran at kaplastikan.

  7. i dont know about you, but Villarroyo AFTER HIS 2 billion Pesos worth of Advertisements, can’t still catch up to Noynoy lead in survey, then something is really wrong with your candidate. Either the bloggers here are all idiots and still under denial or both. Noynoy is my man. He is not perfect, I wish he is. But he is human. He is fighting the corrupt devils of this country. I would rather place my trust on Noynoy than on a corrupt businessman, or a balimbing Gibo or any other politician who promises anything just to get hold of power.

  8. UP n grad · ·

    Jomex : I don’t think it worries you, but it is worrisome to me that NoyNoy has not transformed any bills into laws. The reason I worry is because it speaks of NoyNoy’s failure to work with his peers, namely fellow members of Congress.

    Think about it again — NoyNoy’s failure to work collaboratively with his peers.

    There are several reasons why NoyNoy’s bills did not become law. The most obvious is that the bills are worthless — the bills do not provide any benefits to the citizens of Pilipinas and therefore NoyNoy’s his peers in Congress just did not want to be associated with them. Another possibility is that NoyNoy did not think the bills were really important anyway so he did not spend time explaining their value to his fellow members of Congress to get their support.

    If President, how would NoyNoy get Congress to work with him?

  9. @Jomex

    ‘…He is fighting the corrupt devils of this country. I would rather place my trust on Noynoy than on a corrupt businessman, or a balimbing Gibo or any other politician who promises anything just to get hold of power.’

    What basis can you give that Noynoy is fighting the so called ‘corrupt devils’ that you mentioned? In his term in both congress and senate he’s shown a lackluster performance of being either a legislator or a so called ‘fiscalizer’.

    As for the article. People who listen to the forums/debate are the ones who are educated and think for themselves (usually the class A,B and C) and these are the people who will not vote for Noynoy so in a sense wala ngang makikinig sa kanya sa mga forums at debates. Tama nga sya useless lang yun sa kanya, worse case, what little support he’s getting from the class A, B and Cs might decline further .

    ‘I will not raise taxes … ay wait, on second thought I might raise them’ – Noynoy

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  11. kawawa ka naman jomex, nakadrugs ka ba? wake up sleepy head! there’s your candidate noynoy: bragging that he doesn’t need to attend debates that could enlighten the people how stupid he is. then you’re saying he’s your man? nakakaawa ka jomex. kung gusto mong lalong maging miserable ang pilipinas, please lang wag ka nang mandamay ng ibang tao. iboto mo si noynoy then tapos ang maliligayang araw ng economic life ng mahal nating bansa. just look at the cojuangcos pag nanalo siya, laking ngiti ng mga yan kasi makakahanap sila ng escape goat habang nagpapayaman sila sa hirap ng mga pilipino.

  12. Yada yada… sisbumba… hehehe… evil your ass… corruption has existed before Kristo’s conception. naipako na si Kristo… corrupt pa rin ang mga sistema ng gubyerno. yang sinasabi nyang naghihirap ang Pilipinas dahil sa corruption, sinabi na yan ng nanay nya two fncking decades ago. it is not corruption… IT IS GREED, LAZINESS AND HYPOCRISY… the likes of the Aquino and the Cojuangco clans.

    Indonesia has more corrupt practices… New Zealand has once been at the top of the Corruption Perception Index… yet they are more developed than the Philippines. Kaya Jomex… yang katuwiran na yan… katuwiran ng isang gustong MANG ISA….

  13. Kitty Meow Meow · ·

    You are a fool, an imbecile and a disgrace to the human race. How exactly did he fight corruption? any result of his fiscalization?

  14. nak ng.. anu ba yan pag iisip na yan JOMEX!!!.. nauto ka na rin ba ng add na paawa nila?? at paiyak iyak ni kris.. naman… gumising k nga… fight the corrupt devils??? e natulog nga lang sya sa senado at kongerso habang ung iba nagttrabaho.. nakang… nakakainit ka ng ulo at pwet…


  15. Unfortunately, Noynoy himself is one of the “corrupt devils” he claims to fight. “Politician who promises anything just to get hold of power…” That’s what Noynoy is too. He’s an oligarch, and he’s the one who’ll make sure the nation is in status quo so the oligarchs can stay rich and the people get poorer, and they’ll all want to leave the country.

    FATHER MOTHER I (TATAYINA AKO)…. bwahahaha… Noynoy has to go to the bathroom every time he has a debate!

  16. No passed bills = can’t work with peers.

    Public statement about HL land distribution even more publicly contradicted to the NY Times by his cousin = can’t work with family.

    Any post-graduate education? Nope.

    Ever held a C-level executive position? Nope. Only got up to E because it was a family business.

    Ever been head of a household, even? Nope.

    This guy ain’t even qualified to run a 7-11, and close to (but still less than) half of the electorate still wants him to run the country?

    It’s really kind of sad that anybody even has to ask that question.

  17. […] i was thinking more along the lines of lila shahani sounding off on filipino voices against anti-pinoy anti-noynoy bloggers who are pro-american and pro-chacha. Ben’s a half-White guy trying to hustle […]

  18. naku. ewan ko ba jan. grabe nga yung ads ni noynoy puro paawa. SENTIMENTALISMO na naman. minsan maganda lagyan ng logic ang pag-iisip eh. konting PRACTICALITY BA. LAZINESS IS CORRUPTION, FOR IT IS A HINDRANCE TO DEVELOPMENT, INCOMPETENCE IS CORRUPTION.

    who are you kidding? can i be honest? i think people are already losing their sense of self-respect. WORSHIPPING HEROES THAT ARE ACTUALLY THE ROOTS OF POVERTY IN THEIR HOMELAND, Look at tarlac! NI HINDI MAN LANG MAGING TOURIST ATTRACTIONS, mahihirap pa farmers (hacienda luisita) tama kayo “naman”






  19. […] of all blogger BongV picked up on this need for Aquino to qualify his statements with a reminder that he is being “very […]

  20. “I’ll be very honest with you, sino ba ang nakikinig doon?” Noynoy is stupid for saying this.

  21. what a jizZ, the lying slackers garnering the big votes now.

  22. hiram abiff · ·

    ganyan talaga pag talunan. more than 13 million filipino voters are imbecile? excuse me i studied in UP and PLM and i am definitely not an idiot. i voted for noynoy and binay because its my right and my freedom. thats the essence of democracy. if your candidate lost, accept it… i can accept any presidentiable except for G1BO. he is a dog of gloria arroyo. sayang sya, galing at talino? di natin kailangan ngayon yan kasi si gloria meron nyan. remember ZTE, Fertilizer fund scam, northrail, noodles scam, etc. kawawa naman si villar, more than 3B ang ginastos pero talo. si G1BO umasa kay quiboloy, ayun na-giboloy. buti si pangulong erap estrada maganda ang nilaban. i salute president erap at least you were voted by majority of people.

  23. Mickey · ·

    @hiram..aren’t you on the same page with Jomex?? or am I missing something in between? both of you went for Noy.

    studying in UP and PLM or any other schools make you idiot free..

    “i can accept any presidentiable except for G1BO. he is a dog of gloria arroyo. sayang sya, galing at talino? di natin kailangan ngayon yan kasi si gloria meron nyan”

    so ano kelangan natin ngayon na mabibigay ni Noy?

  24. You may be intelligent but you are not wise my friend 🙂

    What makes you think that Noynoy is worthy to be a president?

  25. @ Hiram

    On your proud rant of being a UP and PLM grad…
    It does not follow that if you’ve passed UPCAT or PLM entrance exams you can go beyond the cognitive faculty of analyzing things… it takes more than a retentive or PUTAgraphic memory (being kabisote) to become not STUPID… what you’ve just said are FnCKING fallacies uttered by a common IDIOT like you… you may not be STUPID but your an IDIOT… how’s that empirical declarative statement?

    On us being talunan and your reference to the 13 million stupid voters…
    I agree… 1 percent of them are not stupid… they are opportunists… they will be the power circle of noynoy’s administration in the next six years. since the 99 percent of the 13 million are stupid… who in the hell are looser? the stooopids themselves… and that includes you!

    On your claim of your right to vote for Noynoy and Binay…
    Nobody is taking that away from you… even Barrack Obama… you can shout all day long that you’ve voted for them… but you missed one important thing to satisfy your urge to become an intellectual person… you did not use your fncking head… never did any research on your candidate… ignored all the facts… believed in the myths created by the media… YOU DID NOT THINK!!! ERGO, YOU WASTED NOT YOUR VOTE… BUT YOU WASTED YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE YOURSELF BELONG TO THE THINKING CLASS. I tell you most of the graduates from UP who are doctors are educated ignoramuses like you.

    On your other yada yada…
    Election is over you d u m b a s s. The intellectual thinking class have conceded that 13 million stupid voters have won… YOU WON!!! So in the next six years… i doubt it if you or your kind can even enter malacanyang and shake the hands of your president… love him and cherish him… do not use your head… do not even attempt to think… in the long run… you can sell your brains… but it’s sad… selling brains is different from selling cars. it doesn’t command a high price… if it is slightly used.

  26. i can accept any presidentiable except for G1BO. he is a dog of gloria arroyo.

    PROVE IT. Or did UP teach you that its okay to make absurd statements like that and attempt to reinforce it with his past relationships? He may be part of the Cojuanco clan, but as some people have written here he has also done things that have dismayed his relatives, specifically the head of the Lakas Kampi when Gibo stepped down as chairman. Oh and such intelligence when you also lump together both him and Gloria due to the fact that they are smart and believing in generalizations.

    Of the 13 million voters anyway, I’d way 97% were downright stupid. The INC with their bloc voting were just band wagoning for favors by their leaders. And as Jet has claimed, the 1% are the ones who stand to profit from Noynoy being president.

    And you’re one of the few intellectuals who I’ve encountered that pretty much explained their right to vote, but never got into how those leaders will affect you personally. Maybe because they WILL benefit you and a lucky few and leave the rest to fend for themselves. Besides tell me if you’re still winning when Binay runs the country behind Noynoy for a good 6 years.

  27. Why did the yellow chicken crossed the road? to get to the other side..cos he wants to duck the debates from this side of the road.

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