Aquino and Gordon on the Economy

Elections are getting closer every day – 54 days as of this post. Not that it would mean much given the trends being peddled in the mainstream media. A choice between a thieving bozo, a lazy bozo, and an ethically-challenged billionaire turned-legislator. If the election were limited to the three – and one were to say “lesser evil”, given Indonesia’s growth under an able CEO despite the corruption – the logical choice will be Villar.

In my book, this isn’t about the lesser evil – this is about the greatest permanent good. With this exerise, I compare and contrast the stances taken by a front runner and one on the edges – Aquino and Gordon, on the economy.  There will be four items singled out – Policy Statement – and based on the Policy Statement – the candidates perception of the Current State, Vision of the Future State, and from other sources – How to Achieve the Future State.


Aquino’s Policy Statement

6. From government policies influenced by well-connected private interests  to a leadership that executes all the laws of the land with impartiality and decisiveness.

7. From treating the rural economy as just a source of problems, to recognizing farms and rural enterprises as vital to achieving food security and more equitable economic growth, worthy of re-investment for sustained productivity.

8. From government anti-poverty programs that instill a dole-out mentality  to well-considered programs that build capacity and create opportunity among the poor and the marginalized in the country.

9. From a government that dampens private initiative and enterprise  to a government that creates conditions conducive to the growth and competitiveness of private businesses, big, medium and small.

10. From a government that treats its people as an export commodity and a means to earn foreign exchange, disregarding the social cost to Filipino families  to a government that creates jobs at home, so that working abroad will be a choice rather than a necessity; and when its citizens do choose to become OFWs, their welfare and protection will still be the government’s priority.

Aquino’s Perception of the Current State

1. The rural economy as just a source of problems.

2. A government that dampens private initiative and enterprise.

3. A government that treats its people as an export commodity and a means to earn foreign exchange,”

Aquino’s Vision of the Future State

1. Farms and rural enterprises vital to achieving food security and more equitable economic growth, worthy of re-investment for sustained productivity.

2. A government that creates conditions conducive to the growth and competitiveness of private businesses, big, medium and small.

Aquno’s Plan to Achieve the Future State?


Comments on Aquino’s Policy and Plans:

Farms and rural enterprises vital to achieving food security and more equitable economic growth, worthy of re-investment for sustained productivity. But, the crappy Land Reform legislation crafted by the Aquino oligarch/landlord-dominated Congress in 1987 scuttled the opportunity. Trust the son to undo the job of the mother? Or trust the son to finish the job – of killing the basic unit of the rural enterprise – the farmers?

A government that creates conditions conducive to the growth and competitiveness of private businesses, big, medium and small. That would have been possible if it weren’t for the 60-40 provision which discriminated against foreign investors. Small and medium Filipino businesses have been deprived of equity arrangements with foreigners due to lopsided protectionist terms currently not allowed in the 1987 constitution crafted by Cory Aquino and her band of landlords and oligarchs in Congress.


Gordon’s Policy Statement

Our methods of production, systems of defense and education, all aspects of society, must be geared towards a meritocracy that rewards efficiency. We must build the basic infrastructure to enable us to compete in a global economy.

Gordon’s Perception of the Current State

Down and underdeveloped. Only the oligarchs have control over the resources of government and the economy.

Vision of the Future State

Globally competitive economy.

How to Achieve the Future State?

Available materials straight from Gordon himself are presented below:

Give RP a government that works

The central question that the May elections must answer is: How do we get our nation moving? What will it take to propel our country forward? What should be our priorities? The next president must give the nation a government that works—effective government. All our travails as a nation are the result of ineffective government—a government that cannot enforce the law, a government corroded by corruption, a government weakened by dissension and strife, a government that cannot assure the safety and well-being of the people.

We are a talented and resourceful people, and this is proven by the productive service of 10 million Filipinos in other lands. What has failed us is political leadership and government.

With effective government, we can finally address the primary challenges that have kept us down and undeveloped.

First, we can embark on a massive investment and productivity program to raise national economic output—in agriculture, in industry, in services and in global trade. This is the key to producing the jobs for our millions and keeping more of them at home.

In this regard, food security and the El Niño problem must be addressed not later but right away. We should invest in irrigation of lands, farm to market roads, technologies, local dams/water catchments with the goal of being not only self-sufficient but a rice exporter by the 4th year of a Gordon Presidency. In the future, we should have a culture of preparedness and pride to enable us to engage the world.

It is also in this regard that we should maximize the opportunities brought about by the Tourism Law, and promote the creation of tourism economic zones with an infrastructure master plan. Let us remember that tourism can be the engine of growth that can propel our country and its people into the 21st century by generating investment, jobs and dollars while protecting and preserving with pride for our posterity our nation’s heritage.

Second, we can raise the quality of education for our young people so that they can fully compete in the world. This means better schools, better teachers, better laboratories and facilities and better instruction in the key sciences and technologies of the times. The vision is a quality population that will be key to national development propelling the country forward in the new Global Economy.

Third, we can keep the peace in our communities and ensure security for the nation. This is fundamental to building an enabling environment for the economy to grow and prosper. We can fortify peace and order through self-discipline, vigilance and respect for the rule of law. We must respect, understand and accept our brother Muslims to be able to end the conflict in Mindanao.

Instead of an all out war, a full court press on Mindanao—progress and development is what the South needs. Simultaneously, there is a need to clean up the military and to modernize our defense capabilities in addressing external threats. Thus, stronger relations with our historical allies and a deeper awareness and participation of the citizenry are necessary.

Fourth, we can embark on the modernization of infrastructure, taking into consideration the integration of disaster risk maps and land use planning, in our country. This means all necessary, stable and modern infrastructure that will serve the economy and attract investors long into the future. And that includes sufficient power at affordable cost. As the World Bank has put it, “Infrastructure is the wheel of development.” Without infrastructure you can get nowhere.

Fifth, we can expand the tax and revenue base of government so that we can finance more public investments and social programs. Our tax effort remains weak because of weakness and corruption in our revenue agencies like the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Customs. So one of my first acts if elected President will be to effect a major overhaul of these agencies, including enabling legislation to ensure reform. We will execute an efficient and effective budget reduction program: maximizing revenues and savings while at the same time minimizing waste and eliminating fraud and abuse.

Sixth, we can end public cynicism and distrust of government by installing a new culture of honesty and integrity in the public service—starting from the top and reaching to the lowest rungs of the bureaucracy. Leadership by example. Let us be honest about this. Corruption has worsened many times over during the past 20 years. What we need is not a change of men but a change in men, under a Gordon Presidency, the Filipino character will be caring, competent, competitive, courageous, united, liberal, honest, transformational, secure, sustainable and successful.

With effective government, we can aggressively compete in the world for more foreign investments, more tourism, more access for our exports, more markets for our services and human resources.

Philippine Competitiveness

In the world we live in today, let us have no illusions that there is an easy way for a nation to become more competitive.

There is none.

Countries today are jockeying more fiercely than ever for the markets, technologies, skills, foreign investment, and distribution channels needed to grow their economies and raise their standard of living. Globalization has made the competition tougher.

But what is also an overwhelming reality now is that developing countries can effectively compete on virtually even terms with the advanced nations.

The example of China and India shows us how effectively emerging economies can compete and how fast they can grow if they have the will and the know-how.

It is in this light that I will espouse an aggressive competitiveness program for our country.

We will not just watch our Asian neighbors rise to the heights; we will rise and compete with them. We will compete for market share in the world economy. We will contest foreign investment and export sales through our businesses. We will pit our vast and skilled human resources with theirs. And an effective government will provide the institutional support for national competitiveness—from our school system to our farms and factories.

The point is: with vision and resolve, we can compete and we will catch up and even surpass other nations. Pagbabago. Sigurado.—Senator Richard Gordon

Comments on Gordon’s Policy and Plans:

Gordon speaks the same language I speak –  personal responsibility, culture of excellence, breaking the oligarchy, efficiency, competitiveness.

And this is validated by independent observations on the transformation of Subic – not only by Filipinos but the international community.

CONCLUSION: Comparison of Positions and Plans on Economy – Aquino vs Gordon

Gordon has a plan to achieve his vision. Aquino has a dream – and no plans.

Gordon can say he has planned and successfully implemented an economic turnaround  and changing the culture of the people in Subic. Aquino just promises change. Gordon has delivered.

When asked who can bring the home the bacon, and where’s the beef. Gordon has brought home the bacon and shown the beef – in a most ethical manner.



  1. Just had a long discussion with a businessman dealing with higher government officials. His data seems to me sordid to make anyone puke about presidentiables ever mentioning platforms.

  2. killmaki · ·

    This site is just great, Can you guys do an article about Gibo? (excuse for my lack on knowledge since I seriously didn’t know him until he announced his plans for the coming elections lol), my choice for the next president would either be him or Gordon, never was convinced on Villar I don’t know why though. Don’t waste time bashing me or something. I just want what you guys have to say against or to Gilbert Teodoro.

  3. hey maki. welcome to AP.

    i don’t really know gibo that much, except that he is DND sec. I haven’t seen any significant changes in the DND – or most likely none that made the headlines. we have an air force without planes, a navy without boats, an army without tanks – you know why?

    binenta por kilo.. LOL just kidding.

  4. Dick Gordon REALLY has a plan. Buti pa siya me gusto mangyari. But to the stupid ignoramuses that populate the country, dangle celebrities in front of them and those plans are out the window.

  5. this democracy will have officially become an idiocracy if any of the top survey performers Noynoy or Villar get elected

  6. well, gibo was head of dnd, pero during the incident sa mindanao asan siya? instead sino ang palaging nandoon, si gordon walang bayad…. during the calamities saan si gibo? at sino na naman ang present, si gordon na naman,… my point is what is galing and talino if walang ginawa? what is c5 at tiyaga? what is faith without works? dito tayo kay gordon and bayani, alam ang pinag sasabi, i don’t take uncalculated risks and neither should this country. sana ay nakatulong ako.. god bless.

  7. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by antipinoy: Post Edited: Aquino and Gordon on the Economy (

  8. progordon · ·

    mas maganda po siguro kung may equivalent filipino/tagalog translation para po mas maintindihan ng lahat. 🙂

  9. I might also support Gordon if a more qualified public servant was not available. Your post is commendable since it appears to address facts and not rely totally on hearsay and opinion. That being said, I was disappointed to hear you call Villar, “ethically challenged” since you cannot quote any real situations where a clear ethics issue has been tried and proven by any independent party against VIllar. I am sure that if Gordon actually became a threat to win the upcoming elections you might be surprised how creative the accusations can become. As it stands, why would anybody waste their time or effort. Gordon and his family represent one of those Oligarchs to which you refer and his accomplishments, while impressive, came about through his leadership but with the support and coffers of the positions which he has held. No other candidate other than Villar can claim to have accomplished what Villar has using his own ability and steam. Gordon is an accomplished manager. I readily agree to that. One of his problems though is that he is not a statesman. Can he bring a diverse constituency together for a common good and peace? Running this country is not running Subic.

  10. Elmer Francisco · ·

    I am for Manny Villar pero isa lang ang masasabi ko. Maski sino ang manalo sa May 10, 2010 elections, wala paring mandate dahil minority president parin. Not even majority sa dami ng mga kandidato. Dapat parang sa USA, dalawa lang ang kandidato. Para kung sino man ang manalo, he can say that the majority of the population voted for him; therefore, he has a mandate.

  11. That’s one of the biggest flaws in the Philippine presidential system. Many of us have pointed out all along to Aquino’s backers that his much-ballyhooed “lead” in the polls still amounted to a firm majority against him. Even in our little sidebar poll here on this site, the candidate that most of us favor, Dick Gordon, hasn’t managed a majority either.

    With a majority president — or to put it more correctly, a system that guarantees a majority president, whether it’s through a limitation on the number of candidates in the first place, or some kind of run-off provision — the president, whoever he is, does have a mandate as you pointed out, and the potential ‘de-stabilizers’ are kept in check, because they in turn cannot claim any sort of ‘popular mandate’.

  12. “Maski sino ang manalo sa May 10, 2010 elections, wala paring mandate dahil minority president parin”

    The most recent minority president performed the best (of all presidents) for the economy – FVR

    There must be something good in minority presidents.

  13. “the potential ‘de-stabilizers’ are kept in check, because they in turn cannot claim any sort of ‘popular mandate’.”

    that could explain why the United Opposition could not kick out Gloria – the UO does not have any sort of popular mandate also.

    due to a lack of popular mandate, the United Opposition were just plain and simple de-stabilizers.

    the members of the UO must be prevented from using the word ‘opposition’ to describe themselves. the word ‘Opposition’ had a sacred ring to it, during the Marcos times. the present UO desecrated its meaning

  14. Davdid tamayo, based on your presumptions, you are not quite sure what what you are talking about, have you gone to gapo? anyway i am not from subic, i am from bohol and i have seen first hand the transformation of my province, we should judge a candidate based on what he has done in the past. deeds outweigh cheap talk. not a statesman? pfft. get real! this man is tried and tested everyone knows that and he has a clean record. who will you vote then? gibo? eddie v?

  15. elmer…i can’t belive you just said that, why are all the candidates gordon wannabes? that’s exactly what gordon said that’s why he is in favor of cha-cha, he’s acting like gibo<-thunder stealer.

  16. noel palma · ·

    Gordon must be our next president. Dreams aren’t enough, you must have plans on how to fulfill those dreams. and a person must have capabilities in handling those responsibilities behind any plans. Sen. Richard “dick” Gordon is the perfect example of that.. he had dreams for a better and competitive Philippines, he also had plans for our nation. We, the Filipino people, need to engrave in our minds that a leader is elected to lead and serve, but we must not leave all the jobs to him. we all have the responsibilities for a better future. and the first step on it is choosing the right leader.

  17. noel palma · ·

    a federal sysytem is a nice suggestion. but are we ready for it? TraPos are not ready for that. we all know that, right? for example was that on the so-called UNO (united opposition), how come there are PMP, NP, LP, etc… those are all opposition parties. they can’t even decide for a single candidate, because all of them wants the position… thinking that they know everything about the management of a country.

    anyway.. Villar, erap, and noynoy, all they see are just the bad side of the present administration, and they use it in their campaign hoping that it can help.

  18. Macario Sakay · ·

    at this early some have prophecy of a minority government…
    if there is something our culture is still lacking, is a sense of respect to authority…
    thus we are all the losers here….

    only the bigger players, the capitalist, secessionist, communist or even street mobs
    will only benefit from the prophecy by failure of minority govt….

    Cory have a majority vote and Erap have the most of the majority vote but it was
    never an assurance that the nations will be in peace and in harmony with progress.

    so whats next… still it is better to campaign to your candidate..
    and who ever wins, we have to accept and support the President’s new administrations.

    Hwag na tayo pagamit sa kanila and limit the heated discussion during election and learn from it..
    they may say it is black propaganda but our elders have taught us to be accountable to our actions.

    We only must learn from it and grow as a united nation.

    vote wisely and with caution…

  19. Let’s not try to select who is the best, that is the lesser evil ones. Let’s forget about the evil. Let’s give a change to anyone but not to those who are corrupt. Meaning minus the corrupts, whoever win is ok. And what follows that is what is more important. That is, we need to be as ONE and not be divided. And I tell you guys, once we do it we then WIN because we DECIDED to SOLVE the problem by the whole who is US for our COUNTRY of course.:-)

  20. […] AP has pointed out the various flaws in Noynoy Aquino’s positions on corruption, the economy, oligarchs, Noynoy’s performance, hacienda luisita, and credibility – without […]

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