A Weekend in Mars

The alarm clock was blaring., the radio was blasting, and I was rushing to the shower to freshen up.  I finish my morning rituals and put on my working clothes. Dang, there’s a crease in my Tom Hilfiger polo (which I bought from Goodwill for $5.. nyahahahaha) – and my Levi’s 501 (bought from clearance sale at the outlets for $15) – I have to iron it. Actually, I didn’t iron it when I got it out of the dryer so I have to take it off, remove it, and iron it – walang katulong dito – DO-IT-YOURSELF. Good thing my mom raised me right. She taught us how to cook, wash and iron our clothes at a young age. Just in case magkasakit daw wife namin – we do the work, or else she’ll personally twist our heads till we do it right. I head to the kitchen, pop open a box of oatmeal, drop some granola chunks, a dash of lactose-free and fat-free milk, and chew it slowly.

What was I thinking? It’s a Saturday – I get a pass to be less of a health buff today  – forget the oatmeal – am having rice, fried eggs, and sausage. While at it, might as well, check my email and get on AP. Darn, AP – I will be stuck again… so much good stuff to read, so little time – but, it’s….. SATURDAY. Ooops… brain fart moment.

Maybe, load up on carbs, I have to play tennis at 11am today. Have lunch at the Pinoy lunch buffet – have some galunggong or tilapia, some bagoong, and my favorite pinakbet – Ilokaok style, like my grandma used to make.

I just remembered, the restroom needs cleaning, dried clothes from last week still have to be folded, I need to vacuum my room, and I need to dust the rest room. Will do that this afternoon. Take a nap afterwards. Freshen up for the evening, have a quick shower, get into the 5-speed manual transmission 1.8 liter double twin cam rice machine called 08 corolla (would have been a Tacoma pickup, but traded it in after gas prices went through the roof, which is nothing compared to what I used to spend on my V6 Supra) – and swing by a friend’s house and head to the destination for the week – a bar, a buddy’s band practice sesssion.

We go to the jam session, there’s lotsa food, lotsa music, lotsa singing, conversation, 20 pinoy couples showed up – members of the church choir, but this wasn’t about church – this was about the beatles, the eagles, bee gees, earth wind and fire – no religion, no politics, nothing about the economy – laughter fills the air, I get a shot of Captain Morgan’s rum – and get ready to do a number – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – ahhh… feel that liquid courage flowing… get a buzz.. grab the mike, the drummer hits a drum roll, a buddy plays a riif (yes Matilda, it’s a real band with bass guitar, electric guitar, KORG keyboards, and amps – the whole she-bang). I am actually waiting for the cops to show up anytime to bust our chops because I feel we are playing too loud. Thank goodness for good acoustics, we are having a blast – let the cops show up – THAT’S A PARTEEEEE.

Its nearly 2AM, party is winding down – I have my doggie bag ready, love those leftovers – I want some ube jam, a bit of dry pork adobo, pancit luglug, and the pork kebabs. Its 230AM, we head out the door, beso beso, ek ek ek, it’s a bit chilly, dashed into the rice machine, turned the engines on, A/C is on, MP3 player is hooked up, radar detector is on, GPS is on. Hmmm, do I have to radio air traffic control? A cup of double espresso please before my eyelids drop to the floor.

Its 2:45AM, I get on the tollway, Good that I have my transponder, I don’t have to stop and pay the toll, I just breeze through the toll way , take the exit  to another freeway, and floor it. Radar detector shows a clean sweep – but am not pushing my luck, just do plus ten on the speed limit max – another weekend, and am not cruising at 80mph (120kph). I get home by 3:30AM, have a glass of water, change into my PJs, and crash. Tomorrow is another day.

I have vague images of workers rallying to protect the companies which abuse them, they want better wages but they don’t want companies which can deliver a better deal into the economy, what makes them think that the domestic companies are about to give in. I just laugh – hit the domestic companies hard – how? bring in foreign companies, nothing like a threat to the bottom line that will shake people up – so what if the domestic company closes up (frankly, it will not, it will shape up before it closes up; gives you enough time to get a job in the foreign company – payback is a bitch) or.. become an entrepreneur.. darn idiots. Kaya na-truncheon, dahil tanga.

Hay naku, mabuti na lang I am kind to animals – party animals like me. Why bother kung gusto nila magpakatanga e di magpakatanga sila, basta ba naman e maglinis sila matapos silang magrally – or matutong magboto ng wasto, don’t vote for scheming bloody oligarchs like Noynoy Aquino.

Makapagtulog na nga before I write another piece on AP – wicked!

Lights off.



  1. Parallax · ·

    (waiting for the first dumb schmuck who’d say something to the effect of “bongv, if you hate pinoys so much that you’d even write about your partying while your countrymen are exploited by their employers in the philippines, why don’t you just [insert vulgar words here]?”)

  2. exactly, they asked for it they got it.

    they wanted protectionism. they got it.


  3. You gotta throw yourself at life and find personal reward in the little things. Be a “hero”? Nah. Heroes are modern-day myths. Real heroes are those that set stages for real revolutions when there was something real to fight for. What’s to fight for today? There is so much that can be done properly first before one need resort to street “revolutions” and, hmmmm, “dying” for your “country”. Trouble is violence and emoism is the easiest to take up and the easiest that those who don’t think to follow.

    Do your job properly, live within your means, keep your house clean, and observe The Law and you earn the right to party — exactly the way you described it above, Mr. Bong. 😉

  4. This stream of consciousness manner sure is a change from the usual style. But in the end, the message is the same. Get real! hehehe

  5. Thank you Mr B.

    ika nga… work hard and work smart… party harder, all work and no play makes Bong a dull boy.. 😀


  6. Persona Non Grata · ·

    I do not iron my clothes. Do not have time for that. Too many blogs and forums to comment. I didn’t even have time to do my office work. I work to post comments on blogs. Work can wait. I stay late in the office to tie loose ends. The officers thought I am just a natural hard worker, if only they knew.

    If my clothes were too wrinkled, I’d place them flat under my comforter (I sleep over my comforter). Morning after it would look like it’s slept in overnight in office working hard. If only they knew.

    Blog, like Antipinoy.com, is habit-forming. Its like Armenian coffee in the morning. A strong kick in the behind. I got a promotion to sheriff’s department. Turned it down because internet surfing is not allowed. I was told If I needed internet, apply for deputy. Their cruisers has internet access.

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