Arroquino vs Villaroyo: Magnanakaw Galit sa Kapwa Magnanakaw

Omigolly, I am having a laughing fit at this battle of portmanteus (a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms – as smog from smoke and fog)  – Villarroyo and ArroQuino, as each camp tries to paint each other camp as the worse evil. 

Oftentimes it makes one think, about the adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In this case, one could say that Aquino – Villar’s enemy – is my friend. and vice-versa Villar, Aquino’s enemy – is my friend.

Well guess what happened when the Americans tried that on the Soviets and the Mujahideens – yup, the Mujahideens came to bit America after they turned the Russian bear away.

Wikipedia described the problem with this adage.- Using a common enemy as the basis for an allegiance is problematic unless there are other substantial areas for common ground, otherwise absent the common enemy the friends might well be enemies themselves. If the common enemy disappears, the allies might turn on each other.

Therefore, “the enemy of my enemy” – is my enemy’s enemy – period. It does not necessarily make the enemy my friend. When my enemy’s enemy is done with my enemy – guess who he’s coming for next? Medyo mali yata. The better adage I believe is “ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw”.

Having said that lets look at how both parties substantiate their allegations against the other party. Here’s one from the Noynoy camp:

Villaroyo would be worse than GMA – LP

Bribery and corruption would mark the administration of Nacionalista bet Manuel Villar should he win the May 10 national elections, Liberal Party Director General Chito Gascon today warned the public.

Villarroyo had also been accused of facilitating the illegal conversion of prime rice lands in an Iloilo town to build the Savannah Subdivision. Villarroyo had allegedly made possible the construction of a road along Jibao-an in Pavia town, which will pass in front of Savannah subdivision in Brgy. Polo Maestra Vita in Oton town.

Gascon said the latest proof to the NP’s penchant for illegal maneuverings was its submission of its fake coalition with the Nationalist People’s Coalition, an attempt to circumvent guidelines laid down by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for the accreditation of political parties as the dominant minority party in this year’s elections.

He added: “Kung ngayon pa lang ay inaabuso na niya ang kanyang posisyon, ano pa kaya kung siya na ang pangulo ng ating bansa? Higit na magiging talamak ang korapsyon sa gobyerno sa ilalim ni Villarroyo (Now that he’s already abusing his position, what more if he becomes president of our country? Corruption will be more rampant under a Villaroyo government).

Which recieves an equally valid reply – Gloriaquino

Villaroyo versus Gloriaquino
NP, LP trade allegations of secret ties with administration
March 16, 2010, 5:07pm

If the so called “Villarroyo” is being attached to the candidacy of Nacionalista Party (NP) standard bearer Sen. Manny Villar by his political detractors, the NP believes there is more truth to the secret alliance of President Arroyo and Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III which they dubbed as “Gloriaquino.”

According to NP spokesman and senatorial candidate Adel Tamano, the “Gloriaquino” candidacy is getting clear now after Senator Aquino himself admitted voting against the playing of the controversial  “Hello Garci” tapes in 2005 when the issue was being investigated at the Lower House.

Aquino at that time was still an ally of President Arroyo, Tamano said.

“As shown in his actions in the past, Aquino can indeed compromise his ideals for political gains. What we don’t need now in Malacañang is another self-righteous hypocrite who can easily swallow his pride if he needs to,” Tamano said in a press statement.

As the election campaign heats up, the NP and LP have began engaging in mudslinging.
Aquino and Villar are the leading contenders for the presidential race based on the surveys by different survey firms.

Since the start of the campaign, the LP bombarded the NP camp with “Villaroyo” allegations that Villar is being supported secretly by President Arroyo.

Villar and his allies strongly denied the allegation with the declaration that the NP is the true opposition since the party spearheaded the investigation of several scandals including the multi million dollar ZTE/NBN deal, the “jueteng” controversy and the multi-million peso fertilizer scam.

Tamano said that during a television interview, Aquino admitted voting against playing the Garci tapes during the congressional hearings in 2005 headed by NP senatorial candidate and then Cavite Rep. Gilbert Remulla.

Tamano recalled that then Representative Aquino stated the Hello Garci audiotape was the “fruit of the poison tree” in justifying his vote.

“Secrets do have a way of getting out. It is now apparent that Aquino’s efforts to position himself as the opposition candidate was merely a smokescreen to hide the truth – that he is the real Malacanang bet,” Tamano said.

“In admitting his folly five years back, he again committed hypocrisy by claiming that his reasons for voting against the tapes were legal in nature, when in fact he was the House Deputy Speaker for Luzon at that time, thanks to President Arroyo,” he said.

“He also conveniently forgot to mention that it happened at a time when his family was still supporting President Arroyo coming from the 2004 presidential elections,” Tamano said.

Tamano said that Aquino’s “No” vote was made at the fifth congressional hearing on the Garci tape issue on June 30, 2005, or three days after Arroyo’s televised “I am sorry” speech.

“His ‘No’ vote went against a sea of ‘Yes’ votes and yet he proclaims himself as incorruptible without batting an eyelash. Baka tamaan ka ng kidlat, Noynoy,” Tamano said.

“He cannot even admit that at the time, President Arroyo was his and his family’s most influential political patron. In a sense, his popularity as a political personality was partly because of Mrs. Arroyo’s confidence in his political talents.”

He said NP stalwarts had spearheaded congressional investigations into scandals that rocked the Arroyo administration.

“As such, we stand by our declaration that we are the true political opposition and no other. Let us all remember that Noynoy Aquino voted against hearing the Garci tapes,” Tamano said.

If I may chime in, Noynoy Aquino’s mom – Cory Aquino and her band of merry oligarchs in Congress – waylaid the agrarian reform program with no abandon giving birth to Hacienda Luisita’s Stock Distribution Option. At least, the corruption in Villar’s presidency is imagined. An Aquino presidency, ran by the same people supporting Ninoy now – already done it – Hacienda Luisita SDO, hello!!!

Another thing, while Chito Gascon speculates on what Villar will do. Gascon completely forgets Villar is able to convert rice lands to commercial lands through the same mechanism which was built into law by the band of legislators with ties to oligarchs in Cory’s inner circle.

No one complained when THEY (Aquino-faction oligarchs) were converting lands. Now that Villar (noveau oligarch) uses the same tools used by the Aquino-faction oligarchs with optimum efficiency, aangal angal sila. Tingnan mo nga naman tong tropa ni Noynoy, ang gusto e… SILA LANG. Ang lagay, BA’T KAYO LANG? PAANO NAMAN KAMI? PATAS NA LABAN MEN.

Ika nga ni Erap, “weather weather lang yan” Noy.

Then comes Greg Macabenta with

Manny Villar, accused of using his Senate position to benefit his business empire and threatened with a censure by his Senate peers, is still gaining on Noynoy Aquino and leaving Dick Gordon far behind in the polls.

I mention Aquino and Gordon because of the irony that these two candidates present. One is accused of having “done nothing” to deserve the presidency except to be the son of his father and mother, while the other has an impressive public service record that fails to impress the masses.

One will likely lose, despite being qualified to be president. The other one brings real hope for a new era of honesty and integrity in public service but has to confront the harsh prospect of a tight race against someone who could bring a repeat of the very plague of corruption that this election seeks to erase.

Can you imagine a President Manny VILLARROYO????!!!

Ahhh… Isn’t the quality and ability supposed to give you hope? The masses are not impressed with someone who has an impressive public service record and pin their hopes for change on a do-nothing candidate who was fortunate enough to be the product of the union of the sperm and ova of Ninoy and Cory – no more no less.

Pinning hope on nothing of substance is frankly FOOLISH and SILLY. Ito talagang masang Pilipino, mga PASAWAY!!! HOY GISING!!!

What if what Aquino is saying is true? That Villar is a thief?

What if what Villar is saying is true? That Aquino is also, a thief?

Is this a choice whether the thief is yours or mine, but still a thief? Expect a thief to steal when he becomes president – the difference is one’s thieving for you, the other is thieving for me. Really? And we really believe that? Better our SOB, than their SOB right? Well, an SOB just the same.

All that says is, based on the pronouncement of Aquino and Villar against each other- both Aquino and Villar are thieves.

I can imagine a Villaroyo presidency – it’s Cory Aquino oligarch-skewed policies sans the inefficiency.

I can imagine an ArroQuino presidency – it’s Cory Aquino oligarch-skewed policies PLUS inefficiency… reinvented

Having said that, why then should we limit ourselves to two thieves or two SOBs – when there are other candidates with “an impressive public service record” – and not a thief to bat!

I can imagine a Gordon presidency  – I saw it a Philippines that can, Filipinos that can – In Subic and Marikina – a Philippines that rocks!

May Ability na, with Integrity pa talaga – Proven at Subok sa Galing at Talino.

Wala ka nang hahanapin pa.





  1. It’s really funny how each camp has been using PGMA as a marketing tool. Really funny.

    It’s obvious they can’t get tmeselves elected much less noticed for their own merits so they just resort to this oppositionist approach. Now, the problem is what happens next after PGMA is removed from the office of the president? Do we have any idea how exactly these people will work for the betterment of our country? I don’t think so.

    Unfortunately, it seems for many Pinoys the anti-PGMA approach is already enough for them to give their trust to these poseur candidates. So, instead of focusing on what each candidate has to offer they settle for who has the better anti-PGMA line. Talk about having no standards.

  2. Persona non Grata · ·

    Politics in Philippines is different from civilized nations. When they hate, they hate the president. In civilized nations, like U.S. for instance, when Bush terminated attorneys the american people thru their press not only blamed Bush they include the people who promoted the firings of the attorneys. TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE.

    In the Philippines it is different. Filipinos could have gotten GMA, instead, they attacked GMA not the bearer of bad news, not the invistigators, not the senate but GMA herself.

    When whoever sits in Malacanang after the election, the future president will be saddled with the same Filipinos who bungled the invistigation from the very beginning.

    Why are Filipinos like this? Why they are not attacking the people who bungled the invistigation?

    Like what I have been telling all the Filipinos for a long time, no matter who you put in Malacanang, it will be brought down by the very same incompetent people below.

  3. Awesome post. Awesome awesome post.

  4. You (and all AP readers) honor AP by making time to read this post (I presume you are all busy – and browsing AP is the least of your priorities) – we are humbled and shall work harder that every post is worth your time.

    Thank you sir.

  5. Anne Castro · ·

    Indeed it takes one to know one. ;}

  6. Someone thinks this story is fantastic…

    This story was submitted to Hao Hao Report – a collection of China’s best stories and blog posts. If you like this story, be sure to go vote for it….

  7. […] sad that our countrymen are willing to compromise our sense of ethics for a shot at wealth, like Villar. Or that we take arrogance in our ignorance like Erap. In all these choices – Erap, Aquino, […]

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