Electing A Guy With Brain Damage – By Brain Damaged Voters

Get out of the way Chip Tsao, you just lost your “crown” to Adam Carolla. It is so amusing to see all this indignation about Adam Carolla “dissing” Manny Pacqiao, the Filipinos, and the Philippines. I was rolling on the floor laughing as Adam rubbed it in.Carolla was effin hilarious! I can already imagine all this false national pride rallying  like headless chicken.

Some excerpts that Pinoys took exception to (But I didn’t, I was ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY ASS OUT!)

He says he doesn’t give blood a week before the fight because it weakens him. I am gonna tell you if that was a white fighter or a black fighter from Atlanta, someone will say “What the Eff are you talking about, just give him your blood”. .. He’s a bloody idiot!

Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao.”

“Imagine this – what if Ray boom boom Mancini went to the Philippines to fight.. and then all that was all the United States was all about… the Unites States will close down when he would fight,… then when he’d come back here – he’d run for President –  then everything will be Boom Boom Mancini mania.”

“Get a fu**in life as a country”

“All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people”

“It’s fine to be proud of your countrymen – but that’s it? Get your shit together Philippines – That’s all you got? “

“It pisses me off when other countries just do that whole thing.  There’s one guy, he’s 5 foot 6, he’s 147 pounds, and he’s good at punching other guys in the head, and you’re gonna build your entire country around this guy?”

“Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?”

“What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Does your country go into depression?”

“You don’t build your life around LeBron James or Tiger Woods.”


Adam Carolla, you hit the nail right on the head! Keep ’em coming.

A government of idiots, by idiots, for idiots – it don’t come close to what we have in the Philippines.

Now, I am sure, lots will hit Carolla about the sex tours comment. C’mon people – as if, hindi totooo. Just ask the hotel security guard who is also moonlighting as a bugaw. He’ll take it out his cell phone and show you his “talent pool” – naked pa talaga yung pics!

Then, the next thing they will react to are the chicken bones comment. Well waddya expect, after you give a dumbass comment that you can’t give blood sample,  a week or a month before a fight, because it will make you weak – I agree that’s an ignorant comment. C’mon guys – the guy gets hid by punches, he does stick training (hits himself with a Thai stick) – but a blood sample will make him weak? HA HA HA HA HA –  santamariajosefa tabanga intawon.

Then the next thing that will be mentioned that it is racist – I don’t know about using the R card – when it is the behavior that’s being singled out – and rightfully so! It’s not like Carolla was saying – they are idiots because they are Filipinos or because they are brown-skinnned. In effect Carolla was saying, hoy pinoy maghunos-dili ka, GISING!!!

That lotsa  Filipinos will take such a justification makes other folks think – lots of Filipinos are idiots.. or at the very least ignorant.

Eh ba’t nagagalit yung mga hunghang… Eh kasi… TOTOO.

Kung ayaw nyong bumaho ang lansangan, wag umetsas sa kalye.



  1. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay guilty. Many of the commenters on the Youtube video are proving this saying right.

    he’s good at punching other guys in the head, and you’re gonna build your entire country around this guy?

    Right on the money, Carolla! Are Filipinos too desperate and so depressed that they have to rely on other people to improve their image for them? Culture of idolatry in the Philippines is yet another cultural problem to address.

  2. Do you really think Filipinos would build their country around Pacquiao? Really? As it turns out, we don’t even need the Carollas and Cheap Chows of this world. We already have you, Bong Vicente. :bash:

  3. Comedy is hard and Adam is an ill-advised comedian. Is he funny ba? Inantok lang ako sa kanya sa Man Show dati eh. Buti na lang may tumatalon sa trampoline.

    Anyway, I don’t see any reason why Pinoys should freak out with every lousy Pinoy joke or insult. If they loved the bading okrayan humor in the clubs before, Adam Carolla just upped it a notch. When it comes to making insults sound funny, Pinoys can only take it from other Pinoys. If there’s anything that Adam Carolla is guilty of, it’s insensitivity towards a culture that he clearly does not understand…naks. LOL.

    “What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Does your country go into depression?”

    Um,if that happens, anong depression? The Philippines will look for the very rare itim na uwak. However, my advice for Adam Carolla is look for the last remaining flightless goats and pigs if the Pacman loses. Those babies will be sooo rare.

    Walang basagan ng trip. Magalit kayo kay Adam Carolla kung gusto nyo.


  4. Nakakainis! How come we didn’t get national attention when we were telling everyone to stop riding on Pacquiao’s success?!? We’ve already beat that Adam Carrolla to the punch way back 2009, haha!

    I even made special mention to Manny in this blog: How to become a successful Filipino!

    I especially hate those who like Journey just because of Arnel Pineda…uggghhh..goosebumps!

  5. Jokes will always have a factual basis whether we admit it or not.
    Why give an Eff on what this guys saying when most Pinoys Effs the Philippines so badly, perfect example are the SWS surveys, the media and the masa huffing with their false national pride but doesn;t have any clue on how to exercise democracy .

  6. Yeah I hear a lot of Pinoys hyping up that Pineda guy when he isn’t even involved in the brainwork of the band. They just call him when he needs to belt out those cheesy tunes and then shalom to him.

  7. haha adam carolla win! right on the money.

  8. When it comes to making insults sound funny, Pinoys can only take it from other Pinoys.

    It’s that good for nothing anti-foreignism at work again. Cheers too dude. 😉

  9. Di tayo interneyshonal kasi eh. Unlike Carrolla… interneyshonal yan, kaya naririnig yan. hehehe

  10. prEttyNDistress · ·

    Pacquiao is featured in our leading online news – Shanghai Daily a week ago. I have some Chinese friends who commented me “Good Job to your country”..”You have great boxer in your country”…yada yada…all praise about what a great country with lots of good boxers….I keep mum and thought to myself… WTF! It’s just only one guy…and what’s up with all these praises? Pinoys don’t deserve to hear these praises from foreign countries…

    WHY? Because in the Philippines, they just make fun of him. They photoshop his mother picture to make a joke out of her, spreading it on the web to laugh at. I can even provide them with hundreds of pictures of how silly Pacquiao and his mother look. Pinoy don’t respect them, they just cheer for him because it bring fame to the country. They are just using his talent to show-off themselves.

    I have never seen a national athlete who did not do any harm to his people being made a joke like that in their country. Worst, pati ang nanay nya binaboy din….Only in the Proto Human society (Philippines) you get to see this kind of disgusting behavior.

    Pinoy = Proto Human = SHAME!!!

  11. mayLATAKngpagkaINTSIK · ·

    hay kahit joke yun mali pa rin mga sinabe nia….. kau naman kung makasalita kau prang di kau pilipino… kwawa na nga tau eh tas sumusuporta pa kau sa mga ganung “tira”…hay tlgang wlang mangyayare sa pilipinas nyan…

  12. Junie E. · ·

    Hahaha! Obviously Adam Carolla is just too shy to admit that he is a die-hard Floyd Mayweather Jr. fanatic. Behind his bashing of the Filipinos idolizing their countryman Manny Pacquiao, despite his loud-mouthed sarcasm and trash-talking, he is just one defensive, cheerleader, patriotic american pig! “Mayweather is rich, Mayweather is smart..”, hah! My ass! Mayweather is a has-been. Adam is so worked up by Pacman’s refusal to give a sample of his blood before he fights Mayweather because he says it will weaken him. Let me tell you something, Genius, if Pacquiao says that he doesn’t want go give a blood sample as dictated by the Mayweather camp because it may cause his wife failure to have multiple orgasms, being on top of the boxing heap, that is his PRIVILEGE! Godsakes, at this point, he can do whatever he wants, he’s boxing royalty! And your Prettyboy Floyd is not. Maybe Mr. Carolla is just trying to be funny. Well i guess the next time he does he’ll have to once again share punchlines with Jimmy Kimmel and a bevy of half-naked chicks.

  13. It’s not even a joke. Think about it, totoo ang sinabi ni Adam. Like many other pinoys, balat-sibuyas ka lang

  14. Teka lang, bakit ang pangit ng picture ko? Mukhang bacteria. Hahaha!

  15. Ma Xianding · ·

    Eto nanaman “he’s boxing royalty”, “he can do whatever he wants” … another HERO worshipper who says things that do not make any sense.

  16. Persona non Grata · ·

    Oh, American-bashing English-speaking Filipino living in the U.S. HYPOCRITE!

    Look at these Filipinos in the U.S. celebrating June 12 instead of July 4th as independence day. I just wonder why they are in the U.S. after all. Do not get it at all.

  17. Ganun na lang ba kababa ang tingin mo sa mga Pilipino at sa Pilipinas?

    Eh, ikaw, anong tingin mo sa sarili mo?

    Bong, sa Pinas ka ba pinanganak? Tunay ka bang Pilipino para isadlak pa sa kahihiyan ang mga kalahi mo? At talagang nasa side ka pa ng mga taong umaalipusta sa mga Pilipino at sa bansang sinilangan mo? Hindi purkit anjan ka na sa US eh sasabihin mong TAMA SI CAROLLA…. Lam mo, mas masahol ka pa sa kanya, kasi sarili mong lahi, hinihila mo pababa….. I PITY YOU BONG. WALA KANG UTANG NA LOOB SA BANSANG SINILANGAN MO… tsk..

  18. Alan Parma · ·

    I posted on my FB about a week or so ago (about a few days after the podcast came out), “Adam Carolla screams ‘Get your shit together Philippines.’ I agree.”

    He is rude, he is crass, he makes some generalizations, but he is speaking the TRUTH. The truth is the truth, regardless of who’s saying it, American or Pinoy.

    Please read the article carefully and listen to Adam’s commentary carefully. It’s CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Is it not true that we do need to put our shit together? Is it not true that we need to improve ourselves as a country? Manny is a great boxer, no doubt, but he doesn’t make the Philippines great. As a country, as a people, we need a lot of work to do.

    Wala na ba akong utang na loob kung sinabi ko na SIRA ANG BANSA NATIN AT KELANGAN NATIN AYUSIN? KAILANGAN NATIN MAGBAGO. Hindi ba nagrereklamo tayo na corrupt at mahirap ang bansa natin? Na ang pangit ng gobyerno natin at madumi ang paligid? Na marami tayong problema? Pero kung may taga labas na nagsabi nito, magagalit tayo? Ang labo pare.

  19. Pacquiao says that he doesn’t want go give a blood sample as dictated by the Mayweather camp because it may cause his wife failure to have multiple orgasms, being on top of the boxing heap, that is his PRIVILEGE!

    So privilege gives Pacquiao the right to disobey the rules? Now that is so Pinoy. So Shameful. Culture of Impunity again. Kaya may kurakot dito sa bansang ito eh. It is their “privilege.”

  20. Eh yung mga taong bayan, walang utang ng loob sa kanilang bansa, kasi ang sama ng ugali nila.

  21. I hope the voters in his hometown continue their good sense and not vote him to office. He belongs in the boxing ring, not in the political ring.

  22. Hi, ChinoF,

    Actually, both guys are boxing royalty and both of them threw their weight around. I think the blood testing was only part of the contract that was being negotiated by Mayweather — not really part of the official rules.. Floyd Jr. believes that Pacman uses steroids, daw. I don’t know what the kaartehan is all about. Heck, even Floyd Sr. believes that Manny can’t beat Jr.– even if Manny WAS on steroids.

    Lets face it. Both boxing camps were being big pricks. You can think of it this way: It’s setting up the viewing public for an even bigger bout, that is, if Manny decides to fight after the elections. We’ll all see how it plays out if Floyd Jr. beats Mosely this May.

    Um, I sincerely hope that Mosely beats the crap out of Floyd.


  23. I think you’ll need a higher dose of HOPE — and not the yosi, ha.

    Last I heard, medyo weakling yung kalaban ni Manny in Saranggani. Pardon the rhyme.

    Actually, matino strategy ni Manny, naks. He (and his advisers) know that he can’t win in GenSan. Ayun, lumipat na lang. There’s a strong chance na mananalo siya.

  24. lester2k1 · ·

    Is this the great Adam from The Man Show? No wonder! Lol. Love those guys. Not for the faint hearted. That’s why us Pinoys should just simply grow a spine and get our act together. =)

  25. Lumipat? Well, makes sense. Manny’s a GenSan native right? There’s a saying: A prophet is respected everywhere except in his own country. hehehe

  26. Dude, now that’s more like it! I think your analysis of the story is spot-on. Both Floyd and Manny were so maarte, weren’t they? Pricks of the same feather deserve each other. 😉 And it’s not just the boxers themselves, it’s the camps. Floyd and Manny are surrounded by idiots they don’t deserve, maybe?

  27. Trapo strategy. Manny’s learning the trapo ways, real fast. 😀

  28. Mabuhay ka pareng Alan.

  29. ilda,

    remind carolla, hey no fair, we said it first – get your sh*t together, philippines 😀

  30. Neil:

    We already have our kabayans – who provide all the content for asinine comments.

    Maybe when our kabayans stop the asinine behavior – their chances will improve.

    Till then – tough luck, till we get our sh*t together 😀

  31. Dang,

    I would expect a world champion to say, “heck we can even have our blood samples taken a day before the fight”.

  32. Kung ayaw nating mapahiya, itigil natin ang kagunggongan, simple as that.

    Ganun na lang ba kababa ang tingin mo sa mga Pilipino at sa Pilipinas?Eh, ikaw, anong tingin mo sa sarili mo?Bong, sa Pinas ka ba pinanganak? Tunay ka bang Pilipino para isadlak pa sa kahihiyan ang mga kalahi mo? At talagang nasa side ka pa ng mga taong umaalipusta sa mga Pilipino at sa bansang sinilangan mo? Hindi purkit anjan ka na sa US eh sasabihin mong TAMA SI CAROLLA�. Lam mo, mas masahol ka pa sa kanya, kasi sarili mong lahi, hinihila mo pababa�.. I PITY YOU BONG. WALA KANG UTANG NA LOOB SA BANSANG SINILANGAN MO� tsk..

  33. Ray Rodriguez · ·

    Huwag lang sanang FLYING VOTERS katulag ng mga nagpapanalo kay Efren Penaflorida 😀

    Tama, CULTURE OF IMPUNITY nga. Nanalo lang ng boxing “Boxing Royalty” na daw. He is only as good as his next fight.

  34. Well, they do deserve each other. Both are looking for THE last fight before they retire. I don’t know nga lang if Manny will heed Nanay D’s call for the fave son to retire.

    Honestly, I don’t think Manny needs to fight anymore. He does not need anyone at this point — maybe just a good advisor when it comes to business matters. I’d really hate to see him end up like Rolando Navarette.

  35. LOL. That’ll be a blast.

    I think Floyd Jr. may have started something that will affect the entire boxing world.

  36. His kinakapatid/ political opponent in GenSan before even cheered for him in a previous match. GenSan loves the guy as a boxer and that’s it.

  37. Chavit rolls with the guy, what can you expect? Now we have Manny V. rolling with Manny P. Ride that boxer…yeehaw!

  38. All the people who are quick to jump on Adam Carolla (who has never been anywhere near the list of people I think are entertaining or funny, btw) in righteous indignation are missing a pretty clear pattern of poor impressions the rest of the world has of this country. One Desperate Housewife or one Chip Tsao or one Adam Carolla could be passed off as a misinformed individual, but these “insults” come from all directions. Those who make them may – hypothetically, anyway – factually be wrong (although I personally don’t think so), but that’s really beside the point; the Philippines has a big image problem. Getting mad and screaming “We’re not really like that and you’re an asshole for saying it!” actually just makes it worse.

    Adam Carolla may be a crass d*ckhead, but he was spot-on with just about everything he said (including the sex thing). And maybe the reason it stings so much (as did the DH thing, and the Chip Tsao thing) is that people actually realize he was right, and just don’t want to admit it to themselves — which, if you think about it, is the root cause of most of this country’s problems that give it the poor global image in the first place.

  39. Some Filipinos refuse to admit that they have a bad reputation around the world. Not only will Pacquiao fanatics use their idol to boast and bully other nationalities. There are Filipinos who loan from banks abroad then run home to escape paying them back. The loans were even used for consumer goods, instead of businesses or other useful purposes which were indicated on the loan documents. There are Filipinos who shoplift or do credit card fraud often, so shops and online merchants will ban Fiiipinos or credit card orders from the Philippines. Some Filipinos talk loudly on their cellphones even in the middle of mass in a church abroad, or even in close quarters, like a bus abroad. Filipinos videoke so loudly in the middle of the night, not caring if their neighbors lose sleep because of them.

    Carolla said he was pissed off, and it’s probably because Filipino fans are insulting Americans and using racist remarks. Because of a few obnoxious idiots, our whole nation has been given a bad image. He is right… but he’s only repeating what Antipinoy.com has been saying since its inception: Filipinos, get your act together!

    So Filipinos have no right to be arrogant. When Pacquiao loses a fight, our country will be given a hard lesson – we really have nothing to show the world except our stupidity.

    BTW, I’m reminded of Ilda’s remark that Filipinos are insecure towards other nationalities, which is why they tend to be anti-foreign… is that also why they result to insults and racism for something as trivial as Mayweather’s refusal to fight Pacquiao? Haha, how pathetic we are as a race then.

  40. brianitus,

    it seems to me that the blood issue is connected to something that sent my spidey sense off – the first time mayweather raised the issue.

    true enough – just got this from FB – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=105812969457811&id=100000292281055

    i agree bakit ang mga pilipino masyadong humanga ky manny? dating kng ka groupo c manny nung hindi p xa mayamn adik din xa kasama ang uncle ng asawa nyang c jinky… ung pulis cla mismo nagdadala ng shabu ky manny sa kings valley at kasama ako duon wla akong bilib ky manny dahil kilala ko xa damn.. at kilala ko rin sino ang naka discoverd sa kanya….c rey bolinggan my ari ng familly convention hotel sa gensan…

  41. Well, matinding accusation yan. Kung totoo man…shockwaves!!!

    Um, Im not sure nga lang how long meth stays in your blood, one month ba? Labo na rin ma-trace sa blood and urine kung reformed . Um, I think that FB story will forever stay as just a “story” to outsiders. 🙂

    Don’t let your spidey sense keep you awake too much. 😉

  42. brianitus – how long meth stays – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_test


    3 to 5 days (urine)
    up to 90 days (hair)
    1–3 days (blood)

  43. […] the “controversy”, listen to the full audio or read a small portion of it courtesy of AntiPinoy.com: He says he doesn’t give blood a week before the fight because it weakens him. I am gonna tell […]

  44. Thanks, BongV. Dapat pala pa-bokal din si manny. LOL.

  45. Going back to the long dead DH issue, it is not a factual target. The doctors seemed to bear the brunt of nursing schools going the FAKE route. Filipino doctors in the US need to pass through a very stringent process just to earn their right to practice so that was completely uncalled for. And there would be serious repercussions especially the newly minted ones.

  46. Onion skinned Filipinos and voting for morons aside, I don’t completely understand why Filipinos have such a bad image. There has to be other more significant factors other than indignant denial of reality as a root of the problem that ultimately leaves the country with such a negative image.

  47. I paid a visit to Carolla’s facebook page to see what these “patriotic” filipinos have to say. Yep, what I expected- pointless whining, lame death threats in filipino, and pinoys mobbing instead of giving sensible counter-arguments. What these pinoys fail to understand is that this whining merely gives their “enemies” more reasons to mock them. And so this cycle continues as more non-pinoys “mock” and more pinoys mob. Pathetic.

  48. check out an MTRCB’s reason for X’ing brilliante mendoza’s contribution to ambisyon 2010: “injurious to the prestige of the republic of the philippines”… very much like the common reaction to carolla’s statements.

    here’s the alleged “injurious” video:

    the video ain’t much but it seems like the MTRCB can’t take it either.

  49. Jett Rink · ·

    Arnel Pineda is a very good vocalist, but I became a fan of Journey back in the mid 80’s primarily because of the good songs (though some are cheesy), and Steve Perry’s vocals. Just like Freddy Mercury will always be Queen, Steve Perry will always be Journey.

  50. Jett Rink · ·

    Umm I don’t think Roy Chiongbian is “pipitsugin”. Manny will once again fight a local political dynasty and there is a good chance he will lose.

  51. True that.

    If I remember right – Sarangani was created as a province, AFTER the older Chongbian lobbied for its creation BECAUSE he couldn’t win in South Cotabato.

    Apparently, Manny’s handlers are thinking that Manny do a Chongbian in Chongbian “territory” because Manny has the money.

    Good luck 😀

  52. Good luck to the people of Saranggani. 😉

  53. It’s really funny how “outraged” we become when foreign personalities give remarks like Adam Carolla’s yet we love going to local comedy bars laughing our asses off when the badings insult their guests. Nandiyan na naman at overreact na naman ang mga Pinoy. Idiots nga naman talaga, lalo lang nating pinatunayan ang pagiging idiots natin sa mga reaction nating ganito. I agree with Carolla on this, he got the illiterate part wrong though. Pacquio’s not illiterate, at least not anymore (he’s enrolled sa NDDU sorta UPOPEN style)

    I doubt if Paquiao will win in Saranggani. the Chongbians are as big as the Antoninos of Gensan. Naku baka ibang district na naman dalhin nya pag di siya manalo sa Saranggani.tsk tsk

    Pacquiao’s a really good fella and did a lot for Gensan (I should know as I grew up there. I can still remember the time when he used to jog around the oval plaza with all his alahases) but he should’ve stayed away from politics. Ito magiging kasiraan nya talaga. and stay away from Chavit Singson too.

  54. did my comment just went to spam oblivion because it had a couple of links in them? anyway, i found out lately that MTRCB X’ed brilliante mendoza’s contribution to ambisyon 2010. the reason being that the video is “injurious to the prestige of the republic of the philippines”… very much like the common reaction to carolla’s statements don’t you think?

    here’s the ANC report http://bit.ly/dpmWKQ and here’s the alleged injurious vid http://bit.ly/9AM19l

  55. Kahlil:

    Seems MTRCB lives in a delusional world.

  56. oo nga mas magaling si Jimmy Kimmel mag deliver.

  57. Well kung wala si Freddie Roach hindi gagaling yan si Pacquiao.

  58. Carolla is really insulting.. but hey wait most of what he said is true!

    So Pinoys have two options:
    1. Get mad at Carolla and vote non-performing public officials (such as Estrada and Revilla in the Senate, even Noynoy to the Presidency) back to government..
    2. Forget about Carolla but make sure non-performers don’t get elected

    Well, we all know most Pinoys will choose option1!

    Sadly, we really know now who really are the Anti-Pinoys, And they are not the likes of Carolla!

  59. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by antipinoy: New post: Electing A Guy With Brain Damage – By Brain Damaged Voters (http://bit.ly/bDYhf8) http://bit.ly/bDYhf8

  60. puros angal… ano ba achievement ng pinoy sa world stage??? SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT ha!? economy?? ano mapagmamalaki ng pinas?? tourism??? dahil sa cebu pac mas prefer na ng mga pinoy ang umalis sa ibang bansa kahit sa tipid hotels at cheap food lang basta masabing nakapag ibang bansa lang pero pag landing dun, tingin ng immigration mga OFW…. education?? meron nga ba? sports??? aside kay pacquiao, ano meron?? basketball?? di nga makasungkit ng bronze sa asian games e… puros comment at hirit lang panalo ang pinoy… AYAW MAGPASABI NG PINOY KAYA DI UMAASENSO, MAG YABANG NA LANG TAYO PAG MAY BINATBAT NA TAYO… habang wala, wag MAGYABANG. mas prefer na nga ng mga foreign investors ang vietnam e, kasi DI ASAL BABOY MGA TAO DUN… dito puro yabang tae naman… pinoy kapwa pinoy nga di magkasundo sa petty na topic like this. mas importanteng topic pa kaya?? i doubt kasi bobo sobra

  61. Shanoboy · ·

    Thanks for writing this article in defense of Adam Carolla and a little thing called common sense! How many people criticizing Carolla have actually took the time to listen the the damn podcast! Very few I would bet.

  62. […] Adam Carolla used scathing words to remind us of our own inferiority complex and our pathetic habit of relieving it by riding on the fame of achieving Filipinos, Filipinos got […]

  63. loisangelu12 · ·

    wag na lang magreact .. ganun na lang .. anyway .. ito lang masasbi ko .. it’s out of topic but .. cguro wag naman taung magsiraan dito .. anu bang mangyayari pag nag-away d2 sa net? does it change anything? nag-iinitan ang mga ulo nyo dahil sa mga nangyayari dito .. well, alam ko maraming pinoy ang bobo .. pero di namn lahat dba? why r u criticizing ALL of the filipinos while the others have nothing to do with this? well .. kung iinsultuhin nyo ang mga pilipino habang pilipino dn kau .. its like your insulting yourself too.

  64. @loisangelu2

    The truth hurts, di ba? I think it is time for us Filipinos to discuss things free from emotions.

    We all have something to do with our society. If you want to help those who are “bobo”, then act, not react.

    Try to read more articles here and try not to be sensitive, then you will find out the truth that something can be changed, if you want it to be.

  65. Are you sure were are criticizing all of the Filipinos? If that’s what you believe, di mo naintindihan. We’re just criticizing yung mga totoong bobo’t tanga – na meron naman talaga eh. Try to understand properly so you won’t be like them. 😉

  66. By criticizing Filipinos who do stupid things, we are basically letting others like Adam Carolla know that not all Filipinos are stupid 🙂

  67. loisangelu12

    They are not criticizing that bobos and tangas Filipinos because they are one of them but they are just only raising the bar of public debate and to make patriotic example thus the true spirit of AP. 😆

  68. […] someone like Adam Carolla, Alec Baldwin or Teri Hatcher says something true yet scathing about Filipinos, the latter flares […]

  69. eff-liphines · ·

    it’s not a joke. IT’S THE TRUTH !

  70. ScrappyHappyDappyPinay · ·

    Hahahaha…tawa ako nang tawa hahahaha welcome to the Philippine islands! I don’t mind receiving a bit of ribbing on that kasi may point naman si Adam eh.

  71. Magandang araw po….I want to say na okay itong initiative nyo to launch a website na me substance. One thing lang po, masyado po kayong consistent sa pagiging negative towards sa ating mga Filipinos, Philippines. Para kasing anything na lang na me positive eh kina-counter attack nyo po… Hindi po ako hater ng website nyo..marami kayong tamang points…pero di po ba mas magaling kung instead na puro negative eh bigyang pansin din natin yung mga mabubuting kontribusyon ng mga Pilipino….yung matuto rin pong tayong mag- appreciate….di ba mas makatutulong tayo mapalaganap yung positive vibes (kahit dyan man lang) kung makakabasa tayo ng mga words of encouragement, kung paano mapapabuti ang thinking nating mga Pilipino. Hindi po lahat ng Pilipino ay kasing talino ninyo, yung ibang nagra-rally dyan hindi nila alam ang pinaglalaban nila….kayo po, dahil matatalino kayong tao, bakit di kayo mag-isip ng iba pang mas constructive na paraan na maituwid yung “thinking” o “attitude” o kahit maging inspirasyon sa ibang Pilipino….start within your reach…yung internet po…or yung community ninyo….

    Being a most-visited portal, you have an opportunity to affect readers. Happy and Positive vibes ika nga.

    Pasensya na po kayo
    nakakalungkot lang makabasa ng sobra sobrang negative things

    Mabuhay po kayo

  72. kung gamitin nyo yung pangalan ni Manny Pacquiao sa mga title nyo, parang ginagawa nyo insulto at katatawanan….parang “bait” kumbaga,

    walang nagawa si Manny sa inyo at kung me punto kayo, di nyo na kelangang gamitin pangalan nya at isali sa mga ka negahan nyo sa buhay

    tama si OFW, bakit di kayo gumawa ng mas may ambag…tutal matatalino naman kayo

    if you can’t stand being a Filipino, either change your nationality or change your attitude

  73. Angeline Pinyol · ·

    kung gamitin nyo yung pangalan ni Manny Pacquiao sa mga title nyo, parang ginagawa nyo insulto at katatawanan….parang “bait” kumbaga,

    walang nagawa si Manny sa inyo at kung me punto kayo, di nyo na kelangang gamitin pangalan nya at isali sa mga ka negahan nyo sa buhay

    tama si OFW, bakit di kayo gumawa ng mas may ambag…tutal matatalino naman kayo

    if you can’t stand being a Filipino, either change your nationality or change your attitude

  74. paano po naging insulto? Binasa po ba ninyong maige? Lalo na yung mga latest tungkol kay pacquiao?

    Mukhang kabilang din po kayo sa “ano ang nagawa mo para sa bayan group”!

  75. ‘tama si OFW, bakit di kayo gumawa
    ng mas may ambag… tutal matatalino naman kayo’

    bakit di po ninyo alamin yung background ng mga writer dito bago kayo manumbat? Masyado po kayong EMO.

  76. 1st step – POINT OUT/IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM. Want purely positive posts? Go to goodnewspilipinas and enjoy delusional positivity.

  77. Maki_Alam · ·

    The whole issue isn’t even about Manny. It’s about a country that’s got nothing else going for it. Why is it when someone points out the truth, they are automatically accused of hating their own country? I for one love my country, but I hate what she’s been reduced to. Most Pinoys, on the other hand, prefer to bask in delusions of grandeur. If THEY love their country so much, they’ll wake up, and rather than retaliate against Carolla or Baldwin or Tsao, they should actually DO something to improve and help change the world’s perception of us. They can start by reining in their emotions and thinking rationally. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s good for you.

  78. Disgruntled Bystander · ·

    Pikon kasi mga Pinoy. It’s alright when we make fun of other people and cultures but we can’t seem to take things as good as we give them. Pikon laging talo as we say, maybe Filipinos should start heeding their own advice.

  79. Birdigator · ·

    That sounds like the typical response.

    Forget the bad, focus on the good, it’ll make the bad go away. One day we’ll be so brainwashed we won’t even recognise how deep we are in our own suffering because it’s considered good to be below the poverty line in the Philippines. If you can’t do that, you’re not Filipino.

    Don’t point out our shortcomings so we know what to fix, we’re sensitive. We don’t want to know our failures, we’re content to let them rot and grow instead of fixing them. If you do that, we’ll shun you.

    Pacquiao’s our hero, he’s our GOD, you do not have the right to criticise him or us, his mindless followers. We’re content to let him do all the work of putting the Philippines on the world map because we couldn’t care less about doing anything ourselves. If you do that, we’ll curse you.

    Me? I’m doing my part, no matter how small it be. One day, through our families, we’ll spread and promote proper education and the proper values that we’re supposed to learn from Pacquiao – perseverance, hard work, determination, focus. If Roach calls out that Pacquiao has to improve an aspect of his boxing which is lacking, I don’t think Pacquiao whines and complains that Roach is not focusing on his strong points. We should not putting him on the GOD pedestal and be content to bow down to him. It would be great to be part of a country that makes itself known through scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, economic progress, and contributions to the betterment world, rather than simply knowing how to knock someone else’s head off better or throwing tantrums everytime a foreign national calls us out on us for something that is lacking.

  80. Sa mga writers,
    Nakakaawa kayo, ang lulungkot ng buhay nyo

    Puro grudges na lang alam nyo at mag insulto

    Hala sana one day maging presidente kayo ng Pilipinas

  81. mas nakakaawa po ang mga taong ang tingin ay insulto sa mga bagay na negatibo pero totoo naman.

  82. Maki_Alam · ·

    Pinoys really ought to learn the meaning of the term “constructive criticism”. Ang hirap kasi sa Pinoy, masyadong sensitibo. Konting puna lang naiinsulto at pinepersonal ang isyu. Itabi mo muna ego at emosyon mo at nawa’y makita mo ang punto.

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