It's How We Filipinos React to Carolla, That Defines Us – Sabi Ni Batman

I thought this Carolla affair was already over. Until, a friend sent me a note on FB after she read MY note – which went like this:

Get a life people. I don’t know who Carolla is – but I do know the crap he is talking about.

Sex tours – check with your hotel security guard or taxi-driver. Or if you have $$$ go to Airforce One or Pegasus. Go to any videoke joint mula Aparri hanggang Jolo – and you have GROs. Lots of Japanese go to a major urban center in the Visayas for golf and sex tours!

Chicken bones – if you tell me you will be weakened by a teenie-weenie blood sample taken a week before a fight – I’d think you practice voodoo. Which reminds about the Tony Paduas and all the albularyos and faith healers, aswangs, manananggal, hilots, and siquijor – chicken bones don’t come close to the crap we have in the islands.

Now that Carolla has apologized :

  • Will the flow of pokpoks stop?
  • Will Filipinos start voting for politicians who actually have a brain?
  • Will Filipinos vote for a politician that can remove the protectionist clauses in the Philippine Constitution?

So far a choice between a slacker, a washed out actor, and an ethically-challenged candidate as front runners – makes the words “Get your sh*t together Philippines” very appropriate.

Alec Baldwin, Teri Hatcher, Chip Tsao, Carolla will not be the last word in this continuing episode of Da Pinoy delusion and absurdity.

Before we ask Carolla what has he done for his people, let’s ask ourselves FIRST – what have we done for our country, why is it in deep sh*t?

She told me to read a note by a well meaning gentleman. On first reading – it feIt “nice” of a knight to come to a damsel in distress.I like that – chivalry is still alive – not dead.

On second reading AND knowing Filipinos too well (uuhhhh… am Filipino, born and raised as one, will die as one) – it was still a knight saving a damsel – in a movie called Shallow Hal. No offense to the fine gentleman.

By third reading, I had concluded it wasn’t going to be Morgan Freeman in “Lean on Me”. 

I know there are kind people out there who will not take kindly to Carolla’s statements but they are a minority in their culture. Not to mention, that Western culture is exposed to diverse programming that practically nothing shocks its audience at all. They understand the art form and take it for what it is – entertainment. Most will just give it a shrug – lost and drowned in the eternal rhythms of daily life – the mortgage, the electric bill, tonight’s dinner, the movie this weekend, the auto bill, the mortgage, to even give it a once-over.

But seeing that people were up in arms, my curiosity was aroused and I decided to take a look. I reacted contrary to the mainstream opinion. I wrote a blog against how Pinoys reacted to the issue. And I read Pinoy blogs that chastised Carolla’s mote while overlooking the logs in their eyes. The author is doing damage control to soothe Filipinos, it might be a stretch to think it borders on pandering and should be given the benefit of the doubt, to understand and to be open to what this moment can teach us. What life lesson can we learn from this? Listening to another view – can either help change our views, or provide us with clarity on the truth of our prior insights.

By Charlie Knoxville

I was very disappointed upon hearing the audio of radio host Adam Carolla insulting Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino people, I am American not Filipino, but I felt what he said was very ignorant and made Americans look bad. Carolla is not only a comedian but also a boxing guy, and he is good friends with Jimmy Kimmel who happens to enjoy Manny Pacquiao and invites him on his show a few days before his big fights.

I was disappointed that Filipinos reacted like headless chicken to Carolla’s joke. The better reaction would have been to ignore it. Gadzooks the dude is a comedian. He jokes about all nationalities. It just happened Manny became the flavor of the day after someone dissed other nationalities using Manny as an example of Pinoy superiority – we have arrived. I wouldn’t be surprised that  Pinoys felt better than Mexicans, Hispanics, and other minorities, including African Americans and Caucasians – that’s expected. But once the “Pinoy pride” turned into Pinoy arrogance, as ChinoF puts it, that’s when the fun started. After all, America’s other minorities aren’t push-overs, they push back, nagri-resbak. The thing is, the Filipinos reactions didn’t help the situation at all – they fell for it just like when giving the dog a bone.

The statements Carolla made were shocking. He really went off on Filipinos; if Adam ever visited the Philippines, they would have welcomed him warmly and with open arms. The Filipinos even fought alongside America against the Japanese during World War 2. The Filipino soldier had so much loyalty to America, and the Philippine soldiers would risk their life in battle for their country and to help the American troops against Japanese invaders. The Filipino soldier was limited in weaponry and they were undersized, but they made up for it with their fighting spirit..

The statements Carolla made were funny. When he said “chicken bones” – I took it to mean that, Filipinos are so backward to fall for the line that a boxer will weaken if a blood sample is taken a month or a week before the fight.. To me, it was a figure of speech, brilliantly woven to describe the absurdity or an incongruity . To me, in the vernacular it sounded more like – niloloko nyo ata kami a, sino ba ang nanghihina kapag kinunan ng dugo isang buwan or isang linggo bago magbakbakan – iniinsulto nyo yata kami. And  I laughed -it was a hilarious comment..

Carolla said the Philippines as a country doesn’t have much going for them all they have are sex tours and Manny Pacquiao, and they need to get a life for following Manny Pacquiao. Most third world countries don’t have much going for them, most people live in poverty, and the dictator Ferdinand Marcos ruined the Philippines economy. As for the sex tours, every country has prostitutes, some poor females in third world countries turn to prostitution out of desperation to help feed their family, or are forced into it, they don’t enjoy it, and are ashamed of it.  In America some young females turn to Porn to become famous and are proud of it, they even consider it empowering. We live in a country where you can be a whore and become famous, does that make us any better than the Philippines?

It is true that the Philippines is a country that doesn’t have much going on for it. at the moment. That’s the reality – deal with it. Now, whether that reality should be sustained is definitely the question of the day. By the looks of it – same o, same o – if we have to achieve something we need to do something we haven’t done before – so far, there are no signs of Filipinos doing anything different. . The Gini coefficient is increasing, the oligarchs have a stranglehold on the economy – thus we have to depend on a remittance economy – that’s reality. Our top contenders for the Presidency is a choice between one mediocre candidate, a convicted felon, and an ethically challenged tycoon – how can you even think that the Philippines will have something going for it when these three reflect the values of the Filipino electorate – a choice between  “pwede na” (will do)  and “better a thief that I know than a thief I don’t know”. As far as I am concerned – it is pathetic.

The reason the Filipinos follow Manny Pacquiao is because he boosts their morale, he gives the people hope that no matter how bad your circumstance, it is possible to make something of yourself if you work hard and never give up.

The applicable principle here is “activity is not productivity”. We need to learn to dream again, to aspire for greater things. Remember the parable of the servants who were each given a treasure by their master? One worked hard at keeping the treasure intact, while the others worked hard at making the treasure yield more returns that increased the initial value of the treasure. Guess who earned the boss’ approval? Activity is not enough – we must be productive as well.

You don’t need to be a college graduate to gain the respect and admiration of the people, respect is earned, and earning the respect of a 100 million of your compatriots is an honor not many men in this world today can claim. They see in Pacquiao someone like them, a poor kid from the dirtiest parts of town, with no education, making it to the top and being somebody, now that is someone you should be proud of.

Respect is a two-way street. People felt disrespected when they heard the asinine comment about “taking a blood sample a week or a month before the fight”. That is the bone of contention. Knowing the state of medical knowledge and attention to health care in the world today -the better answer would have been to say – the pro boxing rules do not require blood sampling x period before the match.

The tough guy answer could have been “I’ll take the blood sample anytime, anywhere, anyplace – name it, you got it.” – But then, why spoil the fun? Save the best for last, make hay while the sun is out. Don’t let them fight, yet. First priority is to make more money  on  the gravy train.

Meanwhile someone’s brain cells are literally, taking a pounding, permanently damaged – so that we can all feel proud about ourselves – for that I salute Manny, he was willing to pay the price, and at great cost. But do we need someone else to damage his brain so that we, Filipinos will feel good about ourselves – it has already come to this? I’m sorry, we are on different pages on this matter.

If Carolla knew the story of Manny Pacquiao, he would have nothing but respect for him, instead of calling him an illiterate, brain damaged, moron. Judge the man by the quality of his character not by how rich he was born or what type of education he claims. A man’s character and the way he treats others is more admirable than what family he was born to or what country he resides.

I don’t doubt that Carolla has respect for Manny. But that does not mean he will deny the fact that as a boxer, head traumas put Manny at risk for permanent brain damage, just like any other boxer – if it has not done so, yet..

Does Boxing Cause Brain Damage?
By Ben Mauk
18 March 2010 7:47 AM ET

Almost certainly. Research has long shown that head trauma— something no boxer cannot avoid over the years—puts one at risk for permanent brain damage. Brain cells generally cannot repair themselves (as can cells elsewhere in the body), so damaged neurons stay damaged. The American Medical Association and British Medical Association have both called for a ban on boxing, citing statistics of brain damage in professional boxers.

Now a study to be presented this week at the American Academy of Neurology’s 59th Annual Meeting shows that amateur boxing also increases the risk of brain injury.

For evidence, researchers puncture a subject’s spinal cord to measure the amount of certain chemicals in their cerebrospinal fluid, a liquid that helps protect the brain from shock and sharp pressure changes.

The study found elevated levels of markers suggesting brain damage following a bout of boxing.

Boxing deity Muhammad Ali famously lives with Parkinson syndrome, a disorder of the nervous system caused by the degeneration of a group of brain cells involved in voluntary movement. There has been no conclusive evidence that Ali’s disorder, which causes tremors, slowness of movement and muscular rigidity, is a result of his boxing career. However, his form of Parkinson’s is associated with head trauma.

You might encourage your Tyson-loving tyke to take up soccer instead. The same study that looked at amateur boxing also investigated soccer players and found no association between repeated ball-heading and brain damage.

Pacquiao has more class and dignity than many of the Americans I know. It was very strange for Adam to attack a person who treats other people with respect and humility. What is better? Millions of American girls idolizing talentless reality show chicks who act like bimbos and sluts or the Philippines looking up to a man who carries himself with class, humility and earned his fame and fortune through talent, hard work, and dedication.

The issue isn’t about class and dignity – that’s a strawman argument. And speaking of class, for discussion’s sake let’s say Manny has it – but what about the rest of the Filipinos – the other 89,999,999 Filipnos all over the island? If you will read the Filipinos’ reactions on Carolla’s FB – they were totally WALANG KA-CLASS CLASS – absolutely crass and full of crap.

Which of course shows that Pinoys can be just as dullheaded like any other trash-talking dumpster driving cracker jack redneck..The thing is rednecks are a minority in the US. In contrast, Pinoys of the redneck kind, the jologs and tontows of the world- are a majority in the Philippines. Hello, we elected a wash out  actor – who can give Carolla a run for his money when it comes to really stupid stuff – what does that make of the country’s voters – geniuses? Cmon, now. Worse, the stupidity is THAT ERAP JUST GAINED FIVE MORE POINTS! How’s that for history repeating itself – or we, Filipinos never learn.

The issue is what’s up with Manny’s reply to the blood sampling  issue. It is probably understandable that Mayweather wants Olympics-standard testing, while Pacquiao’s camp says there is no need for Mayweather to request for Olympics-standard testing because professional boxing does not require it.

In effect Manny is saying,  Mayweather is chickening out because Floyd has to come up with alibis like Olympic-standard testing when it is not a requirement for pro boxing. If it were so, then it would be an anomaly because all prior pro championship matches have  no provision for Olympics-style booze testing. From a layman’s point of view Mayweather’s request is highly irregular.

Here’s where the road and rubber parted ways. When Manny Pacquiao said, he will not submit to testing – he could have said – it is not a requirement of pro boxing, we might as well have Ali, Tyson, Spinks, Holyfield submit to Olympics-standard testing before. But why only now? Why single Manny out? That would have made a very powerful argument. But instead, Manny comes out and says, he will not submit to blood testing a month or a week before because it will make him weak. If the person who said that was not Manny, I am sure someone would have said “WTF are you talking about dumb*ss”. Someone should have coached Manny. in order to minimize gaffes – unless that was really the intention. But I digress.

As to “looking up to a man who carries himself with class, humility and earned his fame and fortune through talent, hard work, and dedication” – I dunno about that. wait till you see the number of Filipino youth whose ambition is to be on Wowowee, to be a dancer, singer. Is the Philippines going to sing, dance, and box its way into industrialization? I guess that’s the impression considering that we do elect our politicians on the basis of song and dance – that’s a fact.

Looking at all the “starpower” being put behing Villar and Aquino – I am getting the impression that it Noynoy and ABS-CBN’s crew of sluts versus GMA 7s crew of sluts  Heavens to megatroid, stage left. Rapidy gaining is another candidate who has his own harem. We, Filipinos are about to elect one of this frontrunners into the Presidency – what does the people we look up to to become President say about us? Noynoy can’t even come close to the substance of a Dr. Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich – and we have the nerve to claim he’s an Obama?.

But I digress. The other aspect to this matter is that we, Filipinos were raised in a world where the only comedy we knew was slapstick and toilet humor – period. The style of comedy does not need much thinking – it is highly visual, and it is full of nonsense, – much like our leading noontime daily shows and sit-coms. Comedy shows that had social commentary in it couldn’t last long. Not because the actors were bad or the screenplay was lousy (remember Ispup). It was because, it required thinking. Educational games that inspired students to excel are gone. Today it has become who can be sleaziest and sluttiest and brainless-est.

Now, if you were in business, why will you sell a product that has a minimal market size, you supply  the market demand which brings more returns out of your investment. And the cycle perpetuates itself – media perpetuates the intellectual bankruptcy and the readership remains in intellectual isolation.

Here comes Adam Carolla with his high brow comedy, that requires a lot of thinking. Imagine how he will be recieved by a society that has for the most part been isolated in a cocoon of slapstick and toilet humor – the probabilities of the punchline being perceived as offensive will be rather high, dontcha think? High five tayo dyan.
So what can we do about this?

We can outdo Carolla with “insults and threats” to validate that we are retards who worship chicken bones. We can ignore this and shrug it off – no big deal. We can laugh at this, too, get our sh*t together, come back with a vengeance and treat everyone to a party.

Next time we step into a bar somewhere, there will be a sign that says – DON’T LAUGH AT FILIPINOS, THEY SNAP.

I hope it will not be in a Videoke where there’s a sign that says – FILIPINOS, ONE SONG ONLY! Ayaw kasing bitawan ang mikropono.

But think about it – the joke might be upon all of us, including Carolla and Mayweather – Roach and Manny are LOLing On The Floor – Laughing Their Arses Out.

Here’s why –  Mayweather gave Manny Pacquiao a sorry lame-ass excuse about having Olympic standards imposed in a Pro Boxing fight. Which is plain BS, a friend of mine said that Mayweather was being a  Nnnnnnninja – for lack of a better word 😉

Well, Roach gave Mayweather a dose of BS and had Manny say the BS – BS begets BS,  get it?! Only a ninja can kill a ninja.. LOL

And we all fell for the BS, we took the bait!!! Manny and Roach are rolling on the floor laughing  – I am on to you MoFos… hahahaha. You the man, Mister Roach, you are awright!!!

Ika nga ni Batman – it’s not who we are underneath, it’s what we do that defines us.

Otherwise, if we didn’t know any better, we are just plain…. clowns in a dark comedy. Jokers – in a Batman kind of way – the graffiti, the language, embrace the dark side of the force.

This Carolla moment has definitely defined us based on the actions that we took – and it ain’t no laughing matter, Philippines.

I’ll have AP commenter, Bert, have the last word:

The only thing this show of “righteous indignation” reveals is how trifling, small-minded we are as a people. We’re just like the village idiot who walks around blowing whistle at people because he thinks it makes him important when all it does is single him out as the village idiot.



  1. Doc Harry · ·

    New fan, new subscriber, love the site.

    Have I just been semi-living under a rock, or are people NOT talking about Adam C’s comments so much? No ranting post-Hatcher or post Baldwin-like, no moves to declare him persona non grata ala-Danes. Hopefully, my circle of friends and peers are just smarter and get his point.

    Yes, we have a limited sense of humor. That’s why we only get one REAL stand-up comedy group with a once a week show in one venue while DOZENS of gay comedy routines get gigs each day of the week all over the Metro. Such a sad state of affairs indeed.

  2. Here comes Adam Carolla with his high brow comedy, that requires a lot of thinking. Imagine how he will be recieved by a society that has for the most part been isolated in a cocoon of slapstick and toilet humor – the probabilities of the punchline being perceived as offensive will be rather high, dontcha think? High five tayo dyan.

    Yet another example of how the Philippine Media continues to dumb down its audience. Slapstick comedy and campy melodrama is analogous to spoon-feeding crap to atrophied minds. It does not build the synaptic connections required to comprehend higher-brow humour — like satire and black comedy.

    The way Filipinos express their “nationalism” is, like every other way our society represents itself, stunted and adolescent at best. Kawawang Pinoy. 😀

  3. Hi, I don’t think this “issue” made it to the high Hatcher levels.

    I think that a lot of the people were too preoccupied with AI or were just too busy vacationing, good for them. However, those who were not too busy saw to it that they had double their efforts to make up for the nonparticipating hooligans. You really have to admire their dedication to the cause, whatever that is. Oh, they should all thank Facebook for making it possible. Mabuhay, Facebook! LOL.

    As far as the state of Philippine comedy is concerned, it is sad indeed that some market segments aren’t given ample attention. Tsk tsk.


  4. nice one bongv. high five tayo diyan! 🙂

  5. guilbautedsookie · ·

    During the Pacquiao-Cotto weigh-in, the Boriquen (Puerto Ricans) were shouting Cotto! Cotto!, in support of Cotto, because of course they are proud of Cotto as they are proud of Manny (I single myself out cause I think Manny Pacquiao’s head has become larger than his actual intellectual capacity). Then all of a sudden, the Filipino fans there began shouting Manny! Manny!

    Given this situation, it can be seen that we are the ones instigating all the hate others throw against us. I mean, so what if they were shouting Cotto. Of course the Boriquen are very proud of their boxing heritage, as we are obsessed with it. And then they begin saying that the Boriquen started the shout fights. Excuse me?

    I have watched one of Adam Carolla’s shows, uh, The Man Show, and I tell you, the guy makes jokes and they’re funny, and yeah maybe he went a bit over-the-top, but I think he speaks from his heart. Even if we think Jamaica doesn’t care for our country, they do. Ours is the unfortunate example of the law of gravity. We were going up, but we had to come down under our own weight. We were once destined for greatness, even winning two Miss Universe crowns during that once glorious period, but now, look at us–KLM is now the only European airline willing to risk profits just so we can have direct European service.

    I hated Pacquiao from Day 1 because honestly, I just can’t stand him. I was never proud of him. I was prouder of Monique Lhuiller, who despite not being rattled like a can in this country, excels where she is and she asks nothing more from it. Pacquiao always expects something in return. I congratulate the people of General Santos City for being wise in choosing a more qualified individual to represent the needs of her people. Funny thing was Pacquiao said, the reason he lost was he ran under the administration. Fuck this shit. And then he begs movie producers to turn his mom into a fucking bitch and my classmate defends it, saying that she will die in a few years, so why not? Yes, I find nothing wrong in that but for the media to make it seem like it’s a national triumph, I wouldn’t wanna join in it.

    And Krista-Manny, how the hell did it even become a national emergency?

    Sometimes, the news turns the Filipino into zombies, making us believe that Charice sang at the actual Oscar ceremony (which is only reserved for nominees for Best Song), and that California is an independent country. And the dumbest piece of news I have ever seen on TV was– KC Concepcion at Piolo Pascual, nagkita.

    We have to stop inflating our own egos and just you know, focus on what needs to really be proud of–a stable economy, a stable government. Look at Brazil. It’s not in some ways different from our country but they really don’t make much of a fuss of models who walk Ralph Lauren in Bryant Park. They’d rather improve their economy, and look, now they’re hosting Olympics 2016 (I am so happy Rio won cause I was rooting for them). Here, put that situation, the model, and the news makes it seem like walking for only two garments is national pride. I’d be proud of our country, for once, if our GDP breaks the 100 billion mark and makes it to 200 billion. Cause that is real national success, not some boxer who embarrasses himself.

  6. Do you think a leader like Adolf Hitler without fascism (the take over the world and kill all Jews thingy) will lead the nation Philippines to prosperity? Hitler has been able to transform a defeated nation into a strong one and their style of nationalism was an extremist one in favor of power and strength, very different from Da Pinoy.

    If only you read about master and slave morality by Friedrich Nietzsche, you would understand the problem of the Filipinos more. I suggest you research about it. Filipinos follow the slave morality and the Catholic church also has a big part in this. It is very interesting.

  7. Sound economy and stable government are not sensational enough fields of endeavor for a stariray society such as the Philippines’ to focus on.

    Rather than quietly achieving, Filipinos would rather be noisily degenerating.

    Pinoy nga naman talaga
    Parang aso
    Matagkad lang kapag naka-upo.

    – 😀

  8. It’s really ironic how we are too sensitive to the slightest hint of racism yet we are flat out racist ourselves. Just check out this vid:

    Hypocrisy at its best… only in the Pinas

  9. Are there any Indians demanding an apology from Michael V? Even those in the Philippines? None that I hear of. Because they know that this is good clean fun, the same way we see it. Then if another comedian from another country spoofs Filipinos, we get mad. Too much delicacy of honor and stuffy pride we need to be rid of.

  10. […] them at the moronism of Filipino “ethnic pride” exhibiting itself as a result of the Adam Carolla brouhaha. Some argue that it was an unproductive distraction. Perhaps it was considering that we got into it […]

  11. Ma Xianding · ·

    No, the Indians are too busy making money running their briefs factory, microfinancing and the sales of payong and kumot to even worry about Pinoy showbiz matters

  12. jonphil · ·

    Barking at the wrong tree – again. Wrong number called; wrong focus of energy.

    What is a comedian’s WORD compared to public officials’ actual ACTION of rape/pillage? Comedians are expected to throw humor/trash to their audience, govt officials are expected to render service to their constituents. Bash at this thick-faced penoy officials and tell them to STOP FOOLING their own countrymen.

    It’s not only FOREIGNERS laughing at the penoys but our very own LOCAL govt officials rolling on the floor in joy because, more often than not, they can get away with CRIME. Thanks to the misplaced ideology of the majority of penoys.

  13. By the way, does anyone remember Malu Fernandez?

  14. guilbautedsookie · ·

    Hi benigno I love your comment. I appreciated it. If I were saying this to I guess some classmates of mine or some relatives of mine they would have disowned me lol.

    When will our society stop dwelling on unnecessary drama and just, get on with it. I just saw Wowowee and kids were crying again and it’s not gonna guarantee them a future away from poverty I am so sick of it even if we do something, the urban poor are gonna say we’re driving them away then they ask us why we are not helping them

  15. Salamat at nakita ko ang site na to. Thank you for being sensible as I was beginning to lose faith in the Filipino people after this whole Pacquiao-Carolla affair.

    Followed in twitter as well.

  16. […] Let’s cut to the chase.  Carolla apologizes, Pacquiao accepts and asks people to understand Carolla because he is a comedian. Pacquiao also asks his fans not to blow the issue out of proportion. […]

  17. boombox · ·

    I do, that fat lady.. LOL..

    “Maarte nga daw pero sa Economy section naman sumakay…” She could have taken Business Class.. XD

  18. One word for your comment benign0: ASTIG!

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