It Ain't Over Till It's Over – Let's Party Gordon to Victory =)

I recall one commentor who said it was time for AP to roll out the propaganda machinery. Unfortunately, AP does not have machinery in the traditional sense that it has the deep pockets of the traditional politicians. AP does not need that machinery. All AP needs is a realistic attitude, deep thinking, and  people who have a zest for life.

We can wallow as victims, seeking retribution, wanting entitlements, lying on the ground bleeding, aghast seeking pity from the world at such a poor sight.  Poor us. Poor me. Poor  Philippines. Helpless. Raging at the lines, rallying with our voices screaming to high heavens  – daring the gods of Olympus, awakening the titans into a clash – all into the valley of EDSA they charged. Cannons to the right of them, Truncheons to the front of them. The sweat, the maddening crowd- all celebrating how we are being fried in our own lard by the oligarchy. Euphoria baby. Burn baby burn. Don’t you feel so drained afterwards?

Alternatively, we can sit in the massive throngs and watch a candidate parade the circus in front of us. Tumbling, cartwheels, buffonery, sleaze and all the goo which turns our brains to mush and makes us susceptible to the BS. Entertain people into an emotional state of stupor that cause them to make impaired judgment, feed em cake, and close the deal.

Alas, such is the fate of the unempowered. Or should it?

Transformers Power Up!!!

I will let you in on a secret – empowerment is not given – it is claimed. It took me such a long time to figure it out – it was just staring at me right at the face. All I had to do was to claim empowerment for myself over myself. I don’t want control over others and vice-versa. You are your own King Arthur – your act of saying I CAN and I WILL- is the time of your life when you finally draw the sword out of the rock of apathy and stupidity and claim sovereignty over yourself. You are your king, you are your kingdom, you are sovereign – YOU ARE EMPOWERED.

YOU claim it for yourself. I cannot empower YOU. Only YOU can empower yourself. Only I can empower myself. All it takes is an I WILL DO IT. No questions, not because someone said so but because your nagging questions have already been settled by your introspection beyond reasonable doubt. You are assured of the righteousness of your cause, but should you die for it? Not if you can help it – let the other fella die first.

One more thing, only empowered individuals working together empower a nation. Otherwise, you might as well be in Zombieland – as fodder for mindless zombies who feel entitled to drain you of your blood and bile.

The Party For Change

But whose talking of killing when we are out to build a nation. Nation building shouldn’t be so draining and exhausting. It should be fun. I say, it should be a party. Aha, akala mo political party sasabihin ko ano?

Why not have fun instead? -Have fun making change happen. Picnic for change. Party for change. Party to Victory!!!  Change is Fun. Nope not a political party – but a house party (as in gimik, tsibugan, kainan, chibambam, pakals) for the purpose of achieving a political goal – to elect Gordon as the President of the Republic of the Philippines – nothing less. Think about it – even if Gordon loses, at least you had fun. Ika nga ni Kahlil Gibran – when you love your work, it ceases to become work and becomes play.  Why settle for play – I say when you love your country, work ceases to become work, it becomes play, nay, party. Should we wait for that day? Hell no, we can make that happen, today! Enough of Pinoy procastination. Today, we party Gordon to victory… LOL – win/lose – it doesn’t matter. Just party on… soldier on 😉

I remember attending a lot of these parties and fish fries in the summer of 2004 in the Midsouth, in the heart of Tennessee. I was tagging along with a bossing who was running in the primaries for US Congress and got to observe first hand. The following sections provide some ideas.

If you are not used to fund-raising, well, you better get used to it. If you want to have a say in the affair of things – you better be ready to put your money where your mouth is. You know why the oligarchs can do what they want with the candidates? Because they provide campaign funds.

Who says oligarchs are the only ones who can fund candidates? It’s not about the amount – it’s that you have contributed. Any amount counts. And – the more us, little folks, who put our funds together (just like an insurance pool or a credit cooperative) in supporting a candidate – the better the chances of our candidate gaining  traction because of the resources we provide him. Don’t you feel empowered doing that? I do. This time around – we have the right to demand and hold the candidate more accountable than ever. We need to get more comfortable with the money game of politics.  Money per se is not evil – it’s how we use it which makes it evil.. or divinely sublime.

The Block Party

Anyone interested in doing a block party for Gordon? Here’s a concept or model-
[gview file=””%5D

Raise funds then donate it to Richard Gordon’s campaign box – have fun, BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Baon), Pass the hat – then contribute the collected funds to Gordon’s campaign kitty.
If you want, you can bring your wireless card and netbook to the party, and you can all donate while at the party.

You can donate using your credit/debut card, go to

Payment processing is done via paypal – that’s very secure – wanna do an Obama – this is it. Kahit $5 lang per OFW reader – it will make a big difference.Yung nasa local kahit PhP 1000 – that’s just one cel phone load.  The online donation page uses Paypal account – so far $20 pa lang na donate ko – ngayong Friday (payday) – I’ll donate some more. Baka may barya kayo.Tulungan natin si Dick Gordon – Speak with your wallet – now is the time – Put your money where your mouth is. Walk the talk.

I recall a previous bossing who said western style politics is all about the money – raising money for candidates – instead of candidates spending money to attract voters. In the latter, the candidates screw us – in the former, if the candidate messes up – he is screwed because he loses a major source of campaign funds. Sure he has some major donors but money is money. Which one do you think is the empowered voter? Are you the one being bought or are you the one buying?

My bossing said further – the candidate’s fund raising is an indicator of popular support because there are limits to individiual donations – although recently ceilings on corporate donations have been lifted
Am just sayin – let’s try it – kahit tag $2 lang for Gordon. If you believe Gordon can deliver, now is the time to be counted (naks… grassroots-oriented style of fundraising ang hirit).

Think about it… yung mga taga California – nakupow, chicken feed yung $100 – o yung mga taga Bay Area… lol

Dinner for A Cause – For A Better Philippines, Bayanihan Para sa Bagong Bayan

Dito sa hood, uso rin yung fundraising-dinner. Here’s a sample breakdown per plate:

Cost of food is only $15 (inclusive of function rooms, sound equipment)
Ticket is $25 per plate
Net of $10


  • Dancing (line dance, ball room, hip hop)
  • Prize drawings
  • Parlor games
  • Prize drawings
  • Invisible Auction

Meron kang 50 attendees – that’s $500 – net. Donate mo na kay gordon, busog ka na, sayaw to death ka pa 😆
Using the same template – you can turn it into a Picnic for a cause. Be creative.

You can do the same thing locally – kahit sa barrio – commune with our people, break bread – and spread the good news – Gordon’s the man.
Explain what’s at stake.

Community Organizing for Gordon, The Network Marketing Way

You want a fun challenge?  Here’s one. If you are all familiar with multilevel marketing or network marketing, that’s the form of organization you would like to use.

How many downlines can you have until May 9 – who will vote for Gordon – can you imagine that going viral?

Teams of 5 does the job – 7 is too big. Once you hit 7, its time to split the group into two downlines – in MLM terms, that’s a binary tree.

Each individual  recruits 5 – so on and so forth.  It is just like Amway, Forever Living. Those in the know – equip your teams with the knowledge

I kid you not – we do this right – we might just pull an upset – all the materials for handling objections to sales obections are all here – AP is your encyclopedia.

The worst thing that can happen is we fail. So what? but we will never know unless we try di ba. But, what if, we win?

Many Fun Ways to Victory

Make it fun, it should not be a “job” – party to victory – host a block party – bahala na saging basta loving.

Here are some ideas more ideas:

[gview file =””%5D

This is a must-read. You can get a lot of ideas from this:
[gview file=””%5D

If Gordon loses, so what? At the very least – you are happy with yourself – that you did not compromise your values. And that my friend is – integrity.

Party on to Victory and Integrity.

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over – We All Can Still Party Gordon to Victory =)


  1. Ray Rodriguez · ·

    This is a great idea! Astig ito!!!

  2. You know what? Your ideas here really make sense. Why don’t we start working to put our candidate to the winning path? If you can do this for Gordon, then the others can do it for their choice of candidates, too.

    All the best to you!

  3. I was buying from a home carinderia, and I saw on their TV Gordon being featured on 24 oras. Featuring the lifestyle, et al. From what I saw, this is a man who earns his wealth, not inherits it. And he most likely earns it the right way. He even said, “I do not depend on my parents.” Patama! hehehe

  4. napanood ko din. yan ang talagang nag serbisyo publiko. walang katapat.

  5. go gordon supporters! it’s only a few days left, double your effort and goodluck!

  6. Let’s do this!!!

  7. Anonylol · ·

    Could be like sort of an AP EB too wouldn’t it? At least for those of us who are close geographically. I assume most of the AP writers are overseas.

    Do you think some of the guys from PEX or wherever would come to pelt us with eggs or something?

  8. I don’t think so. They were even afraid of going to AP for the fear of being pelted with hard facts and truths 😀

  9. I mean the yellow zombies in PEX 😀

  10. […] If the recent polls are an indication, you would think that the presidency has been clinched. Let’s just say that for discussion’s sake – yes, it is clinched – is it reason enough to stop campaigning? Common wisdom says yes. But uncommon wisdom says, no – it ain’t over until the crooner sings. […]

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