Before TIME, there was "The Philippines: an Aquino makeover on the road to the Presidency ( 2009)"

The Inquirer.NET and ABS-CBN were quick to cite the recent TIME Article on Noynoy Aquino and tried to present it as a subtle endorsement by the international community when it is the farthest thing from the truth. As fellow AP author Ilda, wrote – the picture that TIME painted was not good.

In the recent “Holy Week” in the Philippines, ABS-CBN came up with a series about Cory Aquino. Jeez. It is a pathetic lame attempt to generate a sympathy bandwagon for the Cojuangco-Aquino franchise. Lamer still are the retards and morons suckered by the media company owned by Aquino crony – the Lopezes.

Oftentimes, I wonder whether the executives of ABS-CBN are downright Machiavellian media executives worthy of the Medal of Joseph Goebbels – Nazi Propaganda Minister, OR Geny Lopez likes to staff his media conglomerate with retarded sycophants who excel in  coming up with WORLD-CLASS TRASH that turns Filipinos into WORLD CLASS LOSERS.

Even before the TIME.COM article came out, Virginia Moncrieff, international correspondent of the was pretty much saying the same thing.

The Philippines has not yet recovered from its official mourning period for former President Corazon Aquino, the “mother of democracy,” who died last month. Monsoonal waves of love are still washing over her family. There has been near hysteric pressure on her only son, Senator Benigno ‘Noy Noy’ Aquino III to make a tilt for the presidency in next year’s elections. “Yes Yes! Noy Noy!” screamed one local newspaper headline.

On Wednesday Noy Noy announced he would “continue the legacy” of his mother and stand in 2010. He trotted out the usual candidate cliches at his announcement. “I want to make democracy work not only for the rich and the well connected but for everyone,” he said.

Noy Noy’s sister, TV personality Kris, has elected herself as enforcer of her rather dorky brother’s makeover. She’s encouraging him to use hair regrowth treatment, get a bit hipper in the wardrobe department and has warned any woman interested in her 49-year-old unmarried brother that she will be a total “monster sister-in-law”.

Despite the handicap of a sister who hasn’t quite mastered the art of appropriate public utterances, the family name will come in handy for Noy Noy because, despite ten years in national politics, there’s not much to indicate what he actually stands for. Several young voters I spoke to said they hope he spends the time between now and the election showing what his values are, because quite frankly, they have no idea what he represents.

Although there is one thing. Noy Noy supports the controversial Human Reproductive Health Bill which allows Filipinos access to information on family planning. The Catholic Church — which could be considered an influential wing of the government in the Philippines — has been apoplectic about the bill and is using strong arm tactics on national politicians to elicit a ‘no’ vote.

Noy Noy’s support for the bill may deliver him some of the youth and progressive vote but next year’s polls are wide open. As well as the journeyman politicians, the usual array of novelty candidates will most likely stand. There is talk of local hero and world champion boxer Manny Pacquaio standing though his appeal is limited (“You have to be joking!” say my middle class friends). Also in the ring, Joseph “Erap” Estrada — the discredited former president and film actor (a dreadful ham even by the Philippines movie industry’s low standards). Estrada is currently attracting strong popular support despite having being found guilty in a court of law, of the rather Cromwellian sounding charge of ‘plunder.’

(President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who is badly out of public favor, will step down from the premiership in June and is not eligible to stand for election again).

Can Noy Noy continue to ride on the genuine love felt for his mother (while at the same time recognizing her limitations) through to the May elections, or create a new and electable persona of his own?

The votes won’t be in for another eight months. By then Kris Aquino may have made over her brother, who this week took his first steps into claiming what he sees as his family’s dynastic destiny.

Destiny or Political Opportunism?

All this talk about destiny reminds me of the Star Wars scene where Darth Vader asks Luke to join the dark side.

But, where Luke had the good sense to refuse, Noynoy Aquino succumbed to the dark side. Indeed, the oligarch-centric politics that has made the Philippines the surreal hell hole that it is Noynoy’s destiny. Destiny? The dude can’t even wear his clothes right!

What part of this sentence do Pinoys not understand? –

On Wednesday Noy Noy announced he would “continue the legacy” of his mother and stand in 2010. He trotted out the usual candidate cliches at his announcement. “I want to make democracy work not only for the rich and the well connected but for everyone,” he said.

A Destiny of Missed Opportunities

What messages will go over the head of Da Pinoy this time around? We Pinoys missed the message of Newsweek, we missed the message of Time, we missed the message of Huffington Post, we missed the message of Adam Carolla, we missed the message of Chip Tsao, we missed the message of Alec Baldwin – we also missed the prosperity that has come to the ASEAN, except the Philippines.

An impending Aquino victory sends the message that the Philippines will be in for another round of missed opportunities – and this time around, the abnoyistas have no one else to blame but themselves. Though, the track record of abnoyistas when it comes to thinking does not mean much given that Noynoy’s eight bills in three years is performance enough for these sorry bunch of people who dare call themselves Filipinos.

We Pinoys are so kind to a fault, that even if we are being fried in our own lard, we make sure to compliment the chef. Can you imagine the Jews in Auschwitz voting for Adolf Hitler? Now you can, just watch the Filipinos put the candidates who can be categorized as – do nothing, stole everything, and will steal everything – into the presidency, frakking idiots!



  1. I have been looking at the mainstream mass media this elections, and I have not seen them much say anything negative about Noynoy, Erap or even Madrigal. Meanwhile, almost everyday, the news are spun negatively for Villar and Gibo, while the rest of the Presidential candidates are generally ignored…

    Of course we know, PGMA is the mass media’s favorite punching bag.

    Sad to see that the Philippine’s mass media with its bias is proving itself to be the real anti-pinoy!

  2. Bong V,

    “. . . frakking idiots!”

    But how do you really feel about it? Ahahahahaha

    This penchant for being “nice” – as in forgiving or blind or trusting in the face of all evidence – is an interesting perspective. The drama of governance is taken up as if it were one of the tear-laden soaps on ABS-CBN where hearts go out to imaginary people, the roles played by the same characters over and over again. Or their kids. It is a very shallow engagement of the brain, a quality television foments in spades.

    If I take it a cut deeper, I believe it comes from centuries of most citizens not having any power, and the habit of bending to those who do have it.

    My perverse thinking comes up with the notion that Noynoy would make a better presidential candidate for someone interested in building an internet force that aims to change government, for he is more malleable than Mr. Villar. It is a backward strategic reason, and it assumes the internet can be used for something other than bouncing words off the impenetrable brains of those with their axes already ground.


  3. There must be a fairly good reason why the media are all over in Noynoy’s favour.

    Kapuso (inquirer is owned by GMA) and Kapamilya seldom come to terms on their competition and it has been “bloody”.

    It’s probably that they favour an idealistic image over the obvious proven implementers like Gordon. Or the policies of these people pushed forward have some “strangle” effect to their media dominance. I’m interested to know.

    I foresee Noynoy will have his hands full in chasing the Arroyos. This way he’ll have a constant feed of good rating from people by having a major scapegoat to his most likely failings being not too impressive in his legislative records.

  4. I can already see a government whose only reason for existence is to go after Arroyo – because THE AQUINOS JUST WANT IT ALL FOR THEMSELVES. Sinong niloko nila?

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    Paano yan, everytime may brownout – Aquino will just say we are busy restoring democracy… when all you want is to have the electricity restored – WTF.

  5. welll just in case abnoy wins…. we better flag all those pro abnoy blogs (and friends). they should know they are the ones to be blamed…

  6. Joe:

    What do i feel about it… the centuries of the illusion of most citizens not having any power are over. At the end of the day, without foot soldiers willing to submit to discipline – there will be no generals.

    However, the illusion is sustained by tradition and conditioning by media. Thus, the need to create a counterculture that will rip apart the moronisms which ABS-CBN force feeds down the throats of an audience that doesn’t know any better.

    I dunno about this malleability thing, I do know Cory was “malleable” – to the oligarchs, NOT to the citizenry. In my book, “malleable” is synonymous to wimp and push-over – not my kind of president. Gordon’s the man – and Noynoy is midget who stands on the shoulders of pygmies.

  7. Shaddap · ·

    Filipinos are lazy to think. Everything is go with the flow… Wing it… Play it by ear… Jump in with the band-wagon… Give ’em what they want… Follow the crowd…

    Well, what if the crowd is wrong and YOU are supposed to be the leader?

    Still follow?

    That, my friends, is why the Philippines is LOSERVILLE.

  8. boombox · ·

    I was expecting…

    DO NOT WANT!!!!

    for Noy2x to lead our country..

  9. I may have to disagree with you calling the content delivered by Philippine Media “world-class trash”. It may be trash but it definitely ain’t world-class. I’ve seen trash TV shows produced in the U.S. and Japan. And indeed they are trash, but they are exported worldwide and earn BIG BUCKS for their producers. Now that is what I call world-class trash. They can sell anything — even their trash! 😀

    Compare that to Philippine entertainment products. Even the gems among them (by Pinoy standards) cannot find a significant and consistent overseas market.

  10. This is such a funny article!!! 🙂

    But what’s not funny is that despite the number of people who have shared my blog about
    Time’s profile on Noynoy, none of the people I know who I know are voting for Noynoy have switched to someone else .They are still solid on Noynoy! 😦

    I can’t give up! I have been put here on earth to try and destroy the Aquinitrix!


    The Aquino/Cojuangco clan has been in or around our political arena for so long now, But these animals are not in politics because they cared for the filipinos or the country,but to protect their own interest…And we can start with BENIGNO AQUINO Sr.–Now if there is a monster that has put our country and its people close to their death, it would not be anyone ,but that monster… He sold us out to the japanese puppet governemnt,and got a way with it…To this day,They dont dare talk about that animal..Ninoy Aquino was NO hero, what did he ever do for the country anyway..NONE !!!! he wants to play grab ass with ferdinand,and his henchman,so he got his ass whoop,and rumors has it,that it was cory’s cousin,that got him that plane ticket to hell..and Tita Cory..sure, she gave us democracy,BUT TOOK EVERYTHING ELSE ..she pass the land reform laws,but she gave her relatives a chance to landgrab somemore…and now NOYNOY..are you fucking kidding ??? Every Aquino that gets involved in politics…people just magically get massacred, WHY IS THAT ??? and the funny thing of it alll, Most of the politicans that has been constantly remiding us of the Marcos atrocities, that they claimed happened to them are the same monsters of today,that are installing NOYNOY, ever since these TRAPOS got themselves in Pinoy politics,OUR COUNTRY HAS CONSISTENTLY BEEN GOING DOWN….The Vietnam war ended in 78′, and they have a better economy than us,We are bigger than this country,We have more resources…THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY WRONG IN OUR COUNTRY, AND BY NOW WE KNOW THAT ITS THE LEADERSHIP,OUR WORTHLESS POLITICANS..ALL OF THEM INCOMPETENT AND CORRUPT,AND IF WE MAKE ANOTHER MISTAKE THIS ELECTION.. WITH THE CURRENT WORLD ECONOMIC SITUATION.. WE WILL BE THE NEXT SOMALIA IN ASIA..heck even Cambodia ios better than us now…STOP NOYNOY NOW !!! ITIGIL NYO YANG KABOBOHAN AT ELECT NYO ANG KARAPATDAPAT…cause if you own a bakery,you cannot go out and hire a pedicab driver to make bread…NOYNOY IS NOT QUALIFIED…he cant even take care of his personal hygiene,so dont even try to install that punk to the presidency..

  12. Da Pinoy’s definition of Leader is a person who goes with “collective consensus” aka the mob.

  13. Rex Ian Sayson · ·

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share a reflection I’ve been going through some time now about “wasted votes”. Is there really such a thing?

    Which vote is a wasted vote? The one used to give the best candidate a fighting chance, or the one used to let a supposed front-runner’s backers control the outcome with unscientific surveys? Having generated the largest business portfolio for my previous company using market research, it really bothers me that the methodologies behind the various election surveys seem so loose that the results are practically useless except for whatever agendas those who paid for the surveys may have.

    For example, if Noynoy A is really the front-runner, how come most people I speak with are supporting Gordon?

    Obviously since I’m not a Villar-ionaire I can’t do a proper survey myself at this point, but it’s very worrying – look at the financial crisis caused by believing too much in credit ratings paid for by the companies being rated themselves – how much misery has been caused by this ill-placed compianza? Should we peg our faith in getting the leaders we deserve on unscientific surveys, or should we peg our faith on finding the best fit candidate for our country’s needs?

    What would you like our country to have achieved 6 years from now? How do we measure the achievements we would like our people to have accomplished in 6 years, 12 years, 24 years, and what kind of proven accomplishments let us know which candidates are the best choice?

    I am sure different voters will have different criteria, and different results, but I hope you’d help spread the word to let the best candidate win, and not necessarily the ones pre-selected by paid-for survey companies. Personally, I’m impressed with this platform and the values, qualifications and experience behind it

    Just to share, where I’m from, I can go jogging at night, there’s a functioning public library, LTO transactions take 15 minutes, public school students have international-standard classrooms, and it doesn’t even need to collect the same taxes as Makati. Do we want to just survive in our country, or really live?

    I believe our people will make the right choice if we just remind ourselves to stay focused on what this election is about – our future, our dreams, and our loved ones.

    May the best candidate win.

    What do you think? Please spread the word to everyone you care about also

    Cheers 🙂

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