In the News: RP's biggest group of cooperatives endorses Gordon (Philstar – 04/20/2010)

It is heartening to see cooperatives endorse Gordon. For one good reason, cooperatives represent the small and medium enterprises – Filipinos who generate jobs and create opportunities for themselves and other Filipinos.

RP’s biggest group of cooperatives endorses Gordon

By Mike Frialde (The Philippine Star) Updated April 20, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines –  The country’s biggest group of cooperatives has thrown its support behind the presidential bid of Bagumbayan bet Sen. Richard Gordon.

In a statement, the 10-million strong Cooperative Union of the Philippines, through its secretary-general Felix Borja, said it has also entered into a covenant with Gordon “to complement each other’s efforts to bring about a better quality of life to the masses of people with limited means.”

Borja and Gordon signed the covenant last Sunday during the 19th General Assembly of the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Pinamungahan, Cebu attended by more than 3,000 cooperative members and leaders.

Lamac, a multi-awarded cooperative, is the biggest cooperative in the Visayas with more than 46,000 members in Cebu province alone.

Sen. Gordon is the most qualified presidential candidate because of his record of leadership, integrity and competence. We believe he is the only one who can help the cooperative sector because he is the only candidate who has the track record to make things happen,” Borja said.

Sen. Gordon is the intelligent and competent alternative to the ‘politics of personalities’ that has marred the country’s presidential elections in the 24 years after martial law. And his intelligence and competence is accompanied by his big heart for the poor,” he added.

Gordon also graced the launching of CUP’s sunflower development project in the Visayas, considered a long-term and sustainable agricultural stimulus program that would convert about 600,000 hectares of unutilized and marginalized agricultural lands nationwide into productive use.

Borja said CUP’s endorsement of Gordon does not violate the sector’s non-partisan character but “actually reinforces our political obligation to choose the leaders whom we feel will help us attain the development goals of the sector.”

“Cooperatives in other countries are able to elect their leaders into office. It is high time for cooperative members to let their voices be heard in the country’s electoral exercises,” Borja said.

If the federation’s 10 million membership delivers, and further assuming that all the federation’s members are registered voters – then, that’s roughly 25% of registered voters. Ain’t that exciting?

As election day grows near – your campaigning activities should more or less become a routine

What can you and I do to bring the numbers higher?

Here’s what – if you are a member of Jaycees, Lions, Rotarians, Kiwanis – do a house party.

You can also organize a get out the vote campaign for Gordon.

“Get out the vote” (or “getting out the vote”; GOTV) are terms used to describe two categories of political activity, both aimed at increasing the number of votes cast in one or more elections.

Non-partisan contexts

In non-partisan contexts, “Get out the vote” is a slogan (and “get out the vote” is a generic grammatical predicate) used by non-partisan organizations, such as the League of Women Voters, Rock the Vote, Long Distance Voter,[1] and GoVoteAbsentee,[2] motivated by the belief that failure of any eligible voter to vote in any election entails a loss to society.

Campaign contexts

In contexts of the efforts of candidates, party activities and ballot measure campaigns, “get-out-the-vote” or “GOTV” is an adjective indicating having the effect of increasing the number of the campaign’s supporters who will vote in the immediately approaching election. (As a noun, “get out the vote” or “GOTV” is shorthand for either “get-out-the-vote activities” or “the previously planned get-out-the-vote portion of our campaign”.)

Usually, GOTV is distinguishable from earlier activities necessary to carrying it out. That is, GOTV includes telephoning known supporters on the days leading up to an election (or on election day itself) or providing transport to and from polling stations for supporters, whereas canvassing and the process of identifying supporters usually takes place earlier in a campaign.

Other GOTV activities include literature drops early on election day or the evening before and an active tracking of eligible voters who have already voted.

The importance of get out the vote efforts increases as the total percentage of the population voting decreases. For instance, with only two-thirds of the population voting in a Canadian election it is often far easier and more cost effective to ensure that a hundred supporters show up on polling day than it is to convince a hundred voters to switch support from one party to the other. This has also tended to polarize electoral politics. A 90% turnout from a party’s radical base is often better than a 50 percent turnout from both radical and moderate supporters.

GOTV can also be extremely important in high turn-out elections when they are extremely close.

source: Wikipedia

Here is a sample telephone script to get out the vote, when calling your friends or making cold calls or cold canvass even.


Hi, is _____________ (first name) there?
Hi, my name is ____________ (your first name) and I’m a volunteer with Gordon For President. On Tuesday, we have a
chance to have an impact on who’s elected to become President of the Philppines and we want to make sure that every registered voter in our community goes to the polls. Do you intend to vote?

If they say yes, I intend to vote:

Great! Do you have any questions about where to vote?
[If yes, tell them to look on their voter registration card where the information about where to vote is listed. If no,
thank them and say good night.]

If they say no, I’m not voting:

Well, we are the only people that can make change in our community. If we all vote on Tuesday, we win! Can we count on your vote? Do you have any questions or need help to make it easier to vote? Like a ride to the polls?
[Allow them to answer the question. If they want to vote, but have an obstacle, help them solve it. If they have given up on
voting, let them know how vital it is for everyone to vote.]

Thanks and have a great night!

Keep lifting Philippines. Keep chipping at the edges. Keep your focus.

Let’s Get our Sh*t Together, Walk with a Big Dick! Vote for Dick Gordon. 😀



  1. When people are well-informed, financially self-sufficient and apolitical, their eyes don’t have scales to see who’s more competent.

  2. I wonder why this wasn’t FRONT PAGE MATERIAL? It’s certainly huge news considering the amount of voters involved there. hmmm…

    Maybe I already know the answer.

  3. brianitus · ·

    I hope these people follow through with that commitment. Big boost yan.

    I’d like to think that people for real change and progress are the silent majority and not as those stupid surveys portray. Hopefully that becomes fact in May.

    Go Gordon!

  4. Go go Gordon!!!

  5. Indeed. Indeed.

  6. waitwat · ·

    Gordon. Hindi ka namin ramdam sa Parañaque. 😦

  7. […] values – integrity, passion, ability, credibility, vision. The sort of values which lead to a brighter destiny – Sen. Richard […]

  8. One thing I was a bit disappointed though is they did it quite late (but welcome nonetheless). I guess if they had decided few months early, it could have influenced more apolitical groups and the undecided.

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