In the News: DZMM Interview with Dick Gordon

Mainstream media is purposely depriving people of the message from alternative candidates. But once in awhile media just has to deal with the candid truths presented by Gordon, and how to address these as well.

The following videos were compiled from Youtube for your convenient reference.

Interview by Alvin Elchico and Lynda Jumilla.

Assessment of the Elections. Surveys. Winnability. Issues not Surveys. Debates Not Surveys. People are casualties due to the lack of debates. Oligarchs. All positions in Tarlac held by Aquinos and Cojuangcos. Legacy includes collaboration with Japanese (BV – executed for treason) .


Change. Vote Buying. Jesus Chris and Beinte mil. Comparing the national development of the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore.


Villar and Poverty


Debates and Anak ng Diyos



One comment

  1. I am an INC member. I am currently based in the United States. I have followed and watched Senator Gordon’s career during his years as the SBMA Chairman. It is rare to have a presidential candidate who has all the qualities in which our country badly needed to lead the people to prosperity. Many of our members are pleading to our Church Leaders to endorse Senator Gordon. I am not about to criticize our leaders, but I am convinced if he becomes the country’s next president, our country will go through a huge transformation in which every Filipino citizen can embrace. The PDI reports that there are only 2 million members of the INC. I am not going into details, but if you analyze it very closely the INC has been around since 1914. Do you really think there are only 2 million members? The Church had spread to over 88 countries worldwide. Out of 50 million registered voters in the Philippines, I can only imagine the percentage of bloc votes that can be gathered to one candidate that will catapult him to Malacanang. I hope and prayed that man is Senator Richard Dick Gordon.

    This is what I am looking forward to if Senator Gordon wins the presidency. He said he will be a salesman president. He will approach big companies worldwide to invest in the Philippines just like what he did with FedEX with a new hope of creating new jobs for our countrymen.

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