Are Oligarch-owned Companies Bullying Employees To Vote for Noynoy Aquino?

I read recently that companies owned by oligarchs are having surveys about who their employees are voting for. That’s fine. What’s not right is when companies bully their employees into voting for Aquino. What that implies is that people are being made to vote for Noynoy under coercive conditions. If that isn’t an indicator of how things can get worse under another Aquino presidency, I don’t know what else to say.

A typical scenario involves a situation similar to the one described by an AP commenter that Belinda Olivares Cunanan has been asked by Inquirer president Isagani Yambot to take leave of absence because of her pro-Gibo and pro-GMA articles. If this is true, I would like to suggest to Mr Yambot to SHUT THE INQUIRER DOWN because of its PRO-AQUINO articles.

Is the Trying Hard Aquino-Slanted News of Inquirer an Indicator of Employer Bullying?

Take for example, this trying hard to spin by Lira Dilangin for Noynoy despite the obvious. In this story, Expats, envoys think Gordon is best person to run RP, the crap of Isagani Yambot’s newspaper comes across as lame and pathetic.

Expats, envoys think Gordon is best person to run RP
By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez First Posted 15:21:00 03/18/2010 Filed Under: Elections, Eleksyon 2010, Politics, Inquirer Politics

MANILA, Philippines—Foreign business executives and members of the diplomatic community in the Philippines believe Senator Richard Gordon would be best person to run the country in the next six years. But given the chance to cast their votes, they said they would go for the winnable, Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. (BV: if Aquino is winning, it is bad for business to go against the winner – even if the winner is a retard, more so if the winner is a retard.)

In a mock polls conducted at the quarterly round table of the Wallace Business Forum Thursday in Shangri-la Hotel in Makati City, Gordon topped the list of candidates business executives think “can do the best job.”

Gordon is followed by administration candidate Gilbert Teodoro, Senator Manuel Villar, Aquino and former president Joseph Estrada.

A total of 35 executives of multinational companies and members of the diplomatic community participated in the mock polls. They were asked to rank the five candidates based on the questionnaire.

(BV: Here’s where the news, turned into spin. )

It was Aquino, however, whom the respondents think would win from the field of five choices. They also ranked Aquino their number one choice if they could vote in the May elections.

(BV: The expats were doing business and sensing the way things get done in the Philippines – go with the winning candidate so that you don’t encounter problems in your business later on. Candidates have a history of vindictiveness and expat businesses would rather protect their bottom line. )

Villar came second to Aquino in the most winnable candidate, followed by Estrada, Teodoro and Gordon.

As for their choice of candidate if they could vote, Teodoro placed second, followed by Villar, Gordon and Estrada.

Teodoro was the group’s special guest during the forum. He presented his platform on Charter change, reproductive health, peace and order, the economy and gave his view on the controversy surrounding the appointment of the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Asked to rank Teodoro in a scale of 10, with 10 as the highest, Peter Wallace, the head of the forum, gave the administration bet a 7 or 8.

“He obviously understands the issues very well. I think the various questions that are being raised to him, which concerns the business community, it seems he understands and I think he has come up with arguments and reassurances that reassures us,” Wallace said.

Source:, Accessed April 23, 2010

I don’t know whether Lira was coerced by Yambot or Yambot’s surrogates to come up with such an asinine take on the news.

Or whether Peter Wallace has lived in the Philippines too long that he has been eaten up the winnability virus himself. It’s one of those days when one looks for a Clarence Henderson (may his DNA rest in peace).
Are Oligarch-Owned Companies Virtual Vote Farms of the Oligarchy?

There is no reason not to believe that the same scene could be happening In offices, stores, factories all over the Philippines. As far as Noynoy’s oligarch backers are concerned, the employees who work for oligarch-owned companies are part of the vote farms – huge voting blocs that can be commanded to vote based on the orders from the top guy of each company.

Thus, an employee in any of the branches of these companies may be subtly bullied to vote for Noynoy or their jobs can suffer.

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation
Allied Bank
Araneta Center
Asia Brewery
Asia United Bank
Ayala Corporation
Ayala Malls
Banco de Oro Universal Bank (BDO)
Banco Santander
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Bayan Telecommunications Inc.
Benpres Holdings
Cebu Pacific Air
China Banking Corporation
Chinatrust Commercial Bank (Philippines)
Cignal Digital TV
Concepcion Industries
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
Digital Telecommunications Philippines (Digitel)
East West Bank (Philippines)
Equitable PCI Bank( now BDO )
Eton Properties Philippines
Export and Industry Bank (Exportbank)
Flying V
Fortune Tobacco
GE Money Bank
Global Destiny Cable
Globe Telecom
GMA Network,Inc.
GMA Network,Inc.
Greenhills Shopping Center
International Exchange Bank (iBank)
JG Summit Holdings
Land Bank of the Philippines (Landbank)
Manila Electric Company (Meralco)
Manila Water
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)
Petron Corporation
Philippine Airlines (PAL)
Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM)
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)
Philippine National Bank (PNB)
Philippine National Oil Company
Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank)
Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB)
Philtrust Bank
Planters Development Bank (Plantersbank)
Red Mobile
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
Robinsons Malls
Rockwell Center
San Miguel Brewery
San Miguel Corporation
Security Bank
Shangri-La Plaza
SM Prime Holdings
Smart Communications
Standard Chartered Bank
Sun Cellular
Talk ‘N Text – A subsidiary of SMART Communications
Touch Mobile – A subsidiary of Globe Telecom
Union Bank of the Philippines (Unionbank)
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)
Universal Robina

The irony of it is that employees are being made to campaign for Aquino – a candidate who is about to make their lives worse – one who will perpetuate the continuous stranglehold of the oligarch families on the economy and the government machinery! Change of men in government without a change in men’s criteria for a leader will lead the Philippines to its rendezvous with destiny – in the haciendero’s dumpster.

The list does not include the companies owned by regional oligarchs – the Osmeñas of Cebu, the Antoninos of Gen Santos, the Dominguezes and Chongbians of South Cotabato, the Magsaysays in Nueva Ecija, the Plazas in Agusan, the Dimaporos in Lanao.I wouldn’t be surprised if the core group of the back office that manages the logistics of the Aquino campaign come from the managerial ranks of the oligarch-owned companies listed above. I would even speculate that the mid-level and senior executives participation in the Aquino campaign is a half-assed halfwitted act to ingratiate themselves to the head honchos – the oligach owners of said companies.

The biggest losers will be the employees who are being cooked in their own lard. Employees who vote for a candidate who will:

  • keep salaries very low
  • deny you of other better high paying job opportunities
  • deny you of better services for your money
  • deny you of better benefits
  • support union-busting
  • support labor contracting only
  • limit your opportunities for creating personal wealth and financial independence (kami lang)

—- while ensuring Geny Lopez, Lucio Tan, and Jaime Zobel de Ayala are in the Global Fortune 500 list.

You can’t get wealthy overnight, but a candidate who can create a policy environment more conducive to equitable growth increases your chances. I don’t think an oligarch-funded candidate like Noynoy will do justice to such a goal.

Don’t get angry, get even with the oligarchs
– Vote for Sen. Richard Gordon. 😀

The Possibilities of a Bradley Effect

Connecting the poll surveys with Lira’s report indicates that a moderate to high probability of the Bradley effect. Why? Because people do agree that Gordon is the best candidate – it’s just that he is perceived to be not “winnable”. The fact is people recognize Gordon is the best candidate.  That’s the hardest part – identifying who really is the best candidate. The next hardest part is communicating ones preference given the herd mentality. Pinoys who are being surveyed might say “Noynoy Aquino” since that seems to be the politically correct answer, para “in” – when in their minds they are really thinking of Richard Gordon – much like the foreign executives cited by the Inquirer.

You can only coerce, sucker, con,  and bully people for so long, before they figure it out – or at least a majority or a sizeable number that nearly makes a majority, figures it out.

Yup,.the oligarchs have been making fools of Filipinos for so long, and its up to the Filipinos to step up their game – or be damned to repeating the oligarch-fueled cycle of mediocracy, impunity, and poverty – and be greater fools.
All this Bullying Is Consistent With The Oligarch Legacy of Dubiousness and Duplicity Exemplifed by the Aquinos

The funny thing with this top-down play is that when the foot-soldiers are asked why they voted for Noynoy, they cannot provide a personally-relevant answer except for platitudes.

That’s because the decision to choose Noynoy came not from introspection based on ability but an appeal to a bandwagon – winnability and a deference to “perceived “authority”. The motivations are therefore superificial – and the Aquino supporters being unable to provide reason will just OUTSHOUT YOU WITH one-liners – just like their BOSSES commanding them to suspend disbelief and vote for AQUINO .

Here’s a typical assertion of Juan Schmoe – “Si Ninoy na bayani ang tatay ni Noy. Hindi niya sisirain ang pangalan niya.”.

Such an assertion does not really hold water when placed against the facts.

Fact:  Servillano Aquino sided with the Emilio Aguinaldo – The Architect of Andres Bonifacio’s Execution

Servillano Aquino y Aguilar (April 20, 1874 – February 2, 1959) was a Filipino general during the Philippine Revolution against Spain (1896–1898), and the Philippine-American War (1898–1902). He served as a delegate to the Malolos Congress and was the grandfather of Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. (Ninoy).

In 1896, Aquino became a mason and joined the Katipunan. He was also elected mayor of Mucia, Tarlac and, under General Francisco Makabulos, he organized the Filipino revolutionary forces against the Americans. He was promoted to major, but was defeated in the battle at Mount Sinukuan in Arayat, Pampanga. After the Pact of Biak-na-Bato was signed, Aquino was exiled to Hong Kong together with Emilio Aguinaldo and the revolutionary government. He returned to the Philippines in 1898, and joined General Antonio Luna to fight against the American forces. Together they attacked Manila but retreated to Mount Sinukuan. On September 1902, he surrendered and was jailed in Bilibid Prison, and sentenced to hang. However, United States President Theodore Roosevelt gave Aquino pardon after two years.

On February 3, 1959, at the age of 84, Aquino died of a heart attack.

Fact:  Benigno Aquino, Sr – Japanese Collaborator, Tried for Treason

Being among the more prominent Commonwealth officials left after the Commonwealth government went into exile in 1941, Aquino were among those recruited by the Japanese to form a government. Aquino became the director-general of KALIBAPI and one of the two assistant chairmen of the Preparatory Commission for Philippine Independence. When the Second Philippine Republic was inaugurated, he was elected Speaker of the National Assembly. He later served as Vice-President under Laurel.

In December 1944, as the American forces continued their advance to liberate the Philippines from Japanese forces, the government of the Second Philippine Republic was moved to Baguio which included Aquino before they flew to Japan where together with other officials they were arrested and imprisoned at the Sugamo Prison when the Japanese surrendered. On August 25, 1946, Aquino was flown back to the Philippines for his trial on treason charges by the People’s Court, a few weeks later he was released on bail.

Based on the facts one can state – yung tatay ni Ninoy, ang lolo ni Noynoy as binitay for treason – SI NINOY AT NOYNOY di na kailang sirain ang pangalan dahil dati ng SIRA. Ang mga Aquino ay mga traidor na bumenta sa Pilipino sa hapon – kahit yung great grandfather niya, kaanib ng mga pwersang nagpapapatay kay Andres Bonifacio.


In less than two weeks (as of writing this piece), the Filipino nation will take to the ballots.

As long as the ballots have not been counted, yet – this election is not over yet. The best and proven way to deal with the lies of the oligarch media is to bring it out in open air and douse it with the truth.

Sure the oligarchy has money and deep pockets, but the oligarchy cannot stop an idea whose time has come.

There is only one way to find out if change can take place in the Philippines – and it boils down to us, the voters, to go out, to campaign, to knock on doors, to discuss the issues rationally , to make phone calls, to vote.  To act in any which way you can, with all our abilities – to do the heavy lifting of getting a “champion” into the Presidency.





  1. sa Araneta Center, nakita ko ang mga security guard na nagbabantay ng pila ng mga taxi na may hawak ng tig-isang bundle ng yellow ribbon stickers..
    kinakabit nila ang sticker sa likod nga mga FX na hindi muna nagpapaalam sa driver..
    ang kawawang driver, hindi makareklamo kasi nakikipila lang sya eh..

    sa isa sa mga kumpanyang nabanggit mo dyan, ang co.-wide newsletter this month ay may special feature on the ‘yellow’ wristwatch at isang write-up about Cory Aquino..all praises of course..
    kaya narinig ko yung empleyado na, ‘kung si (pangalan ng may-ari) nga Noynoy eh!’ kaya yun na rin ang iboboto nila..

  2. check this facebook note:

    i saw my kuya wearing yellow team baller then i said: my gosh! why are u wearing that? his reply? “my boss will terminate my contract, along with my other colleagues if he finds out wer not wearing the ballers.” ohh..anu ba yan!

  3. That is exactly why the labor laws in this country need a comprehensive overhaul, and exactly what will not happen if certain people are elected. In the US, any boss that tried to pull that crap would have the EEOC on his case so fast it would knock his back teeth loose.

  4. Dudeski · ·

    That’s low! Who has the right mind to do such thing… Fine! Let them vote for Noynoy! Its not the people who wins… Its the Oligarch’s with Noynoy as their band-leader who wins…

    If they want to be richer… GO TO AMERICA!

  5. Kaya pala nakakapagtaka na madaming sasakyan (yung puro high end pa) ang meron nakakabit na yellow “ribbon” sa likod, pati mga taxi driver.

  6. John Amend-All · ·

    What has happened recently in Britain gives me some hope. UK also has an election coming up, May 6. In Britain the ruling party is always Labour or Conservative. The third party, Liberal Democrat, typically picks up about 20%of the vote. In this election for the first time 3 live national debates are being screened and so far the leader of the Lib Dems has trounced the main party leaders. After the first debate the Lib Dems rating went up to 30% and has stayed there. It now looks as though they will be participating in some sort of coalition government.

    I think the lesson for us that once people are alerted to the existence of Richard Gordon they will look for themselves at his record and platform. Perhaps he needs some kind of outrageous stunt that will guarantee publicity and watch the people take it from there.


  7. This is an unfair labor practice. Employers like this should be brought to court.

    One more reason not to vote this guy. Madaya talaga.

  8. BongV, About that lineage you pointed out, the bucks started when Ninoy came out prison — a complete change man willing to die and unwilling to run politically. He was the same old trapo prior to that.

    Nonoy must have understood that well. And probably he has clean intentions except of course he doesn’t have the brains.

  9. oceanofred · ·

    It’s really unfair for these companies to have this kind of practices. Seriously, everyone has to have their own will to vote.

    I remember, sabi ng relative ko, ang business sector daw is for Noynoy because they fear that their businesses will be endangered once a change in Constitution will be made. I don’t know, I really feel bad about this and I can’t even express it into words. Goodness.

  10. dagdag:
    sa opis, naka-block na agad ang anti-pinoy a day after kong bisitahin itong site na ito..
    para siguro di masyadong halata, yung fashion blogs na regularly ko binibisita for months now, ni-block nila 2 days after kong bisitahin ang antipinoy..

  11. Coming from you Momblogger, it shows that it ain’t no joke… company owners and executives are forcing their biases on their employees. One reason to hate working here.

  12. Your ITs are Noydrones.

    They are many. They are mindless.

  13. you can use the Xerobank browser to bypass the firewall – or go to

  14. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by antipinoy: New post: Are Oligarch-owned Companies Bullying Employees To Vote for Noynoy Aquino? (

  15. ngayon..feeling ko tuloy yung plan ni Erap i-change yung Constitution nung sya ang Pres. yung main reason na minadali nila siyang i-oust..

  16. thanks for the tip, BongV!

  17. A typical posturing by business owners to protect their interest once Noynoy sit in in power. One reason that even minimum wage law is a lot harder to implement is business owners maintained strong ties to people in power.

  18. WOW. So much for business just being about profits and prosperity. What a nasty bias.

  19. Sadly these guys had the right idea. Why go to America when they can set up camp here, fool the masses and create the illusion so ultimately, its going back to their pockets anyway.

    Its the old concept of the rich get richer while the poor get more fucked up. The one where only about 20% of the population control nearly 75% of the wealth of the country.

  20. I remember, sabi ng relative ko, ang business sector daw is for Noynoy because they fear that their businesses will be endangered once a change in Constitution will be made. I don’t know, I really feel bad about this and I can’t even express it into words. Goodness.

    Because its going to threaten their sordid way of living. Seriously there is nothing democratic about what is happening with this.

  21. Jean Lefevre · ·

    We still look like a retarded version of medieval Europe, or France before the French invented the guillotine. Lords holding sway over the masses, forcing on them their wills.

    To hell with Noynoy, I am not his serf.

  22. Dalisay Garcia · ·

    “A total of 35 executives of multinational companies and members of the diplomatic community participated in the mock polls. They were asked to rank the five candidates based on the questionnaire.”

    35 IS NOT a statistically significant sample. You CANNOT draw conclusions from such a survey with very few participants.

    Look instead at this: Maybe you’ll have your own spin on this?

    Peace 🙂

  23. brianitus · ·

    Hi, Dalisay!

    Here’s another version of that survey story:

    Is it the same story?

    Or are there two versions of the ING Dashboard report?

    Here’s the url of the most recent ING Dashboard Report:

  24. brianitus · ·

    Oh, here’s another version of the story. This time from Philippine Star:

    The article link you posted originally came from the Now I’m wondering why it’s only them that carried that Aquino story.

  25. aquarian17 · ·

    Nope not in Allied Bank. Blocked pa nga site ni villar and noynoy.

  26. guilbautedsookie · ·

    Well hoping tomorrow I’d still be allowed to enter the BIR office to eat after I said that Noynoy is an f’g retard

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