Does an Aquino loss automatically mean there was massive cheating?

Filipinos Should Protect the Ballot – Against Noynoy Aquino

Do you really believe that just because Noynoy lost, he was cheated? Survey are snapshots of a general frame of mind during a certain period in time. Just because there is a preference for one candidate does not mean that the preference will be sustained until election day. Many things can still happen – the ball is round, it ain’t over till the last vote is counted.

The oligarch-owned broadcast media of ABS-CBN is once again undertaking another psyops. It is currently conditioning the people’s minds to the presumptuous belief that the only way for Noynoy Aquino to lose this election is for Noynoy to be cheated.


Psychological operations (frequently abbreviated PSYOP) is a long-standing term of military art designating the employment of certain dedicated communications assets … in support of combat operations. However, the term is sometimes also used in a broader and less technical sense to refer to a range of psychological warfare activities conducted by civilian as well as military organizations.
— Frank R. Barnett and Carnes Lord, introduction, in Barnett and Lord, eds. “Political Warfare and Psychological Operations: Rethinking the US Approach,” (Washington, DC: National Defense University Press, 1989), p. xi

PSYOP “consists of political, military, and ideological actions conducted to create in target groups behavior, emotions, and attitudes that support the attainment of national objectives. …. PSYOP can be used to demoralize, disorient, and confuse hostile groups. … It can also be used to unite, inform, and bolster the morale of nonhostile groups. When targeting neutral or friendly groups, it is used to support military objectives by developing cooperative attitudes and behavior in the target group.”
— Alfred H. Paddock, Jr., “Military Psychological Operations,” in Barnett and Lord, eds., p. 45

PSYOP is essentially another name for aggressive public relations propaganda:“psychological-political operations need not be undertaken only in a context of military conflict.”
Carnes Lord, “The Psychological Dimension in National Strategy,” p. 17

Since we are now treading on the edges of the Twilight Zone, I raise the ante – what if the results turned out to be a massive vote for Sen. Richard Gordon? Sure thing, you can say I am hallucinating, delusional – but, the question remains – what if Gordon wins?

Does this mean Richard Gordon cheated Noynoy Aquino of victory? Will Noynoy’s supporters flock to the streets and attempt to install Noynoy via a populist putsch? Quite preposterous and assuming of Noynoy Aquino, and his supporters – shame on all of you!

Oligarch Media and Its Efforts to Derail the Elections

ABS-CBN recently released a floater –

MANILA, Philippines—The security of the first nationwide automated elections in May is in the hands of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) “Makatarungan” Class of 1978, the batch that adopted President Arroyo as honorary member.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), from the top, is packed with President Arroyo’s “mistahs.”

At the Philippine National Police (PNP), Class ’78 has yet to clinch the topmost positions, but shows they are well-placed on the ground, especially in vote-rich regional commands.

Class ’78 has total or partial control of the 17 Joint Security Control Centers (JSCCs)—1 per region—organized by Task Force Hope, which is composed of officers from the AFP and the PNP tasked to secure candidates and polling centers in May.

Essentially, it is accusing the very people tasked to secure the ballot as the people who will violate the ballot.  I find ABS-CBN’s behavior very disturbing? Who the f*ck does ABS-CBN think it is to be able to prejudge the outcome of the voting?  Instead of muddling the electoral process – ABS-CBN needs to step-up and help ensure that the elections go on smoothly and peacefully. ABS-CBN should provide free airtime to educate voters on how to use the voting machines and what to do on election day, instead of stoking demagoguery.

If you have neighbors, relatives who work in ABS-CBN tell them straight in the face to tell ABS-CBN top brass to step up to the plate and ensure a smooth, peaceful, fast, and very credible elections INSTEAD OF DERAILING THE ELECTIONS. –  Bwakang *na nyo, kung di kayo makakatulong, wag kayong maging pasaway! Wag nyong gawing WOWOWEE ang Eleksyon mga bwiset!  If ABS-CBN can keep on repeating those useless emo BARFable Cory Aquino snippets during Holy Week, why can’t it repeat material that actually does something and instructs people so that the election takes place. Is it because ABS-CBN only wants the elections to take place if Noynoy Aquino wins – and not if it is Gordon or someone else? Di naman tama yan.

Now, for discussion sake, let’s say Class ’78 has the capability to undertake fraud. Are the other classes of the PMA retards an totally inutile to counter the actions of one class. Is ABS-CBN telling us that Class ’78 is almighty – and all the other classes are retards?  Wow naman, hindi lahat ng Pinoy nanood ng Wowowee ha. Ito talagang ABS-CBN, Pasaway!!! 😆

A Hypothetical Question: What if a Reverse Bradley Effect were to take place in the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections?

Consider this recent Inquirer article:

Gordon tells voters, media: Just ignore surveys

By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:17:00 04/26/2010

Filed Under: Eleksyon 2010, Politics, Inquirer Politics, Elections, Richard Gordon, Media, Opinion surveys

MANILA, Philippines — Four days after suing survey firms for damages, presidential candidate Richard Gordon said the media should just “ignore” election survey results.

Sought for comment on Monday on a new survey showing rival Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III leading the race by a wide margin, consistent fifth-placer Gordon said: “The media should ignore these survey results.”

Last week, Gordon sued survey firms Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia for their “misleading surveys” and asked the Quezon City regional trial court for a temporary restraining order.

Gordon said the publication of survey results had jeopardized his presidential campaign.

He said: “People are telling me: ‘We want to vote for you, but the surveys say you’re not gonna win.”

Gordon said the publication of surveys was not part of “public service” as election surveys were “not valid and have no basis.”

He said: “I wish the media will be smarter than that (publishing survey results).”

Gordon barnstormed Cavite on Monday. In earlier speeches, he said that if people believed survey results, then elections should no longer be held and the country should just believe the survey results to save money.

His running mate Bayani Fernando expressed support for Gordon’s suit against pollsters.

In a phone call to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Fernando said he no longer believed in surveys. He said his percentage of votes stopped increasing after he stopped subscribing to the survey results.

Fernando said: “The moment I stopped paying for the surveys, my ranking no longer improved. Before, when I was still subscribing, my points were increasing.”

Fernando went around Valenzuela City on Monday.

For all of MSM media’s “expertise”, how come it has not raised the possibility of the Bradley effect? After all, if people were about to choose Gordon except that the “surveys” showed he wasn’t going to win – there is a big possibility that people can follow their conscience at the last moment.

To me, massive electoral fraud by Gloria is out of the question, is a recipe for disaster to Gloria – a bogeyman. It does not make sense for Arroyo to rock the boat at this point. The calculus does not work in her favor, given that all eyes are focused on Gloria Arroyo. There is another aspect to this fixation on Gloria, too – it provides a convenient decoy, distraction, diversion from the flaws of the oligarch-backed candidate – Noynoy Aquino. The hard sell attempt to market Noynoy as being a good product simply because he is “against” Gloria is blatantly ridiculous to the more informed. A good product does not necessarily go against Gloria, it is a product that has good policies (including those adopted by Gloria and Gloria’s opponents – that generate good results). Note the inclusiveness of the superior product. It builds on core advantages while laying the groundwork for more core and competitive advantages.

Now picture this – In polls leading up to the election, Noynoy has a clear lead, and numerous media outlets boldly project that he will win the election. On election night, however, he loses to Gordon or Villar or Estrada – anyone but Noynoy, much to the puzzlement of the Liberal party and many Noynoyistas.

What is the Bradley Effect?

The Bradley Effect  is a phenomenon characterized by the tendency of non-white political candidates to perform better in opinion polls than they do in actual elections when they are running against white candidates. Most specifically, the Bradley Effect often strikes black politicians, although it can just as easily affect Hispanics and other minorities. This interesting phenomenon has been a topic of intense study by pollsters, political analysts, and others, and there are several theories used to explain the Bradley Effect, which is sometimes also known as the Wilder Effect.

The concept is named for Tom Bradley, an African-American man who ran for the office of Governor of California in 1982. In polls leading up to the election, Bradley had a clear lead, and numerous media outlets boldly projected that he would win the election. On election night, however, he lost to the Republican candidate, much to the puzzlement of the Democratic party and many Californians. The same thing happened in Virginia in 1989 in another gubernatorial race, and numerous other instances of the Bradley Effect have been documented at various points in American history.

One of the primary explanations for the Bradley Effect is racial. Pollsters have suggested that voters may not want to admit to planning to vote against a black candidate, because they fear being perceived as racist, especially when the pollster is black. Polling organizations have also suggested that the Bradley Effect could be caused by undecided voters, many of whom lean in a conservative direction on election night.

The Bradley Effect appears to be diminishing in American society, for a variety of reasons, but it is still a present and interesting issue. Researchers are curious to learn about the mechanics of the Bradley Effect in the hopes of learning more about American politics and cultural beliefs. The rise of minority candidates in the United States will undoubtedly, and somewhat regrettably, provide more instances of the Bradley Effect, as Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities attempt to break into American politics on the state and national level.

In 2008, an interesting reversal of the Bradley Effect occurred in Iowa, when black Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama fared better than expected against the white candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the caucuses of that state. Some political pundits suggested that because caucuses are public, some voters might have felt pressured into supporting Obama out of a desire to appear liberal and open-minded in front of their neighbors.

Substitute “skin color” for pedigree, white for haciendero (Noynoy) and black for non-haciendero (Gordon).

Does that mean there automatically was cheating if Noynoy loses? NOT with the Bradley effect in play.

That is a very dangerous, presumptuous, and arrogant assumption to make. Given that the survey shows a lot of people not voting for Noynoy – who are the Noynoyistas to predict that people’s minds can change at the last moment – tinamaan ng konsensya.

The Gordon campaign team has to hit harder on two fronts which have been just opened  to it. It needs to drive the message – voting is a personal choice (soft sell); vote based on ability, track record, vision, and integrity – don’t settle for just one trait if you can have more (hard sell).

As for I, me, myself – I’ll settle for an upgrade of a classic Filipino truism  – ang naniniwala sa survey-survey walang bait sa sarili. 😆



  1. So much paranoia going on in Aquino camp as if they’re already 100% sure of winning.

    This mindset is an offshot to the popular trapo dictum:

    “In any Philippine election, no one loses”. If one fail to get the nod of voters, the closest thing to come into his mind is he was CHEATED.

  2. Pinay Goddess · ·

    Ang naniniwala na mananalo pa si Gordon sa halalang ito ay nawawalan na ng bait sa sarili…

  3. ang naniniwala sa surveys na ito ay nawawala na ng bait sa sarili at kakayahang mag-isip para sa sarili

  4. ang naniniwala sa mga sabi-sabi ay walang bait sa sarili.

    At ang mga surveys ay mga “sabi-sabi”

  5. Too many hypocrites sprawling nowadays. it is now a while ago that many people clamor for an automated elections to prevent another massive cheating. Now that the golden plate is about to be served to us, people are now again clamoring for a MANUAL count to prevent massive cheating???

    I smell a de ja vu. Namfrel doing a parallel count with Comelec. Whoever wins the Comelec count (aside from Noynoy) and Namfrel produced Noynoy as the winner will result to us being thrown back to 1986.

    Wag nalang kaya mag-election kung ganyanan lang.

  6. Moar liek Pinay Trash AMIRITE?

  7. Boba ka pala Pinay Goddess, hindi mo ba alam na si Gordon ang overwhelming na panalo sa mga surveys sa halos lahat ng mga magagandang kolehiyo at pamantasan?

  8. To me the candidates are cherry-picking whatever issuse that seems to favor them. Noynoy does what he’s been doing including spreading paranoia and yet it works. If hypothetically the survey dies down against his rating, he may change tune.

  9. Has boycotting ABS-CBN and its advertisers occurred to anyone?

  10. Ang tawag dito ay paninindigan sa sariling paniniwala. Kung aasa ka at maniniwala sa mga surbey, bakit pa nga naman magkakaroon ng eleksyon? At para saan pa ang iyong kakayahan para mag-isip kung hindi mo naman gagamitin? Binigyan nga tayo ng utak at free will, kung hindi naman gagamitin.

  11. This is so spot on Bong!

    It seems the Yellow Army have a three-pronged strategy to ensure ascent of Noynoy to power — even in the event of a loss in the election itself.

    (1) Condition people to see an inevitable Noynoy win — which is what all these “surveys” are for — to set people up to be sorely disappointed or shocked in the event that Noynoy fails to win the election.

    (2) Highlight and drum up a plausible scenario for a “failure of elections”. The automation initiative currently on-going is a perfect fall guy for this.

    (3) Dig up and stir up nostalgia around past acts of rebellion that are then used to incite restlessness, breed suspicion, and introduce confusion and muddled ideas into the national “debate”.

    I also made the observation in my Deferring to God’s Will article where I listed “components of the underpinning strategy of the sort of people who mount such cowardly attacks at the very institutions that their ‘heroes’ sacrificed to build”. Such an underpinning strategy “derives legitimacy from the perverted concept of ‘the people’s will’ that Filipinos had all but latched onto in the last couple of decades”. At the time I saw a similar three-pronged semblance in this strategy:

    Prong 1: Defy the future Supreme Court Chief Justice

    Noynoy Aquino had made public his plans to not recognise the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court once he becomes President. Details around this plan can be gleaned from the exposé Noynoy Aquino: defying the Supreme Court! published on to explore the sort of thinking that leads one to deciding on such bizarre courses of action. One can play the same game too, actually, and propose that perhaps that undermining of the Supreme Court by the Yellow Army is itself a ploy to ensure that the High Court is sufficiently defanged come the time when a bit more scrutiny around the Hacienda Luisita affair earns a bit more airtime in the Media. Of course people with better things to do don’t entertain such vacuous theories in their minds.

    Prong 2: Engage in the spreading of conspiracy theories

    Lately there are lots of hearsay news being published and broadcast by the Philippine Media about rumoured “military takeovers” in the event of an ”election failure”. And what might precipitate such a massive failure on a national scale? Any number of things. Filipinos are great at finding ways to fail. At the moment the on-going effort to automate ballot counting is being used as the little gremlin that will bring down the election house of cards. You’d think that such challenges to a successful exercise of the Filipino’s democratic rights would be seen by the future leaders of our sad republic as an opportunity to step up and propose solutions and mitigations to the risk of failure. Of course not. Not in a society that had all but turned losing and failing into a national science. Instead, those who the masses look up to to lead them forward sit back and spin conspiracy theories.

    Prong 3: Invoke the “way out”

    I once quipped that “I wouldn’t be surprised if we will one day find President Noynoy Aquino on Manila’s streets protesting his own government!” Nothing too farfetched about that scenario. With those conspiracy theories mongered by his handlers coupled with a bald threat to defy the Supreme Court itself, well, where do you think all those roads lead to? This one’s a no-brainer.

    Indeed, Noynoy’s golf buddies in the Philippine Media are most likely complicit in all this, if their so-obvious bias is any indication.

    That Bradley Effect you pointed provides strong reasonable doubt to the reliability of such “surveys”. And even without that, there has always been the big question as to what purpose these “surveys” serve to begin with as they don’t seem make voters any more informed in terms of the choice they need to make these coming elections. Instead, they provide a bandwagon mentality (read dumbing down) of the “debate”. Then again perhaps that is what an electorate so long world-renowned for their vacuousness do deserve.

    Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw. 😀

  12. kamoteQ · ·

    HA! Highly improbable! Madali tablahin yan. Sasabihin lang ng ABS-CBN na ‘press freedom is under attack!’. And then sue boycotters into abject poverty.

  13. I’ve personally Boycotted ABS-CBN. Only recently been watching the news coz of the elections, tho I do prefer GMA news. But yes, I’m really considering never switching to channel 8 (on cable).

  14. That is a WORTHWHILE CAUSE that should be undertaken!!!!!!!

    Back in the early eighties amidst the revolutionary spirit following the assassination of Noynoy’s daddy, one of the initiatives that really caught on was the BOYCOTT of what were at the time the biased newspapers — Daily Express and the Manila Bulletin, and Marcos-crony businesses such as Rustan’s and San Miguel Corp.

    History does indeed repeat itself. Today, we are seeing a return of the AQUINO version of the Marcos regime. How ironic is that???? 😀

  15. waitwat · ·

    The root is too lodged in the system that it is next to impossible. Another way is to make an alternative. The one true press. It may be too ambitious……

  16. Ang labo mo naman Pinay Goddess. You’re basically saying wag na lang mag eleksyon dahil ok na sayo ang survey. Hay nako, sorry, pero medyo idiotic yung logic mo.

    ta-ta! 🙂

  17. I boycott local TV and movies anyway.

    I’ve once shouted to people in my house to stop watching ABS-CBN because they use too much electricity in doing so, hehehe. But truthfully, I’ve told people in my house that ABS-CBN programming is awful and stupid. Well, local TV for that matter.

  18. Parang galit ka kay Gordon a. SIge, mawalan ng bait ang taong boboto kay Gordon, wag lang mawala ang utak

  19. Pinay Goddess · ·

    Hey guys (to those who reacted to my play with words above), i didn’t say i believe in surveys (particularly political) or totally agree with the survey results being published. Though we can’t deny that these can establish trends that may influence voters’ decision on election day. Ive been involved in political management work so I’m not dumb (boba) as one guy here thinks.

    And don’t ever think that I’m pro-Noynoy. I’m an observer with an independent mind and won’t vote for someone who is less competent and haven’t achieved much in terms of governance work as i have done.

    I’m just stating my personal opinion about Gordon’s chance of winning the presidency in this election, which to my mind is remote- even if all the undecided voters would vote for him. If you believe otherwise, then cry your hearts out after election day.

  20. waitwat · ·

    That sure made me feel stupid. Sorry. I guess I’m as guilty as a Pro-Noynoy fanatic, lashing out like that. How bitterly ironic.

    It’s funny and sad in a same way.

    But, I will not be a sira ang bait when I hope for Gordon’s win. Because a balance of optimism amongst pessimism is always good.

    Masisiraan lang ako ng bait if ever maging sobrang f—ked up na ng Pinas, nagi itong North Korea.

  21. “Substitute “skin color” for pedigree, white for haciendero (Noynoy) and black for non-haciendero (Gordon).”

    parang mali, baliktad.

    “The Bradley Effect is a phenomenon characterized by the tendency of non-white political candidates to perform better in opinion polls than they do in actual elections when they are running against white candidates. “

  22. Mr.__________ · ·

    I was riding a jeep the other day and I came across a proud and ignorant ngoyngoyista proclaiming Noynoy is the Savior. One guy stood up to the b*tch and said he was voting for Gibo. The Ngoyngoyista then proudly told the Gibo fan to vote for the walang bahid- “kung hindi mo iboboto si Noy, parang binoto mo na rin si Villar. Salbahe yun- babawiin niya lhat ng pera niya.”

    I coudn’t stand it, I told the Gibo fan “Kung yan ang gusto mo, hindi sayang ang boto- yun ang gusto mo e. Mas sayang ang boto kapag bumoto ka sa alam mo namang hindi nararapat.”

    The b*tch quickly told me that I was pro-Villar, I was evil(Yeah! the nerve right!), that I didn’t know what was happenig.

    I answerd that integrity if measured should be measured based on achievements and results. That having a good name doesn’t equal to trust and competence. That it isn’t a battle between good and evil. That frnakly, almost all presidentiables are better than Noynoy.

    Of course, the B*tch quickly retaliated. She sited Norzagaray, Gordon is American, Erap is a plunderer, Gibo is maka-Gloria and Bro. Eddie is gaya-gaya.

    As a parting shot, I said that if it was between bro. Eddie and Noynoy, I would pick Eddie, cause at least God was on his side(JIL hahaha) and he was surrounded by Jesus fanatics and not Kamag-anaks and topaks. At least brother eddie would somewhat ensure that there would be no corruption- at least we know he prays :))

    – When arguing with idiots, you seem to become an idiot yourself.

  23. waitwat · ·

    LOL! True that~

  24. waitwat · ·

    Oh… Non-White is supposedly the one that is higher in the surveys! So it’s the black(Noynoy).

    …but the one who actually won was the white(Gordon)!

    Mah brain! IT BURNS!

    ..ok that was overreacting…

  25. Hahaha… Nice story.

    I actually have a few short stories encountering noyfags, on the MRT, in Ayala, plenty… Dumb idiots are everywhere! It’s a pandemic!

  26. lahat ng kandidato iniisip nila mananalo sila. lahat ng boboto sa kanila, iniisip nila na mananalo kandidato nila. that is believing not insanity. pantay pantay lang labanan bago mag eleksyon.

  27. waitwat · ·

    I’ve yet to meet one. My neighbor is pro-Noynoy but they are tame and pretty normal unlike with what you meet there. I only wish I had a tarpaulin of Gordon like they have a tarpaulin of Noynoy in front of their house….. *sigh*

  28. I’ve been voting with my remote for many years, even way before blogging was considered to be an option. For anyone who sees GMA7 as a better station, it’s simply the same garbage on a lower budget. They may not be as pushy as ABS-CBN with their political agenda, but their programming is also hazardoous to your mental health.

    Local mainstream media is really a wasteland. Radio, TV, Journals, Tabloids, Magazines…..they are mostly garbage!!! All these new so-called “lifestyle” magazines play on the vanity of materialism. I could go on, but it’s usually at this point where I get blank stares….and it no longer surprises me.

    For the sake of fairness, I’d like to make it clear that there are lots of good and decent people in media. I am not pointing fingers towards these good people when I rant about the media, for they have no other choice as to where they can practice their profession. The only alternative for them would be to leave the country, so there could be instances when some of these good people become victims of circumstance (not to mention the greed of their bosses)…..I now turn to these greedy bastards who make so much money while dumbing-down the public. Shame on them for not promoting programs that can uplift the spirit and inspire one to be better. Because these type of programs are hard to sell, they go back to the “bottomline” shows. In other words, same ol’ s**t, and shame on the viewers who like to eat s**t.

    Who wins? Who loses? That’s been answered here….many times…but it bears repeating till we f**kin’ get it!!!

    Sorry guys, seeing some of the news today raised my temperature and caused me to make a longer-than-usual comment. You read AP, so you know how it is….. 🙂

  29. Charlie · ·

    @Mr._____, same thing happened to me inside MRT, but in my case, it’s the other way around. The bitch is for gordon and the poor guy is for noynoy. some gordon supporters are indeed having difficulties grasping the reality.

    yeah it’s really true, “- When arguing with idiots, you seem to become an idiot yourself.”

  30. I forgot to include Cinema with the types of media we encounter in our daily lives. I know it’s understood na kasali na rin yan…but it also bears repeating. 🙂

  31. True people power will happen in May 10. If Noynoy loses and holds rallies then he is a usurper!!!

  32. A pandemic we can call… THE YELLOW FEVER!

    *crawls back into hole*

  33. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by antipinoy: New post: Does an Aquino loss automatically mean massive cheating? Absolutely, NO! (

  34. and what “reality” are you talking about ser?

  35. “and what “reality” are you talking about ser?”

    …that the poor guy who chose noy is the real idiot 😉

  36. yeah, the labels here are switched.

    even if the labels here are switched, it doesnt make sense to call on the bradley effect

  37. it does not make sense to YOU.
    it makes sense to others.,8599,1851287,00.html

    A study released by Harvard political scientist Daniel Hopkins offers a more nuanced historical view. Analyzing 133 gubernatorial and Senate races between 1989 and 2006, Hopkins says the Bradley effect—which he calls the “Wilder effect,” after the Virginia governor—did exist, but petered out when racially charged issues were elbowed away from the political forefront: “As racialized rhetoric about welfare and crime receded from national prominence in the mid-1990s, so did the gap between polling and performance.”

    There is no question that racial bias is a powerful force to overcome and a slippery one to quantify. But with Obama propelled by panic over shrinking nest eggs and the wilting Dow, the Bradley effect may be this fall’s paper tiger: an old theory re-heated by the media because there’s not much left to talk about.

    substitute “racial bias” with “pedigree bias”.

    Racialized rhetoric has faded in the US – but pedigree bias is very much in play in the Philippine elections – pedigree – anak ng bayani; hindi sisirain ang pangalan ng ama.

    In the case of the US, the Bradley effect petered out because the citizenry’s racialized thetoric vanished.

    In the Philippines, the pedigree rhetoric is very much in play – that’s a FACT.

  38. boombox · ·

    Noy said again this one…

    “Pag may nanakawan ng cell phone, siya ba dapat magpaliwanag bakit siya nanakawan ng cell phone? Ang victim ang magpatunay ng katotohanan o kamalian ng maling accusation? (If your cellphone is stolen, should you be the one to explain why your cellphone was stolen? Should the victim be the one to prove the truth of a wrong accusation)” Aquino said in the same Bulacan sortie.

    “Bali-baligtad na yata masyado ang mundo natin, baluktot ang pag-iisip at pamamalakad (Our world seems to have turned upside down, the mentality of some people are too twisted),” he added

    -Tagilid din talaga mag isip itong si Homer ah.. LOL
    So sino ba naman talaga mag papatunay na ninakawan ka..? yung snatcher..? As if ibabalik pa yan.. LOL.

  39. Kung sa tingin nya malinis si Noynoy, then the rest marumi.

    This stereotypes should have been dealt early by opponents that they have dirt attached to themselves. The focus of campaign should have been dealing on Noynoy strongest points.

  40. Kaya nga ba si Noynoy ay walang pinagkaiba sa trapo…. enough said!

  41. brianitus · ·

    Events like these and the one mentioned by Mr. ___________ remind me of how people are in barangay basketball leagues and barrio beauty contests.

    I haven’t encountered real Noynoy fanatics yet. All the Noynoy fans I encountered were easily turned with reasoning; their foundations were very shaky.

  42. maeigout · ·

    i love anti-pinoy! hope this changes the minds of my friends who are hardcore noynoy supporters!

    join this page! make people realize that an apple does not fall far from a tree but an apple is not a tree. hahaha

  43. waaat? · ·

    If Noynoy wins, this proves that Filipinos today are very uneducated for believing what their alliance media is campaigning.

    ABS-CBN really is very biased!

    I’m starting to like this site. More power to this site!

  44. Amen to that!

    Last night, I had a burst of inspiration and decided to write a poem viz. Elections 2010:

    The title? A Sage among Fools!

    Truly, no sub-intellectual beast can understand it…

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