BANDILA Interview with Richard Gordon/ABS-CBN's Media Personality and Filipino Voters Are Called Out, Get Pwned

The quintessential Sen.  Richard Gordon is honest, straightforward, is not a panderer, and tells it as it is in his latest interview with Bandila’s Ces Drilon.

Bandila Interview

Here’s Gordon fielding calls on BANDILA.

The survey issue. The “short-temper” issue and how it transformed Subic and got the Automated Poll Act passed. “Excuse me – I have been a Red Cross volunteer for 42 YEARS.” Lito Lapid was able to pass one law, Noynoy Aquino was not able to pass one law.


Stating a fact is not “tinitira”. Media is on the hot seat. Funding for teacher’s monthly salaries of PhP 40,000($800) a month. The Aquino-Cojuangco dynasties have not shown any results in Tarlac. The “Chairman” issue in Subic.


In this interview on HEADSTART by ABS-CBN Media Personality Karen Davila, Gordon calls out, pwns, and skullf*s the apologists for Da Pinoy dysfunction.

HEADSTART – W/ Karen Davila

The 6 part interview is presented below.

A nation of peracter, puro celebrities, nakakahiya ang ating lipunan because we do not think. Leadership is action, not position – 1 of 6

2 of 6
3 of 6

4 of 6
5 of 6
6 of 6


As expected, Da Pinoy schmoes are coming out of the woodwork.

It’s not Gordon’s loss if he does not win – it’s the Philippines loss!

Bonus clips:

Moymoy Palaboy – In the Jungle


Moymoy Palaboy – Dr. Jones





  1. “It’s not Gordon’s loss if he does not win — it’s the Philippines loss!”
    i so agree w/ you! 😉

  2. ArticleRequest · ·

    I think Gordon is doing an excellent strategy here. I have read the “33 Strategies of War” by Robert Greene. Among all the politicians I think it is if he has read the book. Gordon and Fernando are doing an excellent job by POLARIZING themselves and moving themselves away from everyone else. Hindi sila pumapaloob sa gitna. Tama yung political strategy nila. They are going to make themselves look VERY different from other politicians and do so by means of action. It will make them lose this election but sets them very well in the next election. Sa tingin ko, Noynoy becoming president will “benefit” Gordon more than any other candidate as long as Gordon – Fernando continue to move away and look very different from Noynoy Aquino. Gordon will have leverage in the next election by polarizing himself from Noy. Sa madaling salita, they should be opposites of Noynoy so that people will see the great difference.

    Sana basahin din ninyo ang strategy ni Margaret Thatcher na naging Prime Minister ng Inglatera; Ganun din yung ginawa niya. Take note na hindi siya popular sa England noon. The strategy is to polarize yourself. Make yourself look VERY different from your opponent.

  3. but Gordon’s 65 years old na.. and i’m gonna be 30-something (LOL! ayaw ilagay ang exact number! 😀 ) after whoever-wins-this-year.. i am still hoping and praying Gordon wins..

  4. waitwat · ·

    I thought I read somewhere in BarrioSietehan, “Mar is next in line…blahblah”….

    WHAAAAAT————-THE———————FFFFFFFF???!?!? Self-destruction indeed…

    (Inaccurate memory)
    “It’s not an election for achievers anymore”…. “Something about Gloria being an achiever”

    So we are electing underachieving officers in office so he will be mabait and hindi kurakot?!?!?!? Being paid for underachieving IS CORRUPTION!! You cannot lead by being really kind and coddling. WTH??!? Is this why I’ve been seeing a lot of spoiled children all around PH!?!

  5. I think Gordon’s concern and emphasis on education is important and timely. Sobrang daming bobong noypi na hindi na talagang marunong mag-isip sa kanilang sarili kaya madaling sumasama lang sa agos ng bandwagon. Hinahayaan nalang ang ibang taong magisip para sa kanila.

    Gordon is a cut above the rest in also emphasizing the role of lay citizens in improving their own lot, and not just relying on handouts from the government. You get the impression that noypis expect their country to improve without needing to contribute something from their end. Parang socialism is what they have in mind, even while calling it a “democracy.”

  6. Poppy Seed · ·

    Ces Drilon’s facebook page (comments on the Bandila “interview”) as of 18:34 GMT:

    They can delete this anytime, so I’ll post this here

    Ces Drilon another presidential candidate, Gilbert Teodoro also had a lot to do in the release of the three international red cross volunteers. As someone who watched the process of negotiations, I know who helped and who complicated matters.
    Yesterday at 4:16pm · Report

    Ryan Manalo mam ces, who complicated the matters? please be specific,
    Yesterday at 7:55pm · Report

    Cristian Sigua yhea! mam ces who complicated the matters?
    Yesterday at 8:20pm · Report

    Cristian Sigua and how he complicated the matter?
    Yesterday at 8:26pm · Report

    Gerald Baria “Since the military doesn’t know how to deal with the Abu Sayyaf in the negotiations for the release of the ICRC workers, Gordon has offered his position as a Red Cross official.

    In war, the Red Cross gets in the middle of two opposing forces without siding with either.

    It’s obvious Biazon doesn’t know the job of the Red Cross.”…
    See More
    Yesterday at 10:18pm · Report

    Francis Mansilla how can gordon be meddling, its his officials who were kidnapped. would you rather him not do anything?
    12 hours ago · Report

    Ces Drilon No foul language please.
    4 hours ago · Report

    Ryan Manalo foul language? we just ask if you could be specifi who complicated the matters on the release of the 3 ICRC volunteers
    3 hours ago · Report

    Cocoy Jurado its obvious that ces doesn’t want to see the obvious 🙂 hehe sorry no pun intended. It would be great if you can read the article that talks abuot his so called short tempered arrogance 🙂
    3 hours ago · Report

    Gerald Baria Uy inerased ung isa kong reply.:( Nice…SKEWING OF INFORMATION. VERY NICE.
    2 hours ago · Report

  7. ArticleREquest,

    That would be a nice analogy, unfortunately weather we like it or not this is the time for Senator Gordon to win. We can’t be sure if he looses this election that he will run again. He will be 70-71 years old then. Health wise? nobody can predict that. He is a rare candidate. If you watch the last 2 episodes of Timbangan with Winnie Monsod, he always achieved a perfect score. As an intelligent voter, it is very clear what awaits our country if he does win the presidency. Imagine, he said he will replicate of what he has done in Subic creating 200,000 jobs. When it comes to infrastructures, the tandem plans to reactivate the railways to decongest people. Another plan, is to convert the dirty and disgusting Laguna de Bay into a Freeport or seaport. He also plan to turn the old US naval base Sangley Point into a container facility. This is just a glimpes of our future. We can only speculate the impact of “Kahirapan” in our country…. in other words thousands or millions of jobs will be created.
    I can only imagine what our country would become if he becomes president. Our country will change from a Transactional Leadership to a Transformational Leadership. This is our time for him to be president. No one knows if there will be another Dick Gordon.

    Here is an old article that I came across while surfing the internet. I can see his determination for not giving up to get the Worlds largest shipping company (FedEx) in the world to invest in Subic. I called that “Political will and for the sake of my country the Philippines”. In his past interviews, he also said if he wins the presidency “He will be a salesman president. He will travel all over the world with a small delegation unlike GMA to meet with big companies and convince them to invest in the Philippines.
    Again, all of this are just dreams, if he loses the election.

  8. Anonylol · ·

    >”Is this why I’ve been seeing a lot of spoiled children all around PH!?!”

    Somewhat yeah.

    Because having a spine and expecting excellence in people (especially your children) is mean and tyranical nowadays.

  9. halatang napikon at biased ah.

  10. waitwat · ·

    It makes me all, “What is this I don’t even….. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU~”

  11. Typically tintatamad na ang Pinoy , kahit mag-isip ,gumawa, o magbago.

    Gusto nila ng Presidenteng nagsi-spoon feed sa kanila

  12. Hahah! Napikon amp!

  13. Wow… people in that site are idiots! hahaha! omg!

  14. Foul language??


  15. Anonylol · ·

    It always comes down to people being lazy f**kers doesn’t it?

  16. Ika nga,


    Pwede ring IDIOCY.

  17. Poppy Seed · ·

    Apparently, Gordon complicated matters during the rescue mission. But why post it in Facebook and not answer to Gordon’s statement (“pag kayo nakidnap, tawagin nyo si Dick Gordon”) during the airing of the program itself?

    But then again, Gordon said: ” You are the cowards!” 😀

  18. YUP! He even stressed it out: YOU ARE THE COWARDS!

    Pangiti-ngiti pa cla. Parang mga tanga!

  19. kamoteQ · ·

    More like a ‘welfare state’. At least sa socialism, people are encouraged to work hard for their needs. Knowing the Pinoy’s laziness and endearment to dole-outs, an Philippine welfare state would not last for 6 months. 🙂

  20. Dick Gordon, The Rational Choice

    Being long-time residents of Olongapo City for 15 years, we have witnessed first-hand the inspiring leadership of Gordon. My dad was a naval staff in Subic. My mom, my sisters and I were volunteers in Gordon’s crusades when the Americans left. When everything seemed to be down, he restored our hopes for a great comeback. It was our pleasure to be one with him in his plans and dreams.

    Gordon made Subic and Olongapo what they are today – clean, disciplined and progressive – models for other LGU’s to admire and replicate. He provided jobs, attracted investments, improved tourism, built facilities and infrastructures, adopted modern technologies, and boosted the morale of the people. What he did for Subic and Olongapo, he can do for the country!

    My husband also appreciates what Gordon did for Subic. He had a project in SBMA when Gordon was its Chairman. And as Subic volunteers, our names have been engraved in granite stone, which I will show to my children when we return to the Philippines.

    Aim high Philippines! Wow Gordon!

    – Cris Austria

  21. Vox Populi · ·

    Although I like Gordon, one thing is for sure. He does not mince words and he is no diplomat. Unfortunately he doesn’t come out presidential in these TV interviews due to the way he attacks his opponents. It’s a shame that he is lagging in all the surveys, mainly because Pinoys are not ready for his “shock and awe” style of leadership.

  22. boombox · ·

    Saan kaya doon ang Foul language…??? My ass.. LMAO..

    Kitang kita na pagka tarantado ng ABiaS-CBN..

  23. ArticleRequest · ·

    Although i dont agree with EVERYTHING he says, he is doing the right thing. I would rather see a great candidate lose than see the same person become a populist leader.

    I think he and Fernando’s shock and awe strategy is unpopular but its a strategy that only brave men would ever do. If the campaign season extended for a few more months, I would have expected a complete turnaround on his survey ratings if he remained consistent with that. Be consistent, be flexible but never lose your principles and his strategy would have paid off. Polarization.

    Problema ni Gordon ngayon, kulang na siya sa oras. If Aquino wins, I really believe that people will begin to feel the GREAT contrast in the two and ultimately go for him and Fernando in 2016.

    Another problem: Walang focus ang PR and Campaign team ni Gordon, They should be highlighting his and BF’s achievements and show why they are DIFFERENT. Otherwise they look pretty generic candidates to the utak of Da Average Pinoy Juan.

  24. That’s the leader the Filipinos deserve! But if he does not win, I’ll campaign for him and Grace Padaca as early as July 1, 2010.

  25. This is the first time I’ve watched him in an interview, since TFC is almost ALWAYS showing Noynoy making his less-than-stellar. I am very much impressed by Gordon! He tells them like it is, straight to the point. All the hosts could do was….ngiti nalang.

  26. Sad and, as a Pinoy, I’m not proud of it, but I have to agree with you there.

  27. Mahusay rin sumagot etong si Gordon. Also, buti napaalala nya (to drive his point) kay Ces yun incident concerning Ces Drilon’s kidnapping. Kung tulad ni Noynoy, instead of Gordon, ang nag-handle nyan, baka tinepok na si Ces ng kanyang mga kidnappers. Totoong meron malasakit si Gordon sa bayan. Hindi lang sya napipilitan tulad ni Noynoy. Situations like that require a forceful but precise and more savvy and sophisticated person like Gordon to handle.

    Gordon also made it plain that Noynoy’s excuse (i.e. which is that we already have so many laws, for not having been able to pass something into law), is not only lame but reveals something about Noynoy’s character. Why didn’t Noynoy just go for an executive position (e.g. mayor, governor, etc,) instead of a legislative position whose main job is to actually make laws if Noyboy really doesn’t believe we need to make more laws or modify/amend some of them? Isn’t that simply just using that position for some ulterior motive or gain?

  28. foul language…? o prangkang mga salita na nagpagalit sa lahat dahil isinaad ang kanilang baho! Yan ang totoong lider hindi katulad ng iba na balot na balot sa makapal na polbo para maging katuwa tuwa sa nakararami.!


    LITO LAPID = 1

    For Noynoy…. ZERO is BETTER than ONE… hehehe.

  30. idiots?? yes…

    though we may be idiots.. we are sure that we are a lot smarter than you and your president of choice…

  31. waitwat · ·

    Admitting you are an idiot makes you smart? Nice…

    That was an oxymoron….
    Defeatist+Arrogance=you apparently. Glorifying mediocrity and bringing people lower than himself. That is so messed up.

    Keep yapping without thinking. You might entertain people someday.

  32. Oh, so this is a pro-Gordon website. Quaint.

    I won’t contest a number of things that Gordon says in his interviews, as they are true – from a certain point of view. What I will say, and folks pay close attention, is this:

    The Devil himself can quote even Scripture, if it serves his purposes.

    Think on that for a moment.

    Done already? Alright, let’s move along.

    I find it funny when Gordon openly criticizes people for “not wanting to hear the truth” (and by “truth” he apparently means his criticism of everyone else) and yet at the same time talks a whole nine yards of trash to people who acknowledge the truth that Gordon will not win this year’s elections. I’m not trying to bash on Gordon in this respect, but seriously, let’s face reality. This Presidential race is a three-way race between Aquino, Villar and Erap, with Teodoro as a remotely possible dark horse. There is no silver lining in this scenario for Gordon, as there are NO signs on the horizon of any possible victory for him.

    What happened?

    What happened is what follows, and thousands more examples of this throughout the past few months:

    “What have you ever done aside from criticize people like me? Have you ever picked up a piece of paper on the street? Have you ever reported a crime? You’re a talker, not a doer! Shut up!” – Headstart, segment 4/6, 2:35-2:43

    8 seconds of Fail. Of the Epic variety.

    See, here’s a little secret that you may want to let Gordon in to: There’s a very broad line between being honest and being “bastos.” Guess which side of that line Gordon is on?

    Even if he argues that he was insulted first, as a statesman vying for the highest elective position in the land, he must adhere to a higher standard of dignity and behavior. Senator, this is not some college basketball game where you can shout expletives back at the opposing team’s supporters if they heckle you or your team.

    Heck, if you think this is bad now, you should wait until you actually *DO* get elected to President. What will you do if a member of the opposition criticizes your judgment or calls you out on your decisions? Call him a useless a**hole and tell him his opinion doesn’t matter?

    THAT is your grand plan of changing the Philippines? Transforming politics into an R-18 B-movie?

    Oh, wait, you already did that back when Erap had you replaced as chairman of the SBMA. Silly me.

    Gordon could be the most capable, most skilled, most knowledgeable Presidential candidate out there – and he would lose. He could run again in 2016 – and he will loose again. He could continue trying to get elected every 6 years, until the day he dies – and he would lose, every single time. It is very simple: his attempts to be the “tell it like it is” guy does not unify the Filipino people, it just further polarizes them. He wants to be the “carino brutal”-type politician, but the only part of that that gets communicated is the “brutal” part.

    He tries so hard to be honest, but in the end, he only winds up being bastos.

    I for, one, would be astounded, the day kabastusan can transform the Philippines for the better.

  33. Translation: Winnability argument. Pinoys are idiots.

  34. What makes you think this site is “pro Gordon”? 😀

  35. This begs the question of whether or not Gordon is really trying to win to begin with. Sure, he says he’s the most qualified, that he’s the best candidate out there – so why is he wasting time trading barbs with people voicing their opinions on Twitter? Why does he insist that he has every right to call people out on their shortcomings, and in the same breath call people who criticize him non-achievers who ought to be quiet? Is this his strategy for winning people over: calling them idiots? If so, then his presidential campaign was doomed from the start.

  36. What is there on this site that’s supposed to make me think otherwise? 😉

    APOLOGY TO WEBSITE ADMIN: double-posted, can’t find any delete option.

  37. That simply means you didn’t look hard enough dude. 😀

  38. raggster:

    I had the same question when I worked for a Fil-AM who ran for Congress in the State of Tennessee. We knew he was not going to win (an Asian candidate south of the Mason-Dixon line; an immigrant versus an old-boy network), but he was still going to run anyway and finish it for the following reasons:

    1 – To bring his message of the need for Asian Americans and other ethnic minorities to get more engaged in the process or be left out by the mainstream.

    2 – Being in the race is itself, a personal “win”. To marathon runners, this isn’t about being first – it’s about finishing the race.

    We lost big time, but our heads were held high.

  39. Hard enough at what? The same old “it’s the culture, stupid” arguments I’ve heard for the past 9-ish years? Take a step back, get over yourselves, and at least *try* to be more than armchair analysts.

  40. same old arguments – sun rises in the east – because it “is” – you don’t have to be an armchair philosoper to figure that out

  41. The fine line between bastos and honest depends on whether the perceiver is a balat-sibuyas in the tradition of Adam Carolla blowhards 😆

    As far as Gordon is concerned – you don’t have to vote for me.

  42. My apologies, as it is very late in my day, but I fail to see how the example of your Fil-Am candidate is comparable to that of Gordon. Gordon thus far has had no message of engagement – unless by engagement you’re referring to him engaging Twitterers and critics in trash talking. As for the personal “win,” Gordon’s own claims of being in the race to become President seem to belie this – unless I missed something and this has turned out to be a lie.

  43. #1 – what you call as “trash talking” does not sound as “trash talking” to the more cluey – it is engagement to the cluey 😉

    #2 – having a personal win does not preclude he is out to win the presidency as all – that’s the basic “win” – the greater “win” is to bag the presidency. you don’t get the bigger win? big deal – there’s still the personal win and the opportunity to remind filipinos they are seen as idiots because of the idiotic choices they make. this is not a time for pussyfooting. pinoys need to grow up – so what if they don’t vote for gordon – is it gordon’s loss? the guys already a made man! 😆

  44. boombox · ·

    Basta.. Sa amin parin ang huling halak-lak kahit matalo si Gordon.. =)

    Those who think of winnability and survey infected minds are eligible for tickets to ride on Failboat of our country…

  45. Mr raggster, indeed you know me too well. Good to know you are still aware of what all this is ultimately all about for me. 😉

    You should know by now that all roads lead back to the fudamental TRUTH about Filipinos — that the dysfunction that resides at the very fibres that make up the fabric of Pinoy society are ultimately the root of our chronic inability to prosper.

    Of course you of all people already know that as something that will always come out from Yours Truly. 😉 Because, that, dude is The Truth about Filipinos whether it be 1955, 1986, 2001, or 2010. The core dysfunction of our society transcends time — and even space if one considers how Pinoys behave even in the ghettoes of Daly City.

    So that brings us back to the question: What makes you think this is a pro-Gordon site? 😀

  46. I don’t understand why Filipinos are offended by Gordon. He speaks of the truth.

    According to him “Hinde nag-iisip” ang mga taong boboto kay Noynoy dahil lang sa namatay ang nanay nya. I totally agree with him. Mga Pinoy na na-offend dito sa sinabi nya, hinde nag-iisip!

  47. Noynoy being elected as the President is already a form “kabastusan” to the nation

  48. […] ng pbb, nakuha ang kiliti ng pinoy … Willie revillame wants jobert sucaldito out of abs-cbn Bandila interview with richard gordon/abs-cbn's media personality … Why noynoy aquino is not “the one” | anti-pinoy 🙂 National tv ratings may 1- 3: […]

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