Noynoy Aquino and the LP: A Broken Compass in a Time of Uncertainty

It used to be that politicians would complain about fraud AFTER the elections. Today, Noynoy Aquino and the newly-minted yellow zombies of ABS-CBN are complaining about election fraud BEFORE the elections have taken place. Of course, there is a need to be vigilant against fraud anytime.  I want a clean and credible election, too.  The LP, ABS-CBN, or Aquino does not have a monopoly on the issue.

BUT, when a candidate says if he does not win the elections it means there automatically was massive cheating. That is a very DANGEROUS, IRRESPONSIBLE, and HIGHLY MISGUIDED statement to make. As excellently pointed out by benign0′ in the comment thread of “A Noynoy Aquino administration could be the modern-day version of the Marcos regime”.

Here is Noynoy again sowing the seeds of rebellion in

Aquino Says Philippine Poll Fraud May Trigger Turmoil
By Francisco Alcuaz Jr. and Haslinda Amin

April 27 (Bloomberg) — Philippine presidential frontrunner Benigno Aquino said only fraud can stop him winning next month’s election and any such attempt would trigger unrest comparable with the protests that swept his mother to power 24 years ago.

The 50-year-old son of former president Corazon Aquino, who has led opinion surveys since entering the race last year, criticized how a switch to electronic voting machines is being implemented and said a declaration that he is the loser of the May 10 poll would bring supporters on to the streets.

“If we have a correct counting of the votes, I think we will be very victorious,” said Aquino, whose mother toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos amid protests that followed a rigged election in 1986. If “the people’s will is frustrated,” demonstrations could make this month’s protests in Thailand seem “mild” by comparison, he said in an interview in Manila yesterday.

So ano ito?

IF Noynoy wins THEN the elections are clean;

IF Noynoy loses THEN the elections are fraudulent.


This pretty much indicates his feeling of ENTITLEMENT to the seat in Malacanang. If that ain’t a DANGEROUS ATTITUDE I don’t know what is.

Brace yourselves for an anti-ocho-ocho “revolution” campaign lads as we need to take a concerted stand against PRIMITIVIST initiatives like these, initiatives that only the MEDIEVAL MIND of Noynoy Aquino and the vacuous intellect of his followers can mount.

Filipinos deserve better from the Aquinos, Lopezes, Drilons, Abads, Roxases, and all the oligarch families bankrolling the Aquino campaign. Nay, Filipinos need to step up to the perennial challenge presented by oligarchs and the vested interests of the clans of  the feudal old world which is still very much alive in the Philippines today.

Yes, the oligarchs of the Philippines are very real, prompting TIME magazine to write “Yet, for all the zeal he inspires, aquino himself is also a product of the status quo. Both his parents, Ninoy and Cory, came from pedigreed stock — landed, aristocratic families that have long been part of the ruling establishment. Similarly, Aquino’s vice-presidential running mate, Mar Roxas, is the grandson of Manuel Roxas, the country’s first President. Arroyo, their erstwhile foe, is the daughter of Diosdado Macapagal, another President from the early days of the republic. And though they eventually faced each other as enemies, Ninoy and Marcos were members of the same fraternity at an elite Philippine university. Like a pantomime of ancient Rome, Manila’s political landscape has been shaped for generations by the intimacies and vendettas of an entrenched rank of patricians.”



  1. boombox · ·

    Snopik are still effective weapons for LP… LOL

    Same incident that happened here in Lanao del Norte gubernatorial race between the large clan of Angging Dimaporo and Varf Belmonte.. and of course the winner was Varf as declared by COMELEC due to the fraud cases filed to the Dimaporo..

    Because Dimaporo’s were so desperate that Snopik was too visible for the naked eye… yet a 100,000+ population municipality of Kauswagan got 250,000 votes from Dimaporo… XD

    Instant correction for sure victory..

  2. Noynoy is to me a Madam Auring more than a political candidate. He can read people’s mind 🙂

  3. Dima popuralized the grave voters. I think the Philippine history should give him credit for his “ingenuity”.

  4. Pinay Goddess · ·

    Pre-election polls, like all surveys, are conducted to periodically generate the opinion or disposition of the public on matters of social and/or political relevance.

    Are pre-electoral surveys predictive?I don’t think so. The survey results may capture episodes but not necessarily show a trend. We should take into consideration several factors that influence voters and may induce changes or affirm their initial preferences. Voters preferences could still change across time, as the “environment” and “equation” changes. The survey results may show “snapshots” , but the final picture will be determined by actual election.

    As my favorite political science professor would quote, “journalists and the public should pay less attention to the inexact art of election forecasting and more to the sinister implications of (hidden) political marketing” [Bogart, as cited in Lavrakasand Traugott, 2000)

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  6. hi PG,

    couldn’t have said it any better.


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