In the News: A government run by scoundrels (On Target by Ramon Tulfo, Inquirer)

When was the last time the Philippine elections had truly decent candidates as front runners? The Gordon, Teodoro, Perlas trio reminds me of three highly qualified applicants vying for a an important job. Normally, slackers, canards, and the ethically challenged are blacklisted after the routine background check.

If the Philippines were a company, it is a company that excels in making asinine hiring decisions.

This is now getting more apparent to MSM personalities. Thank to AP reader MaskedManReturns, for the heads-up, we got wound of this gem of a piece from Mon Tulfo.

On Target
A government run by scoundrels

By Ramon Tulfo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:59:00 04/30/2010

Filed Under: Government, Elections

A FRIEND who has an extensive vocabulary told me the Philippines is a kakistocracy and not a democracy.

When I asked him what “kakistocracy” means, he smiled and told me to consult the dictionary.

This is what I found:

Kakistocracy is a government run by the least qualified or most unprincipled. It is also a government run by the worst of its citizens.

In short, a government run by scoundrels.

One is immediately reminded of the massive cheating in the 2004 presidential election, the ZTE-NBN overprice scandal, the fertilizer fund scam and other irregularities that only an unprincipled and shameless administration could have committed.

Kakistocracy also reminds us of the government in Maguindanao which, until lately, was run by the Ampatuans, who allegedly masterminded the Maguindanao massacre.

Who could be worse than the Ampatuans?

* * *

If we elect leaders who are the “the least qualified or most unprincipled” and “the worst among the citizenry,” then we will continue to have a kakistocracy.
If we elect candidates on May 10 based on results of popularity surveys, even if we know such candidates are unprincipled or not qualified or society’s scum, then we should not complain later on that we have a bad government.

* * *

If you ask me, the only qualified presidential candidates based on competence and leadership are Dick Gordon and Gibo Teodoro.

Choose your pick between the two.

How ironic that both Gordon and Teodoro, both bright lawyers and principled leaders, are at the tail-end of popularity surveys.

* * *

Dick Gordon is not only very intelligent, he’s a true leader.
After every disaster or at the height of disasters, Dick was always present and personally supervising rescue operations.
Whether as Olongapo City mayor, as chair of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and as chair of the Philippine National Red Cross, Gordon’s presence after or during a disaster was reassuring to surviving victims, families of fatalities and the public.
I know, I know: I’m advertising Gordon.
But unless we have forgotten, Gordon’s job as disaster czar was in the newspapers and announced on radio and shown on TV when he was in the thick of every tragedy.
In a disaster-prone country like ours, we need a leader like Gordon who is in control of dangerous situations, much like New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was in the aftermath of the bombing of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.
Think about it.


Speaking of targets, as far as Dick and Gibo are concerned – Tulfo hits the bulls eye!



  1. If the Inquirer sticks to its form, this will be the last we’ll see of Ramon Tulfo there for a while; a column like this seems to earn their writers a long vacation.

  2. Why this article now? Too late?
    Never! It’s never too late! Great write up Mr Tulfo! Alas! Someone in the media has a straight mind!

  3. No, it’s not too late. Either it changes what happens in eight days’ time, or it helps to change the way people respond to what happens afterwards. If the country does end up with one of the Three Stooges for president, at least don’t let all this effort go to waste and let the country end up with another one after that.

  4. guilbautedsookie · ·

    It pains me that Filipinos vote a candidate because he is destined to win. It’s like a kid who wants to go home. Instead of telling him to go home to his mommy, send him home to save the trouble.

    My uncle again coerced me to vote for Noynoy and he told me that Gibo would be a huge waste of vote. I made him shut up for an indeterminate amount of time when I told him that A WASTED VOTE IS ONE THAT WAS NOT CAST. Plus, I told him if he wants to complain about the government like he always does, casting a vote gives you that right.He was then silenced, cause if he picked up a fight with me regarding May 2010 I’d always win cause I have logical reasons to present.

    Anyhow, I always say to myself, if Gibo loses, it’s a blessing for him to be spared from the laughable stupidity of people who carved their own crosses. Honestly, I think many Filipinos never bother to prioritize their education. They’d rather slack and be poor because the government always promises something, so why work. This is where we go wrong. That is also why many fall into wrong hands because, “ah okay lang. Kesa naman wala”.

    Sigh, no more hope. Noynoy will win but it’s okay. As what Conrado de Quiros said, everything will fall into place. Literally

  5. A lot of people are annoyed at Ramon Tulfo because of his upfrontness and angry style, but now he proves that he remains one of the straightest minds in our country. And he’s not afraid to show it. I think Tulfo is bullheaded, like Gordon. You don’t like it the right way, I’ll kick your face in; you don’t publish this column of mine, I’ll kick your face in. 😛 Wish more local media men were like him.

  6. No it’s not too late to bury Noynoy Aquino!!

    A decision on who to vote is not something that is built up progressively in a vacuous mind by a vacuous campaign. The decision on who to vote in Pinoy society is most likely one that can change by the day or even by the minute. That is why every day and every minute counts.

    The average Pinoy schmoe could wake up one day adamant about one candidate and then be going to bed on the same day with another in mind. Without any substance underpinning the decision of who to vote for, the day-to-day sound bites, Media bullshjt, speculation, and hearsay “news” that infest the national “debate” simply swing the Pinoy voter’s mind from one point to another.

    No effort to reveal The Truth will go to waste. Even if Noynoy wins, we will by then have accumulated a vast trove of insight here in and other sites that are loyal to The Truth about Filipinos, on what to expect in a Noynoy administration.

    The important thing is that the electorate build wisdom and insight. Even under a government run by scoundrels, a Vote that becomes smarter with every triumph of stupidity over intellect is still progress, slow but steady.

  7. Shaddap · ·

    With the best guys not winning and the Philippines continuing to be the place that’s run by the worst (or the kind of place where the worst are always in danger of winning), the Philippines is just not any closer to solving its problems.

    It’s a moving target. If the population was fixed at a constant number, then maybe this snail’s pace of progress might translate into real progress. But with the population growth we have? No way.

    It’s like having a nominally high GDP growth rate of 5%, rendered useless by an even higher inflation rate of 15%.

    Time to pack up and leave, I think… The Philippines is useless and worthless. F*cking write-off.

    I only have one life to live and I don’t think I want to waste it on a stupid electorate who insist on voting for stupid candidates.

  8. Ramon Tulfo is trying to make a difference even if he write article like this. There are still some mindful of media that cares about our country. That video interview with Senator Gordon Puso sa Puso, I can really feel his emotions at ang mga “Sigaw” ng mga audience in Araneta C. They gave him a score of astounding 82%, a high mark compaired to Noynoy 45% “being tapat/integridad”, Villar 51% “Iba pa”. Noynoy and Villar results signifies its not enough being tapat or should I say iba pa….for me that is the fear of the UNKNOWN. If Gordon wins, I feel the immediate change and hope to our country.

  9. boombox · ·

    If these two people lose and their talent in skills of leadership suddenly disappeared into the air of mediocrity and idiotic people mindset..

    then I guess our countrymen can’t even defined what is Change indeed…

  10. Subliminal Messenger · ·

    Looks like subliminal messages of Renat0 Pacific0 is working.

  11. Subliminal Messenger · ·

    Renat0 Pacific0’s stimulus of mental processes below the threshold of mental consciousness are affecting Tulfo’s mind without him being aware of …

    Idiot peryodistas ignore Renat0 without them knowing the foundation of their articles are subliminally influenced.

    Ain’t Renat0 cute? Pa-Cool!

  12. I like the Tulfo family. Funny, I used to watch their investigative shows back then and highly enjoyed it. I like their straight-forwardness because they’re not afraid to say what they want, which is exactly what the Philippines need to wake up and face reality. Kailangan satin pukpukin ng maraming beses para matuto at maging disiplinado. And my respect for Ramon Tulfo grew even more with this article.

    Btw, asan na nga pala yung mga icons and words ni Gordon sa baba? 0.o Kase everytime I visit this site I read the statements at natutuwa ako. Maliit na suggestion lang po, baka pwedeng gamitin ang mga inspiring words ni Gordon at ilagay sa isang page ng site para ma-motivate lalo ang mga Pilipino na bumibisita dito (or kahit hindi lang pala si Gordon, mga iba pang quotes na talaga namang direcho sa utak at puso). Salamat.

  13. Renat0 Pacifico does not do sh!t!!!

  14. It’s not working! You are not working!

  15. Jon Abaca · ·

    Earlier, a woman told me that she is voting for Noynoy Aquino, simply because he is most likely to be victorious. She also said that he is less likely to steal, as compared to Manny Villar. She also said that her mother wanted vote for Dick Gordon, but a family friend, a corporate execute, mocked her mother for wasting a vote. My companion then told me that I am an idealist simply because I support a candidate who is unlikely to come out on top.

    I am supporting Richard Gordon because I believe he will take care of my interests, my interests being disaster preparedness, public education, and tourism. Irregardless of whoever becomes the next president, my vote pretty much says “One person among countless others values the agenda set forth by Dick Gordon.” Assuming enough people value the same interests, any leader worth their weight in salt would look at the numbers, forward the said interests, for fear of enraging a fragment of the population. Sadly, the days when a leader ended up dead when he or she severely disappointed enough of the population are over. Niccolo Machiavelli would be turning in his as of yet undiscovered grave. That’s realism.

    Merely supporting a candidate for their likelihood of victory, and HOPING they take care of one’s interest, is either idealism or naivete.

  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AntiPinoy.Com. AntiPinoy.Com said: Post Edited: In the News: A government run by scoundrels (On Target by Ramon Tulfo, Inquirer) ( […]

  17. Mon Tulfo punctuated his column that whereas the country is ruled by the least amongst us, it was also highlighted on the by the least of all the columnist.

    It’s disheartening and ironic that ‘the best and brightest columnists’ in the country do not share with Mon.

  18. Including take his Ritalin, apparently, from the way he spams the hell out of the shoutbox and certain comment threads.

  19. Subliminal Messenger · ·

    HOLY SHIFT! That is bad, Abet!

    REMEMBER: If you hate Renat0 YOU HATE GORDON!

    Therefore, you hate Gordon with all your guts!


  20. Subliminal Messenger · ·

    Hey, BenK! Renat0 is not spamming shoutbox. HE GOT PLENTY OF LOGICAL STATEMENTS TO SAY. Plenty of logical statements is not equal to SPAM.

    As what they always say, “LESS TALK, LESS MISTAKE”

    But Renat0 is different. “MORE TALK, LESS MISTAKE”

  21. Subliminal Messenger · ·

    THE ONLY CHANGE Renat0 look at is his FOREX. Bad president is goot for OFWs. GOOD president is bad for OFW’s FOREX.

    Since Flip-Economy is propped up by OFW REMITTANCES, therefore, Bad President is goot for OFW.

    SCENARIO: What if $1.00 = Php20.00?

    OFW will stay home. Philippine economy becomes moronic. Flippers will revolt.

    SEE? Bad president is bad for PHilippine FOREGN EXCHANGE. Bad Philippine Foreign Exchange is Good for OFW. What is good for OFW is good for PHilippines.

    Ain’t the circular root of logic goot? BERRY GOOT? Berry original. Genuine. I better have it patented … errr …. copyrighted?

    Well, Since Renat0 is very goot anyone can syndicate me or quote me.

  22. Ngerario no Sekai · ·


    I thought some other country’s government would be run by scoundrels and idiots. But now, I can for see not the Rise of the Eldrazi. But the Rise of the Idiots in the Philippines as idiots would take the stand and rule the world.

    Its not yet too late. There’s still few more days to go. If this doesn’t change, then the Fury of the Idiots will come to us and… Everything will come to a new age. The age of the IDIOTS

  23. Agree with you BenK. Anyone (and I can count at least three “names” — not necessarily three separate people) who posts multiple, separate comments in close sequence in either the comment threads or the shout box the has gotta be a SERIOUS nut job.

  24. guilbautedsookie · ·

    Sigh. We are now in an anti-intellectual society. Anyhow, remember, in politics, keep friends close and enemies closer. Mar Roxas is a snake in shopper’s clothing

  25. guilbautedsookie · ·

    You know, you gotta let these people have their way. We all believe our own candidates are perfect, God-sent…so, let them be. Remember, the Lord forgives. Not voting for Noynoy is and will never be a mortal or even a venial sin

  26. guilbautedsookie · ·

    If Rizal were still alive in these times, would he still want to die out of heroism?

  27. Jon Abaca · ·

    I’m letting them have their way. We do live in a democracy. I can reason with them, but if they don’t want to listen to me, that’s I can’t really do anything else.

  28. Jon Abaca · ·

    He’d say “Estas mi pais? Las Islas Filipinas? Que barbaridad!”

  29. “…the Philippines is a kakistocracy and not a democracy.”

    There’s a difference 🙂

  30. “Que stupido! Que idiotico y indolencio!” 😛

  31. MaskmanReturns · ·

    don’t worry the Tulfos r still in active TV and radio investigative shows such as

    Ben Tulfo-Bitag-Sat 9-10 pm on IBC 13 and Bitag live Every Mon-Fri 9-10:30 am on Untv Channel and also a columnist of Pilipino Star Ngayon and PM(Pang-Masa)
    Erwin Tulfo-Tutok Tulfo Sat 5:30-6:30 on TV 5,non investigative shows such as Sapul Mon-Fri 5:30-7 am(one of the hosts of that show),Birada Mon-Fri 8:30-10:00 am on RMN 558 khz and also a columnist of People’s Journal Tabloid(is it correct about the tabloid?)
    and Raffy Tulfo Wanted sa radyo Mon-Fri 2-4 pm on RMN 558 khz
    Ramon Tulfo-possible return after the election(don’t know when he would come back)

  32. Wasn’t that a Mafia concept? In any case, I think that the two men of merit and intellect would not be enough for this country. Come on, don’t YOU think everyone in this [CENSORED] country needs to vote with their heads instead of their balls? For [CENSORED] out loud, let me sum my thoughts: We don’t just need intelligent leaders, we [CENSORED] need intelligent voters! Why the [CENSORED] do you think we’re so behind??!

  33. MaskmanReturns · ·

    Well this isn’t the 1st time that I saw the Tulfo bros. out there.The 1st time I saw them was back 4 yrs.ago.In fact Ramon was the reason why I read the Inquirer man.Great job posting the article there.Thank Ap 4 the topic post man.

  34. guilbautedsookie · ·

    The time for intellectualizing voters has passed. Sigh.

  35. guilbautedsookie · ·

    No quiero vivir mas! Que no lo aguanto mas…esa esa barbaridad!

  36. guilbautedsookie · ·

    I understand Jon Abaca. Once brainwashed, they’d wash any dirt that sticks to it. My aunt can’t be swayed from her Noynoy-mania, but then again, she had a previous bout of schizophrenia, so I let her pretty much have her way

  37. kid dynamo · ·

    “A weak citizenry invites the worst of leadership”

  38. Pinay Goddess · ·

    Yes, it’s not too late. We can still turn the tide if we double our efforts in convincing more people to THINK and vote wisely come election day. Based on reports from a monitoring network, more people are being convinced and converted to vote for a more competent and experienced candidate for President. A darkshorse may stage a surprise win.

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