Ex Emo Ocho Ochoista Chronicles: Cuba, Wiping *ss and Remittances

Ang usapang ito ay nagsimula sa isang FB thread.  Ang mga nag-uusap ay dating mga tibak noong kanilang kabataan. Ngayon ay may kanya kanya na silang buhay at bihira nang mag-usap until Facebook came along. Si Manny ay nasa press, si Alpha ay isang agribiz entrepreneur, si Bravo ay nasa corporate, si Lima ay nasa provincial capitol.

Note: Ang X-men ayon sa PCIJ ay yung mga ex-activist o mga dating tibak.


On Cuba, Nurses, and Wiping Ass

On 5/4/2010 2:43 PM, FB wrote:

Alpha commented on his status:

“Most of the well meaning candidates did not prepare early enough in this election and their well meaning but impromptu campaign messages are not connecting to the  the voters except for a small niche – niche candidates they are. And the reason is obvious.

If Filipinos go to Cuba, all they can do there is organic gardening and maybe enjoy the sight of vintage cars plying the streets of Havana.  Many of our compatriots prefer to hold a hose and wash the American asses (literally and figuratively) rather than watering a Cuban garden.   Cannot blame most of them as they migrated primarily because of the family back home. They  cannot send $100 back home by doing organic gardening. 🙂

What’s in store come May 10 if ever madayon? Probably still a rabbit hole. So we face the question again: “Going nowhere?” And find solace to the old answer: “Any road will take you there”. Just to keep the sanity intact. Then take the carousel ride towards  2016.

Yes we deserve a government run by those who won the election because they have hundreds of millions budget for T.V. and Radio Ads and also because of the incompetence of sincere and supposedly more qualified candidates who cannot find an antidote for that. They were not born yesterday. This is not our first election. So they could be not genius either. But I hope they are not retardates. Let’s see what they really are come May 10.

What a lively discourse we have! While the PCOS machines are malfunctioning everywhere with 5 days to go! hahaha!

Bravo replied:

There are two sides to the equation in a democracy – the candidate and the people upon whom ultimate sovereignty resides. In the Philippines, the onus is placed on the candidates. In the functioning economically vibrant and politically diverse democracies, voters take a more active role in identifying the candidates they would like to support in greater and wider proportion than semi-feudal pseudo-democracies which are colonies of the domestic oligarchs.

I am actually thankful for our compatriots who wipe asses abroad. I had an aortic aneurysm last November and was in the ICU for four days, all I can say was “thank goodness, I am in the hands of Filipino nurses”. Whether, I was in Daytona or UF Shands, the top teaching and research hospital. Our Filipino nurses run the entire gamut of bedside nurses (the ones who wipe ass), the nurse practitioners (don’t wipe ass, does the paperwork, and prescribes medication like physicians), nurse supervisors who ensure the quality of care is topnotch so that American health facilities are not sued by frivolous lawsuits, and the nurses who are nursing administrators, the nurses who are VPs for nursing and clinical care, the nurses who operate nursing homes, the nurses who operate assisted living facilities, the nurses who have opened their own thriving businesses.

Yup, they started as bedside nurses but they have the opportunities to have a career, and they can afford to go to Havana, Paris, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, Sydney at the drop of a hat – yes, they can afford it. And they don’t have to drive antique cars in Havana, I guess their preferences are more mundane – Lexus/BMW/Audi SUVs for the nurses who have earned their keep. For the starting nurses, it is usually a Honda CRV/Civic/Accord, Toyota/Pilot. All these probably happening in a period of 3 to 6 years. Oh, they can also afford to go to any beach they want – not just Cuba but Mexico, Costa Rica, The Carribean, the Mediterranean. Not to mention the bonues, retirement plans, health/medical/dental visions plans. Whereas, if they stayed in Cuba – oh well. If they were in the Philippines, they can’t even afford an antique car. It’s a choice between wiping ass and being treated as a human being overseas VERSUS the nurse’ life locally – being paid like an ass wipe and living like what’s being wiped out of the ass.

You can actually aggregate your thriving garden, but you’ll need to work with others – build a globally extended supply chain that has topnotch service delivery response times to ensure minimal carbon footprints, a good value for customers, a good return for vendors, taxes from good returns in a level playing field. When others are ready to work with you – and wake up from the parochial view, even as you nudge their eyes to awaken to Alvin Toffler’s third wave and John Naisbitt’s global paradox. For the meantime, work with those who are already ready and establish the beachhead  – globally.. via – ANTIPINOY.COM 🙂

If people vote on the basis of ads, instead of doing their due diligence of reading up on the candidates performance, proven track record of transformation – it’s their loss – not the candidate’s. And yes, they are retards for not doing due diligence.

The PCOS machines are a technical problem that will be addressed by a technical solution. Instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, I’d rather have the election delayed than have a messy emo manual count… susginoo, we are back to being retards if we go back to manual 🙂

Ika nga ni Thomas Jefferson – Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.

Cost of Living in Cuba
By The Associated Press

Average salaries, per month:

Teacher: $9.60
Business administrator: $11.35
Engineer: $14.40
Doctor, general practitioner: $27
Doctor, specialist: $31
Taxi Driver: $6, plus tips

Cost of products:
Rice, per pound: 14 cents
Beans, per pound: 35 cents
Bread, per pound: 39 cents
Sugar, per pound: 47 cents
Pork, per pound: 96 cents
Can of soda: 42 cents
Bottle of rum: $2.30
Package of 20 cigarettes: 27 cents
Roll of toilet paper: 19 cents
Milk, per gallon: $4.55 (available at much lower prices for children under 7)
Cheese, per pound: $4-$5 (can be found for half this price on black market)
Cooking oil, per quart: $2.15
Box of cereal: $4-$10 (depending on brand)
Canned soup (Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom): $2.50

Buses or fixed-route taxis for Cubans: 1 cent
Taxis for tourists: 96 cents per mile

Movie theater: 4 cents
Sporting event: 4 cents
Concert: 4 cents to $25
A night at the Tropicana cabaret: $65-$85

Utilities, per month (based on consumption):
Water: 15-20 cents
Gas for stoves: 8-38 cents
Electricity: 38 cents to $11.50
Telephone: 38 cents to $11.50
http://havanajournal.com/business/entry/cost_of_living_in_cuba/ Accessed  May 5, 2010



Gee whiz man, YOu’re right. I ain’t like livin’ in that pathetic place. My material mentality (dictated by Madonna and Adam Smith) says I rather stay in R. P or other capitalist countries because even conking cars that rove Havana are 1950s model – an epitome of how poor the country is despite her diplomatic relationship with capitalist countries in Europe. I ain’t like conking cars, I like flashy sleek SUVs. That’s why I strive in Smith’s world the diligence and industry I could not do in Marx’s paradise.”

On OFW Remittances

Alpha commented on his status:

“Kung wala ang OFW remittances our economy could have been in the bottom of the shit pit.  Another paradox about the OFWs is they are not an  investing class and instead a consuming class.  If they invested their money on panthom stocks like the American middle class does, we could have been the very epitome of that shit pit.

True being away from family has caused untold anguish to our millions of people out there. But what can we do as we hear the sorrow chants from the belly of the modern day slave ship?   Listen and get carried away by the one liner slogans from the campaign trail?  Or simple fold our ears and continue to enjoy the exuberant lifestyle.

On Alibis: The Budhist says: If you want to be happy, eliminate your desires. Translated into an alibi syntax: If only I eliminated some of my desires, I could have been happier. The modern day hermit says I can give up everything, except Facebook.  he he he he.

Bravo replied:

That is not true, it depends on the segment of the OFW. The Fil-Ams are riding on the mainstream financial tides as their 401Ks and IRAs are tied to the fortunes of wall street. However, while they suffered from the recession and the bursting of the mortgsge bubble, they have stepped up and are now in the process of comprehensively reforming the financial system – an effect that has more impact than any army of morons in EDSA can do. True that the middle class was hit by phantom stocks but it wasn’t the end of the world.

The inflow of Mexicans lessened at the height of the recession, however, no one was going back. When asked, any Mexican would say – any bad day in the US is still better than any best day in Mexico. I’d say the same thing pretty much applies. The US economy is already picking up. There will be an explosion of jobs in the next 4 years- and it is already going on. Meanwhile, the exodus continues in the Philippines.

Boils down to what you desire. Do you want to poo in an imburnal or do you want a comfy toilet, with a sink, and shower and tub, cold and hot water – and very much within your means – with room to spare? Pray tell?

Though it’s not applicable to all, one thing about the functioning democracies – they provide the option for reuniting families. Thus, entire famililies can migrate – and along with them – the technical skills and knowhow – which people call arrogant 🙂 E di magtiis sila sa simpleng buhay, mainit, panay ang brownout.. ROTFLMAO.

Instead of stepping up and demanding accountability, what are Pinoys doing? wowowee?


Ang hirap kasi niyan those who demand accountability are labeled as “arrogant”. Guess what, when no one is held accountable, sh*t splats all over the ceiling – just like in the Philippines.



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