From The Net: Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard "Dick" Gordon

Harry Tambuatco and Dick Gordon have a straight talk and cover a lot of issues. Harry points out the conflict of interest. This is an example of a no-holds barred discussion between adults – Dick and Harry (unlike the debate-shy Noynoy and Manny).

Topics include the Aquino legacy, the Abu Sayaff, poverty and GSIS, Hacienda Luisita, Hello Garci, the automated elections.

In Part 3, Gordon presents the behind the scenes machinations of people who are pushing for manual counting – people with PhDs in cheating!

In Part 4, the issue of the US bases is concerned – how Subic rose from the ashes, vote buying, bawal ang tanga, and bawal ang tamad.

In Part 5, Gordon discusses how education can be used to break the glass ceiling installed by the oligarchs – and oligarch-owned media.


Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon 1/5

Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon 2/5

Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon 3/5

Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon 4/5

Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon 5a/5




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  2. We owe a lot to you Dick for the information. Whatever the result of this election, you provided so much info for the thinking Pinoys.

  3. Yes, and I hope that these things that Dick spoke about throughout these past few months, will not be forgotten in the later elections, esp the one in 2016. If Noy wins this one, mark this as the start of the 6 yrs of famine in our nation: so be prepared (or just leave for a while 🙂 ) If people would take Sen Gordon seriously by then, well… lets just hope and pray.

  4. jccastro · ·

    “In reaction to the technical problems, Gordon said: “Let’s make it work. If Comelec can’t do it, I will withdraw from the race and run the elections.” (See: Gordon open to defer May 10 polls)”

    your slip is showing.

    is this a sign of the realization of the futility of it all?

  5. alexasdad · ·

    Sinyales yan ng totoong leader!

    y? have you even heard from the beloved president??

    i guess she’s so busy perfecting the “plan”,

  6. I saw it as service before self thing.

    Gordon valued so much his handiwork to the point of giving up running.

  7. jccastro · ·


    sometimes victory is won thru sacrifice. like what mar roxas did.

    and i doubt we would hear anything from gma.


    q. how do you know when gma is lying?
    a. the minute she opens her mouth.

    thats why teddy locsin implored the palace not to assure the voter about the election.

  8. Alexius · ·

    They need more zombies now.

    This guy is on a killing spree!

    The more I listen to him the more I feel uplifted, inspired and dedicated.

    I now know what he means by effective leadership.

    He is effective in leading us in such a way that we desire to be independent, we desire to develop, we desire to change for the better.

    I hope he or a person who shares in his principles and beliefs wins the elections.

    We can’t afford another 6 years of instability and discreet havoc.

    We need to reignite the flames of hope, real hope, hope that is acted upon, that has been snuffed out and stolen from us since who knows when.

    We need to, for a change, stand up for ourselves and fight for what is right.

    Good skill, Sir Gordon, good skill!

  9. week my up, when you aslap(ar_chris) · ·

    bongV, i almost had an orgasm with dick gordon on video number 4!!
    he is on FIRE!!

  10. jccastro · ·

    and deep in heart he knows that he has a chinaman’s chance of winning.

    even don quijote did not succeed in bringing down the windmills.

    selflessness can also be viewed as pragmatism.

    what do we do when the cheerleader stops dancing…
    do we feel betrayal?
    or abandonment?
    or used and abused?

  11. He didn’t sacrifice any substantial thing aside from his ambition to run for president to a less competent leader. Strategy dictates that since Roxas is next to nil in winning against Villar thus it is the most logical thing to do. Just a little spin here and there (i.e. supreme boohoohoo sacrifice) and just maybe… *DING*

    Liberal Party’s platforms be damned, they want someone who can win. + Mar Roxas chance of winning the vice-president is clearer. + It’s a shame not to capitalize on Aquino’s legacy and dead parents from the way Noynoy’s accomplishments sucked in comparison.

    = Win-win-win.

    Now that I think about it, Mar Roxas fed us to the dogs.

  12. jccastro · ·

    and deep in HIS heart he knows that he has a chinaman’s chance of winning.

    even don quijote did not succeed in bringing down the windmills.

    selflessness can also be viewed as pragmatism.

    what do we do when the cheerleader stops dancing…
    do we feel betrayED?
    or abandonED?
    or used and abused?

    it sure would be nice if this site has edit feature. hahaha.

  13. we feel the need to Get Real?

    windmills or not, shame on us if we don’t try.

    Feeling betrayed, abandoned, used/abused, is for teh EMO.

  14. And I wonder who you will vote for?

    As Gordon says on the video… Competence and Effectiveness are 2 totally different things.

  15. jccastro · ·

    to be emo means one has heart.

    isn’t it the heart who pumps the blood to make the brain and other organs work.

    don’t be afraid of being emo. to be emo is to be passionate.

    it’s healthy to cry once in a while.

  16. you misunderstand, when I say emo i really mean sentimental fool.

    Do not be mistaken, I do not have anything against being passionate. And it’s far from the context when I say emo.

    When I say emo, I mean stupid, spineless drama whore who gets angry at the wrong people, with the wrong reasons and results to massive amounts of fail.

    Glad I could clear that up. 🙂

  17. I just wish people will soon realize that this is our rare opportunity to have CHANGE. This is a typical example of the regular life in Subic. I can only imagine if this were to take place for our whole nation. This is as a result of the Fruits of our Labor. This is from the seeds of what Senator Gordon started when he chaired the Subic Bay Freeport.

  18. Besides, real Emo wasn’t all about that mainstream, hipster bullcrap the music industry introduced anyway. Go check up on jccastro and you’d be pleasantly surprised.

    Besides, why spend the effort to cry when you can gather your strength to make a positive difference somewhere else? It just means you aren’t in full control of your emotions.

  19. oh, and blames EVERYBODY else besides himself, can’t think of solutions to problems even his own, flies off to his own little comfort zone when reality bites and when shit hits the fan and content to being a defeatist instead of growing a pair.

    I think that’s pretty much it.

  20. mar, did not volunteer to step down. he was pressured by LP to step down dahil mababa sya sa surveys.. :]

  21. hindi nya kasalanan yung delays sa schedule ng automation..but he is man enough to step down and solve the mess done by the ‘inefficient’ persons in charge

  22. Jon Abaca · ·

    I know some people who claim that Dick Gordon is a sore-loser crybaby. They’re voting for somebody else.

    Oh well.

    Maybe I should rub it in their faces when very little change actually happens in this country.


    Irregardless of who gets the coveted seat of president, it’s up to us to make sure they forward our interests.

    Niccolo Machiavelli stated that a prince should always strive to avoid hatred. Well, back in his day, leaders who didn’t forward the people’s interests ended up deposed, or dead.

  23. If they think its that simple, then they better wait next year and take a good, hard look at the mirror to see who really lost if they didn’t vote for Gordon or Gibo.

    Thats right.

  24. yappy · ·

    if noynoy wins, then mar becomes president… it wasn’t sacrifice.. it was strategy

  25. Pinay Goddess · ·

    Yes we want CHANGE for this country to move forward, but Gordon is not the only capable candidate who can lead us on this. Saying that Gordon is the only hope to effect change, reminds me of a Noynoy’s tagline saying he’s the only hope…

  26. jonphil · ·

    The insights are plain and simple truths.

    If penoys don’t get convinced by gordon’s reasoning, I hardly know what will – it’s not his (G’s) problem.

    Is there any counterpart interview with other presidentiables? Any link?

  27. Jon Abaca · ·

    Many people also believe that Gordon is a “Marcos loyalist” and Gibo is a “Arroyo loyalist”.

    They base their vote on “character.”

    Character? I believe the proper term would be personality, as in personality politics.

    Having a good character is good, but it’s not the only basis of leadership.

    Neville Chamberlain certainly had a good character when he tried appeasing Adolf Hitler. After the horror of the Great War, Britain wasn’t really willing to fight another war against Germany. Well, we all know how that turned out.

  28. It’s like a chicken an egg problem in the Philippines.

    You need education, like the one Gordon is pushing by paying good salary to teachers, so the people will make better choices. But you need a Gordon to push for that reform. But the people are stillborn in terms of learning or Bonjing if you look it differently.

  29. Rey-Rey · ·

    Simple lang naman kung sino talaga ang dapat maging Presidente. Syempre yung propesyonal, may experiensya at maganda at magaling ang track record.

  30. Thought I’d share this interview of Gordon in Headstart hosted by Karen Davila. And I was laughing all the way, especially when he frankly said to Karen that their station is biased. (not sure about the date though)

    Link to first part:

    Six-part video interview. Currently watching the video, and I think this is the best Gordon interview I’ve seen (although the one posted above is as good as well). Taob si Karen Davila.

  31. My sister who used to be a Noynoy’s supporter had tears from her eyes after watching this video. She was convinced and inspired. She will now vote for Gordon so as her 5 other family members.

  32. haha.. i’ve already watched the video.. totoo nman na biased cla eh.. andun c kris sa 2 kaya kahit sabihin nila na patas cla.. madali isipin na cnsabi sa kanila na ito iboto nila c noynoy.. one thing pa.. kumpara nio ung ads ni noy noy sa 2 at 7.. anung station ang mas maraming airtime sa ads ni noynoy.. dba channel 2??kaya dapt c gordon ang presidente para lahat disiplinado.. lagi nila cnsabi na diktador xa .. kase gusto nila lagi malaya.. malaya sa KORAPSYON !!!! leche.. ayaw nila padisiplina.. kaya marami naghihirap na tao eh.. nagpapadala lagi sa ads..magsisisi ang mga tao kung bakit c noynoy ang mananalo kung wala mangyayari sa pinas in 1 wik pag upo nia.. taga ko sa bato.. puro tanung agad yan..cgurado..

  33. ladyhawke · ·

    survey methodology is supposed to be scientific. but of course we cannot avoid to scrutinize the survey companies conducting it and who paid for the said survey.
    I agree with Senator Gordon that survey results can condition the mind of the people….

  34. Thanks a lot for this, really helped me decide who to vote for in a few hours…

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