The Countdown to 2016 Begins

I maintain no delusion – Noynoy Aquino is poised to clinch this election well before the outcome of the 2010 Philippine elections started trickling in. We called it in as early as Dec 25, 2009 in BenK’s Top Ten Predictions for 2010 and again in Jan 2010 in the blog The Triumph of Winnability, Death of Ability, Abortion of the Meritocracy.

Throughout this campaign, AP has pointed out the various flaws in Noynoy Aquino’s positions on corruption, the economy, oligarchs, Noynoy’s performance, hacienda luisita, and credibilitywithout letup.

Any sane person with a modicum of sanity and reason would have thought a thousand times before voting for a Noynoy Aquino, or an Estrada for that matter. With the kinds of moronic citizens and voters the Philippines has today – the Philippines ascent to progress is highly doubtful, even improbable. So it has again come to pass, that a blind man will lead a nation of the blind – how fitting for Asia’s laggard, the sick man of Asia, the most dangerous country for journalists, one of the most corrupt countries in Asia. The Filipino voter has just tightened the noose around his/her head – instead of loosening it.

Good Grief

Some who have experienced an election for the first time will be undergoing some form of grief. The most identifiable of these might be from Elizabeth Ross’ book “On Death and Dying”. The stages Ross identified are:

* Denial (this isn’t happening to me!)
* Anger (why is this happening to me?)
* Bargaining (I promise I’ll be a better person if…)
* Depression (I don’t care anymore)
* Acceptance (I’m ready for whatever comes)

I have been in Acceptance for the longest time. As in, sh*t happens in the Philippines every day, what else is new.

Many times I have been told that I should just let Pinoy have it – so they finally get to learn it the hard way. And so the Filipinos have decided to relearn it the hard way. I said relearn because these lessons seem to have a habit of slipping past the Pinoys attention span. While the Indonesians, Singaporeans, and Koreans have moved past the starting line and are in a mad dash for the finish line, the Pinoy can’t even figure out where the starting line is.

Philippine Elections and Filipino Voters are a Joke!

Da Pinoy started a joke – he called it Erap. Da Pinoy got tired of the joke, replaced with another joke. Not getting tired of a replacement joke, Da Pinoys vote another joke into the Presidency. The Philippines is one big jokes, Da Pinoy is one big joke.

The thing about this joke is that the spread of poverty, the wider disparity in income, the incompetence of Cory Aquino’s cabinet-on-the-comeback –ย  is no joke.

But hey, AP is ready to roll with this joke – the joke will be on all the fellas who voted for Noynoy and Erap.

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Brace for the I Told You So Ride of Your Life

I will mock you, I will bash you, I will degrade you, I will embarrass you, and remind you of the stupid choice you made today, May 10, 2010 – and I will make no excuses for being a jackass, and rightfully so. =)

So heads up everyone, start getting those slogans ready, and remind these idiots of their moronic choice of Noynoy until May 10, 2016 – enjoy the ride.

Kabayan who voted for a lazy moron, you bring me misery, I will gladly return the favor, every day, until May 10, 2016.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was … MORON, IAM4NOYNOY – am starting with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

Many people have tried to explain what grief is; some have even identified certain stages of grief.

Probably the most well-known of these might be from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross‘ book, “On Death and Dying.” In it, she identified five stages that a dying patient experiences when informed of their terminal prognosis.

The stages Kubler-Ross identified are:

  • Denial (this isn’t happening to me!)
  • Anger (why is this happening to me?)
  • Bargaining (I promise I’ll be a better person if…)
  • Depression (I don’t care anymore)
  • Acceptance (I’m ready for whatever comes)


  1. Naku pareng bong… di pa tapos ang counting… di pa tapos ang dagdag bawas process… baka manalo pa si Erap… hehehehe…

    Natatawa talaga ako sa pagkapanalo at landslide ni BINAY!!! BWAHAHAHA… Kawawang Mar Roxas….

  2. Noynoy officially wins and this list tops everything that has been the joke about the Pinoys.

    Oh and a special treat, Adam Carolla may have been right. Manny is going to win a lower house position after all.

    The jokes are going to come but ultimately, this election has been one big joke. Noynoy supporters might as well ask Kris to be the first sibling of a democracy.

    Only in the Philippines: Where ‘buti nalang tanga’ is on acceptable, but desired.

  3. I sha shadow naman ni Mar si Noy lol..shadow president ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. *sigh* First time voter, first time heartache.

    One thing, only in the Philippines do you find an autistic(rumored) person and an ex-convict leading the polls. Ang ganda. parang unique.

    Ewan ko na. Bakit na man kasi can read and write lang ang qualification ng Presidente eh! Pwede na kahit baliw basta can read and write! mas mabuti pa ang mga entrance exam sa schools kailangan ng good moral certification!

    maghihintay nalang ako ng 2016 or impeachment or resignation.

    And before anything, thank you fellow Filipinos. Proud ako a inyo. >(

  6. Jelor Gallego · ·

    True. It’s sad. 6 years of incompetence all over again but hey, who knows. Da Pinoy might learn. We’ve been making mistakes since the time of Marcos, it’s about time we learn from mistakes. Then again, maybe Bongbong Marcos would run for presidency on 2016 and we’ll elect him. The comedy would be complete then.

  7. Jon Abaca · ·

    If we are going to rub it into their faces, we have to come up with a list of realistic and measurable milestones. Such milestones should contain elements from the LP’s promises to the nation. Given the non-compliance of this country with the milestones promised, we can easily show the supporters of Mr Aquino that they wasted everybody’s time.

  8. sticktoexecute · ·

    So it happens. I just realized that those who are the movers and shakers of this country don’t give a sh*t about raising the quality of lives of the masses. This large gap between the rich and the poor is what is important to them. Media driven victory, well done media, well done. You have served your purpose well. Keep entertaining the people. They will probably still need it.


  9. thanks, BongV and all AP writers, for the informative write-ups and comments! ๐Ÿ™‚ you saved me lots of time when friends asked why i was an ex-Noynoy supporter who turned into a Gordon volunteer.

    i was in the “Bargaining” stage during the campaign period. i believe i will be in the next stage, “Depression”, after the Counting of Votes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Since 1986. That cheeky TV station being the vanguard of that Yellow Koolaide everyone seems to love drinking.

  11. Brixter · ·

    It’s depressing. Initially, I was choosing between Gibo or Gordon to vote for. But from the latest election results, even if you combine the 2, they aren’t enough to beat even Villar. So depressing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  12. sticktoexecute · ·

    Just like the friars and elites during the Spanish occupation? Keeping the people in the dark, making them moronic, giving them illusion of power and responsibility, selling them emo-platitudes and empty nationalism in order for them to be easy prey in manipulation and control.

    Shit i’m watching TV: Inquirer headline for today: ITS NOY-BI IN EARLY COUNT.

    Give them a pat on the back.

  13. Poppy Seed · ·

    A big THANK YOU to AP for enlightening me with their articles and comments.
    Talk about Deja Vu! I will reread the first article that introduced me to GRP/AP (Welcome back to square One!)
    and savor every second while reading that wonderful post.

    Goodbye AP! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Pareng_Ucka · ·

    Dies Irae!

    And so we shall go to war! HAHAHA!

    starting with ABS CBN for me, this stupid station has caused most of the damage. Before I was a kapamilya, but no more! I’d rather watch spongebob than ANC!

    Ces Drillon can kiss noynoy’s ***!

  15. Hey, that’s right, I did call it. And more than once, too:

    I’d like to believe it’s because I have a prophetic streak in me, but really, I think it’s just because you people are so damned predictable.

    I realize the counting is still in its early stages and could still turn up a surprise, but it’s not headed that direction so far…and even if it does, looks like the dark horse is Erap. Hoo boy.

    Way to go, Philippines. Let’s think positive, and look at this as the self-inflicted disaster you need to finally put the country at absolute rock-bottom so you can wake up and start rehabbing.

  16. You shouldn’t feel depressed if you wanted to be a real agent of change and voted between the two. Feel depressed for the rest of the country people who couldn’t see a gift (Gordon, Gibo) and instead chose hand me downs (Noynoy, Erap) instead.

  17. At worst, the dark ages for this country have arrived.

  18. sticktoexecute · ·

    I don’t think we Filipinos will ever accept that we need rehabbing ๐Ÿ˜€

    We love complaining but we hate working to get past this rock bottom.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  19. I hear and read a lot of people saying that Aquino is God’s anointed leader for the nation, because he won. If you ask me, God put him there just to teach the Filipinos a lesson. You are responsible for who you vote, so if the country goes down or doesn’t change at all, don’t be surprised. God tells us that man reaps what he sows. Man is refusing to reap what God sows.

  20. Kanye West · ·

    AP, please write one article a day about how stupid the Pinoys have been in letting THREE possible and viable leaders pass by in this election.

    God, I fucking hate this country.

  21. Long live Anti-Pinoy!

    My greatest fear happened as I was reading the news a while ago. But then I realized, I should just accept that the Philippines isn’t ready for a change when the likes of Noynoy and Erap are on the lead. I just thought, “Sige, tanggapin ko na lang na manalo si Noynoy. I want to see what he’ll do. I just don’t want to hear his ‘supporters’ barraging EDSA if anything happens. ” And then I thought, “OH CRAP, KRIS MUST BE GLEEFULLY SMILING ON THE TV SCREEN RIGHT NOW.”

    I didn’t want to say this out loud, but really, the Philippines deserves all the s**t that’s happening to this country. It’s very, very disappointing.

    The Philippines doesn’t deserve Dick Gordon and all the other competent and worthy leaders of this nation. Clearly, they don’t learn and they certainly don’t want change.

    *on a side note* I have a high school friend who’s a Noynoy supporter and he posted a status on his FB that says ‘mayabang lang ako, pustahan… hindi lalagpas ng 2 Million ang boto ni DICK GORDON.’. Although he admit that he admires Gordon and Gibo for their intelligence, but he just likes the latter more than the former. *sigh* disappointing. and to think, my friend is smart. He once said that voting for Noy is thinking with heart and voting for Gibo and Gordon is thinking. It’s sad to think that people are blinded by the truth.

  22. I will join in the merry band of mockers! Hahahaa!

  23. GabbyD · ·

    instead of mocking, u could also be part of the national conversation over charter change that will happen over the next year.

    liberalization seems to be the lynch pin of the big plan to save RP, right? that conversation is gonna happen… prep ur best arguments, bossing…

  24. Don’t worry GabbyD, I haven’t abandoned my concern for my country. But, I still am shaking my head as the Philippine majority has, time and again, proven its stupidity.

  25. been there done can all waste your money coming up with a convention that says there is no need for can shove your convention up your ass GabbyD, sama-sama kayo ng mga gunggong.

  26. That conversation is going to happen between who? Us, maybe. Most likely. Ignoy and his clique have already made it abundantly clear they’re not dealing with it.

  27. Thank you universe for cable TV, a merry escape. One can just tune out the sad state of the Failipinas and watch CNN or BBC. I’d rather have the international news than hear about our very own disasters, it will just remind me of the opportunity we have let pass us by. Kaya wag magalit-galitan iyang mga makabayan kuno diyan kung tawagin kong BOBO ang PILIPINO dahil sa election na ito pinatunayan na naman.

  28. I’d like to have something like the Obameter:
    Any takers?

  29. 358Days · ·

    “*sigh* First time voter, first time heartache.” – hibiz

    My words exactly.

    I’d rather leave this country and come back after 6 years and hope that this nation has learned a thing or two about choosing a President who is competent.

    Dear Pro-Noy-Noy Filipinos,
    That’s your President, not mine. I only hope that I won’t see your shamed faces on the news with slogans full of regret and admittance to your mistake.

    Disappointed First Time Voter is Disappointed. *leaves for Canada in a crate*

  30. Hi Lori,

    Am all for this.
    First-off we need to identify the promises and reduce it to separate items that can then be monitored for progress.

    We can take this discussion offline if you want via email to – or we can continue the discussion here.

  31. This election inspired me because of Gibo, I’ve never seen a candidate that is incomparably qualified, with impressive credentials, good attitude and even good looks to match (not saying this is important, but it is certainly a plus).

    Despite not winning this election, he energized the youth and many of our nation’s “thinking” class. The green team is no doubt inspiring, they gave me hope that in the near future our country will rise again.

    “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.” ~ Confucius

  32. It would be a good project and I would love to help with what I can. But admittedly, I don’t know enough to be of much help in the first step. I can help in the making and organization of the website (or an extension of the AP website) itself though be warned I’m still a learner.

  33. The call for a vision for Philippines 2016 and a roadmap to get there does not end. It merely becomes STRONGER and MORE INTENSE.

    We will make sure that LACK OF ACTION AND THINKING and EXCUSES for those are highlighted.

    Look who’s laughing
    all the way to the bank…

  34. GabbyD · ·

    i think the conversation is gonna happen. aquino is open to it. if u guys are in favor of charter change, let ur best arguments be heard and debated on, and start the conversation. gordon should lend his voice to this too.

  35. GabbyD:

    Sure the conversation is gonna happen… in 2014.
    the year when HLI land will be distributed, and there’s no more land to distribute because all have been converted.

    syet GabbyD .. doon ka sa FV, naglilipana ang tanga doon.

  36. GabbyD:

    As far as AP is concerned – you guys figure it out. We are not here to spoonfeed you.

    Read up on:

    This is a position which has long been figured out. Now, if you and your fellow Rip Van Winkles in FV are slow learners – just stay there and don’t waste our time on AP. Thank you.

  37. Intelligent pinoys, start migrating now, get your visas ready – leave the idiots behind. you don’t deserve to live with idiots. ๐Ÿ˜†

  38. GabbyD · ·

    ouch! my world revolves around ur opinion of me, and i shall strive to rectify it asap! sir! yes sir!

    interesting — no need for debate coz u’ve got it “figured out”? hmmm… so we should just do away with democracy then eh? nice, very mature of u.

    cmon bong, aint discussion fun? thats why i do it, coz its fun and important.

    anyways, i’m sure u’ll write more about liberalization in the future.

    till then brah!

  39. Juan Radikal · ·

    Let me be the first to become your avid subscriber. Although my anticipation of the sickening usual call for unity (again) by the new Freeze-ident Aquino (Aku-ay-no) is a bit parallel to my hangover puking, I would rather forge the subliminal of the Pinoys, and shall begin with my friends.

    I don’t know the likes of Conrado De Quiros and his pen-band of conquistadores in; the highly-paid survey cum brainwashing psychological genius behind SWS and Pulse Asia; and the overly sympathetic gesture and tweets of Kris Akuayno, that they were able to pull and twist the minds of the Pinoy simpletons.

    Filipinos were tricked by the Spanish colonizers and held captive by our own lackluster for centuries; when a Revolution was hurdled to gain freedom, the Yankees have inspired us in its offer of friendship — only to be tricked again; Then, came Cory, Erap, and GMA — only to suffer the same fate. Today, the Philippines will be ridiculed again by history for having a well-known lackluster and, like his mother, an incompetent braggart.

    Kudos to the Filipinos of our time, the Philippine history and its magnitude of failure.

    But I will never regard myself to be a part of a nation of fail and stupidity. I will share my insight in AP and the cyberworld whenever I have the pleasure of time.

  40. Sorry, but I can’t really put a positive spin on all this. I can’t even find the humor in the situation. THIS WHOLE SITUATION IS SO DEPRESSING!

    I’m sorry to say this, but as of now, I AM REALLY ASHAMED TO BE PINOY. after all that has happened, one would’ve thought that Filipino voters have finally learned their lesson. Give me an option to quickly change my citizenship and i will grab it. I refuse to be associated with a NATION OF IMBECILES.

    Ninoy Aquino, you were wrong after all. I doubt if you would think that the FIlipino is worth dying for, seeing how things are many years after your death. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  41. My problem was not Noynoy wins. It was that the number of “deceived” voters are huge thus it took ages to correct.

  42. RodimusPrime · ·

    ei there’s a move to push gibo and gordon as senators for 2013..i was thinking if greenies would like to pursue such?thanks you…

  43. Vox Populi · ·

    Filipinos are so stupid they are beyond redemption.

    The only way the Philippines can become a progressive country is to wipe out the whole Filipino race and repopulate the whole archipelago with Western Europeans.

  44. A person who generalizes generally lies. Nuff said. Decide for yourself.

  45. subaysabayan nyo si De Quiros for the whole year. Tingnan natin kung di siya mag flip-flop ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. Mae Revestel · ·

    I agree with this. I wish for a Hitler in our country.

  47. Mae Revestel · ·

    Hear hear!

  48. Mae Revestel · ·


  49. my problem isn’t with Noynoy perse. it’s with the way an overwhelming majority of our people vote. when you ask why they support Noynoy, kasi hindi sya corrupt. when you ask why they support Villar, they say kasi galing sya sa mahirap. WTF right?! wala na ba talaga silang capacity to think for themselves, na para bang sunud sunuran na lang sa anumang sabihin nung mga politikong yan sa mga commercials nila?! The fact that these people cannot fully justify their reasons for voting for a certain candidate when asked is enoguh proof that these people aren’t thinking at all.

    if there’s one positive thing about this, it’s that i have retained my right to complain. tong mga pro noynoy, they don’t have any right to bitch and complain during the next six years. kung palpak man si Noynoy, they should just deal with it because they deserve it. those who dare complain should be shot outright. same thing with those GMA supporters 6 years ago like Kris Aquino na nangunguna sa mga reklamo sa kanya ngayon. kung nag-iisip naman kasi ang mga Pilipino tuwing sila ay boboto, eh di wala nang dapat ireklamo.


    The Balimbings / Turncoats will be in key positions again… such as Belmonte and his Customs Collector Brother… Yong Afable, the Goebbles of Roxas-Noynoy Campaign will definitely be the Press Secretary again… Alberto Lina and Guillermo Parayno will still monopolize the logistics service through their FEDEX licensee contract and imports related rakets… and will again reign the BIR and Customs as commissioners… Solita Monsod will be her usual blahblahblah economics as NEDA secretary… The Iglesia ni Cristo will get more appointments… like the appointments of Cesar Templo as Customs Deputy Commissioner and Jun Vicencio as Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service chief… Roxas after a year can take his previous post as DTI secretary… Enteng Romano after his e-lagda marketing eklat will be holding a key position as a consultant or agency head… Panghilinan, the Lopezes and the Ayalas since they’ve funded the ads that has repeated the lies that became “truths” will get the biggest slice of the spoils… SAME OLD S H I T. They are old fnckers…

    so what the hypocritical fnck are you talking about.

  51. helios · ·

    sabay sabay….. GLOAT ๐Ÿ˜›

  52. helios · ·

    matataka pa ba tayo at mananalo either si Noynoy or Erap???? just look sa senate race… somebody give me prozac

  53. No, he’ll be in a cloud nine because Noynoy will play catch the crook game against GMA.

  54. That’s too brutal. The better way is to let only the tax payers vote. This way, if you don’t pay tax, you don’t have the right to destroy your country.

  55. I saw a post somewhere on the net that Noynoy prevented an Erap presidency. So let’s remind ourselves that at least for now, there is one “good” thing he did.

  56. those who still supported gordie were the unsung heroes of this country, eventually every pinoy will drag other filipinos down, they always will.. so what’s new? welcome to the new old phil. enjoy another 6 years of suffering and hell… welcome to the so called “paradise” of the cowards…

  57. Congratulations Philippines. We shall see if the Messiah will become a Moron in the long run.

    I will try to observe NA first 100 days in office. If he fails to grow a spine, then I don’t know what will happen to us. He will probably give the reigns to rule to Binay. Power sharing ba!

    If by the end of 100 days, he is still an EPIC FAIL, I will be happy to leave this country for a little while. We shall all plan our personal Exodus.

    I do hope that the XX million Filipinos who voted for him will not regret their choice. I have a feeling that if he fails to deliver his messiah promises, the same XX Filipinos will bring him down…in a People Power perhaps. XD Isn’t it ironic..don’t you think?

  58. True. But this still doesn’t change the fact that majority of the people voted for Noy.

    A hoping Filipino is disappointed.

  59. I wish I’d seen this site much, much earlier in the game. I wasn’t sure who was worth voting (I just knew I didn’t want to vote for Noynoy) until I started reading your articles.

    It wasn’t too late, since I decided (with conviction) to vote for Gordon. But I am dismayed to see him and even Gibo (my second choice) trailing in the count.

    I’m so disappointed because we’re all in this together no matter which candidate we chose. If anything I think God either gave up on us or He gave us Noynoy to teach us a lesson. Either way, it sucks.

    What I’d like is for this site to stay alive throughout the next six years. Let’s get this site out to more people so that, when the next elections come along, more people are informed. If it turns out that Noynoy/Binay et al (if Revilla becomes Senate president, God help us) are further driving us down, we should find a way to get more people (i.e. the common tao) to realize that the only way out is to suck it up and do our part in learning more about the system and how we can fix it, instead of waiting for someone to tell us what to do, or just sit around while some “savior” tries to bail us out of this mess.

    Anyway. Thank you Anti-Pinoy, for sharing with us your information and passion for change. Keep up the good work!

    (My only nitpick re. this site โ€” the fonts are a bit too small to read. Is it possible to make them larger? They look about a size 7 pt on my laptop…or is it just me? It’s a bit hard to read the articles at this size)

  60. I swear it didnt help me to get some sleep when i saw noynoy’s 300 thou votes and erap at 200K.

    we filipinos are such a glutton for punishment. haay..

  61. God, I hate this effing country more that ever. I’m so tempted to just give in and let this nation burn in hell for being so stupid. Where in the world do you see three brilliant candidates (Gordon, Gibo, Perlas) being trumped by three idiots (Noynoy, Erap, Villar)?

    Ok, to be fair I’m going to give NA the benefit of a doubt. But if you don’t deliver after 100 days, it’s a safe bet that those who didn’t vote for you will go to the streets to nail your skinny ass to the wall. Count on it.

    @Kass: I have a feeling those who ardently supported NA will also the be ones who will viciously attack him if he messes up. Who knows? Another People Power….now that’s what I call poetic justice.

  62. I asked someone in Mindanao what will be the reaction of people in the likes of ampatuan to an NA presidency….

    He just said, “they will just laugh at him”.

  63. My thoughts exactly. To my fellow Filipinos I say, “Goodluck to your chosen leader. May he be able to grant your wishes, as well as the others you have appointed.”

    I didn’t want to resort to this, but my countrymen has given me no choice. I now have lost hope for a better Philippines. I do feel for one, but it’s getting less and less everyday. I guess my fantasies are now shattered. But I think I can still feast on the beauty of the archipelago itself, but not its people. At least I still have something to be proud of.

    I can’t wait to for next year to have a new citizenship.

  64. Pinay Goddess · ·

    I share your disappointment on the dismal showing of Gibo and Gordon in the latest election results. This election reconfirms the Filipinos’ propensity to idolize popular but underachiever candidates running for public office, over those with high academic qualifications and performance track record.

    Given the impending win of Noynoy Aquino, i think it’s time to rethink and adjust our agenda. Isn’t resilience one of our better traits? Turning the threat of a Noynoy presidency into opportunities, a less competent leadership will open doors for consultancy services to flourish during his administration. And i think this is an area that i can explore and contribute to help build a better future.

    SMILE…and look at the bright side of life!

  65. Anonylol · ·

    Now more than ever we need to show Filipinos the consequences of their decisions. I’m still holding onto the hope that we can still change.

    I’m also holding onto a couple of bottles of Red Horse beer but that’s not the point


  67. spread the word… hope you’d survive 6 years of hell.. consider AP as your refuge for the time being…

    *click the view tab of your browser and change the text size… that should help…

  68. The truth is many Filipinos just don’t understand, this is the start of the takeover of the Kamaganak Inc. Kung mananalo lang si Noynoy, I rather have Mar Roxas there for president. Sayang No P40,000 sa teachers- No P50,000 for doctors- P50,000 for dentist- No Kindle for kids- No 30,000 for nurses…This could been the start of sa pag-ahon sa kahirapan ng mga tao pero bakit ayaw ba nilang umasenso? Ito ang simula ng kahirapan for another 6 years. There will be No Gordon who will continue to fight for Filipinos. Mga Filipino talaga hindi na nadala. It is a sad day for our country. This is from Filipinos living in the US.
    PREDICTION: Noynoy will only last 2 years in office. I can see another revolt in the future.

  69. @jaded yes yes. i agree. If they fail to deliver their promises, the Yellow Army will disband and topple the Yellow Baldy Man.

    Aquino should be very vigilant. QUOD ME NUTRIT ME DESTRUIT (What nourishes me also destroys me) should be one of his mottos. Those who brought him up there will be the ones to bring him down…in case he fails. People Power Revolution will bite him in the ass.

  70. well Aquino prevented a Binay presidency too ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. i think the conversation is gonna happen. aquino is open to it. if u guys are in favor of charter change, let ur best arguments be heard and debated on,

    You thought of this just NOW? It wouldn’t matter if you change the political structure in any way of form whether its parliamentary or pseudo democracy GabbyD. If you have people like Aquino appointed in at the top seat of the state with the rest of the cronies and asshats like bong revilla in there, nothing has changed. It wouldn’t matter if you painted RUST any other color because in the end it is still RUST.

    If anything, you aren’t very mature the fact this debate has long been done. If you weren’t part of those slow forums, you’d be over that issue by now. Like the rest of us.

    liberalization? Way to feed your ego in the end. BTW if you supported Aquino, you never cared about your sovereignty.

  72. I did support Villar, i have known their family for a long time and they have remained simple. And i am a believer of Gordon and Gibo too. I would recognize any of these presidents, even Brother Eddie’s who has already built a school in his hometown, but i could not accept the fact that this lazy, dirty old man, who defended the dispersal in hacienda luisita massacre, who gets paid with our money for doing nothing is the next President.

    Today i cried for my country and for my children.

  73. Pusta? mgrereply ka? · ·

    Psychiatrist: “I’ll sit with you for a while. Tell me more about your feelings. Go on.”
    Author ng Blog: (angry) “well, you are stupid!” (defense mechanism called denial is apparent)

    Dr. Videbeck once quoted, “In the realm of psychiatry no one has ever found themselves unadaptable in a socially acceptable standards. They themselves accept their behaviors and cognitive processes as right and uncomplicated based on what they called as perplexed ego noesis.”

    Sa madaling salita, walang baliw ang nakaintindi na sila ay baliw. ergo, walang baliw ang magsasabi na sila ay baliw.

    it makes sense..

    so pano mo kaya ako rereplayan? anung defense mechanism kaya ang gagamitin mo?

    tell me more..sige naiintindihan kita…

  74. Pinay Goddess · ·

    Not far from possible. Look at the people around him, like the Hyatt 10. They were GMA’s people who jump ship when GMA’s boat was sinking. They will do the same to Noynoy when he fails and become unpopular.

  75. Iโ€™m so disappointed because weโ€™re all in this together no matter which candidate we chose. If anything I think God either gave up on us or He gave us Noynoy to teach us a lesson. Either way, it sucks.

    Oh don’t look at it like that. In fact the race also offered GIBO and GORDON. And no one wanted either! God isn’t being mean. He’s giving everyone one final glimpse of what it means to have something literally given to you that is totally beneficial… and totally reject it.

    I’m laughing over it all, besides the fact that my survival instincts has been honed through humor (of all kinds) and that this has to be the biggest joke of them all.

  76. Pinay Goddess · ·

    Above comment for Kass…

  77. Ok, to be fair Iโ€™m going to give NA the benefit of a doubt. But if you donโ€™t deliver after 100 days, itโ€™s a safe bet that those who didnโ€™t vote for you will go to the streets to nail your skinny ass to the wall. Count on it.

    Ironically, his non-voters already know what he is going to bring in the political world ANYWAY. So they are not going to waste their anger on him like that. If anything, it is his voters who will go against him when his administration goes to crap. Screw his first 100 days. You are going to have to tolerate him for 6 YEARS! The only thing good is if we all don’t have brownouts for 100 days then.

  78. growing up i really wondered what the brain drain was all about… i had hope for the country.
    now i see why.

  79. wag mo ng pansinin mga tao dito….this site is created to opposed the Aquinos… Gordon even said that he is confident for the cyberspace coz its like placing him in the mainstream media…. O ano ba ang very reason of the existence of this site? sus..50k cold cash..diba ilda? kaya lang, mukang babawiin sayo ng boss mo yun kasi di nman sya nanalo..katulad mong delusional!! haha..nga pla, kay GIBO ako at hindi kay aquino..

    anyone but erap and gordon!..

  80. I guess I’ll have to stay long here in SG…. I was wishing I can come back home after 4-6 years.. Pero sa tingin ko ngayon, matatagalan pala ako… And after 6 years, malamang ganyan pa din… Maybe si Macoy naman ang gagawin nila Presidente… badtrip… nakaka LUNGKOT… tayong Middle class lang ang gusto ng pag babago… ang mga mahihirap satisfied na sa WOWOWEE, ang mayayaman mas lalo na satisfied sa mga masusuhulan na agencies para ok ang business..

    Wala talaga makikinig sa atin kasi tayo na may gusto ng pag babago will never reach the amout of votes against the so-called MASA… dati ayaw ko tangapin yung concept na tax payer lang ang dapat bumoto, pero given sa election ngayon, dapat tayo na lang talaga… BWISIT!!!

    @AP – suggestion lang po.. ok din kung tagalog or taglish ang mga post natin.. in that way we can communicate more easily para sa iba… mas madali natin ma sasabi sa kanila yung rason natin bakit tayo nag babasa at sumusulat dto sa AP…

  81. @rOOK “wag mo ng pansinin mga tao ditoโ€ฆ”

    -> pero pinansin mo.

    @rOOK this site is created to opposed the Aquinos

    -> First, take a look at the entire website. Sigurado ka ba? Second, there are a lot of websites that are obviously supporting the Aquinos. Why don’t you call them out on their bias?

    @rOOK sus..50k cold cash..diba ilda? kaya lang, mukang babawiin sayo ng boss mo yun kasi di nman sya nanalo..katulad mong delusional!!

    -> Sino nga pala delusional?

  82. AnonyMous · ·

    hay…i’m so disappointed to see that majority of Pinoys are “jejemons”

    i used to regret not being able to vote, not at once before I left the Philippines, and now I’m glad I did because everything is becoming a overly ridiculous to see…

    Filipino lives won’t improve unless they start changing their own self…sabi nga ng slogan ng isang media giant – “Ako ang simula”….yes, you may accept and cooperate with the next president (NA), but neverthless, you’ll soon get tired and would ask the heavens for miracle and bring another savior…and 2016 would be another interesting elections to see – if its drama or another gigantic comedy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  83. Jon Abaca · ·

    @Vox Populi

    Western Europeans act more mature, mainly because Europe went through massive upheavals the past 500 years. Everything from the French Revolution, to the unifications of Italy and Germany, to both world wars, gave Western Europeans the experience they needed to act mature. It also helps that they bother to learn their history, rather than fill their minds with the drivel ABS-CBN doles out.


    As much as I like your suggestion, public policy affects the non-taxpayers too. Even if they are more likely to come up with a stupid vote, they have a right to control the process that affects them. Simply not allowing them to vote, while not giving them an alternative, is bad.

  84. spodunk · ·

    This is it guys.. six more years of suffering. Heard about the initial poll results….he’s leading ..and wait… this Erap, is trailing behind him? I thought the Philippines had “smarter” voters these days? WTF!? The three 3 best ones are in the lowest totem pole position. Good grief! My rage against incompetence is brewing. Screw all the idiots, the maniacal religious freaks who believed that this Noynoy Aquino is the anointed one by “god” (the corporate media gods probably) and the ones infected with the social cancer known as DaPinoy condition . Reign of the idiots in the philippines… and i thought Planet of the Apes was just science fiction

    Noynoy Aquino = NOT MY PRESIDENT.

  85. Gibo supporters have come out! xD
    Yellow mixed with blue still has yellow in it…

  86. Ben,

    One can really feel your animosity with Gibo (and his supporters) in your most recent comments in the articles on this site. It’s like you’re more annoyed with the green supporters than those from yellow, which I don’t really get at all. Given, experience-wise & trackrecord-wise Gordon really has a big advantage. But even the regular writers here admit that if not for his poor choice of “ka-tandem” and his somewhat still being part of the oligarchy, Gibo is also a competent candidate and a close 2nd choice.

    So again, why are you so annoyed with Gibo?

  87. I won’t believe for a second that you’re an actual Gibo supporter. But if you really are, then you’re obviously not setting up a good example to what Gibo’s campaign stands for.

  88. Wander-ruh · ·

    Tama ka. Mas madali pa nga ang mag-qualify na maging presidente kesa pumasa sa entrance exam sa kolehiyo.

    I’m not surprised that Noynoy won because he’s been being pimped by the mass media since Cory’s death. What’s more surprised about is that Estrada is trailing him!!! What the hell???!!!

  89. week my up, when you aslap(ar_chris) · ·

    glad to be here,
    rev up your engines gentlemen

  90. maikimai · ·

    Abandon ship na talaga, sana talaga nilunod ng Ondoy lahat ng mga bobong taga squatter na hindi nag-iisip(sorry frustrated lang talaga ako).

  91. Wander-ruh · ·

    Hindi sa sinusuportahan ko ang class war (which the squatters have been waging for ages, in the first place), pero nakakapikon talaga. I want change, and the change that I want is supposed to improve their lot, but guess what??? They just voted for the two of the most incompetent politicians this country has seen in ages.

    Abnoy and Erap na gusto ay mas maraming mahirap? Hell.

    Sorry, street children and victim-mentality lemmings. No more alms for you!

  92. I bet the Liberal Party’s panicking now, Mar Roxas isn’t winning.

    Oh well.

  93. There is one big possibility to counter this – massive information drive.

    And that should not only be limited to internet but also every media outlet in the Philipines.

    Why can’t the inform individuals pool their resources and run a TV program where only purpose is to inform?

  94. wandering_flipflops · ·

    “I will mock you, I will bash you, I will degrade you, I will embarrass you, and remind you of the stupid choice you made today, May 10, 2010 โ€“ and I will make no excuses for being a jackass, and rightfully so. =)” —– CAN I MAKE THIS MY SHOUTOUT from Facebook to Yahoo Messenger to Skype, etc?

  95. wandering_flipflops · ·

    Why, oh, why aren’t everybody thinking like you do?

  96. Arvin Q · ·

    Sadly, majority of the TV viewers don’t want information, they seem to prefer entertainment only. Producers of primetime news programs are well aware of this hence the sensationalism that they inject to spice things up and boost their ratings.
    I believe stations like GMA 7 and TV5 are capable of coming up with quality current affairs programs – but these are broadcasted late in the evening, when the viewers’ senses are already too tired and worn out to absorb meaningful information, after being barraged with those teleseryes and stupid reality shows.

  97. You may consider this as a challenge rather than an obstacle.

    Do you really think good ideas is boring?

    Do you really think that people wont get sick and tired of the current media content and format?

  98. You may consider this as a challenge rather than an obstacle.

    Do you really think good ideas are boring?

    Do you really think that people wont get sick and tired of the current media content and format?

  99. Mickey · ·

    I hope next time only taxpayers get to vote!

    look at our legislators..celebrity senators? wth?! I bet villar will come back with a vengeance..babawiin nya na lahat..:D

  100. nUissEnSe · ·

    wow..gordon’s temper tantrums have subsided.. he already conceded to NA
    here’s the link..

  101. hay pinoy nga naman ang daming tanga! ano bang nakita nila kay abnoy at erap?

  102. I heard he’ll be going to Red Cross next. Fits him.

  103. People who are much like themselves.

  104. oysterhalfshell · ·

    Welcome to the dark ages.

  105. Amino Acid · ·

    Let me correct you: Welcome to the EXTENDED dark ages.

  106. Jon Abaca · ·

    The only reason people didn’t have enough education in the dark ages is because they were normally too busy trying to avoid death via disease, war, or predation.

    We don’t have the same problems now and yet we have a people who consistently doesn’t want knowledge.

  107. Hindi rin, marami ring bumoto kay Noynoy na nagmula sa matatawag nating mga “edukado”, kaya sa tingin ko hindi dapat natin ituon ang lahat ng sisi sa mga mahihirap. Sa tingin ko, ang problema ay nasa mindset ng lahat ng Pilipino, mahirap man o mayaman.

  108. ArticleRequest · ·

    ….6 years of Pinoy Stupidity…..


  109. Wander-ruh · ·

    Marami nga na mga supposedly edukado ang bumoto kay Noynoy. I get it that they’re emo over Cory and Ninoy’s legacy and can’t see the distinction between the son and his parents.

    And as for Erap, the whole “tuloy ang laban” and “Erap para sa mahirap” slogan caught their fancy. But here’s what: Erap is popular among the D and E crowd. Which means: the more of them there are, the bigger his (and his off-springs’) chances of winning. Ergo: PANANATILIHIN NI ERAP NA MAHIRAP AT MANGMANG ANG MGA PILIPINO.

    Why, oh why, can’t they get it?

    Ayaw ko nang magpalimos! Hirap na hirap na ako sa kaka-trabaho, tapos heto lang ang mapapala ko? Ang taas ng taxes na binabayaran mo esp. kung single ka, tapos yung mga taong ayaw umunawa lang ang parating nasusunod kahit na sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng iyong kaalaman at pagdedesisyon nang ayon sa matuwid ay makakatulong kang mai-ahon sila sa kahirapan.

    Bahala na sila sa buhay nila. Pag nagka-Ondoy, I’ll hold on to my cash. Sorry na lang. Let their government give them cake!

  110. Wander-ruh · ·

    With the roster of idiots making it to the Magic 12, this country might be better off served by someone who at least has some semblance of intelligence that is somewhat superior to Revilla’s, Lapid’s, Jinggoy’s, and Sotto’s.

  111. girlrey · ·

    NOYNOY, not my president too.. today, im his number1 hater..tomorow, iL be a responsible citizen-his is what MY PRESIDENT wants.. ;))

  112. Blessy L · ·

    Isn’t that the sad truth? Maybe the Philippines is destined to be poor and to be mocked by neighboring countries. That’s how it goes. Like what they said, that’s politics. It’s the game, nothing’s going to change. No matter how much you implore the people to vote for someone who’s righteous and worthy… nothing, they don’t want that. They want to go for the “sure win” candidate. The one who’s star-studded with celebrities and all things showbiz. It’s just a shame.

    I’ve been trying to keep it in for a long time, but this is just too much, so let me say – I’m just glad that in 2 days, I’ll be renouncing my Filipino citizenship.

    So long, suckers.

  113. Lolers · ·

    Erap deserves the votes he gets, he may be corrupt, but at least he keeps the glory for himself and gives the left overs to the Filipino people. Tignan nyo si Gloria, everybody happy kasi lahat ng kalaban kinakampi, allowing corruption in many many areas.

    May good points naman si Erap ah. fighting the rebels to obtain Mindanao, allowing us to get more resources and the like after obtaining it. Atleast he has a long term goal, di kagaya ng iba jan, political play lang ginagawa pra manatili sa politics. Those who voted for Erap were those who felt his move, those who saw that he made a significant difference, those who know that the lesser evil was the stupid one.

  114. Filipino Stupidity at its Finest…

    I still can’t believe Noynoy will be the head of the country for the next 6 years…

    Mar most likely wont win, so Good Luck to the lazy ass noynoy, there’s no one to Shoulder his unwanted responsibilities.

    Another colorful and disgraceful 6 years awaits the Philippines, with Gloria and allies in the Congress (most likely she’ll be the House Speaker) it’ll be another Showdown, as the Administration is now the Opposition. In the end, we all suffer from the endless bickering.

    Possibility is that, the VillArroyo Tandem will turn the Congress and Senate against Noynoy. This early One can say that Mr. Aquino is heading for a shaky presidency characterized by power-grabs, betrayal, deception, and sinister political ambitionsโ€ฆ

    Well, Pinoys have no other else to blame than themselves. Once again, they’ve decided to rely on their Emotions rather than their Brain. Once again, they’ve let Celebrities tell them who to vote for…. Once again, they were Enticed by those sweet words, empty promises, and a hope of instant gratification… WE Never Really LEARN.

    Although, I still don’t understand how the “Machinery of Lakas” that they are Boasting Failed. Most of the Lakas Governors and Congressmen and even Mayors Won their respective bids, Question is, why didn’t it translate to a Vote for Gibo? Example 1 Governor (who signed the support manifesto) has around 200,000 votes, while on his respective Province, Gibo only has around 30,000 votes? what could’ve went wrong here? Im inclined to think that they let him down in favor of another candidate… (Most Likely Erap?)

    I gotta pack my bags and catch the next flight going to LA, I’m sure it’ll be 6 years of Torment.

  115. Oh wells. like my law teacher would say.

    “The voice of the majority is the voice of the ignorant”

  116. As a first time voter (I missed two elections), I went through the grief stages. I really can’t believe how stupid the result is. When the masa said, sawa na sila sa matatalino, they weren’t kidding. Nakakaasar.

  117. Bagsakan n ng bomba ang pinas ng matapos na… Dahan dahan pa nila nilulustay eh…

  118. However guys like Gibo and Gordon have even greater points. All 3 wanted change in the Constitution, specifically the Protectionist Laws. However the latter 2 have more positive ideas for a foundation for real change. Not just to do things in 6 years but lay a foundation to for real change. Those 2 had the best qualities for a transformational leader, not just a transactional one like Fidel Ramos, Cory Aquino or even GMA.

    Its not just about the lesser evil, it was ultimately about the greater good. And pinoys missed out on voting either. Erap may have Reagan down to a tee for the pinoy people; endearing, down to earth, brutally honest in his own vices and will definitely benefit the people in his own ways. Odd enough though how is he going to be for real change either if the people he keeps around are pretty consistent to his old cabinet then, sans GMA?

    Not really downplaying Erap, but when you had Gibo and Gordon and no one wanted either of them, the pinoys ultimately lost out on their opportunity to get a start for real change.

  119. In the Philippines right? Oh sweet irony.


    – ERAP 2ND…. WTF!!!!?????? GANITO NA BA TAYO KATINDI????


  121. Mickey · ·

    looks like most of the posters here are out of the country..well I envy you..our country will be ran by an incompetent leader and our hometown (1st district of Pampanga) will be run by thieves and wolves..I do not know how GMA and Lilia Pineda won..and I know by heart that they are up to no good..that tandem is really really bad..I am really so frustrated now..If I have a sniper rifle and I am very good at it..I will take down those two for the sake of common good.

  122. Kulelat · ·

    Belat niyong lahat mga ungas!!!!!!

    Mga talunan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mga ungas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wag na kayo babalik ng PIlipinas!!!!!!

  123. hahaha. Sige panindigan mo bagong Joke na presidente ng Pilipinas. Defend mo sya at ang kakayanan nya! Sama sama ka rin kapag napahiya din sya.

  124. maybe you should start training now. You can be as famous as John Wilkes booth or Lee Harvey Oswald.

    I’m still in the country, and a decent amount are still here but as for myself I dunno how long as opportunities are being scarce here. Honestly if you guys want a possibly safety haven from the horrible 6 years, follow Gordon or what Gibo might do.

  125. Mickey · ·

    yeah..I always tell my parents about it..or how I imagine doing it..I can’t even work right today because I am sad and mad at the same time..sigh..need to go down the building and vent some frustration out..

  126. And why was my previous comment deleted? Geez, you call upon names towards your fellow Filipino and now here, you are deleting comments unless they are in agreement to the topic? Where is my freedom of speech?!

    C’mon admins, you could do better than that. I know you guys are educated. Don’t act like you’re not.

  127. Reader · ·

    Let’s begin to unite. Noynoy is president, whatever your opinion of him is. The people you might have been rooting for have already conceded and have made their call to rally behind the president-elect. No point in sulking.

    The Philippines can rise if we all work together. Let’s support Noynoy and Binay/Roxas.

  128. Sorry dude. There’s no trace of your “previous comment” in our Trash folder so it probably simply didn’t make it through. Nobody deletes comments here (at least not those that are not considered spam).

  129. I found your previous comment. It’s right here. Next time, try clicking on the “Older comments” link at the bottom of this article (and think first before you bang away on your keyboard). I think the comments thread of this article is displaying Page 2 because of the large number of comments here.

  130. famous wolf · ·

    I can’t believe the bullshit that my countrymen are placing themselves in! This is the type of doomsday scenario our country is slowly sinking in! No wonder the typical pinoy is dumber than a sack of hammers! We had the chance with either Gibo or Dick and we blew it! I am frustrated and mad at the same time how these idiots have been manipulated easily by the fucking media like the Lopez’ shitty station! This is a grievance worse than the death of a president!

  131. The Philippines can rise if we all work together. Letโ€™s support Noynoy and Binay/Roxas.

    Yeah how many times have you heard that same shit, different election year? I’m surprised you are just motivated NOW and not then.

    Tell me what you think after Noynoy’s 100 days and lets see if you still feel like supporting him. You might as well vie for the Presidential cabinet so you can have part of the power when Noynoy delegates 50 or 90 percent of it.

  132. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    I wish next time dumb people aren’t allowed to vote.

    Unfortunately we have democracy.

  133. too much democracy..sigh

  134. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    Tonight’s news on ABSCBN already resumes the brainwashing that charter change means helping Gloria stay in power. Good luck with pushing that.

  135. Yep they would have made a huge difference if they really fulfill their promises. But lets face it, changing those protection laws would mean hurting a lot of power players in politics and the economy. And those power players are not to be messed with, seriously. Chances are, both of them would conform to these guys if they are not already in alliance with them, or die trying.

    The idea that we can change things if we want to is nice, but in politics and the economy where change can mean a loss, as much as possible there can be no change. And so you cant blame the Filipino people for settling something as low as hope and blind faith because they know there can never be a change, not on the BIG GUYS’ watch.

  136. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    They have one single mantra over there at LP:

    Walang Mahirap Kapag Walang Corrupt.

    They have to remove one to remove the other.

    Let’s see if they can remove either one. I think everyone here is clear on the meaning of WALA being none, nada, zero, zilch, naught, zip.

  137. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    You’re a self-important time-waster GabbyD. Stop acting dumb for once. It’s not cute pare.

  138. And so you cant blame the Filipino people for settling something as low as hope and blind faith because they know there can never be a change, not on the BIG GUYSโ€™ watch.

    Wow, what a defeatist attitude you just displayed. And you value your democracy how? Of course I can blame the FIlipino people because they don’t seem to understand that there can never really be change if you DON’T EVER STRIVE FOR IT!.

    But lets face it, changing those protection laws would mean hurting a lot of power players in politics and the economy. And those power players are not to be messed with, seriously.

    What did they kill your dog and rape your mother or something? Its hurting the people more considering less than 5% of the population (i.e. NOT YOU) control 30-35% of the wealth (well now NA wins, up that another 5-10%, depending on a bad day) all because you didn’t choose to act on it and don’t want to accept the information. If those laws are changed, they can actually LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD and give opportunities for the likes of you and join a competitive job market and make your own profit or even create business opportunities.

    But people like you don’t deserve that kind of democracy. The one where the peoples’ voices are heard, not the people trying to settle for the worst of three evils. And its not even in presidency either. Check the jack asses elected in the senate by, who else, Da Pinoys.

  139. @girlrey

    Madami kang kaompetensiya sa # 1 spot hater. Baka bilhin yan ni Villar ๐Ÿ˜€

  140. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    Wasn’t that a generalization too?

  141. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    I saw a post somewhere on the net that Noynoy prevented an Erap presidency. So letโ€™s remind ourselves that at least for now, there is one โ€œgoodโ€ thing he did.

    For crying out loud, Noynoy prevented EVERYBODY ELSE’S presidency, including Gordon’s and Gibo’s. Pinoys blew it. Not a reason to cheer up about Noy being president.

  142. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels · ·

    @ben: rOOK is not representative of Gibo supporters. rOOK is a plain @sshat.

  143. @Kulelat: wag na wag kang aalis ng Pinas kahit anong mangyari ha? ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. nice rebuttal, May Party! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  145. not gonna happen, dear…Noynoy’s campaign supporters will NOT let it happen ๐Ÿ˜‰

  146. If you really are a Gibo supporter, SHAME ON YOU! Our candidate never stooped so low as to bash others. If I didn’t know any better, you’re just a Noynoy supporter moonlighting as pro-Gibo. You sound like one with your bad grammar and illogical statements.

    @Ben: I have to agree with Wowie. You’re so quick to condemn Gibo and his supporters. I don’t see the reason why you are so pissed. Both groups just want what is best for this country.

  147. GabbyD · ·

    yup, this is a great idea.

  148. Hindi dapat tayo manahimik kahit tapos na ang eleksyon. Sana hindi lang every 6 years tayo tinutubuan ng pakialam sa ating bansa, dapat tuloy-tuloy ang ganitong klaseng discussion. Ngayong may uupong bagong administrasyon, dapat lang na maging mapagmasid tayo, dapat siguraduhin natin na magiging accountable ang isang Aquino administration sa lahat ng mga kilos nito.

  149. […] It becomes more real now — specially to the people you’ve made promises to. The countdown to 2016 is on. And we will be watching — and leading your […]

  150. I think the challenge posed to us right now is how do we impact the poor in choosing the right person. How do we fight the media “brainwashing.” We can put thousands of intelligent discussions in the web but the question still floats – How do we get the poor / masa to vote wisely? I was surprised in this election with the strong showing of erap and much more of binay.

  151. winnable candidate syndrome? But he probably got politically crossed by some of his supporters the moment they started to see how the polls were going to be.

  152. do the poor pay taxes? The other alternative was to have legit tax payers vote. As oppose to the poor/masa who for all you know evade tax paying in some small order. Too bad I haven’t seen the map regarding who voted the most in what region but its probably easy to believe Erap got many of his votes in NCR.

    It showed probably due to a strong case of nostalgia, plus while Villar took a big PR hit prior to elections, Erap kept chugging along silently. Can’t say much for Binay though.

  153. that’s a pretty viable idea. i was also hoping to have the presidential and vice pres elections separate from the senatorial and local elections so that party members maturity and loyalty will surely be tested. the country must also be put at comelec control. Mandatory equitable coverage by the trimedia of all the candidates based solely on their credentials and platforms should also be put into law with appropriate penalties.

  154. Wander-ruh · ·

    I have several theories on why G1bo did poorly. I knew that the presidency was a long shot, but the results couldn’t be that bad.

    I believe that Gloria, et all DID let Gibo down and latched onto Villar for a better chance to counter Noynoy’s popularity. They couldn’t make a deal with Erap, for obvious reasons. The mass exodus of supporters from Lakas to other parties in the middle of the campaign period was very telling, and G1bo just manned up and went ahead with campaigning.

    On the flip-side, how the Liberal party missed the rise of Binay is surprising. If the surveys were real, Mar would have been leading him by a comfortable margin.

  155. Wander-ruh · ·

    Trust me on this: I’m leaving on the first opportunity that I find. Life’s too short to waste on a country populated by MASANG TANGA LED BY CROOKS IN HIGH PLACES.

  156. Wander-ruh · ·

    Even Gibo threw in the towel in his speech last night, but now without sniping at the biased media.

    This feels a lot like double-whammy.

  157. Wander-ruh · ·

    you can check which has a precinct-by-precinct breakdown of votes.

    and yes, NCR (malamang mga masang iskwater) supported Binay more, instead of Roxas.

    But then, look at the silver lining–maybe the Senate will need people with more brain power, as it is poised to be overtaken by idiots like Lapid, Jinggoy, Sotto and Revilla.

  158. Why do we even let these morons vote in the first place? They base their decisions on how popular a candidate is not on his/her qualifications. And why do we even let these people run for the highest position in our country while on the other hand a “janitorial” position in a private firm requires a college degree?

    At this rate I’m beginning to feel that we should have let the Japanese or the Americans colonize us during the war.

    Still, I’m not loosing hope. For my kids sake I hope our country wakes up soon and start improving.

  159. RomyO
    Remember what Senator Gordon always say during his TV interview. He said MLQ sold us out when he said “I would rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than … run like heaven by the Americans”. For me that is a stupid statement. If I have the power to turn back time, this is one of the thing that I will correct. If we have remained under the American colony, the Philippines could just been another Hawaii. Would that be a blessing.

  160. You are who you vote. classic example

  161. yup – results highlighting how voter ignorance jeopardizes democracy

  162. When I voted and people were saying the voted for Noynoy or Erap, I can only think of one parallel: The bleating of sheep being led to the slaughter.

  163. I can still see the unfinished building looming over city hall right here in Quezon City. ๐Ÿ˜†

  164. Pinay Goddess · ·


    What’s your problem with Miriam being re-elected? You may not like her personality but in terms of legislative performance, she’s far more sterling than the one leading the presidential race. She authored than 400 pieces of legislation. And she’s got more balls than other male senators, being fearless in exposing anomalies in government.

  165. brianitus · ·

    Classic example, Chino. LOL. :))

  166. brianitus · ·

    Speaking of morons. Maybe there should be voter weights assigned to corresponding IQ. Morons and geniuses get .00001 weight. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Kidding. Bawas stress muna mga people.

  167. cammile · ·

    i wish america did not let go of the philipines.. so that we will be like singapore or hawaii.. but my bet won. =)

  168. PG:

    Miriam is like the Gwen Garcia of the Senate: Bigger balls than her male contemporaries. What do the men do? Keep bitching on how she’s a bitch! Mater Dei, are we EVER going to progress if all we do is step on others’ toes? Nyet, Non, Nein, Iie, Hindi, Laa, NO!

  169. kid dynamo · ·

    1998 – Rise of the Jologs and Erap Jokes

    2010 – Rise of the Jejemons and Noy-Nog (Nonoy-Binay) Jokes?

  170. thirdy_chelsea · ·

    i know this comment is 2 weeks too late but this is just too irresistible. THERE WAS MASSIVE CHEATING THAT HAPPENED DURING THE ELECTIONS!!! there just gotta be… I’m liking this koala guy. such an inspiring fashionista! lol

  171. thirdy_chelsea · ·

    the sad thing is most of the ‘NoyBin jokes’ aren’t as amusing as erap’s because some of it are actually true! tsk tsk

  172. Its not just information eh. The info is OUT THERE.

    As a card-carrying Liberal, we were… educated about the Intelligent Vote. That all a populace needs to better their socioeconomic and political situation is TO KNOW. Provide the people with enough information, they will make that “ideal outcome” every liberal democrat strives for: the Informed Vote.

    But everytime I open my Facebook account and see the posts of fellow young liberals who, in my opinion, SHOULD KNOW BETTER, I feel depressed all over.

    Aside from having access to a tonload of information – so many of them are net savvy, after all – many of the same who voted for Noynoy KNOW what happened to the Party starting from 8 July 2005. They KNOW Noynoy. One of them even was a VICTIM of the repression Noynoy and his cohorts, led by Frank Drilon at the time, and abetted by Mar Roxas, imposed on the Party to keep their version of what happened on 8 July 2005 as THE truth, and keep The Truth in a dungeon.

    So it has to be more than just giving information, although it helps. The existence of AP, and its rather in-your-face telling of what’s wrong helps. Alternative viewpoints are essential to a democracy’s survival, after all.

  173. Just now read this Bong. Haha! You’re now officially one of my favorite writers. Thanks a lot!

  174. “Kabayan who voted for a lazy moron, you bring me misery, I will gladly return the favor, every day, until May 10, 2016.”

    – i couldn’t have said it better… ^__^
    – i like this statement and intend to do so provided that Noynoy, his supporters and us survives 2012…

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