Noynoy Aquino's Leadership By Example: Poster Boy for Cigarette Smoking

Speaking of leadership by example, Noynoy is pulling all the stops… on how not to lead. Aquino’s actions remind me of an old sign in Shakey’s Pizza – “quit complaining about the service, there’s none”. In this case, do not question Noynoy Aquino’s leadership – at worst, there’s none. At best, he leads in the trivial and irrelevant.

Consider for example, the issue of smoking. A World Health Organization (WHO) study on people who are smoking discovered an alarming trend – Almost 80,000 to 100,000 of children started smoking at a very young age, and they have the possibility of dying early because of smoking.


The study pointed out that:

* About one third of the male population in the world smokes.
* Every eight seconds, someone dies because of smoking-related diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and heart diseases.
* There is also an alarming increase in the number of smokers in developing countries like the Philippines as compared to developed countries like the United States of America.
* Among the teens, ages thirteen to fifteen, about one out of five smokes. Evidences in statistics show that half of those young teens who started smoking go on to smoke for the next 15 to 20 years of their lives. A large number that contributes to this percentage come from Asian Countries.

A more recent report by Medical News Today describes the public hazards of smoking:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco consumption is one of the largest public health hazards the world has ever had to confront. Over 5 million people each year are killed, an average of 1 human every 6 seconds, the WHO says. Tobacco accounts for 1 in every 10 adult deaths. WHO informs that up to 50% of current users of tobacco products will eventually die of a tobacco-linked disease.

More than four-firths of the 1 billion regular smokers on this planet live in low- and middle-income countries. It is in these countries where the burden of tobacco-linked diseases and death is heaviest.

The WHO says that tobacco users die early and:

* Deprive their families of income
* Raise the cost of health care
* Hinder economic development

In some parts of the world children at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale are commonly employed in tobacco farming to provide family income, making them especially vulnerable to green tobacco sickness. Green tobacco sickness is caused by the absorption of nicotine through the skin from handling wet tobacco leaves.

According to Cancer Research UK and the American Cancer Society:

* Smoking causes:

o Cancer – such as cancer of the lung, larynx (voice box), oral cavity (mouth, tongue and lips), pharynx (throat), esophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervix, kidney, bladder and acute myeloid leukemia. Cigarette smoking accounts for at least 30% of all cancer deaths in the USA. It is responsible for almost 9 out of 10 lung cancer deaths in the USA.
o Heart and cardiovascular diseases
o Chronic lung diseases

* Smoking kills at least 120,000 people in the UK annually
* Smoking is the single most preventable cause of early death in the world
* Passive smoking (breathing in second hand smoke) is responsible for several hundred deaths annually in the UK. Passive smoking is particularly harmful to babies and children whose parents smoke in the home. Passive smoking (as well as active smoking) may also cause miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth, cot death, ‘glue’ ear, asthma and other respiratory problems.
* Smoking can raise a woman’s risk of infertility
* Smoking has also been linked to a greater risk of gum disease, cataracts, bone thinning, hip fractures and peptic ulcers.
* Erectile dysfunction – several studies have linked regular smoking to male sexual impotence (problems getting and/or maintaining an erection)

Sources: WHO, Cancer Research UK, American Cancer Society

Clearly, anything which deprives families of income, raises the cost of health care, causes green tobacco sickness and hinders economic development is a cause for concern. Given the extent of this epidemic, we need leaders and role models that can mobilize the nation against the cigarette smoking.

Unfortunately, Filipinos cannot count on Noynoy Aquino to lead the charge against smoking.

Aquino firm against quitting smoking

By Maila Ager
First Posted 16:23:00 06/01/2010

Filed Under: Health

MANILA, Philippines – “I’m sorry, I will not dance to everybody’s tune every time,” so said President apparent Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III on persistent calls for him to quit smoking.

Aquino said he should be embarrassed to his supporters if he would allow himself to be dictated upon on these simple things, like smoking.

“Marami na ho akong sina-sacrifice. Baka yung humihingi sa akin na mag sacrifice e wala pa naisa-sacrifice baka gusto nilang sumali sa sacrifice [I have made a lot of sacrifices. Maybe those who are asking me to sacrifice, have not sacrificed anything. Maybe they want to join me],” Aquino said in an interview with reporters in his home on Times Street in Quezon City.

“I’m being tested as to my fortitude in whatever my decision is. And I’m sorry, I will not dance to everybody’s tunes every time,” he said.

“Kung kaya akong tulakin sa maliit na bagay yan, kaya akong tulakin sa mas malaki. At pag ganun papatulan mo, wala akong desisyon, mahiya naman ako sa mga sumuporta sa akin [If I can be pushed in small things, I can be pushed in bigger things. And if you will allow this, I have no decision, it’s embarrassing to my supporters],” he further said.

Aquino has been firm in not giving up his smoking as he makes sure that he would not bother anyone with his habit.

And to those who have been warning him about the danger of smoking, Aquino said that he was still fit to lead this country.

“Nakita naman nyo kung ano yung pace ng kampanya. Mayroon bang makatulad ng kampanyang yun sa mga katunggali ko [You’ve seen the pace of the campaign. Is there anyone from my opponents who can match that pace]?” Aquino asked.

“Actually, kung maghamunan kaya tayo ng kapitan ng sticker sa isang kanto, magubos tayo ng tig isang 100 sticker? Sino kaya ang tatagal sa gitna ng araw [if we challenge each other to post stickers at the corner, let’s post 100 stickers each. Who will last in the middle of this weather]?” he further said.

This issue is larger than life because as President, Noynoy becomes a role model to the youth.

Noynoy’s reply that no one will be bothered by his smoking is plain BULLSH*T. I presume he was saying that he will not be hurting anyone because he will smoke in solitude to prevent other people from inhaling second hand smoke, thereby not harming others. Actually, consumption is just the last stage in a process that starts from the tobacco plantations, to the factories, to retail stores, and to the end-user. Has Noynoy considered that a kid (child labor anyone?) somewhere caught green tobaco sickness just so that Noynoy can take a whiff of the toxic fumes? Or that his cigarette butts are environmental pollutants as well.

Noynoy’s comments on smoking were so juvenile prompting a WHO top officer to tag Noynoy as a “bad model”.

By Rommel C. Lontayao Reporter

For publicly declaring that he is not yet ready to quit smoking, apparent president-elect Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd is as a bad role model to young people in the Philippines, a health officer of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.
“It seems that Mr. Aquino is aware that he is not only damaging his own health but is setting a poor example to his fellow countrymen and fellow countrywomen,” said Dr. Susan Mercado, the regional adviser for the Tobacco-Free Initiative of the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office.

Mercado, who completed her training as a tobacco dependence treatment specialist with the famed Mayo Clinic in the United States, made the statement a few days before the observance of World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

“Noynoy Aquino is a smoker like 17 million other Filipinos. Like others who were born in the 1960s, he grew up in an environment where smoking was the norm—even among role models like priests, doctors, businessmen, scientists, scholars, actors, athletes,” she said.
Health groups have called on Aquino to quit smoking.

But on Monday he said he is not t ready to kick the habit because of the various pressures of becoming the country’s next president.

His refusal to quite smoking, Mercado said, is not something that young Filipinos must imitate.
She added Aquino might just be representing a portion of the population whose health has not been spared by tobacco use and exposure to cigarette smoke.

“The Aquino family was not spared from this—[Sen.] Ninoy Aquino suffered a heart attack. [Former President] Cory [Corazon] Aquino had colorectal cancer. Both of these conditions have been linked to cigarette smoke exposure,” Mercado said.

Filipinos hard hit

Based on the Global Adult Tobacco Survey in 2009, 49 percent of Filipinos report that smoking is allowed inside their homes. More than 50 percent of youth 13 to 15 years old also report that they are exposed to cigarette smoke at home daily.

“Filipinos endure multiple daily exposures to tobacco smoke in public transportation, restaurants, malls and even health facilities,” Mercado said, adding that smoking kills 10 Filipinos every hour.

With the coming into force of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) in 2005, anti-smoking programs have changed dramatically. In the past, smoking and quitting were left to the individual smoker. Today, because of the WHO FCTC, it is also the government’s responsibility and mandate to control tobacco use.

Mercado said that there is a huge unfinished agenda for the Philippine government to comply with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

“This agenda includes raising prices and taxes of cigarettes, requiring graphic health warnings on cigarette packs, strictly enforcing 100-percent ban on indoor smoking in public places, preventing single cigarette stick sale, banning point of sale advertising, preventing the influence and lobby of the tobacco industry in policy-making, legislation and enforcement, protecting all citizens from exposure to second hand smoke and last but not least, ensuring that every smoker, like Sen. Noynoy Aquino has scientific information, the best available services and respect for a patient’s right to privacy,” she added.

Targeting women

The WHO also on Thursday called on countries to protect women and girls from efforts by the tobacco industry to induce them to start smoking.

Dr. Shin Young-soo, WHO regional director for the Western Pacific, warned that smoking and chewing of tobacco among females is increasing in Asia and the Pacific.

It is estimated that more than 8 percent of girls between 13 and 15 years of age, or around 4.5 million girls, are using tobacco products.

“Starting early results in addiction that later translates to a life of nicotine dependence, poor health and premature death,” he said.

Shin added that comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship are needed to protect women and girls from deceptive messages that portray smoking as glamorous or fashionable.

Worldwide, of the more than 600,000 deaths caused every year by second hand smoke, 64 percent occur among women.

The only positive thing I can think about Noynoy’s smoking (and even then, it’s a stretch) is to encourage Noynoy to smoke some more so he can die early and not finish his term – by golly he’ll do this nation a great service – one less pasaway.

As to Aquino’s comment that he’ll be seen as a pushover if succumbs to the pressure to stop smoking – taking sound medical advice that’s based on mounds of evidence isn’t being a pushover – that’s being smart. Not taking good medical advice is being a pushover to one’s vice. Ika nga ng tropang “Lost Boys” – mind over matter noy, wag padala sa tama ng yosi. Kicking the smoking habit isn’t a sacrifice and is not being a pushover – it simply is the right and decent thing to do.

On the 100 stickers challenge, big deal – one hundred only? How about working the fields of Hacienda Luisita, in this kind of weather – – let Noynoy judge for himself how fit he really is!!!

Which brings another point – if Noynoy can’t even lead himself to stop smoking – what chance does he have to lead others effectively? Thanks to mommy and daddy, we have a President-elect in denial voted into power by an electorate equally in  denial.

Filipinos truly deserve their government – six years of Noynoy Aquino, I wouldn’t wish that kind of punishment even on my worst enemy.



  1. I’m probably going to be seeing ‘Obama’s vice was smoking as well’ replies but consider this; The former is actually working to improve his country’s health care system. Noynoy just doesn’t give a damn and puts his vice over his responsibility and public image.

    Someone had posted that noynoy’s problems are manageable. A smoker, especially one addicted to cigarettes cannot even control their urges. So they sorely lack in the areas of long term focus and immediate discipline.

  2. Jon Abaca · ·

    I’m pretty sure he’s smoking a little more now. He must be thinking “What he hell have I gotten myself into?!?”

    Since he smokes quite a bit, I wonder if Big Tobacco sees this as a sign that they have a certain level of power over him.

    Anyway, I think it’s pretty important that he shows he’s in control, that he can stop at anytime, irregardless of stress.

  3. In this situation, the underlying principle is discipline and focus.

    If he can’t be disciplined and focused on the small things, why should people believe he can be discipline and focused on the big things.

    as an ancient sage used to say “if we are faithful in that which is least we will also be faithful in that which is greatest.”.

  4. And Barack has been working hard at kicking the habit. –

    As for Mr. Obama’s smoking, Mr. Gibbs said the president had tried to quit, but had “admitted lapses.” It is not known how frequently Mr. Obama smokes, or what the figure is for his total “pack years,” a standard measure of a smoker’s risk for diseases like lung cancer.

    Mr. Gibbs referred reporters to the president’s own words from last June, when he was asked about his smoking addiction while signing a law aimed at keeping children from starting to smoke. The president noted that 90 percent of smokers began on or before their 18th birthday.

    “I know — I was one of those teenagers,” Mr. Obama said. “I know how difficult it can be to break this habit when it’s been with you for a long time.”

    He added: “I would say that I am 95 percent cured, but there are times where I mess up.”

    Mrs. Obama admonished him to quit smoking when he started his campaign in 2007, saying, “He couldn’t be a smoking president.”

    Mr. Obama chews nicotine gum to cut down on his smoking.

    “Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes? Yes,” Mr. Obama said last June at a White House news conference. “Am I a daily smoker, a constant smoker? No.”

    Compare that to Noynoy’s “I’m sorry, I will not dance to everybody’s tune every time,” so said President apparent Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III on persistent calls for him to quit smoking.”

    Noynoy ain’t Obamaish… DEFINITELY.

  5. His refusal to quit smoking is actually the symptom of a bigger problem. It’s a demonstration of his arrogance. He believes quitting smoking is merely public pressure meant to please. He feels he doesn’t need to listen to public pressure… because he’s the president. Refusing to drop the smoking habit is his expression that he can do what he wants.

  6. Ryan Bosco · ·

    “O, yosi, yosi…yosi kayo dyan.”

    Well, I’m learning to be more positive and play the game of diplomacy. Maybe, with Boy Abunda as Tourism Secretary, Aquino can ignite and promote the tobacco industry. It’ll create jobs right? Some Filipinos won’t have to leave to find jobs abroad.

    But then again, if I were a dictator. I’d round up all the smokers in the Philippines and lock them up in one room and force them to smoke non-stop until they can’t stand it anymore and suffocate from their own vice. Same with alcohol. I’d gather all the lasenggos and dump them all in a special swimming pool with high walls so they can’t get out and the pool will be filled with beer. They can drown themselves in my own concoction of San Miguel, Dos Equis and Heinneken chilled.

  7. noynoy’s arrogance in this case is the arrogance of ignorance

  8. hi ryan,

    the dictator prescription sent me into a fit of laughter, here’s why:

    my mom used to be a chain smoker in the 70s. as a kid, i thought what she was doing was magical because she was blowing smoke out of her mouth like a dragon.

    out of curiosity, i lit up one of the butts then paraded around thinking that not only was smoking magical, it made me feel like an adult because – i reasoned that time – only adults smoke, if i smoke then i must be an adult.. LOL

    and it didn’t help that the gang of shoe-shine boys who regularly played “tigso”(tag) and tumba-lata with us apartment kids also smoked. anyways, at the age of 9 or 10, i was one the verge of acquiring the habit. – then my dad stepped in.

    he called me to his office, and showed me a ream of cigarettes – he told me that I was going to smoke the cigarettes. I thought that was so cool of my dad. so, i picked up one box and started smoking. he told me to finish it quick because there were more cigarettes for me to smoke. i told him – i’ll smoke the rest of the cigarettes later – or save it for the rest of the week. he looked me in the face and said – I was going to smoke the entire ream that same day – and am not leaving his office till I smoke the entire ream.

    Imagine the look on my face. I never touched cigarettes ever since. 😆

  9. one more thing – what are you gonna do with potheads – they will love all that smoke 😆

  10. Ryan Bosco · ·

    Hi BongV!

    LOL, u see what I mean? I will add your experience to my list of testimonials. My dictatorial ideas aren’t so bad right? All we need to do is just try it. (Like trying smoking.)

    As far as all the potheads are concerned, they will have to fall under “smoking.” Like the alchemy of alcohol I mentioned, marijuana will add flavor and lessen the pain of my punishment so the potheads can be in the same gas chamber as the smokers.

    Well, back to me being nice and giving the Constitution or the legal recourse a chance to work, maybe Congress can pass a law against smoking in Malacanang or any public/government institutions. Maybe that’s the reason why Aquino wants to stay in his “cueva” called Times Street, to be able to smoke in his own property. Do we have laws banning smoking in public places?

    He may not be an example today. But he certainly will be an example 20 years from now when kids see him on headline news battling emphysema, walking around with an oxygen tank.

  11. Ryan Bosco · ·

    I can’t find any laws stating that “smoking” is banned in Malacanang or any government buildings. If this is true, then Congress (headed by Arroyo Inc. and Imelda along with Villar and Ferdinand Jr.) can easily pass a no-smoking act. NOT ONLY WILL THIS LAW BENEFIT HEALTHY LIVING, IT WILL DRIVE AQUINO NUTS. He’ll start sweating and trembling during news conferences and meetings and palace functions. Who knows, he might just even go crazy and jump in the polluted Pasig River. Then the headlines will say, “Aquino could have survived had the Pasig River been clean and not populated by a school of janitor fish.”

    You see, I sometimes recognize the positive in negative situations. 🙂

    I say we lobby for a smoking ban. AND HAVE AQUINO SIGN IT! I’m beginning to like this “play by the rules thing.”

  12. Hey Ryan:

    Davao has a no-smoking in public places (specially on government property) – including restos, hotels.

    I wonder if Rody Duterte will arrest Noynoy if Noynoy smokes in a public place in Davao?


  13. ulong pare · ·

    … daaaaaang

    … abnoy needs to smoke and snort rugby… have you seen his sperm receptacle lately? LOL

  14. sender · ·

    Ok get a grip. While its very very regrettable that Noy won’t quit smoking, your conclusions are so wildly exaggerated that you lose all credibility. Quite frankly you sound ridiculous at best, and downright ignorant and malicious at worst. Since Noy won’t quit, its better that he smoke more and die? You spout anti-smoking rhetoric, then wish a smoker’s death on someone else? Height of hypocrisy.

  15. abcdef · ·



    Article Five

    Pollution from Other Sources

    SEC. 24. Pollution from smoking.- Smoking inside a public building or an enclosed public place including public vehicles and other means of transport or in any enclosed area outside of one’s private residence, private place of work or any duly designated smoking area is hereby prohibited under this Act. This provision shall be implemented by the LGUs.

  16. @Ryan Basco

    Maybe you’re refering to this 😀

    Imagine it in a Philippine scenario 😉

  17. famous wolf · ·

    In more crude terms of Noynoy’s statement:


    or “You can’t make me.”

    Childish, much?

  18. Smokers have lower IQs than non-smokers

    unfortunately the article has been archived and needs a password on the reuters site…

  19. Ryan Bosco · ·

    LOL, thanks bokyo. That was funny! Although that was a lot more tame than my idea.

    And to abcdef’s response, THANKS ALSO. I guess we do have a law in place already. YAY! I wonder if Aquino will ever break the law; and if so, pay the price?

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  21. sender – the statements by no means wish Noy harm – he is already doing it to himself. he is killing himself slowly through smoking. my apologies if dark humor is not acceptable to your tastes – in no way do I BongV wish Noy any bodily harm = hell no, I want the PoTRP to live long and healthy to see the effects of his actions – whether good or bad.

    dang – you are missing the brownie points 🙂 if noynoy wants to be a hero – let it be this one. let this demonstrate his fortitude and will to quit smoking- he’ll be a personal hero to millions of young and adult filipinos. if Noy can do it – so can I – can you imagine that legacy in one such simple act that befits a samurai-like focus – the rebirth of Noy (kicking smoking) – signals the rebirth of the Pinoy nation? That can be Noys addition to the pantheon of the Aquino mythos – if he dares embrace this aspect of his destiny – the Filipinos’ mastery of self. hala cge tuloy ang wowowee…. 😆

    Speaking of symbols – Noy quitting the smoking habit is a very powerful symbol.

    Barack can’t quit but Noy can – that says a lot. Can he step up to it? Ball is in his court.

  22. @Sender

    In a monkey see-monkey do society like we live in, the proto humans look up to people like noynoy as a source of inspiration and even as some sort of a role model. Its like that old argument Charles Barkley tried to make that Athletes aren’t role models to justify his brash yet out of control behavior at times. But the deal is that comes with the privilege of being a star athlete. And for Noynoy to deny that his vices don’t directly or indirectly influence anyone now that he’s in the top seat is quite simply ridiculous.

    Besides if Noy wanted to be the symbol of changes, he should show the public he’s capable of it himself. Because so far he’s setting it up to be the same old song and dance, only under the Aquino name for years to come.

  23. abcdef · ·

    well he said, there already good laws in the phils and only needs enforcement.

  24. brianitus · ·

    Quit hasslin’ Noynoy with his smoking habit.

    In fact, he’s one of the bravest presidents we’ll ever have. He isn’t afraid of lung cancer and emphysema. Go Noynoy! 😛 Die for the country. 😆

  25. When Noynoy got annoyed about all the media attention that was given to him because of smoking, was he not expecting it? Even before the elections, the media covered Shalani-what’s-her-name, Kris Aquino, and the whole Aquino ‘legacy.’ They gave him all the attention he could ever want to win, and he whored himself to it.

    Now that he’s won and looks to be our president-apparent, the media have finally focused on his smoking habit. Now he seems irritated at the attention. What’s wrong, Noy? Can’t stand the pressure? Was he expecting that the honeymoon with the media would last forever? He needs to understand quickly that a president’s life goes under intense public scrutiny, it’s an occupational hazard.

    “Oh (insert Noy’s favorite expletive), that’s what a president goes through? I didn’t sign up for that!”

  26. HalleluyahHymen · ·

    Hmmm… rhetorics? Before you sound off… words like “ridiculous”, “ignorant” and “malicious”… you must ask your itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot single cell in your brain… WHY?!! Otherwise… you’d sound rhetorically stupid like Abe Margallo of FV.

    IMHO, i think that Ngoy has the right to kill himself by slowly by nicotine poisoning… OTOH, he has to think twice before he opens his fumbling mouth… from oath taking to smoking issues… he answers like a retard who reacts each time a lollipop is taken away from him.

  27. Iyan ang kelangan ng bayan natin! Isang simbolo ng katapangan! Tigas ng ulo at boses ng masa! Sya lang po ay si Noynoy Aquino!

  28. I won’t be surprised if many of his ardent supporters start pulling a Chris Crocker for him. LEAVE BENIGNO AQUINO III ALONE! PLEASE!!

  29. I think he knows that smoking harms him, but he’ll keep on with it… since he doesn’t want to lose his feeling.

    Noynoy really represents the ordinary Filipino… weak-willed and stupid.

  30. sender · ·

    Thank you for taking the time to clarify, phrased that way I agree with you completely. I really DO believe he had a chance to make a powerful statement, unfortunately he dropped the ball.

    I took the time to look through the rest of the site, and I couldn’t help but notice the large amount of Noynoy hate. I am not a supporter and did not vote for him, but under the present circumstances (i.e. he probably won) I do think he represents the ‘best’ chance for the country. A lesser evil is evil nonetheless, but I would rather he be president than a convicted criminal. Though it is hardly ideal =p

  31. sender · ·

    I’d reply to you, but I can’t see the argument buried under your sea of personal attacks.

  32. sender · ·

    Totally agree with you. My initial comment was me reacting to the post wishing Noy ill; critique is all well and good but IMO wishing someone dead is crossing the line into hate-mongering. BUT, after reading BongV’s reply above, its all good now.

    To add to your point, yes our showbiz culture does place people like Noy on a pedestal. But that’s the thing, its not “someone like Noy,” its NOY. His pedestal is higher than all the others and alabaster white with rose petals. He is quite frankly idolized by millions. So his vices DO influence the masses, and in a stronger way than if anyone else was doing it. So unfortunate.

  33. but I would rather he be president than a convicted criminal.

    Oh wow, such weak aspirations. Besides the criminal, we had a Smart guy, a guy who makes so much sense that it pisses off the people, a real estate/business guy, a devout fellow and among others. Your expectations for mediocracy is the same as everybody. But since all you got from looking at the site was ‘anti-noynoy’ sentiments, you just touched on the surface as to what AP has been convincing the likes of you; That noynoy was NEVER the best choice and incapable of all sorts of positivity you want to spin about like the columnists at PDI are claiming.

    I really DO believe he had a chance to make a powerful statement, unfortunately he dropped the ball.

    Um, care to ask but when exactly? During his run as a senator? Before being a senator? Because the statement he started seriously making was when his mommy died. Any other time and he could care less since he always had his name to fall back on.

    Honestly, you can come up better than describing your feelings. We get past that easily. Its the facts and truth that seem to go in one of your ears and out the other that is most concerning.

  34. Well even more so when the masses that voted him in see a good deal of themselves… In him.

    Creepy thought but it is reality. I still have a facebook comment from the pro-noynoy group that someone screen capped which they celebrated being stupid. So to them its okay to be stupid as long as you are an Aquino, who has proven by heredity to have integrity, trust, loyalty and faith to the nation and the people.

  35. mondragon · ·

    I think I know now why he doesnt want to quit!

    ‘Cruz also suggested that Aquino draw up on a piece paper a list of his achievements and goals, then place the list beside a cigarette.

    “In my case, I wrote my achievements on a piece of paper and placed a cigarette opposite that list. I asked myself, will all of my achievements be gone because of one cigarette? That is shameful! In his case, he can list all his achievements, including winning the presidential race. Then he should ask himself if it is worth sacrificing all his achievements for a cigarette,”‘

    go figure 😀

  36. sender · ·

    To your first point:

    You are taking my statement out of context. Between Noy and Erap, yes I would rather have Noy. Never did I say he was the best choice etc etc. I simply said one was better than the other, don’t read too much into it.

    To your second:

    Again its out of context. If you reread my post, I was agreeing with BongV’s statement: “if noynoy wants to be a hero – let it be this one. let this demonstrate his fortitude and will to quit smoking”

    You seem to be a mature and educated person, so please take what I say next constructively. The stated mission and goal of this site is admirable, but the methods not so. ‘Anti-nonoy sentiments’ was my polite way of phrasing it. Blind rage and hatred would be a better description. Page after page of insults and snide comments. You are not simply against him, or oppose his beliefs. You despise every aspect of the man, and cannot wait for him to fail, and take the Philippines along with him. And this is supposed to help our country exactly how?

    Jeering from the sidelines does nothing to help. Your sarcastic remarks are the truth you say? Truth without action is as empty and meaningless as the ‘Solutions’ section of the site (just more hate in there). And the irony is though you perhaps style yourself as the proverbial gadfly, stinging the mediocre into action, you are actually the proverbial Filpino CRAB, always eager to tear others down.

  37. @sender

    I never took it out of context. I was simply saying and I quote “Oh wow, such weak aspirations.” in regards to A lesser evil is evil nonetheless, but I would rather he be president than a convicted criminal. Though it is hardly ideal =p. Because why choose between Noy and Erap when there were other, better choices?
    I acknowledge that you said one was better than the other IF you looked through my response, because I didn’t challenge your opinion as to whom of those 2 evils were better. I challenged however your notion on between those two.

    Ah, here is the misconception. Polite or ‘sugar coating’ by terms of trying to not offend anybody? Please, come out with what you really wanted to say because AP and their message is about facts and truth that are well analyzed that goes beyond personalities and fluff such as what you read about with Pinoy giants such as ABS-CBN, PDI, Philstar, Malaya or blogs like what Filipino Voices discusses about. As I’ve said before, your assumption that this site is full of ‘anit-noynoy sentiments’ is very shallow if you don’t read and comprehend what is being discussed. And it is all related to how he HAS the high potential of failure. It has been discussed before about how people, such as yourself, believe that Noynoy has the potential to carry the country for change when he himself has no experience, accomplishments, long term goals, connections or simply, the aptitude for it besides the only thing he has sold you being his LEGACY. And if you haven’t been living under a rock, the country’s honorable president has done his job garnering unwarranted attention that further highlights his childish, immature nature full indecision and respect for the authority he should stand for.

    If anything, it is the authors and contributors here who understand what changes are needed to help out the country. It is sadly, people like you who can’t see past the obvious (i.e. OH THATS WHY THEY CALL IT ‘ANTI-PINOY’) who takes contributors’ constructive criticisms and turn it around for your own argument of CRAB PINOY mentality. Because if the Pinoy Society had long done something about this, AP wouldn’t need to be here to discuss about and I wouldn’t have to SPECIFICALLY tell YOU about it. AP tell it how it is and if you don’t like it, go somewhere else where they can nurse your bruised ego, or balat sibuyas.

    The reality isn’t sweet and shouldn’t be sugar coated, because it has been like that for over 60 years now without planned action or foresight whatsoever for change. Simply put sender, the results speak for themselves and if you can’t stop making it seem personal (like your reaction to Halleluyah’s post), then you are missing on what AP is providing that the Big Media propaganda machines can’t.

  38. Never change Noynoy, never change. For the benefit of the people who voted for you, for those hoping (and don’t have a clue) you won’t fail them, for those just wishing you’d live up to expectations like your mader and fadder Aquino, Never change Noynoy.

  39. Is THAT what you would call a leader?

  40. sender · ·

    Yes, I was trying to be polite. It is not sugar-coating or being plastic for the sake of peoples’ feelings, its just considered good manners. I am the newcomer here. And I wasn’t being personal with Halleluyahymen, I do believe it was he who commented on my pea-brainness.

    . . . On second thought let’s just drop this. We are not going to convince each other or anyone else reading our exchange. Going down this path will just lead to flame wars and insults.

    But just to be clear, I love my country and hate its current situation. Not gonna recite my CV but just accept that I work damn hard to make it better. So Noy’s the president, it happened. All that means to me is I gotta work harder for the next 6 years.

  41. Yes, I was trying to be polite. It is not sugar-coating or being plastic for the sake of peoples’ feelings, its just considered good manners. I am the newcomer here. And I wasn’t being personal with Halleluyahymen, I do believe it was he who commented on my pea-brainness.

    Well there is a difference between being polite and speaking your mind. You haven’t offended anyone as no one else has pointed it out to you so you are off to a good start. And I gathered you were being personal with your response to him but that was before establishing the misunderstanding.

    Flame wars and insults don’t have to go down if we discuss the points. That is what AP promotes here; discourse of the issues. The people here can care less about chismis and stuff but the truth and analyzing stuff from facts.

    Noy’s the president, but it doesn’t mean we sit back and let him run the show without any form of scrutiny. AP is here to be vigil about his decisions and show the people ultimately their mistake for choosing him as a leader. Everyone had a choice for a better 6 years. EVERYONE. And the choice of many are now going to screw everyone in the country except the Oligarchs. Because if they don’t want to learn, they can keep this endless cycle that has occurred for so long continue.

  42. sender:

    i’ll put it this way – it’s noynoy’s turn to be FISCALIZED 😆

  43. ulong pare · ·

    … daaaaang

    … y’all, por favor, leave my abnoy prez alone!

    … my ciggie biz (hopping from jeepneys to buses) is booming…

    … i employ ‘sang tambaks na gung gong tambays to push yosi to kapwa gung gongs…

    … a smoke stuck in gung gong’s mouth is KOOOOOOOL!

    … magkano na ba ang forex?

  44. HalleluyahHymen · ·

    “Quite frankly you sound ridiculous at best, and downright ignorant and malicious at worst. Since Noy won’t quit, its better that he smoke more and die? You spout anti-smoking rhetoric, then wish a smoker’s death on someone else? Height of hypocrisy.”

    I can’t see it here either.

    so what’s the difference between what you’ve said and your conceptual definition of a “personal attract”?

  45. HalleluyahHymen · ·

    Points well taken @ sender… welcome to AP.

  46. Noynoy hate? Probably it’s more of Noynoy criticisms – even constructive ones – in the actual.

    It just goes to show that our target deserves the flak he’s getting.

  47. palebluedot · ·

    …this reminds me of a scene in criminal minds s5e20 where a serial killer committed a suicide and the coroner described his act of killing himself as rendering “public service”.

  48. This noynoy is just terrible. So he wont quit smoking. That’s not very exemplary and that’s unfortunate. He wants to continue smoking? Fine he can kill himself with it. And this just in.. he’s saying NO to total gun ban (which i believe, is what the philippine society needs). He’s saying no because he’s a gun enthusiast himself and he was a co-owner of a bullet factory in Antipolo in the 80s. What a jerk.

    And how come i dont see this news in the Inquirer? instead, they have a picture of a kid talking to Noynoy….with abnoy saying, “mama is in heaven now, praying for us” etc. sigh..Utter crap..parang “kuya-kuyahan” pa…i bet he doesnt even care if this kid picks up the smoking habit in the future.

  49. What a stupid analogy… making a achievements competition against a cigarette. Red herring. That piece of paper would be more valid if it included “quitting smoking.”

    Chances are the sticks of cigarette placed beside it will increase, while the piece of paper remains blank.

  50. yah, never change noy. not until ap’s bloggers go nuts like you. noy you are a nut, but then so are some of the bloggers on this site, mr hymen particularly! this country has more than enough to change the course of one’s life. im a proof of that, it would have been easier to rant against marcos and cory and ramos, but nope, i chose hardwork over dole outs, now i’m enjoying the fruits of my labor.

    the government has been the same, but not me, not my family. how about my childhood friends? many of them died just as destitue; others like me, who quit the rant and work hard are doing better. it’s the sweetest thing, success coming off the rags.

    but then my story will never make the headlines, not worthy of mental calisthenics. so you guys go after the government, shred it any chance you get.. quite frankly, i’d rather walk the talk . inspire the poor like i once was, not by blaming the circumstances, but by helping them help themselves.

    i have to wonder, has ap done anything other than bloviate? pinoy dyan tayo magaling, puro salita!!

  51. His mama is in Manila Memorial Park, turning in her grave and face in her palm.

  52. Yeah because clearly its harder for any pinoy to have a successful career in what they do AND be socially aware. As opposed to just doing one but not the other. As you said you worked hard and completely ignore the problems that has ailed the nation for so long, but what does it matter since its all about YOU!

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