From the Net: Larry King Interviews Sarah Palin about the Inaugural (Youtube)

These two videos were created by one helluva talented fellow by the name of 1818JoseRizal1898. The choice of characters used in the animation gives you an inkling of how this interview will turn out. But, no spoilers 🙂

Check this one out.

Noynoy Aquino invites Sarah Palin, Binay

Noynoy Aquino & Binay Inauguration, Sarah

Charice Pempengco National Anthem Noynoy Aquino (Sarah Palin Part 3) 

It seems we are not a long way off from having a South Park 😆

Take a bow 1818JoseRizal1898!



  1. There should definitely be a Philippine South Park kind of a show. I would finance that if I were rich. haha

  2. @Dee: thanks for viewing – it was hilarious! but stinging.. am just waiting for the first wave of adam carolla type of surges 😆

  3. 😆 Great job! I wish I have my own TV Network to show these clips.

  4. Or Stephen COlbert’s

  5. Oh this is GOLD! xD

  6. This is massively brilliant!

    Check the YT comments too. They reflect the emo’s.

  7. It uses that artificial voice emulator that YT had. That’s why the voices sound flat. I remember it was a separate program too. Still, it was used to great effect for King’s and Palin’s voices. Sure was a good number.

  8. boombox · ·


  9. Hyden Toro · ·

    I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin. I don’t subscribe to he political agenda. She may like Aquino, but that is her preference.

  10. lol.. watch it man. It’s not really her :p

  11. ArticleRequest · ·

    Im sure si Dr. Jose Rizal II yun. Look at his arguments and compare :).

  12. Kanto Boy · ·

    Hyden, medyo wala ka yata sa lugar. That’s a SPOOF you’re looking at. That’s not the real Sarah Palin, that’s a computer-animated character doing a parody interview!

  13. if given the chance to hold a government post, would you? What position would you like and why? Can you provide solutions or suggestions to the Philippines’ most pressing problems?

  14. Hyden Toro · ·

    Whetever it is animated or not. I just say: I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin.

  15. ArticleRequest · ·

    Hmmm… It ised to be 500 and now 9,000+ views? Dr. JRII should advertise AP on his videos. 🙂

  16. @akune

    Please take time to read the articles and comments, new and old. You will find the answers there. Have fun!

    Your questions sounds like an assignment to do an essay, we are not your ghost writer :mrgreen:

  17. @akune

    oops, my grammar

    Your questions sound…without s, see? Baka mahalata, hindi ikaw ang sumulat ng assignment mo :mrgreen:

    By the way, it is only a suggestion, not the direct answer to your questions :mrgreen:

  18. it’s awesome! 😈

  19. stingray59 · ·

    Very funny but true! I want to see more!…he-he-he

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