Filipinos Should Learn to Follow The Laws Made by Lawmakers Filipinos Themselves Elected

In the latest mind-numbing sequel to this train wreck of an “anti-corruption campaign, Aquino applies the tricks picked up from the media training. Thus, instead of asking the Ombudsman to resign, Aquino’s idiot squad is making the rounds rallying more idiots make the call for the Ombudsman’s resignation on their behalf.

Trial by Publicity Makes a Mockery of the Laws of the Philippines

If Aquino and his idiots have a beef with the Ombudsman, then bring it to an impeachment trial. Aquino’s idiots should establish a prima facie evidence, convict, and impeach Mercedita Gutierrez based on the Constitution.


Section 2. The President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Supreme Court, the Members of the Constitutional Commissions, and the Ombudsman may be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust. All other public officers and employees may be removed from office as provided by law, but not by impeachment.

First Things First – Build An Air-Tight Case

This trial by publicity on Mercedita Gutierrez shows plain immaturity and lack of investigative skills of Aquino’s investigators. If you have an air-tight case, even the Ombudsman will have no recourse to follow suit.

The investigators can also build a case against the Ombudsman if they believe the Ombudsman is in collusion with former President Arroyo. Let the chips fall where it may.

Let justice take its course. Let the evidence be shown to the public under the principles of due process – not under the sway of an infantile pandering Philippine media that has become Aquino’s doormat.

Note that for all of Aquino’s concern about the Ombudsman – it is just one piece of the puzzle because the Ombudsman’s decisions are subject to review of the Court of Appeals – and can be overturned by the court.

It follows then that the Court of Appeals decision can still be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

So, Aquino’s fiddling about the Ombudsman is plain BS. His legal team’s strategy for winning is to make the Ombudsman resign instead of building air-tight cases – what a bunch of morons.

Media ought to provide clarity on the issues – not muddle it

The media hype involving all these “investigations” is no longer credible. Today’s Philippine media has become a smokescreen of misinformation – a decoy for the public to snap up while the real deal is being cooked elsewhere. Heck, for all we know, playing up the anti-Arroyo rhetoric is a good cover to drown the calls about the Hacienda Luisita Massacre.

Instead of coming up with conspiracy theories – media should single out what specifically were the facts that showed Arroyo committed violations.

It is one thing to say Arroyo is corrupt, it is another thing to show facts: – when, where, how much, who were involved, what mechanisms were involved. Without these facts, media and the Aquino administration are violating the fundamental tenets of the Philippine justice system – “innocent, until proven guilty”.

Unless of course, the Philippines has turned French – where the norm is “guilty, until proven innocent”.

Aquino should be role model for following the rule of law – not circumventing it

How can people have respect for the rule of law when Aquino and his men are trampling the very constitution they consider “sacred”? That doesn’t make them any different from Arroyo at all.

Aquino and his idiots trampled on it – first with the position of CJ Corona – and, now, the position of the Ombudsman. They need to learn to distinguish between the person holding the position and the institution that the position represents. Is this how we are going to govern – govern by publicity? Aquino’s governance is so retarded.

The 1987 Constitution has prescribed processes – follow it. You can’t just follow one part – and reject another. If it were so, that sure tells you a lot about the Constitution – it is an effin piece of paper that needs to be shred and a new one created.

McCarthyism is alive in the Philippines this time under the banner of “anti-corruption” – by the very people who come from a landlord class that has corruption written into their genes. This is a comedy of hypocrisy of epic proportions.

Approach to Ombudsman and Anti-corruption shows Aquino Administration’s Propensity for Ineffectiveness and Selective Amnesia

Starting off with the botched memo, to the Boy Abunda thingie, to CJ Corona, to Gen Bangit, and now the Ombudsman – the Aquino administration is a train wreck – and the wreck will just get larger in the next six years.

That’s the problem with electing an incompetent administration. These people are learning their job – at taxpayer’s expense. They don’t know how to handle the media – so they take media training at taxpayer’s expense. So when will these guys actually learn how to govern? After they have taken all the seminars?

Meanwhile, we have more pressing issues to take care of – for one developing the economy – we now have the reputation of being one of the worst places for foreign investors ; we also need the passing a stronger Freedom of Information Act.

And speaking of priorities – we are off to another investigation when we haven’t even gotten to the bottom of the following:

1- Who really killed Ninoy

2- Who ordered the killing of Ninoy

3- Why isn’t the mastermind in jail, yet?

4- What really happened during the Hacienda Luisita Massacre?

5- Why haven’t the victims of the massacre been given justice yet?

Where’s the Truth? Selective amnesia anyone?

Expanded Accountability Rules Will Help in the Anti-Corruption Campaign

Which brings another point – amending the constitution to allow recall of congressmen and senators. These senators and congressmen have been getting a free ride for too long and are among the least accountable of all public officials.

Our Congressmen and Senators virtually don’t pass laws at all – they should be held accountable if they are not able to do their job – via recall. The constitutional provision that “All other public officers and employees may be removed from office as provided by law, but not by impeachment” is a cop-out and gives Congressmen and Senators a free pass to not show up to pass laws, to “fiscalize” without coming up with quantifiable results of what was “fiscalized”.


Just when you think it couldn’t get worse – it does.

The Philippines is SNAFU – Situation Normal, All F’cked up.



  1. The Filipino was worth dying for. Even if they are not going to avenge you.

  2. It sure helps in an anti-corruption platform to show that you’re above the law made by the people of your own mother. πŸ˜‰

  3. the new DILG guy from Naga is cut from the same cloth with his “… πŸ‘Ώ guilty until proven innocent” pronouncement.

    DILG to small town lottery operators: Prove legality of activities
    By Cet Dematera (The Philippine Star) July 12, 2010
    LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines – Newly appointed Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo yesterday called on operators of small town lottery (STL) and other state-sponsored gambling schemes in the country to prove that their operations are legal.

    Robredo’s order came as the DILG prepared for a renewed campaign against illegal gambling, particularly jueteng. 😯

  4. Dante R · ·

    Pinapaikot lang ni Noynoy and mga utak ng mamayan. Where did that wangWang item come from anyway?!

    There are many items more important than wangWang. Like better books and better school buildings. Noynoy campaigned on education being an important piece of his platform, but he got people all excited about wangWang while he says zero about constructing more school buildings or addressing the issue of better books.

    Noynoy just does that media-trick of making a small issue important so the citizens forget about a bigger issue. So now, people are getting excited again about jueteng. Good deflection so people don’t ask what Noynoy will do about media-killings.

  5. Hyden Toro · ·

    This is the problem of people who gained power by: (1) Mob EDSA mentality. (2) Demonizing their opponents.(3) Using the fellow Oligarch’s Media to promote their political agendas. and (4) Deluding people with the many impossible promises.

    We are a Nation of Laws, not of mobs. We have to go to Courts to prove our cases. See, if the cases will stand under the due process of law. Even if, our Judicial system is twisted. They have to go to the process of Impeachment, if they have a good case against the Ombudsman Justice. Because, they cannot fire her, like Gen. Bangit. They resort to Demonizing her and Pres. Arroyo.

    Meanwhile, our economy is in nose dive. Our population and slums are growing like mushrooms, by leaps and bound. And this President is not even concerned? He is there trying to remove all who are deemed against him. Put his own people. He cannot even work, with his Vice President Binay. This President has difficulty working with people. This is what you get, when you elect an incompetent President.

    Where is his promise to create jobs? Just a lip service to the jobless Filipinos? If he will not watch out, people will do a reverse EDSA . To oust him. He will then taste the douse of his own medicine. What an imbecile man!

  6. Hyden Toro · ·

    “The Filipinos are worth dying for.” ; a sure way to fulfill your Mesiahnic complex. How about the tenants who were massacred, demonstrating against the Hacienda Luisita? They also died for the majority of Filipinos; who are suffering peasants. Did they die for a worthy cause ? Just trying to own a parcel of land,owned by Noynoy Aquino; and live with dignity as human beings. They were killed for this cause.

    I remember to had read in the History of our country; during the time of Pres. Quezon. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, was then the Chief of the Pilippine Commonwealth Armed Forces. There was a serious “HUK” Rebellion. Gen. MacArthur refused to send the Philippine Army against the “HUKs.” Citing and stating to Pres. Quezon directly: ” If I would had been a Filipino Peasant. I would be a HUK also.”

  7. ulong pare · ·

    … daaang

    … dante r naman naman namannn…

    … what are you talking about “UTAK NG MAMAYAN”?

    … flips do not posses UTAK… :mrgreen:

    … test: look at flip’s left/right ear, you can see a light coming thru it… :mrgreen:

    … shake a flip head, it’s hollow… my buko has more meat… 😳

  8. ulong pare · ·

    … daaang


    … come here, i’ll help you reach your goal… i’ll make sure y’all are dead… :mrgreen:

  9. Noynoy seems to be going about consolidating power the classical Machiavellian way — eliminating all his enemies. Problem is he is too limp-d1cked to do it in the same way real tyrants did and too bratty to do it through the system.

    His weapons of choice are (1) snubbing — like what he did to CJ Corona, and (2) people power “ocho-ocho” movements such as what he is now trying to incite against Gutierrez.

  10. Joe America · ·

    I’m surprised that you are surprised with President Aquino’s methodology. Intimidation is the rule of the road for anyone with power, in this culture. The act of getting the Ombudsman out is consistent with the pre-election focus on corruption, and if the American tried and true method of “jawboning” accelerates the Man’s activities in this regard, who cares?

    I rather think those with axes to grind wield them a little wildly at times.

    If the justice process worked, follow the legal process. Certainly the rule of law ought to hold. But here it is a mockery. If it takes 5 years to get a case resolved, short-cut the real idiocy by intimidation. Okay by me if it gets the real idiot, the Ombudsman, out of office on her ear or any other piece of the anatomy that bounces well.

    Meanwhile, get the courts up to speed. Double Judiciary’s budget.

  11. Joe America · ·

    And getting any kind of removal done through a Congress stacked with carnival clowns is likely fruitless. I’m referring to wives of dictators, former Presidents, boxers and a bunch of people who know the right people but could never define Public Trust . . .

  12. Joe America · ·

    As I prepare to mosey on down the road, which is muddy today for all the rain, thanks to that dastardly intertropical conversion zone that has been hanging about and giving us some much-needed water that will be allowed to run off into the ocean instead of stored for the next dry season, I reflect that it is possible for brilliant minds to argue any point well.

    For example, one could certainly choose between who is the greater idiot, President Aquino or the Ombudsman. Which has done more for the Philippines? Which has done her utmost to do the least?

    The choice to continue the unending rant against President Aquino strikes me as intellectually weak.

  13. Aquino’s solution is weak. He is unable to build a case beyond reasonable doubt. They ought to take a lesson from the capture of Al Capone – slllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww deserves a WWWWHHHACCCCKKKKKKK!!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  14. If it takes five years to get a law resolved – then Congress ought to impeach the Supreme Court Justice – but it has no balls – same as Noynoy’s men – selective amnesia – until the settle Hacienda Luisita equitably – Aquino’s talk of anti-corruption is plain BULL SH I T. πŸ˜†

  15. miriam quiamco · ·

    I agree, Hacienda Luisita is a far bigger corruption case than GMA, not only that involves billions of pesos in value, it is obviously stolen from the real owners, but the oligarchs were able to circumvent the law, there is obvious manipulation of the judiciary here, this has to be investigated if we want our courts to start functioning for the common good. Hacienda Luisita is a symbolic disease of our underdevelopment, and why we are the only agricultural country in Asia that is a rice improter. The workers on the sugar hacienda estates are kept on the cycle of poverty.

    Joe, you ought to be outraged by this glaring symbol of social injustice in the country that is tolerated by the powers that be. If they really are into correcting corruption, they ought to strengthen the office of the ombudsman, but first of all not using the current head a pawn in their bankrutp agenda of revenge, but changing the rules and getting the head appointed not by the president but by a group with broader accountability.

    Aquino’s way is counter-productive to say the least.

  16. miriam quiamco · ·

    Joe, AP is providing balance to FV’s undending cowardice and genuflection before the altar of the Aquinos, don’t tell me you are getting swayed by your wife’s opinions which are obviously uninformed.

  17. Joe America · ·

    Before I cast the argument, here is a thought you should bear in mind.

    I think BongV is representative of that type of talent that the Philippines needs in charge of its government agencies. Bright, pragmatic, well organized, amazingly productive, decisive, and holds little patience for incompetence. He could take any Philippine government agency and turn it into a model of value-creation and modern-day achievement. It would take at least a year or two, I would guess, to root out all the rot without having the building collapse in the process. And I would certainly grant him the latitude to do what he needed to do, in whatever way he chose, to get it done.

    So I can’t comprehend why this fine talent is busy spitting into the wind for distance. When Ms. Arroyo was in charge, a rant. When President Aquino is in charge, a rant.

    Oh, I understand this AP premise that Filipinos are fundamentally flawed when it comes to getting anything done right, so it is perfectly consistent to rag on any Filipino any where, any time. And these old-school oligarchs and family icons are big fat targets. I’ve been known to do some ragging myself.

    But when does goal of bringing down the President become, well, just like what the the President is being blamed for? Intimidation and words that spin from an axe being ground?

    Who is the greater villain? The Ombudsman, the head of the government agency in charge of stopping government corruption under the extraordinarily corrupt Arroyo regime, or the new President who has been on his job less than a month? A President who, like Obama, is indeed learning on the job, for there is absolutely nowhere to train for the relentless demands of the only desk in the Philippines were all the bucks, or pesos, stop.

    For the life of me, I can’t grasp what is to be gained by choosing, with intent, to bring down the President. And to overlook the real villains in the doing.

    The Ombudsman is a joke, a caricature of the pompous and incompetent old-school Filipinos who got into power by trading favors. Get rid of her any way as quickly as possible. And praise whoever can get it done; ridding government agencies of people who LIVE the trading of favors that underpins corruption is a proper top priority. Who gives a rat’s ass about the method, if it is not illegal?

    I understand the burr under the saddle, the Hacienda. Set it aside and write about this ombudsman issue on its own merits. Then return to to the Hacienda with a set of recommended actions for President Aquino.

    They are separate issues and the one ought not be allowed to bleed into the other. And the President ought not be judged by any single issue, or pre-judged by history, but by the sum of all his actions at the end of a reasonable period of time in office.

    Anything else smacks of grinding axes, not problem-solving.

  18. These are not two separate issues. Hacienda Luisita and land reform is the litmus test of Aquino’s regime. How can you be talkingabout social justice for all when you cannot even clean your own effin backyard – Credibility Joe… Credibility. Just like his performance in the Senate – NOTHING.

    His mother failed before. He has the opportunity to set things right – now that he is President. It could have been Gordon or Perlas but that’s moot and academic. Noynoy is in-charge – therefore the buck stops with Noynoy. You, Joe, as an American should know that. As a soldier you understand the chain of command – it ends with the commander-in-chief – Noynoy.

    As for moi – I have done my time, paid my dues with the Davao LGU, – been there done that $1B in three years, ghost writer for the entire LGU – from mayor to councilor to ensure the message of Davao was on point – and what did we get – our office was shut down- NO THANKS TO AN UNGRATEFUL CITIZENRY. Fu*cking politicians. ❗

    I sit on the directorship of a non-profit and a cooperative that undertakes community development projects in Mindanao – as well as a contractor for ODA because government agencies cant be trusted to implement the program. Not to mention I raise funds for at least 10,000 students since the past three years. Since we are having a pissing contest – let’s get right to it.

    So Joe, here’s a hanky – you have not only spit at the wind – you pissed on it – and guess what. it hit you right back in the face. πŸ˜†

    Cheers, thank you for flying AP :mrgreen:

    Having said that – new faces same old scripts – AP shouldn’t criticize the old script because the faces are new? C’mon Joe.. πŸ˜†

  19. miriam quiamco · ·

    Joe, that is very kind of you to compare Aquino to Obama, their track records are completely different. Obama was a community organizer working to champion the rights of the downtrodden in his local community, Aquino was the dependent son of Cory and Ninoy, two democracy icons whose social and political stature made it certain all members of the family are automatically entitled to positions of privilege and power. And that is why N/A need not strive for anything either in his personal life or in his political career, he benefited a lot from being the son of the two revered Filipinos. Obama fought tooth and nail to advance the well-being of the blacks and the poor in general, he would certainly be offended by such an exploitative hacienda system and would work hard to get it resolved, if it were his family that is the culprit, he would be passively taking profits from such an outrageous symbol of exploitation. Aquino is nothing compared to Obama, he doesn’t have the strong convictions to defend the rights of the socially exploited which Obama is all about. Every time this comparison is brought up, I can’t help feeling goosebumps on my skin.

    Aquino is learning to promote the agenda of revenge of LP, he does not have strong personal convictions on what is right or ethical, this country is going to focus on solving corruption by sacking the members of the Ombudsman, they might as well sack all the members of the judiciary who have been complicit in favoring the interests of the oligarchs, now, that is the proper thing to do. Aquino is bent on personalizing the corruption issue by making sure GMA gets convicted, well, tough luck, GMA can afford to hire the best lawyers, and the government is simply wasting resources better spent on looking at alternative sources of energy, how much money did PCGG waste and corrupted in all its years of retrieving the billions of dollars stolen by the Marcoses? Now, Aquino wants the convenient Nuclear power option to solve our energy needs when major countries are veering away from this, how has Thailand been able to meet its growing energy needs without shortages and resorting to nuclear energy source? He is obviously focusing on the wrong issues, revenge will not get this country anywhere. The Bush administration was far worse than Arroyo’s, and Obama has not wasted a single second going after the shenanigans of Bush/Cheney administration and instead put all the resources of the presidency into passing the universal health care bill which eventually got passed. This presidency is pursuing the wrong goals in solving corruption, giving orders to the DILG chielf to eliminate jueteng without understanding the socio-political structures behind jueteng will not get us anywhere.

  20. miriam quiamco · ·

    typo: Obama would not take profits from such an exploitative system, the hacienda system.

  21. Ombudsman Gutierrez is calling Noynoy’s yackety-yackety bluff, reminding Malacanang that …” Like many constitutional officials, the Ombudsman has a fixed term and can be removed only by impeachment,” Gutierrez said in a nationally televised press conference in her office. β€œThe Constitution enumerates the specific grounds for impeachment. Alleged closeness to the appointing authority is not one of them,” she said.

    Noynoy may have to do an EDSA πŸ™„ surge-the-gates against the Ombudsman, but first, he should do his surge-the-gates against Justice Corona.

  22. These people are learning their job – at taxpayer’s expense. They don’t know how to handle the media – so they take media training at taxpayer’s expense. So when will these guys actually learn how to govern? After they have taken all the seminars?
    Well, he did say that “tayo ang boss nya”. Which he meant literally in corporate terms. Like a typical heavily accented call center newbie agent, the company that employed him is shouldering his training expenses. In this case, the company is named the Philippines.

  23. miriam quiamco · ·

    Mike H. I suggest the yellow diehards over at FV should lead the surge at the gates of Ombudsman and the Supreme Court, since the surge at Malacanang gates did not happen. . .

  24. to JoeAm: “Damn the rules of evidence the procedures!”, Noynoy seems to say as Persi-Noy jawbones the Ombudsman to deliver a guilty-finding already.

    “Just send GMA to jail πŸ‘Ώ already!”, Noynoy seems to say.

    But it is the Executive Department that arrests and sends people to jail, so why doesn’t Noynoy just send in the police to arrest GMA — why doesn’t Noynoy do that?

  25. Noynoy administration should join forces with Walden Bello and Hontiveros to expeditiously file a second impeachment charge against ➑ Ombudsman Gutierrez. That, or Noynoy should just send in troops/police to arrest the Ombudsman. Just make up the evidence, what is Noynoy in Malacanang for anyway?

    Even better, Noynoy should simply forget the niceties and the rules, send in troops and 😯 arrest GMA.
    Noynoy should authorize the arresting party to use :mrgreen: wangWang.

  26. Yes, Bong. I was in the army, later married the daughter of a communist, went through the protest period and got duly logged into the LA FBI files, trundled through the long-hair artistry period playing guitar and writing poetry, then took up the corporate life, making millions for the company boss. So you can’t find a box in which to fit me.

    Life is not always fair, and it sounds like you got royally screwed while undertaking good deeds. But I think revenge doesn’t help much, and it smacks of the way so many Filipinos react to slights. Grab the gun. I don’t know what does help when you have to deal with idiots who are dealing in power and favor rather than good will. But I’m a carrot and stick man, myself. And I will grant the peace and respect carrot to President Aquino, as I did with George W Bush for five of his misguided eight years, until it became clear he was damaging the US, not building it.

    I don’t know enough to draw that conclusion for Mr. Aquino, frankly. In his short time in office he has done some good things and some bad. The bad fairly minor in the scheme of things. And I am not willing to hang him for the history of Hacienda affair, although how he handles it henceforth is material. So I’ve adopted the posture of respect, preferring to presume good intent rather than bad, and finding it way too early to judge on result.

    Getting the ombudsman out would speak well for Mr. Aquino no matter how it is done, in my opinion, for I know of no senior job in the Philippines that so strikingly smacks of favor-trading and failure.

    So I suspect that for a good while, because our premises differ, we will come down on issues differently. I’m sure you grant me the right to keep pissing into the wind if I so choose. And I trust you are straight enough not to include me among the idiots who have wronged you simply because I disagree with you or other AP scribes on the various issues put on the table here for discussion.

    That is, I assume they are for discussion, and aren’t meant to be dictatorial instructions on how to think, rammed down our throats . . .

  27. So I’ve adopted the posture of respect, preferring to presume good intent rather than bad, and finding it way too early to judge on result.

    @ Joe America: There’s such a thing as misguided good intent though. As I pointed out in that piece about his wang-wang (sirens), thing — even the idea of the intent being good is debatable. But let’s say for discussion purposes that the intent is indeed good. Would we consider this a product of a soundly guided mind?

    There are lots of other examples of good intent (or agendas spun as “good” intentions) — from the way parents presume to impose on their kids certain standards that work for them (which may no longer be applicable or relevant) e.g. what college course to take, who to marry, etc. to the way the Church presumes to tell people how to plan their families, among other things.

    That’s pretty much the platform that catapulted Noynoy onto the driver’s seat. He is perceived to be good and perceived to be full of good intentions. But that does not necessarily determine the nature of the outcome. There is no causal link between intent and outcome. πŸ˜‰

  28. BenignO,

    Yes, I catch your point, and agree some of his populist stances are a bit sophomoric. But I like his priority on education, and we can see how the anti-corruption agenda plays out. I’m not advocating his initiatives or waving yellow banners. I’m just waiting for the data, and being respectful in the meantime.

  29. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    Mike H. I just read in Malaya that N/A has 86% popularity rating and that majority of Filipinos don’t expect him to fulfill his campaign promises, what kind of country is the Philippines turning to be? Jesus, what is it about N/A that he is able to blindfold even the so called intelligentsia to his non-focussed governance, strange, but such is the fact.

  30. Hmmm… don’t worry Miriam, I think the more anyone tries to compare Obama and Aquino, the more the differences starkly show themselves. I guess the best reason compare the two presidents is to show how incomparable they are. πŸ˜‰

  31. @JoeAm – the constitution prescribes the process for removing the ombudsman, resorting to trial by publicity is not the way for civilized nations to behave.

    Remember that the very same people who bought Aquino’s anti-corruption yarn – are the very same people who voted for “wives of dictators, former Presidents, boxers and a bunch of people who know the right people but could never define Public Trust ” 😳

    Deal with it. πŸ˜†

  32. @Joe – the sweetest revenge is I am now making more money for America- money that should have belonged to the Philippines. remember the post on Pablo and Leon – Efficiency cs Effectiveness – I’m Leon 😳 πŸ˜†

    You don’t know enough to draw a conclusion – BUT I know enough to draw a conclusion.

    Moreover, your premise that AP has a goal of “bringing down the President become, well, just like what the the President is being blamed for? Intimidation and words that spin from an axe being ground?” – it makes me go WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????????????????? πŸ˜†

    Where in tarnation’s sake did that come from. Let me be clear about this:

    1. I do not advocate the violent overthrow of Noynoy Aquino

    2. I does advocate extra-constitutional means of effecting change. Change needs to be done within the framework of the constitution – unlike Noynoy who during the elections raised the ruse of yellow mobs if he did not win.

    3. If Noynoy were to be removed, It has to be through impeachment – the same process that ought to be used on removing Gutierrez – the Ombudsman.

    4. I believe that the Ombudsman is innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof lies with Aquino’s camp. If they don’t have an air-tight case then these saber-rattling is an empty threat, a paper tiger.

    5. The reason that Aquino is reluctant to go through the impeachment process is because:
    5.1 – It can polarize Congress
    5.2 – What Congress can do to the Ombudsman, it can also do to Noynoy
    5.3 – Aquino does not have the numbers – not to mention he dissed CJ Corona – who will be presiding during the impeachment trials jointly with the Senate President – Juan Ponce Enrile.

    Impeachment in the Philippines follows procedures similar to the United States. Under Sections 2 and 3, Article XI, Constitution of the Philippines, the House of Representatives of the Philippines has the exclusive power to initiate all cases of impeachment against the President, Vice President, members of the Supreme Court, members of the Constitutional Commissions (Commission on Elections,Civil Service Commission Commission on Audit), and the Ombudsman.

    When a third of its membership has endorsed the impeachment articles, it is then transmitted to the Senate of the Philippines which tries and decide, as impeachment tribunal, the impeachment case.[9]

    A main difference from US proceedings however is that only 1/3 of House members are required to approve the motion to impeach the President (as opposed to 50%+1 members in their US counterpart).

    In the Senate, selected members of the House of Representatives act as the prosecutors and the Senators act as judges with the Senate President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court jointly presiding over the proceedings.

    Like the United States, to convict the official in question requires that a minimum of 2/3 (i.e., 16 of 24 members) of the senate vote in favor of conviction.

    If an impeachment attempt is unsuccessful or the official is acquitted, no new cases can be filed against that impeachable official for at least one full year.

    6 – I am hanging him for Hacienda Luisita and Land Reform. He could have done something even as a Congressman, and as a Senator – and he did not. Instead he came out like an apologist for these centerpiece of social injustice dating all the way back to the encomienda system – an epic landgrab. Add to that the death of Filipino peasants – maybe they don’t matter to you because they are like commie VietCongs – Well, those lives matter to – any life for that matter. That you just try to the issue of Hacienda Luisita to me shows a difference in values. I value the lives of the peasants lost in that monument to agrarian oppression – you don’t.

    7. The law needs to be respected – if there is no evidence, you can’t convict. If we just allow Aquino to use the mob – it sets a precedent. We were able to convict Erap before, if Gutierrez is indeed guilty, then she too can be impeached and convicted.

    Since you brought up my personal circumstances in a previous post – let me even the score – You need to talk sense to the yellowbots in your household while you still have some sense left in you.

  33. 86% ❓ approval rating and he still is too chicken 😯 to oust Corona nor Ombudsman Gutierrez, much less arrest ➑ Bongbong, Imelda and GMA.

  34. N/A has 86% popularity rating and that majority of Filipinos don’t expect him to fulfill his campaign promises

    That’s what you call “puede na yan.”
    Bahala na” as well.
    Wait… even impunity played into this! It’s the Filipino Cultural Trinity at work here!

  35. Bong,

    Ha. I’ll talk to her, but she has two deaf ears, a fairly common trait hereabouts . . . I don’t know how she hears the Wowowee songs . . .

  36. miriam quiamco · ·

    Mike H. N/A is already starting to show his real state of mind, when interviewed by an NHK reporter on how the loss of the DPJ to LDP in the upper house elections recently would affect Japan-RP relations, he answered the unthinkable, like an ignorant layman, without any sense of statesmanship at all. Remember how we used to talk about his mental health over at FV? I think there is substance to all that talk of mental health issues, no president of a country in his right mind would answer the way he did. He is becoming an embarrassment to the country this early in his presidency, he should not be allowed to attend those meetings of heads of states abroad, or his real mental state will be revealed. At international meetings of heads of states, there are bound to be many unscripted moments, at least GMA represented us with dignity and intelligence. How will N/A handle the unscripted moments?

  37. Even with scripted moments, Pres-Noy can be a danger to himself.

    Unscripted moments will be worse. Unscripted moments can provide many opportunities for Pres-Noy to seriously embarass πŸ™„ the office of the President of the Philippines.

  38. […] Arroyo – they resort to maligning Gutierrez, the Ombudsman. What kind of government is this? It cannot even follow its own laws, that it itself created. If Aquino’s team has a problem with Gutierrez, impeach her under the rules laid down by the […]

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