Karina David Needs to Brush Up Her Investigative Skills Instead of Calling for Gutierrez Resignation

“Ombudsman Gutierrez must go, says ex-CSC chief : Stumbling block to cleanup”.

Really? I vehemently disagree.

The biggest stumbling block to cleanup is the INCOMPETENCE of investigators and prosecutors.

What do David and Aquino expect, that whoever they accuse of corruption will not defend themselves will just take it sitting down? Ano sila hilo?

Of course, there will be roadblocks. That’s why you have investigations – to identify the roadblock, remove it, and show how the roadblock ties into the overall corruption framework – BASED ON EVIDENCE NOT HEARSAY.

The biggest problem with Filipino prosecutors is the attitude that just because they say so therefore the other party is guilty. Hellooooo – you might as well say the sun sets in the east, and it’s the truth because Karina David said so. Susmryosep.

David’s style is typical of Da Pinoy’s attitude towards winning – they prefer to win by default – not through a hard fought battle.

With David looking for Gutierrez to step out of the way, it looks like Karina David has not done her homework and her evidence does not stand on solid ground.

Thus, David, Aquino – and his merry band of Congressional landlords would rather agitate to have Gutierrez removed.  The question is on what grounds? Where’s the beef? Tsismis na naman? We can’t govern a country based on tsismis – we need to let the rule of law prevail on the mob.

Otherwise what’s the point in having a government if everything were to be based on hearsay? Let’s just have anarchy in the streets – who needs the law, the President is sending the wrong signals – or is that the signal he actually sends. With this kind of attitude – it’s just a matter of time before there will labo labo in the streets.



  1. pagpasensyahan mo na ang yellow fever proponents. they have a French revolution mentality kasi.

  2. all they do is point fingers to anyone who stands in their way
    tuwid na daan? its the old tra-po re-badged lang ndi na baleng corrupt kung umuusad naman paabante ndi 2lad ngaun puro pagtira kay aroyo ang inaatupag!

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