Video: String Theory and Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku on the Science of the Impossible (aka Bayan ng mga Engkanto)

I recall barely 2 years ago, while debating on PEX about religion, origins of the universe, and a bit of cosmology – String Theory was just in its infancy. Not suprisingly, a legion of people who did not understand the theory just ridiculed it. But it seems that the theory is not just about to die down because of ridicule. In fact, one of the LHC’s goals is to look for the Higgs boson – the “God particle”.

As soon as they have “re-discovered” the known Standard Model particles, a necessary precursor to looking for new physics, the LHC experiments will start the systematic search for the Higgs boson. With the amount of data expected, called one inverse femtobarn by physicists, the combined analysis of ATLAS and CMS will be able to explore a wide mass range, and there’s even a chance of discovery if the Higgs has a mass near 160 GeV.


Between lay posters on PEX whose sphere of attention is limited to Wowowee and Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, it wasn’t rocket science. Dr. Kaku can be wrong – but, what if he is right?

What exactly is string theory?

String theory is a developing theory in particle physics which attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity.[1] String theory posits that the electrons and quarks within an atom are not 0-dimensional objects, but rather 1-dimensional oscillating lines (“strings”), possessing only the dimension of length, but not height or width. The theory poses that these strings can vibrate, thus giving the observed particles their flavor, charge, mass and spin. The earliest string model, the bosonic string, incorporated only bosons, although this view evolved to the superstring theory, which posits that a connection (a “supersymmetry”) exists between bosons and fermions, two fundamentally different types of particles. String theories also require the existence of several extra, unobservable, dimensions to the universe, in addition to the usual three spatial dimensions (height, width, and length) and the fourth dimension of time. M theory, for example, requires that spacetime have eleven dimensions.[2]

What’s the’s the excitement all about?

Amanda Peet, a physicist and string theorist from the University of Toronto narrates how she arrived at string theory – “I began with aspects of the black hole information problem, moved to entropy computations when D-brane physics arrived, developed aspects of holographic gravity/gauge dualities useful to black holes and black branes, and most recently concentrated on the search for string theoretic mechanisms for resolution of classical spacetime singularities.”

Fortunately, the New Zealander, Peet is still fluent in using layman’s English. In this engaging interview with NOVA and PBS Amanda discusses the implications of string theory for questions of cosmology, from the birth of the universe to the heart of black holes.

[iframe: src=”” scrollable=”yes” frameborder=”1″ height=”400″ width=”100%”]

The following videos will explain in greater detail what String Theory is all about.

String Theory

[myyoutubeplaylist 5XH3RIED6Y8, qeOWfYT5YJc, IgwK33305vQ, HZaphhh8ScA ]

BBC – Parallel Universes

[myyoutubeplaylist nS734OF1PiI, T02H02D40EA, 97LQSWVEk6s, NweKK7_nOBE, jjzj4RvJFgo]

Imagining the Tenth Dimension

[myyoutubeplaylist V6D3CgF8_qk, tQMO1eyMRuM, MCCp2UZTvak, mfDBW1Smu58]

These concepts were at the heart of the movie called “The One”.

The Entertainment – Jet Li and Jason Statham in “The One”
[myyoutubeplaylist wLkiYxaslN8, 7-XB4e5O2Xk, YVZMQ1Dh-Zg, BUYmTMkG9s8, er8rR31_6Iw, Y4EvwFOhp8g, _-sicD-Y8i4, PM1-JqbAMOo, q2y0nQSJCLg]

I remember watching Star Trek as a child. I saw the Star Trek crew reach into their waists and grab something that what today would be know as a cellular phone. On their screens flashed huge screens – which today would be flat LCD screens.

With String Theory in the horizon, humanity’s future will be in for one ride.

Humanity has come a long way from this –

[iframe: src=”” scrollable=”yes” frameborder=”1″ height=”400″ width=”100%”]

The LHC will soon be testing a lot of the predictions of String Theory – among this is the search for the “God particle”. Higgs-Boson.

In this article from the Scientific American, the connection between Higgs-Boson and String Theory is made – “Still, enough is known about string theory that there are some suggestive connections to our world. Most important, string theory seems to require our world to have a property called supersymmetry. And a supersymmetric Standard Model with string theory boundary conditions has Higgs bosons and explains their properties. Whereas the mass of the Higgs boson cannot be calculated in the Standard Model, in the supersymmetric Standard Model the mass can be calculated approximately to be 90¿40 GeV, a range that contains the likely discovered value. Finding a Higgs boson thus strongly supports the supersymmetric Standard Model, which in turn supports the notion that string theory is indeed the right approach to nature.”

[iframe: src=”” scrollable=”yes” frameborder=”1″ height=”400″ width=”100%”]

Meanwhile, the Philippines will still be emoting how victimized it is, paint stories of an imaginary glorious past, while facing a bankrupt desolate future – the same old fluff talk in a grand orgy of political sado-masochism – oh yeah sing hossanahs to a new science building in UP – talk about lowering expectations. 😆

Wonder why we get FDI crumbs – Our protectionist economy is an anthill to to the more advanced economies – no point in explaining free markets to apes – they just wouldn’t get it. 😳

So FDI keeps flowing into Singapore, SK, Thailand, Indonesia – to ants, bread crumbs are huge. 😆

Get your Thinking Hat on, Philippines!



  1. As long as we all have the mentality “basta pinoy da best”. We will never escape the cellar. Asia is leaving us behind because we value more text voting than real competition.

    As long as we don’t value intelligence and just allow it to go off and make some other country’s economy more valuable then we are really never getting out of the cellar.

  2. Maybe in a Parallel Universe we are still a province of Spain but are somehow not in utter disarray. 😕

  3. in the jet age, the philippines would rather reinvent the wheel and do this all over again –


  4. Or, Filipino voters are actually intelligent.

  5. Hyden Toro · ·

    I am a Technically educated Person. While there are many theories and hypothesis about atoms; how they behave; how they are arrayed. We don’t have any clue, how these atoms, really are. Yet, they produce results: like: energy, nuclear fission, electricity, electronic phenomenum, etc… I believe in God. Although, some of my contemporaries will opt themselves in not believing in a Diety/Creator/Originator; in order to feel: they are really in the Scientific search of knowledge. The more I learn, how things work; the more I am fascinated of our Divine Source: whoever He is… the Great I am, God the Father, Allah, Ram, Krishna, etc… It is the beauty of the mystery, that I’m very much attracted to…You yourself is a living and talking phenomenom: a living miracle, a living dichotomy, a living paradox…This is my opinion, and this is my belief. If you share it. Thanks. If not, thanks also…to Hell with organized religions…

  6. NFA rice · ·

    Science education in the Philippines is in a dismal state. Most scientific research is expensive. But one area of research that we can catch up on is theoretical physics and biology and math, and something in the area of agricultural research. The government needs to send talented Filipinos abroad to study, create networks, and transfer knowledge.

  7. Very challenging to the mind!

    In Germany, everybody, young and old, can learn about the Quantum Mechanics,Big Bang,Black Hole, etc. explained in a simple and understandable way over the television. They show experiments and encourage the viewing public to participate by sending questions. What fascinated me most is the fact that the elderly are still hungry for knowledge. Pensioners spend their time educating themselves with the newest theories and inventions.

    The Filipino television is full of non-sense programs, designed for the “ape minds”. The newspapers are full of opinions. Magazines are full of celebrities talking about their newest accessoire and scandals. No wonder that the Filipino minds remain stagnant. For those who have and can afford Internet access, learning is possible, but those who cannot, have the Wowowee mentality.

  8. Well you certainly aren’t the only person who felt that Science and Divinity are in a sense mutual. Even some of the greatest minds of Europe then were religious people themselves. Of course they most likely shared an attitude like yours that through knowledge, they can potentially see how it all connects to an unknown, omnipotent being. And as you say, its organized religion that takes away the focus and the joy of the curiosity behind the relationship of the two and puts more weight on moral taboos and social structures.

    But at least unlocking these concepts IMO brings people closer to a creator than saying a bajillion hail maries, praying and asking for blessing for a reality one created without discipline and going to sunday because a guy in a white collar told you so, otherwise your soul with burn in hell in the afterlife.

  9. Hung Hang · ·

    The Star Trek gadget is called a tricorder.

  10. It’s a tricorder as in “Scotty, 4 to beam aboard. I know we were 5 but the guy in the red shirt died again. “

  11. tricorder.. got it.. thanks dude


  12. Anonylol · ·

    TARDIS and Sonic Screwdriver superior.

  13. In fact Filipinos did.

    2 mechanical engineers from Cagayan de Oro tried to replicate air flying. The trouble was, their craft hit a coconut tree of which both of them injured to the point of deciding not to do it again.

  14. Parallel Universe, we may see our country, if we’d amass weapons, have more unity and more connections to each of us filipinos and we protect our country more than our own interest… We may have drove those Spanish Dudes out of our country and make it our own and that would be awesome!

    We shall possess the drill. The drill that will break the bonds of Spain. And Lead us to freedom!

  15. Einstein was right about the shortcomings of Quantum Mechanics and so therefore String Theory is also the incorrect approach. As an alternative to Quantum Theory there is a new theory that describes and explains the mysteries of physical reality. While not disrespecting the value of Quantum Mechanics as a tool to explain the role of quanta in our universe. This theory states that there is also a classical explanation for the paradoxes such as EPR and the Wave-Particle Duality. The Theory is called the Theory of Super Relativity.
    This theory is a philosophical attempt to reconnect the physical universe to realism and deterministic concepts. It explains the mysterious.

  16. mmfiore · ·

    It is interesting how new theories and theoretical predictions are being created based on unproven theories such as String theory.

    Einstein was right about the shortcomings of Quantum Mechanics and so therefore String Theory is also the incorrect approach. As an alternative to Quantum Theory there is a new theory that describes and explains the mysteries of physical reality. While not disrespecting the value of Quantum Mechanics as a tool to explain the role of quanta in our universe. This theory states that there is also a classical explanation for the paradoxes such as EPR and the Wave-Particle Duality. The Theory is called the Theory of Super Relativity.
    This theory is a philosophical attempt to reconnect the physical universe to realism and deterministic concepts. It explains the mysterious.

  17. ulong pare · ·

    … daaang

    @MF: i took quantum phsyics in 1974-1975…

    … lemme dig out my notes from prof bulanhagui… hmmm… wonder how prof bulanhagui is doing…. he was a good prof of quantum physics EE425.

    … and he gave me 1.75… which brought my overall iskulastic average down to 1.50…

    … dang you prof bulanhagui… 😳

  18. Relativity and quantum mechanics

    Main articles: Quantum gravity and Theory of everything

    Even with the defining postulates of both Einstein’s theory of general relativity and quantum theory being indisputably supported by rigorous and repeated empirical evidence and while they do not directly contradict each other theoretically (at least with regard to primary claims), they are resistant to being incorporated within one cohesive model.[34]

    Einstein himself is well known for rejecting some of the claims of quantum mechanics. While clearly contributing to the field, he did not accept the more philosophical consequences and interpretations of quantum mechanics, such as the lack of deterministic causality and the assertion that a single subatomic particle can occupy numerous areas of space at one time. He also was the first to notice some of the apparently exotic consequences of entanglement and used them to formulate the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, in the hope of showing that quantum mechanics had unacceptable implications. This was 1935, but in 1964 it was shown by John Bell (see Bell inequality) that, although Einstein was correct in identifying seemingly paradoxical implications of quantum mechanical nonlocality, these implications could be experimentally tested. Alain Aspect’s initial experiments in 1982, and many subsequent experiements since, have verified quantum entanglement.

    According to the paper of J. Bell and the Copenhagen interpretation (the common interpretation of quantum mechanics by physicists since 1927), and contrary to Einstein’s ideas, quantum mechanics was not at the same time

    * a “realistic” theory

    * and a local theory

    The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox shows in any case that there exist experiments by which one can measure the state of one particle and instantaneously change the state of its entangled partner, although the two particles can be an arbitrary distance apart; however, this effect does not violate causality, since no transfer of information happens. Quantum entanglement is at the basis of quantum cryptography, with high-security commercial applications in banking and government.

    Gravity is negligible in many areas of particle physics, so that unification between general relativity and quantum mechanics is not an urgent issue in those applications. However, the lack of a correct theory of quantum gravity is an important issue in cosmology and physicists’ search for an elegant “theory of everything”. Thus, resolving the inconsistencies between both theories has been a major goal of twentieth- and twenty-first-century physics. Many prominent physicists, including Stephen Hawking, have labored in the attempt to discover a theory underlying everything, combining not only different models of subatomic physics, but also deriving the universe’s four forces —the strong force, electromagnetism, weak force, and gravity— from a single force or phenomenon. One of the leaders in this field is Edward Witten, a theoretical physicist who formulated the groundbreaking M-theory, which is an attempt at describing the supersymmetrical based string theory.

  19. […] String Theory and Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku on the Science of the Impossible (aka Bayan ng mga Engka… […]

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