VIDEO: Word of the Lourd – A Whiff of Fresh Air in Philippine Mainstream Media

I say – More WOTL Less Wowowee. Finally, the Philippines has a TV show that tells it as it is. Initially, I thought it was an indie-film. But obviously, it isn’t.

The Philippine entertainment industries reason for producing B-movies and re-imagined Mexican/Korean/HK telenovelas is that there is no market for such fare. I find that hard to believe.

The remaining TV shows, have lost their connection with reality and instead have become yellow kool-aide propaganda mouthpieces engaged in Pinoy Newspeak.

Show your support for this program by supporting the advertisers on WOTL – vote with your wallet.

Don’t buy products advertised on WOTL’s competitor – that’s one way of making your voice heard. Why should you keep on supporting a network that dumbs you, your family, and your community down.

For the meantime, on with the show. 😆

[myyoutubeplaylist 5UdDE9R-SBA, 7gL3DPgm81c, BV7pOI8qD2I, S1hIcVF_JBw, c4NGg9ClPQ4, mG2dJTovnvk, HrcE3DMvraY, ruQ4k-arqaE, DfO9NFkh39I]

About WOTL (from Facebook)


Daily newscast of TV5 which ventures into a fresh way of delivering the day’s top stories with Lourd De Veyra

Monday – Friday, 11:00 pm
TEN: The Evening News

Lourd Ernest Hanopol de Veyra is a multi-awarded Filipino musician, poet, journalist, broadcast personality, and activist who first became famous for being the vocalist of Manila-based jazz rock band Radioactive Sago Project.

He has thrice been a recipient of a Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature – A Third prize in essay (English division) in 1999, a second prize in the same category in 2003; and a first prize in teleplay (filipino division) in 2004.


Kudos to WOTL and TV5 – Keeping it real. Lourd wears daily clothes but his content has more substance than the talking heads and stuffed suits on ABS-CBN.

Wear nice clothes – and put in a lot of whiz bang video transitions – never mind the trivial superficial treatment of the content. Let them watch Pokwang – and they are happy campers.

Push back against ABS-CBN and GMA. Encourage TV5 to promote more shows of this nature – support WOTL.

Send them an email, call – let your voices be heard.

Vote with your remote.

Vote with your box-office ticket.

And If I may add, Vote with your wallet.



  1. quite some views the show has.. interesting.. stimulates the mind and makes people think. 💡

  2. Keep it up, Lourd! Good brainstorming for Filipinos.

  3. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    Another media glorification of the Cory phenomenon, why no mention of Hacienda Luisita, why has there been no real reckoning on TV about the Cory phenomenon and the good it has done to the country, I think that this is one piece of propaganda that can make the likes of Kris Aquino and yet another unqualified Aquino to be given every opportunity in public life all because they are family of Cory.

    Cory using her appeal to the Filipino people asking Gloria to resign, as she said to make the personal sacrifice was uncalled for. GMA had clear economic agenda for the country, the economy was just taking off under her administration, why would a caring leader give way to an unsubstantiated allegation on the basis of public pressure to resign. There was no impeachment, would you rather have Noli de Castro be the president? That was truly irresponsible of Cory to misuse her sway on the people, no wonder the Hello Garci issue haunted GMA throughout her presidency, people made a big deal out of nothing, nothing at all, would you rather that an FPJ had won, omg!!! And when an automated election system got put into place under her administration, no credit has been given to GMA. This country needs to get real.

  4. Those who know how to think need no teachers.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    I will let you decide how much thinking is encouraged by the media in this country. On the vast bulk of their shows. God help those without cable and do not read good stuff as well. But knowing them, they don’t want to be helped.

  5. it was because dear Cory was so concerned about what the people “thought” about GMA. I think, for Aquino’s, image is everything, substance is optional, or even non-existent.

  6. Hyden Toro · ·

    The person commenting on the video is a paid hack of the Aquinos. Or, he is brainwashed by the (1) Aquino political propaganda machine. (2) U.S. State Department/ C.I.A., disinformation center. and (3) the Oligarch’s Media Networks, that twisted the truth.

    Cory Aquino was a good actress. She read her lines so cleverly, and she seemed truthful. These were the truth about the Aquinos:

    (1) Ninoy and Cory Aquino, and the whole Aquino family financed the MV Karagatan arms shipments, that were seized along the coast of Palanan, Isabela.

    (2) Ninoy Aquino was an active supporter and financier of the New People’s Army. The Catholic Church was also a good supporter, because of the Liberation Theology fostered by some Priests and Nuns. Remember, the late: Father Balweg, who was an active NPA commander..

    (3) the soldiers who went to jail, as Ninoy Aquino’s assasins were not the true assasins. If you dig deeper into the case. The true assasin will come out. The U.S. C.I.A. knows this.

    (4) Cory Aquino defeated the Land Reform Program: to protect her Hacienda Luisita. She even ordered the killing of the tenant-activists, to teach them a lesson; and let them know who the master was.

    (6) Nonoy Aquino knew the Liberal Party at Plaza Miranda will be bombed by the N. P.A. He stayed home, to save his life; and to make a political issue out of it.

    I was one of the active student/activists during the Martial Law days. I had seen the formation of the New People’s Army and its political arm: the Kabataan Makabayan. Most of my fellow student/activists ran to the hills and fight. Propagandas were thru: teach-ins, in universities, colleges and in the fields where the NPA operated. I had seen the enmities of the Aquinos versus the Marcoses. I had seen how the truth was twisted, and was given to the next generation. Noynoy Aquino serves his Oligarchial class; not the Filipino people. So, that this Feudal Oligarchy rule is assured.

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