Justice Delayed, Justice Denied: I am too old to till the land

Justice delayed is justice denied, assuming you do get justice – specially with Hacienda Luisita. The progress of cases through the Philippine injustice system is counted in decades – glacial on the average. Unless of course someone is accused of collusion by the World Bank – then you have the entire Congress absolving everyone in less than a week. But if it’s a peasant – let them eat kamote while P.Noy goes target shooting and malling, or Kris is off to look for another man-whore, or while elder sisters sips an iced venti mocca latte with a double espresso.

‘I am too old to till the land’

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:50:00 08/09/2010

Filed Under: Agrarian Reform, Agriculture, Senior Citizens

HACIENDA LUISITA, Tarlac City—Esperanza Dalapa, 82, of Barangay Parang (San Sebastian), said she chose the stock distribution option (SDO) because she could not work on the farm anymore. “I am too old to till the land,” she said.

Dalapa also said she needed the financial assistance that Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI) promised to give farmer-beneficiaries.

Lawyer Vigor Mendoza, HLI vice president for external affairs, said even those who opted for land distribution would receive financial assistance from the company. He, however, did not give details on the financial package.

Angelita Mendoza, 61, of Barangay Luisita, said she signed in favor of land distribution because she needed land on which to plant camote (sweet potato) to feed her children and grandchildren.

“A small parcel will do,” she said. “My children and grandchildren need to eat. I have many children and grandchildren.”

She said the price of camote had gone up and the only way she could provide her kin with sweet potatoes was to grow them in a small plot.

Asked if she was giving rice to her children and grandchildren, she said: “We only use rice to make coffee. We roast the grains then we use the rice coffee to go with camote.” Reports from Russell Arador and Tonette Orejas, Inquirer Central Luzon


I am too old to till the land.

Hacienda Luisita – the Cojuangcos and Aquinos waited it out.

While I was getting old – they enjoyed the fruits of land which is meant to be mine.

Imagine this – I am receiving financial assistance from the proceeds of the use of the land which is meant to be mine. Isn’t this the ultimate in mockery?

And now I am made to appear grateful to the people who took my land, made money out of it, still don’t want to return it – then offer money from my land.

I am too old to remind the government that assistance should not only be financial, but also technical, marketing, and management assistance.

I am too old to ask our congressman to come up with the right law at the first time – I was still young when the CARP was passed. It took 20 years to come up with an extension. And how many more years for this run around from Hacienda Luisita.

I am too old, it’s tough to see six more years watching the grandson of the people who used the money from my land, and paying me with money made from using my land and calling it financial assistance.

I have been extending Hacienda Luisita financial assistance for generations. I have loaned Hacienda Luisita my land. I want my land back – including ALL THE MONIES MADE OUT OF MY LAND BEGINNING ON THE DAY YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO RETURN IT TO US.

I am already old but I still remember that the Luisita stock option plan had been denounced as “unconstitutional” by the University of the Philippines Law Center in a position paper submitted in June 1990 to the Senate Agrarian Reform Committee. The memorandum stated that the “scheme is violative not only of the social justice provisions but even more so of the specific provisions of the Constitution on agrarian reform” since it “allows the original owners to remain the controlling interest at the expense of the supposedly farmer beneficiaries.” It was unconstitutional then, it is still unconstitutional now.

There are thousands of us. This is so ridiculous. People just don’t get it.

What part of DISTRIBUTE ALL is hard to understand? Not stocks.. Not options.. But LAND.. DISTRIBUTE ALL OF IT.

I am too old. Justice delayed. Justice denied.

What else is new in my tang’nang lupang hinirang?



  1. NFA rice · ·

    good news, she has a few years left to suffer. bad news, SDO is in effect in heaven, Tita Cory being president there.

  2. UP nn grad · ·

    Talk about lutong-makaw of an agreement-kuno.

    There is no competition for the Hacienda Luisita property. The “bidding” is only between the farmers (who have the accounting and finance skills — yeah, right!!!) and the Cojuangcos (who stand for “…the greater good” — of course, they do!}

    Erap Estrada-and-cronies can’t organize to bid for the land because HL has right of first refusal. Manny Villar can’t bid, too.

    It has been reported that for past many years, HaciLuisita has netted zero-income. HL’s zero-income (which results in zip corporate taxes, zip dividends) may be because the business-model is lousy (But this doesn’t make sense since the Cojuangcos want to hang onto the business, right???). Or zero-income may mean that the business is being stripped with extraordinarily compensation packages for top employees. And who is to say that there are not many sweetheart deals that H/Luisita gave out to other entities (meaning businesses created by their kamag-anaks and cronies). Didn’t Noy get a “security guard” contract from Hacienda Luisita?

    Stockholders don’t get to check the compensation packages or the sweetheart deals. The board-of-directors are supposed to do that. And HL board of directors, I think it is more believable to say that the board do not truly represent the stockholders more than they they represent the Cojuangcos.

    No wonder Cory started to say “GMA Talsik Diyan!” when GMA administration said “the SDO deal was illegal and HacienLuisita should turn over the land to the farmers”. LABAN!

  3. UP nn grad · ·

    What HL is really offering — hush money. The P150Million (divided proportionally to farmers based on SDO shares they own) is for hush money. Correctly, HL expects some farmers to accept SDO while others get land. The P150Million is HL paying farmers to shut-up on any plan that Hacienda Luisita proposes for any remaining land that HL gets to own. [If the proposal is detrimental to a farmer’s access to water or to roads — tough!!!] The P150Million is insurance by Hacienda Luisita in case DAR or Supreme Court wants HL to do better for the farmers.

    The HL-offer is in the family of the Sulpicio offer to the MV Princess of Stars survivors. They who accept the insurance money promise not to argue anymore.

  4. The good thing about all this, finally, the entire issue is outed, where before, news about Hacienda Luisita were sparse and encountered only in passing, hardly drawing the interest of the public. If Noynoy Aquino did not run for President and win, it would have likely remained so. Now, after decades capitalizing on a so-called legacy of sainthood and heroism courtesy of Cory and Ninoy,(and only God knows how much goodwill flowed to their direction) you wonder how the borrowed image could hold with details of the Hacienda Luisita deal now being exposed little by little. Even the compromise deal being put forward bears the mark of overflowing arrogance, wiles, and greed. I mean, people naturally expect to see the stamp of the so-called Aquino Legacy somewhere.

    Still, I think, for Noynoy, this is a great opportunity for greatness.

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  6. palebluedot · ·

    …and u thought she’s in heaven with what she has done?

  7. By the time the farmer is too old to till, it’s hoped the children will carry on and claim what the parents (or grandparents) never got. Problem is, it’s hoped that the children don’t get swayed by local TV and begin to have the idea, “mag-artista nalang ako.” And this local TV is being churned out by friends of the oligarchs who are cheating them of their land.

    Hmm, I smell a well-engineered plot there.

  8. NFA rice · ·

    nag People Power sa alapaap. Bumakwet si Lord.

  9. NFA rice · ·

    Eighty two and her children are still dependent on her. Did she give births at 70?

  10. NFA rice · ·

    The future is bleak for the HL farmers. Even if they are granted the land, it will be divided among many of their children. One pot of soil for each heir? I really wish justice will be served here.

  11. Yan ang daang matuwid…matuwid na daan tungo sa kasakiman! It’s easy to point a finger at someone on corruption when four fingers are pointing back at them. Banal na aso, santong kabayo!

  12. Ah… The stupidity… The continuity of the problem with the farmer and the HLI… Why still keep the land… IF they want to make money and still be corrupt… Go to America… Its a big place! Go there… There’s plenty of lands out there!

    What about Canada!

    Looks like more stupid decision Aquino’s group holding Hacienda Luisita are making… Thus revealing little by little… Their Intentions!

  13. kaya nga. i wanna ask CdQ to do 2 weeks – “immersion” (SOCDEM lingo) – “exposure” (NATDEM lingo) – “volunteer” – CAMAR/JVP lingo – in Hacienda Luisita and ask them again about social justice.

  14. Her children are 50, they are also tenants, their children may wind up as: 1) tenants, 2) maids in MNL, 3) go overseas.

  15. dineport ang mga pinoy sa langit. no one wants to follow the rule of god – puro people power ang laman ng bunganga kaya ayun – ibinalik sa impyernong pilipinas 😆

  16. Ryan Bosco · ·

    Let us all learn from the Philippine Airlines pilots and flight stewards–strike and walkout.

    The only way to bring the oligarchs down from their towering mansions and corrupt practices is to paralyze their businesses controlling the country. Let us sacrifice a week or even a month by simply staying home to shut the country down until these oligarchs get their acts together. Let’s take advantage of the internet to spread a new form of quiet and bloodless Home Revolution. What will the oligarchs and the military do? Invade our homes and force us out?

    Revolt by staying home. Shut the Philippine media, business and government. Spread this idea. It’s the only way.

  17. Hell yes. Once everyone tries it, they’ll realize just how much of the day-to-day comfort of their existence is controlled by the same handful of people, and a lot of people won’t be able to suck it up and live like a possum (which is what it will take, to be thorough about any sort of boycott) for any length of time. But shit, somebody’s got to start somewhere.

  18. Or these people in the higher up have to make a mistake based on their ego. If they think they can train monkeys to maintain the hard labor, go ahead.

  19. Hyden Toro · ·

    The Aquino/Conjuangco family knows how to manipulate the minds of people. They tried it on their Tenants/Tillers; they tried it on us:it worked. They were easily elected in public offices. Many of the tenants/tillers are illiterate and uneducated. The Aquino/Cojuangco took advantage of the vulnerabilities of these people. I believe that the HUK movements, started there in Central Luzon, because of these conditions and situations of people. If I would had been one of their tenants/tillers. I would be a HUK or an NPA, also.

    The situation of the Hacienda Luisita is a Classic Case of how a powerful, moneyed and opportunistic family and clan; took advantage of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of their uneducated/almost illiterate tenants/tillers. They took over: their lands; their lives; and their future. Leaving them like the SERFs in Czarist Russia, tied to be sharecropppers of their lands. Greediness to the paramount degree…

    While Cory Aquino was always photographed, praying infront of the Church Altars. The High Priests of the Roman Catholic Church; praising her to High Heavens. The Aquinos did not see the miserableness of their tenants/tillers. It is the HYPOCRISY of “religious people”, to a nauseating degree. I almost puke thinking about it…

    Did they not understand Jesus Christ teachings: ” I was hungry, and you fed me not. I was naked, and you did not cloth me. I was in need, and you did not take care of me.” True Religion is practicing it. Not showing yourself that you are “holier than anybody else.” The parable of the Pharishee and the Tax Collector, praying in the Temple. Played in Real Life situation…

  20. Ryan Bosco · ·

    Antipinoy can definitely start it! What are we waiting for? For the ruling class to have a change of heart? For them to eventually see the light? To finally return what they have been stealing from us?

    If my math is correct, Philippine Airlines (owned by Lucio Tan who supposedly got richer according to Forbes) is saying that the company lost money. So, the company is willing to bargain with the flight attendants and crew by offering PhP80,000,000 as 3 years back pay to more than 1600 employees? Converted to United States dollars, that’s around $1000. Divide that by 3 years, that’s just a little over $300 for every year PAL failed to compensate each of these employees.

    My God, this is just plain inhumane and complete disregard to decency. Hey Lucio Tan, how about donating a few millions more?

    Antipinoy is doing a good job pointing out our faults. But we lack practical and common sense actions. We’re just going around in circles with these articles and comments. Let’s initiate action.
    This is the moment, PAL employees striking. Let’s all stay home to cripple the oligarchs. Maybe we can designate a date to start the Home Revolution. Like the anniversary of Martial Law?

    I can just see it in the headlines on CNN, “Filipinos have staged yet another innovative revolution against corruption, a Home Revolution. Millions stayed home forcing businesses and government to shutdown until the ruling class gets its act together and provide decent lives for the country.”

    Home Revolution Now!

  21. Home Revolution is a good idea. Spread the word consistently. Tell your friends and their friends about AP. Convince them to read and join the discussions. Use your cellphones. Let us print AP in our T-Shirts and wear them outside to reach a larger reading community. The process is repetitive but we have to start to go against the Oligarchs.

  22. You can boycott some products and institutions, like ABS-CBN. Unfortunately, there’ll be very little places where oligarchs leave the country untouched. The ultimate solution as usual is to keep on bantering for protectionism removal. Of course, you can start somewhere with this boycott idea.

  23. kid dynamo · ·

    …guys take a look at this…even identified yellow Monsod disagrees with this conundrum…


    …TAYO NA SA TUWID NA DAAN!!!!……tuwid na daan my ass……

    a good thing also is i watched that HLI Spokesperson (forgot his name atty e) and Mareng Winnie face off on Clavios segment in Unang Hirit and the HLI Spokesperson got owned….this same guy actually came out again in DZMM that afternoon with his same argument with relatively minimal rebuttal (except some occassions from Karen Davila)…talk about propaganda in full swing to convince the gullible public to side with them basterds….

  24. concerned_citizen · ·

    And I though serfdom was already a thing of the past. HL is truly a medieval setting that exists in the modern world.

  25. “Dehado” is the right choice of word from Prof. Monsod. I saw also her analysis of the Trillianes case and it seems to me that she has enough of PNoy’s stupidity. Her facial expression when she mentioned PNoy revealed it all.

  26. Score one in the “namulat na naisahan” group. Who next…

  27. Hyden Toro · ·

    It is an Anachronism…floating in the sea of modern digital world…we allowed it…the Filipinos were hoodwinked by the Aquino/Cojuangco ruling family…with their distraction and diversion tactics…EDSA…DEMOCRACY…MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY…SAINT CORY AQUINO…HERO NINOY AQUINO…MY ASS!!! Truth Hurts…however, Truth is staring at us for so long already…

  28. ulong pare · ·

    … daaang

    … hey y’all… santa ate cory is in heaven… live-in/shacking up with cardinal sin… :mrgreen:

    … she corrupted san pedro for a pass to heaven…

    … paradise is maintained by ‘sang tambaks ang flipsquats ofw/slaves.. kaya sparkling cllean… 😳

  29. kid dynamo · ·

    ah yeah that Trillanes thing i saw also if im not mistaken SONA, Trillanes, then Luisita…nakakastrike three na si PNoy kay Mareng Winnie which i find odd as this reputable personality kept on building Noy during election season…

  30. kid dynamo · ·

    ah yeah that Trillanes thing i saw also if im not mistaken SONA, Trillanes, then Luisita…nakakastrike three na si PNoy kay Mareng Winnie which i find odd as this reputable personality kept on building Noy during election season…

  31. […] we forget, Kamag-anak Inc, after all, needs political power in order to keep Hacienda Luisita in their hands. Even if Kris seduces Junjun Binay, Jejemon Binay will still grab the presidency […]

  32. geeky Mary · ·

    BongV, I am grateful for your existence and the existence of this website. Mabuhay kayo.

  33. Modern slavery. Two thousand pesos (P2,000.00) for two decades of work. Terrible! My sponsored children get more in a month!!


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