Video: The Human Genome Project, Race, and Pinoy Racism: SAY NO TO RACISM!

I have been listening to so much crap about the “Filipino race” – and I am cringing from the uber, hyper, super, ultra, mega IGNORANCE. It is high time we get down to what racism is – and what has it got to do with Filipinos – and the rise of Filipino nationalist racism in the aftermath of the hostage-taking fiasco.

Filipinos as victims? Hell no. It’s that the interests of the “Filipino race” should be defended. This is a very DANGEROUS, MISGUIDED, ILL-INFORMED basis for defining the national interest – any human being who is in the territorial jurisdiction of the Philippines is in the national interest – and “race” or “Filipino race” has got nothing to do with it.

The Human Family Tree (Nat Geo)


The History of Racism (BBC).


The Power of An Illusion (Nat Geo)


The Human Genome Project – with Francis Collin and J. Craig Venter


The last thing we need during trying times is to go on a wild goose chase based on a FLAWED belief about race. Get over it Alex Lacson – cut the cutesi-ness – please stop this “Filipino race” thingie – things are aready bad as they are – don’t make it worse – BULOK YANG PAMUMULITIKA MO.

SAY NO TO FILIPINO RACISM – Filipinos should stand up and join the rest of the human race – one species, one planet, only one race – THE HUMAN RACE.



  1. I’m always disappointed when I talk to people and they can’t seem to grasp the concept that we are on a single planet.

    “Oh all that stuff? That just happens in space.” “But the Earth is IN space. . .”

    I wish I made that conversation up.

  2. I’m guessing… They’re all thinking leik Hitler or Hirohito… That the Filipino race is the true and almighty race… This is how unrest and total chaos begins. And I thought I’ll be the one who’ll start it!

  3. That’s basically what racism is. People at first believe it’s just the putting down of people of another race. No, it starts somewhere else… you won’t put down someone else if you don’t think that you’re superior to them. That’s racism. Basically group arrogance based on a false construct like “race.” Arrogance is an essential aspect.

    The victim mentality of Filipinos has been reinforced thanks to leftist propaganda. And yes, arrogance is part of it. It’s easier to believe that you’re a “victim” of someone even if that someone has not done anything to you if you were arrogant. And a liar.

  4. Hyden Toro · ·

    The World must understand. The tragic Hostage Incident is due to the incompetence of our President and his ranking officials. We, ordinary Filipinos should not be blamed for it.

  5. Right-thinking people in other countries would know where to lay the blame, so there’s no need to state who deserves the blame (and who doesn’t). In turn, we can’t blame some of the HK chinese for getting emotional about this. Despite the fact that nobody wanted this to happen, it did happen to their own kin.

    Ever think about how Filipinos would react if it were our tourists that were killed in another country by a similar incident? It shouldn’t surprise you that some Pinoys would start using their pagka-emo to lay the blame on everyone who comes from the country where it happened, and you know that isn’t right either.

    Every country’s got their own set of individuals (idiots) who don’t think right, and some who do think correctly. THAT is what needs to be understood.

  6. In the long-run every Government is the exact symbol of its People, with their wisdom and unwisdom; we have to say, Like People like Government. – Thomas Carlyle

  7. Was about to add that here, mas mataas ‘ata ang ratio ng mga idiots who do NOT think right.


  8. ulong pare · ·

    … daaang…. in my biz, i’m the lone flips… my peers know that i am smarter than them and most flips :mrgreen: … i’m proud of my flipness!!!! (me, waving a FLIP BANDERA) 😳

  9. I disagree with the thought of attaching the people with the government. Our case is: a Presidential candidate was elected. during the election. He portrayed himself as:Hope; Ability; Corageous Leadership; etc…When, he became President; he turned as the exact opposite of what he portrayed himself…it is even suspected, he has some mental illness. I will not identify myself with this deceptive leader. He does not represent me… 😥

  10. Haaaay, a ‘race’ busting article!

    I’ve said my share on this in many posts, but it never ceases to amaze me how pinoys love to use the race argument without knowing the implications of their usage as a double-standard. I’ve had someone draw comparisons when Pinoys get made fun of with slavery in Africa. Guess what? Even the Africans themselves used their own people as SLAVES! And let us go back even farther with that concept, even in Egyptian times when they would use people as slaves to build constructs of the royalty.

    Its hilarious but while they can’t see past the color and branding it as slavery (which in itself is racist thinking), this kind of slavery is also happening right now with Oligarch pinoys controlling the mindless poor and masses to do their bidding for them. Pinoy on pinoy slavery! Not on color, but by social standing and understanding of hierarchy!

    Philippines, one of the places in the world where they can’t see how their rich diversity can be a strength that can unite many and instead condemn themselves to a ‘racial’ way of thinking to unite only very few of those supposed collective voices.

  11. Ability? What ability? That fook didn’t do jack when the hostage crisis took place… Or did he do jack, as in jack off?

  12. I read this email circulating around from some time, apparently from an Emo Sapien:


    I am not a writer. You are. Perhaps we should defend our nation and our people from the scorn and hatred of the Hongkong and PRC Chinese. Sending you a draft of a letter defending the honor of our people. I know you will improve on this.


    To the Hongkong and PRC People,

    You hate the Filipino people for the hostage fiasco that unfortunate incident that went out of control at the end. This was a hostage situation that was under control and which netted 7 Chinese tourists to be released upon the efforts of our policemen.

    You appear and sound sanctimonious and have even stepped upon our sovereignty. You have demanded apology, the moon and the heavens. You hate the Filipino people as if we wanted this unfortunate incident to happen. First and foremost, we offer our condolences to the families of the 8 that were killed in this incident. Secondly, we are sorry for the bungled handling of this hostage taking. It was unfortunate, it was an accident, we never planned it that way. Is it fair to blame a whole nation for a situation that was never planned?

    Let me ask you this question, “Should we hate you also for the lead poisoning caused by the paint you used in your baby furniture and toys for the children of the world? Should we hate you also for the use of cardboard in the “siopao” that you sell to tourists? Should we hate you also for the melamine contamination wherein not 8, but hundreds, maybe even thousands have suffered and some even died?

    Or, let us talk of Filipino casualties. A few years ago, 3 Filipino tourists, all surnamed Madrigal, a family of 5 were walking on Tienemen Square and Beijing . One Chinese stabbed the father and two of his children, killing all three. Were you even sorry for what this one Chinese did? Did the Filipino people even demand that China apologized for this unfortunate incident. This was PRE-MEDITATED MURDER.

    Just as the use of lead, cardboard, melamine was pre-meditated – used because they were cheaper materials, in order to generate PROFITS for the Chinese businessmen. Did you pay damages the same way you are demanding damages from the Filipino nation and people?

    Where was the anger of the Chinese and Hongkong people? Did you even apologize to the world? My God in the case of melanine, you even kept this information from the world, until you were exposed for what you are!!!

    Enough! We symphatize but don’t blame the Filipino people.

    So you want to send our OFWs home, that take care of your children? They play an important part in your lives. Both spouses are able to work, earn money because of the tender loving care being heaped on your children by Filipino maids and yayas/amahs. While you pay our OFWs for the work they do, you earn more for the love and care they bestow on your children. Go ahead, send our OFWs home. Let us see how that will affect your family incomes.

    ~~~ O ~~~

    If you love your country, please pass this on to all Filipinos you know. Thanks!”

  13. Oh my! I cannot believe somebody can write that letter. Are we back on the Planet of the Apes? 😦

  14. “You have demanded (an) apology, the moon and the heavens”… ano ka, nanliligaw? 😳

    Oh boy, here we go again. :mrgreen: Also:

    “Go ahead, send our OFWs home. Let us see how that will affect your family incomes.”

    Fools. They’ll be able to save money or find another helper. Or maybe the bleeding-heart writer wants them to come home cursing Noynoy and company for the damage they’ve caused to their jobs and to the country.

  15. Once again the “superiority” of the Filipino has been stirred up! LMAO

    Sounds like an empty can for me XD

  16. We ARE STILL on the Planet of the Apes.

  17. Wow, this guy really doesn’t understand how important the OFW’s are to the economy with a indignant declaration of sending them home and thinking the HKers are going to be the ones to feel the burn. There are many more FW’s out there that aren’t pinoy and can easily prove themselves with such mundane work.

  18. Actually, that letter sounds like a can that’s full. In fact, it’s overflowing…..with ignorant shit.

    Since we’re on the correct path of saying NO to racism, we should put our money where our mouths are. Having said that, is it ok to accept words like “tsekwa” and “intsik beho” as a form of black humor, satire, or just having fun (as Floyd Mayweather Jr. would put it)?

    If one knows what’s right, apply it accordingly. Otherwise, the meaning of this article is lost.

  19. This is like that “superior Aryan race mindset” that WWII Germany once had without the actual achievements.

  20. Wow who ever wrote that piece is a flaming idiot or either drank that poisoned milk him/herself and got brain damaged. 

  21. As the saying goes, “Everybody’s a little bit racist anyway”.

  22. Seriously I wish Filipinos stop thinking they are victims of racism

    I swear Filipinos discriminate its own indigenous tribes much much more than we are getting “discriminated”.

  23. Discrimination of the Philippines and Filipinos en masse is most likely a bogeyman created mostly by leftists and anti-foreignists. We have the right to question whether it is a legitimate problem or fear.

  24. Yes but pinoys are completely racist about their own and others and the best part about it, they are utter denial about it.

    Check out WOTL. Check your lolo/lolas. Check out your bayanis. Check out the people who rally behind the president yet scorn at the HKers/Chinese when the latter has much to do with the country and the presidency than anything remotely Filipino. Simply look in the mirror Juandelacruz and you will see the most racist person.

  25. Yep. The perversion of symbols and concepts to conveniently placate the strong inferiority complex of Filipinos.

  26. Having said that, is it ok to accept words like “tsekwa” and “intsik beho” as a form of black humor, satire, or just having fun (as Floyd Mayweather Jr. would put it)?

    True but in a sense, what does that make you? Are you being inclusive or politically correct by saying those things when as Lourd makes out the politically correct term is Chinese-Filipino? And you taking a cue from Mayweather? He’s pretty much full of it. Sure he’s successful but he’s got what you call a nigger attitude. Even Chris Rock has cracked a joke about the disparity:

    Which is funny because while they can see this difference with night and day, Pinoys themselves can’t see the difference from respectable Filipino citizen mindset to Je-je-mon mindsets that we see of bigoted pinoys who think foreigners screwed over the country, that image is everything and with it comes success and completely ruins the image of Pinoys in the global eye, but championed by the entire nation made up of like minded individuals.

    Just because it is still practiced and prevalent doesn’t make one any better to join the status quo and be civil about it. There is a reason why people draw the line from people who DO know humor in good taste and people who think they know black humor, like Tracy Isabelle Borres. Then inane things like Carolla who is fair and targets everyone, but the Pinoy balat sibuyas condition kicked into high gear.

  27. putang inang mga intsik to, magsilayas kayo sa pilipinas. Pati mga babaeng instik kayayabang, kundi pa tumira ang magulang nila sa pilipinas, di sana sila pinanganak.

    mga bwisit. kayo ang mga racist.

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