A Postcript to "A Postscript to Irony"

Time supposedly heals wounds. Maybe it also brings wisdom or not at all. The biggest irony of it all is to see naivete write about the naiveness of Aquino’s speech

“there was only a handful left when P-Noy spoke at the United Nations, Barack Obama and other global luminaries having already appeared on stage before him. I’m not altogether unhappy about it. P-Noy’s speech was quite frankly a little naive.”

What exactly was the cause of CdQ’s disappointment? Here’s the guilty piece –

President Noynoy Aquino Speech Before 65th General Assembly of the United Nations http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf

The crux of the matter lies in the opening statement –

““For so many times in our history, my people have shown that, united, nothing is impossible. We called it People Power. It is my earnest hope, and in the greatest interest of humanity, that we harness the energies of dialogue, solidarity and communal responsibility, so that a global People Power toward equitable progress may be achieved.”.

Have the results of harnessing these energies resulted in social transformation for the better or for the worse??

Take a cue – Philippine people power aka “the mobocracy” has not yielded change. It has instead given birth to a personality of “self-appointed keepers of the EDSA Flame”, positioning itself as having the monopoly of truth about EDSA.

The truth is – the Philippines is far worse divided today than it was before EDSA – no thanks to People Power. As each political aggrupation takes ownership of the mobocracy franchise – the temptation to go to the streets to effect “change” has millions of Filipinos taking the path of least resistance – take up a slogan without thinking – and vive la revolucion.

People power to remove Erap, people power to restore Erap, people power if Aquino does not get elected. And that’s how we Filipinos elect buffoons – with the thinking of a baboon – no offense to the babboon’s embarassment being related to Filipinos.

Just like the 7 minute meeting with Obama that Aquino trivialized – the UN speech was another botched date with Aquino’s “destiny”. As former National Treasurer Leonor Briones puts it – the speech was wanting.

“In terms of content, it was bland, non-controversial. Walang politically wrong pero kulang in details. Halimbawa, nag-focus siya on private-public partnership, cooperation pero sana ma-remind yung rich countries na we are not asking anything from them. We are just asking them to fulfill their promises. May commitment sila na 0.7% of their gross national income should go to developing countries to help them. So, it’s not as if nanghihingi tayo. And that should’ve been emphasized when he asked for cooperation,” Briones said.

In an interview on ANC, Briones said President Aquino could have made a stronger speech before the UN by urging rich nations to deliver on their promise to help their poor neighbors.

“Kung ang maliliit na bansa hindi maka-fulfill dahil sila dapat ang nagbibigay ng resources, hindi nila ginagawa. We should make a greater emphasis on that. Pangako ‘yan, hindi hingi. It’s a commitment which they made in all UN declarations,” Briones said.

While I agree with Briones that the speech was wanting – what I don’t agree with, are the specifics. While we task the developed countries to meet their part of the MDG agreements of providing resources – are we doing ours?

Our ability to meet the MDG is not the lack of resources – but the lack of our ability to think and use the available resources smartly and parlay this into the next level of performance – a diversified, resilient, and prosperous economy.

My two cents worth – Comments in Blue

Allow me then to throw in my 2 cents worth of comments on this Aquino speech

“In a world that has become increasingly globalized, the challenges that we face have become globalized as well.” – DUH… That’s like saying – we have sunshine because the sun rises.

“Climate change; pandemics; terrorism and weapons of mass destruction; transnational organized crime such as human trafficking and the illicit drug trade; the continuing vulnerability of migrants, women, persons with disabilities, and the poor;” has been there even BEFORE globalization.

What Filipinos have is parochial thinking in the face of global challenges. Cathlic morality will not solve the poverty generated by protectionism. The solution is not to use taxpayers to legislate Catholic morality but to free the market and open up the economy so more investors can get to the job of rebuilding the econmy.

“The central revelation here is that for humanity to progress, all nations must progress as one” is downright stupid.

Humanity’s progress did not happen when all nations progressed together. On the contrary, individuals had to take the cudgel of questioning the norms, mores, and established thinking of the nations of the day. It had to take Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin and all thinking individuals to bring humanity to where it is today. Global progress means each individual stepping up to the challenge of living this world a better place than before we stepped into it.

“The industrialized nations of the world can look with pride on the living standards their peoples enjoy. But, as one of my distinguished predecessors once said, “Those who have less in life should have more in law” is downright wrong.  Those who have less in life should strive to make their lives better – and the law should provide equally. Nobody gets a free pass just because they have less.

“The message is clear: there are those who need help, and acting with compassion toward those who need help is a response that is both humane and necessary.” – but who wants to help someone who doesn’t want to help himself?

“The chasm between the powerful and powerless, the haves and the have-nots, remains to be bridged.” Thus you need charter change because the protectionist constitution of the Philippines cements the chasm between the oligarchy and those not of the oligarchy.

“Many of you may say you have already given mightily of your resources. But surely we do not need flood and famine to remind ourselves that there is so much more that must be given, because there are so many more who deserve the hope of a better life.”. – This is a damning smoking gun of the Philippines’ culture of mendicancy. Stop bending on your knees like beggars. Use your brain and stand up, think, be proactive, plan, mitigate – solve the next disaster before it happens.

“Rising to the challenges of our era requires, within each of our countries, a strengthened regulatory system. This does not mean a cumbersome, intrusive government, but rather a government that allows private enterprise to thrive, while ensuring that they remain cognizant of their social responsibilities, and empowers them, in turn, toward fulfilling these responsibilities” – But when the private enterprises which thrive are only those that belong to the oligarchy – there is a need to change the investment policies inherent in the system. It is time to level the playing field and provide Filpinos equal access to foreign equity – no more 60/40 limits – remove the caps and let the market decide what structure works best.

“This is what our people put us in power for. This is what the world expects of us as leaders—to be exemplars of what it is to be compassionate human beings, and vanguards of hope for our common humanity” – No we didn’t, we put you there to govern, not as a “vanguard of hope” you bloody DOOFUS. And speaking of hope – your endless stream of gaffes and botched governance don’t give much hope.

But then that’s just a postcript to our national naivete of electing an incompetent candidate on the basis of winnability – Mr CdQ it does not get any more naive than that – an irony that is lost to you and all the 15 million Filipino retards who voted for Aquino. :mrgreen:

Tough luck – you are stuck with a lemon – for the next six years. 😆



  1. innagadda – hilarious!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by maricris name and AntiPinoy.Com, AntiPinoy.Com. AntiPinoy.Com said: A Postcript to “A Postscript to Irony”: Share 0savesSave Time supposedly heals wounds… http://bit.ly/aPV9sw (BV) […]

  3. You know, I realize this probably doesn’t add much to the public debate, but let me throw it out there anyway: every time I watch Noynoy speak it seems really weird that he should have such a nice voice, and being saying things that are pretty much completely retarded. He’s like a walking rickroll. A Noyroll. 😛

  4. The message features the bright side. However, it does not touch the true problems of our country.
    We have problems because of: (1) government is a Feudal Oligarchy. (2) Land Reform law has not teeth. Noynoy Aquino and his Oligarch buddies are the biggest landowners. (3) Filipino OFW slaves, serving all over the world. Running away from the dire economic conditions of their country, for lack of good jobs. (4) Entrenched Political Warlords. People’s power is just a Myth. Perpetuated by the Aquinos, to make themselves hold power, and protect their Hacienda Luisita. Actions speak louder than words. They ignored the Land Reform law, while they were in power. I do not believe in speeches. They are made for the occasions. Concrete actions are what I believe more. If proper results are not produced. Then the speeches are just wasted efforts.

  5. Our world is going for a tremendous change. It is because of technology. If there will be an alternative for oil as fuel. It will change the Middle East equation. If the true concept of God, will be truly known; and substituted with the really true concept of God. The stranglehold of Organized Religions will have to go. Then, the Earth Mind Consciousness of mankind will be removed. A new set of Mind Consciousness will be attained. Humanity will be at peace. Earth Mind Consciousness is the result of the known beliefs and traits handed down from generation to generation. If we know that there are other life in this universe. It will be the beginning of our New Era. Greed in all level is our worst problem. Look at our Jueteng issue, our land owning feudalism issue and our political dynasties issue, etc… 😮

  6. This is a much better postscript!

    I must refrain from reading the Yellow Media’s presentation of news and analyses.


  7. This “Global people power” thing seems to be a thinly disguised leftist philosophy – “the developed countries are so rich because they caused other nations to be poor, so they should hand out dole outs to these poor countries.” So Noynoy (or his speechwriter) might as well be complaining, “You made us poor… so you make us rich now!” Does he realize that the developed nations are already helping out… but the right way to help is through investment and not dole-outs. Teach a man to fish, don’t give him fish.

  8. Hyden Toro · ·

    First you have to address the true Root Cause of the problem. Before you can provide good solutions to our problems. Did Noynoy Aquino addressed the Root Causes? I don’t believe he did and he will. He is part of the problem. Rich countries will share their wealth, by working for them as their OFW slaves. Look at how the Mexicans and South Americans are climbing the U.S. border walls; digging tunnels at the U.S. borders; just to get jobs in the U.S., working as: crop harvesters, crop planters, servants, laborers, etc…We flock as OFW slaves in the Middle East, and other parts of the world.
    Rich countries are willing to share. But, you have to work and live as their Slave… 😯

  9. BongV, it’s just a speech, alright, probably written by MLQ3. But I agree with BenK, he has a nice voice.

    But he could have asked for help through debt relief and debt condonation. Would that be the proper forum?

    Still, leaders of nations would do well to review policy on migration. You want poor nations out of poverty, free trade will only worsen their lot. Free trade should go with free movement of capital and free movement of people, the world as one nation with only imaginary borders.

  10. Socialist arsch, this guy is. Frankly, I’d prefer a right-wing leadership that puts emphasis on personal responsibility. If you choose to be wealthy, you reap the fruits of that choice.

  11. palebluedot_ · ·

    “government that allows private enterprise to thrive”
    yea right. they indeed allow them to thrive, but when time comes that this small private enterprise is seen as feasible to exist in this economy, those who have the money (like the Filipino oligarchs) will steal their ideas and make it their own. they do not even have the decency to acknowledge them who initiated the ideas. those who do not have the right connections (or are not fond of making connections) & do not have bigger funds are left with nothing. we have so many creative people in this country, but because our constitution does not create a economic/investment platform to allow these geniuses to thrive freely, we will always be kulelat…

    “But, as one of my distinguished predecessors once said, “Those who have less in life should have more in law””
    who is that “distinguished predecessor” he is talking about ba?

  12. People Power. Is this going to be his solution to everything? Last time I checked we are still a democracy. And what does PNoy expect when he urges other countries to adopt “global people power”?

  13. “For so many times in our history, my people have shown that, united, nothing is impossible. We called it People Power”

    So many times in our history? People power only happened twice in our nations’ history. Maybe he thinks that the Philippines started to exist only in 1986??

  14. BS Aquino. Standing up to his name again 🙂

  15. Why should we “rich” countries share our wealth with the Philippines? We worked hard for it; why should we give it away to countries that SHOULD NOT need it. The Philippines was, and should be today, a rich country. You’re not and it’s because of corruption. So, you want rich countries to give money so that the already-rich people in the Philippines can take it (we know the poor won’t see much of it)??? That’s not going to happen…rich countries are too smart for that. The Philippines needs a serious revolution….not some handouts.

  16. I agree with your point about free movement of capital but The Philippines does not encourage foreign investment. For a start, foreigners cannot own land and are therefore at the mercy of corrupt Filipino business ‘partners’. Smart investors are not going to do that.

    When foreigners have started up businesses there they are at the mercy of corrupt police, BoI officials and everyone else who is looking for a quick handout instead of earning money honestly.

    It’s difficult to do business there….it’s a lot easier in other countries.

  17. BongV has done a lot of discussions about that already. I have nothing left to add.

    My point is: freeing the three forces (goods, investment, people) from being choked by national boundaries is the only way to save the poor from poverty. Rich countries giving aid to poor countries will not do the trick.

  18. Agree with you there…giving short term aid is useless.

    I haven’t seen the discussions about the foreign investment on this site but I’ll look for them.


  19. Technically, the Philippines is poor due to mismanagement of resources, lack of foresight by those who control said resources (being land, corporations, etc.) to create infrastructure that would attract foreign investments, besides the concept of cheap labor. And as already mentioned, the price on utilities really kill them in the end as well coupled with the 60/40 base from the Protectionist laws. Ironic considering they did much in a short period with American money, but in the end just squandered it away.

  20. Hyden Toro · ·

    I don’t believe in putting people in boxes; placing tags on them, because of the way they think. If you believe what I am writing. Thanks. If you disagree. I will not force my opinion on you. If you discredit people on the Blog by placing a tag on them. That is your vicious vice. I think what I think. I write what I write. I write for the truth. If I it will make some people uncomfortable: so be it…

  21. Hyden Toro · ·

    People Power is a Myth. We are not a Democracy. We are a Feudal Oligarchy. A Mafia like political families of political warlords are ruling us.

  22. ralliart1to3 · ·

    Industrialized countries have no obligation to invest in a developing country that doesn’t treat itself right. It will only be a waste of money. It seemed forever like the Philippines will always have grants and dependence on other countries. PNOY should have built the foundation for such investments or grants rather than ask them first. And right now I don’t see such foundation, only gaffes.

  23. @Tony B

    Don’t give a man a fish. Teach them how to fish.

    Agree with you. Noynoy going to world leaders playing the part of beggar just does wonders for our self esteem. To anyone with an IQ , the US has a deficit and a recession of their own.

    Not sure why Noynoy has a sense of entitlement.

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