Vox Populi Vox Dei: A Deaf CBCP Gets A Wake up Call?

The RHB and the Carlos Celdran issue is not about to die down. Rather, this is the beginning of a wider debate not just on the RHB – but into topics such as organized religion, faith, separation of church and state, and freedom of expression.

The crux of the matter being that this was an exercise in freedom of expression in support of the RHB. It was also an in your-face reminder to a Roman Catholic heirarchy that has become deaf to Vox Dei – and has instead become Vox Diabolii.

Priests and nuns in the Philippines pull a lot of outrageous acts. Remember those nuns and priests with their acolyte Manoling Morato who would march outside the theaters, censored movies about homosexuality and pedophilia in the Catholic clergy? Those rabble rousing thugs in frocks and habits who keep people in a state of mendicancy rather than a state of prosperity.

Vox Populi Vox Dei

Vox Populi Vox Dei – “The voice of the people [is] the voice of God” is a line that the Roman Catholic Church drops often. A quick look up in Wikipedia describes it is

“an old proverb often erroneously attributed to William of Malmesbury in the twelfth century.

Another early reference to the expression is in a letter from Alcuin to Charlemagne in 798, although it is believed to have been in earlier use.[3] The full quotation from Alcuin reads:

Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.[4]

English translation:

And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.[5]

Isn’t it ironic that the very institution that the proverb warned about, snipped the phrase and twisted it for its own malevolent purposes – that my friends is the smoking light saber of Emperor Palatine.

How does that make you feel – all this time you thought that you were fulfilling “God’s will” by following the bishops, priests, cardinals, and the pope – you were just a statistic in the collection box to perpetuate “heaven on earth”. Yeah right, blessed are the poor but I get to keep the red prada shoes, the batmobile, the bat cave, the charge card, the security detail, and an army of sycophants to go with it. Heaven it is – for the CBCP heirarchy and their system overlords – but not for the proverbial sheep.

Sheep, Flock, and Shepherds

I was born and baptised a Catholic – without my informed consent. But I sort of took that for granted after all – it seemed everyone went to the same church and to be not a member of the church was to be a social outcast.

My first brush with the RC was at the age of 5. It was during the consecration when the priest raises the chalice and the bells go off. It was Saint Michael’s Church in Padada, Davao del Sur. It had a gothic character.

All the faithful were kneeling, heads bowed, my grandparents, parents aunts and the househelps were with us, we are seated in the front pew – the bell rings – and I shout.. “ICE BUKO”.

It was a memorable scene – to the chagrin of my grandma – a CWL hardcore who made us recite the Angelus every evening and do the rosary after dinner – lordie lord where was Cable TV? I dunno I just felt that they all looked ridiculous – and frankly funny doing all those rituals. But I had to conform or I got a slap in my behind.

I know where Rex Navarette was coming from – can relate to it, totally. 😆



Then, I was enrolled into a sectarian school and the good student that I was was transformed into a “defender of the faith” – out of rote learning and the constant bombardment of religious classes – (maybe it’s high time to have an alternate class on other belief systems – not just one).

As I read through the “sacred text” there were some things that didn’t add up – despite the obvious magnificent albeit archaic sentence construction. But, I stuck to my guns and clung to “faith”, a good member of the flock. The nagging questions however prompted me to explore other belief systems – Sufi Islam, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, New Age, Wicca, Shamanism, Agnosticism, and Atheism. In doing so, I became more tolerant as I understood the common thread of compassion that was woven through all religions and rational thought.

I used to quake at the thought of excommunication that I wll be damned to eternity because I didn’t kiss the ass of an old man in the sky last Sunday. And that was against a backdrop of endless nights reading assignments in Philosophy as a sophomore and a senior in a Jesuit university. As we were presented the whole array of memes – I gravitated with the writers who resonated with my life’s lessons – Albert Camus, Soren Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger, Jean Paul Sartre, Freidrich Nietszche, Paul Tillich. I wish they included Ayn Rand – that would really rock.

Then came Freke and Gandy in the Jesus Mysteries and the Jesus Myth Theory – “The Jesus myth theory (also known as the Christ myth theory and the nonexistence hypothesis) is the idea that Jesus of Nazareth was not a historical person, but is a fictional or mythological character created by the early Christian community.[1] Some proponents argue that events or sayings associated with the figure of Jesus in the New Testament may have been drawn from one or more individuals who actually existed, but that none of them were in any sense the founder of Christianity. (Wikipedia)”

It got even more interesting as Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawkins, and Michio Kaku stepped up to advance alternative views that made more sense than say, a talking snake.

To make a long story short, I excommunicated the Catholic church and organized religion. I ceased to become sheep after realizing that the Shepherds take care of the sheep so they can take the sheep to the slaughter house or at the very least skin the sheep of their fleece. I am not ready to be someone else’s mutton nor will I make someone else my mutton. It was a very liberating moment in my life. I have never looked back ever since.

But that’s just me. I know there are other stories out there – one thing’s for sure, I am not alone in my quest.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

The CBCP recently said it wanted its voice to be heard, too. Frankly, the church has had a monopoly for quite sometime – centuries of it. To say that it wants its voice to be heard is absurd and ridiculous. It is about time that the CBCP sat down and actually listened. Get over it CBCP, you are dealing with people – you are not dealing with a flock of lobotomized cockroaches – though some are I would agree. The CBCP has the resources of the RCC at its disposal. The RCC is a Goliath, a bully – and you know what happens to Goliaths, Davids come along once in awhile – like Martin Luther. If you get my drift.

It is time to stop running away from Big Bully RCC – face your fear, the only thing to fear is fear itself. Ideas are bulletproof.







Just remember – life is stranger than fiction. 8)

Carlos Celdran is a tipping point in the public debate. When the CBCP refuses to listen – and respect other faiths and belief systems there will be a need to take this debate even further – creatively and smartly. For example – “swarms”

1. Coordinated via social networks;

2. Quick gathering – express the message – then disperse.. the devil is in the details – how to best express the message?

a) Period pieces? entire cast of noli and fili?

b) T-shirts – Padre Damaso, STFU

c) 100 Jose Rizals;

d) “cheerleading/marching band” – formations

4. Document for upload to YT and FB

5. Quickly disperse.

It’s like flash dancing with more lulz and pizazz. 😀

Calling on the Spirits of 1896 – Get the Pinoy Enlightenment Back on Track

Jose Rizal was not the only casualty of Padre Damaso – there were more before him. Rizal however provided clarity and focus on what ailed the Filipino nation in 1896. Unfortunately, we have yet to put closure to that period of our history.

We are now presented with this opportunity to carry the torch of the quintessential First Filipino – Jose Rizal – are Filipinos up to the task to deliver a wake up call to Padre Damaso and Company?

One thing’s for sure – Carlos Celdran – I salute you.


Who really is the antipinoy?



  1. Netornit · ·

    The “V for Vendetta” correlation was awesome.Anyway I agree,the Catholic Church has meddled with politics for too long.Stopping the madness of the Catholic Church will be one major victory for we would have sliced off one of the heads of the Hydra that is keeping our country down.

    And to the people who keep on saying that we owe the CBCP our freedom we “cherish” right now,well here’s a quote from none other than our national hero;

    “Why independence?If the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow.” -Jose Rizal

    The Church may have played a significant role in giving us a “Free” country but,people like Enrile,Fidel and the people(of Metro Manila) also deserve the same acknowledgment.And was it not the Catholic Church who influenced our current constitution which is one of the biggest reasons why we are a failed state?I recall a person who was part of the Church who was one of the people who created the 1987 Constitution which was Joaquin Bernas I think.

    So yes,the Catholic Church played a major role of bringing down a Totalitarian rule to be replaced by another.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bong Vicente, AntiPinoy.Com. AntiPinoy.Com said: http://bit.ly/9P3EOO – Vox Populi Vox Dei: A Deaf CBCP Gets A Wake up Call? […]

  3. Renato Pacifico · ·

    According to CBCP, Reproductive Health is pushed by PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES.

    According to Renato Pacifico, anti-Reproductive Health is pushed by the FOOD COMPANIES and MATERNITIES

  4. Renato Pacifico · ·

    This is WAR!  War for the liberation and freedom of Filipinos minds!!!

  5. According to the jueteng lords, they like more bettors for their games. 😛

  6. Renato Pacifico · ·

    I just wonder why the Catholic Taliban withdrew their ex-communication threat on Benign0.  Because if they did, they also need to ex-communicate all Catholics for using condom, IUD, pills and other contraceptives.

    … and who will be left to attend their stupid mass?

  7. Renato Pacifico · ·

    The Catholic Talibians has to withdraw their ex-communication of Benign0.  Else, they’ll be HYPOCRITES for not ex-communicating those who use contraceptives.  

  8. i believe in freedom of expression, but i think there are proper ways to voice out one’s opinions. if celdran broke the law, i think he should be punished.

  9. There certainly is, though I highly doubt he broke the law. Outbursts or stunts like that where he doesn’t harm anybody usually has him accosted out of the premises and is barred of re-entry.

    But instead he is jailed (which I find strange enough) and is being taken to court for such a shallow charge. I think one person is skirting the law a bit while the other party is overreacting by trying to extend the ‘short arm’ of the law to the supposed offender.

  10. My thoughts in one song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJhOJoc_Vbk

  11. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    CBCP is anti RH bill since it is to their interest to grow the population of the poor and ignorant, these are the very people who will give their last centavo to the church, its like gambling, walk on your knees at Quiapo church, and give your last bit of money in the hope that something will happen to multiply what you have given to the church.  Paying for penitence is like gambling and even worse than gambling, the brainwashed believer is sure God is going to give him something greater than what he has given to the church.  With the dwindling numbers of Catholics worldwide especially in countries with economically developed standards of living, the church can only fool people in third world countries like Africa and the Philippines, to make up for lost earnings in Europe and America.  I say, ignore the RCC, our legislators should follow the popular sentiment on this, population control policy is part and parcel of any development policy.  GMA cowered too much before RCC, I am with N/A on this one although it still remains to be seen if he truly means his verbal support for the RH bill.  I read somewhere that the palace is not making this their priority. . ., a signal of compromise with the overbearing lieutenants of RCC.

  12. 😀 Wow! What a beautifully written piece – thoughtful, insightful, and personal. My favourite quote about the racket that calls itself “religion” is from Steven Weinberg (American physicist and Nobel laureate in Physics):

    ‘Without religion, good people would still do good things and bad people would still do bad things. But to get good people to do bad things — that takes religion.” (Steven Weinberg)

     Best from Canada, Michael

  13. PNoy surely grew some balls on this one.  For once I’m with him for the RH Bill, unless he flip-flops again. 

    Been Catholic since time memorial, and i think  I will be till I be in the death bed, but one thing is certain regarding this one: The RC must be open minded as an institution because what the RH bill target is not all about the contraceptives but rather to promote education to youth regarding sex  and marriage. It will really help in a long run if our youth minds are developed to be more open on these facts. They can talk it freely with their parents & teachers instead of relying on other people who might give them wrong info.

    We’re already reaching that 100 Million mark. When I was a kid it was only 60 million. 40 million people in 20+years (could it be because of the “democrazy” we got last 1986? 😀 )

  14. So how long do you think the CBCP has had its head up its ass? Just curious, that’s all.

    I think the very reason why our bishops are in an uproar is because they’ve had their heads up their asses for so long. I myself am also a Catholic, and will give a thousand lives for the Church if need be, but I find the CBCP far too medieval, as opposed to the modern-era USCCB.


    For once, I think that we are all of one mind on this issue. The domination of the Magisterium over the hearts , minds , and souls of this country must come to an end already. Do you not know that we are the only other country in the world aside from the Vatican and Malta that still have not yet legalized divorce due to the Catholic Church’s constant lobbying? And those 2 countries are theocracies, homes to the Pope and the last remaining active order of knights (Order of Malta) in the world, while we are supposed to be a secular democratic republic. Damn, not even the ex-European colonial empires of Spain and Portugal, who introduced this foreign religion to our native homeland are really influenced by the CC anymore, not even the (formerly) traditionally hard-core rock-solid top-down Katoliko Sarado countries of Ireland and Poland. This is one specific instance where we are TRULY one-of-a-kind in a Majorly BAD Way.

  16. Before, we’d say “vox populi, vox diaboli.” In this case, it’s “vox clergy, vox diaboli.” 😉

  17. MaskmanReturns-Mk2 · ·

    Well this is a interesting topic Carlos Celdran fought the rights of the Fil.People(even though I’m not a fan of his)anyway he is fighting the rights 4 every Pinoy who supports the RH Bill.

    Carlos celdran,everyone on this site is proud of u.This is the biggest moment in the history that a person who is not afraid to take on all comers.this is an interesting topic indeed.

  18. MaskmanReturns · ·

    welcome 2 AP my friend and ur right this is a interesting topic and it’s about time that the Catholics in the Pinas should go and move on 2 a different religion and put an end 2 the catholic-mania in the Pinas once and 4 all.

  19. Voltron05 · ·

    and dude it is about time 2 let the Filipino people 2 have a free will this country is already overpopulated.This needs 2 stop right away!!!! Remember every pinoys back then r so much belief in the Catholic Church but now it is starting 2 loose respect because of Politics etc.Instead of interfere politics it should be all about the verses in the bible.Jesus is right there r false prophets that r gone out in the entire world.

    Now aside from the RH bill,the nuclear power plant issue in the Pinas should be the next topic on the national scene and/or on this website.Guys what do u think of this? News is that San Miguel is planning to sell out the nuclear power plant in Bataan. Is this true?

  20. How long?  I’d say its head has been up its ass since 1986.  It got another shove higher up, up to the point where light cannot reach it back in 2001.  It got another shove last May 2010 after it helped push its chosen one into Malacanang.  Now the stink is starting to come out of its mouth.

    The Catholic Church is still a big bully.  

  21. Well you can blame Spain for that.

    From what i’ve learned in my History class, the Spanish priests of the 19th century were very different from the earlier ones. The Philippine islands was in need of many priests to govern/convert people and since a man who wants to become a priest needs to go a long way before he can become one, it was shorten by Spain for the sake of availability.

    What happened? Many people from all walks of life, whether they’d be thievish, ambitious, lustful, corrupt or greedy men, etc. wanted to become priests in the hope of becoming richer and powerful. And that’s when we had priests like Damaso.

    Add for the fact that Philippines is so far from Spain even with opening of the Suez canal.

    if you are more interested in our history, read this.


    BTW, i may be a RC but i do not believe all of the RC’s teachings and i make my own thoughts and ideas on issues and not be a sheep quickly believing what the priests/nuns say. Everything deserves a why.

  22. Hyden Toro · ·

    The Voice of the People is not the Voice of God. What about the Voices of the Mob? Mobs of White Supremacist lynched Blacks or Negroes in the Southern States of the U.S., during the last part of the 1800 and the half part of the 1900. They tortured, hanged and burned Negroes, for just the reason of the color of their skins. Is this the Voice of God? It is more the Voice of the Devil…

  23. Hyden Toro · ·

    Believe me; the searching for true faith is an Odyssey. I myself, started as an Altar Boy. Then, I began to question the Doctrines of my religion, which was shoved into my throats, by my elders. I went to college; studied; found some good books. Took good courses in History and Philosophy; including History of Religions. I found the Doctrines taught to me in my childhood ridiculous, like: Hell, Devil, Purgatory, Confession, Act of Contrition, etc…I do not wonder why some Filipino Idiots still CRUCIFY themselves; BEAT themselves; CARRY heavy wooden crossses, during the Lenten Season. Is this not the same as stufffing yourself some bombs and blowing up yourself and the infidels to get to Paradise?

  24. Better yet, since these guys will do whatever the CBCP would tell them… (I hope you guy know what I’m thinking…) Wouldn’t it be nice if the current CBCP was replaced with younger, more progressive bishops who are more inclined with the times and accepting of reality? 💡

  25. first of all, what Carlos Celdran had done is not only illegal, but also uncivilized and barbaric act…(gawaiin ng walang modo)…

    now on the issue, what the RC had done, or it intend to do, is only to be a “spokesperson” of the RC members in the country., RC is just like any other organization, the officers (in the case of RC the CBCP) has to right to speak in behalf of its member and its organization, unless otherwise majority of members, did not want the official position of the officers, and opted to change the officer or leave the organization….
    as we speak  RP population is more or less 80% Catholics.. so i guess, back to the title ” voice of the people, is the voice of God”.

  26. just as “illegal” as priest and nuns picketing infront of .. what’s that movie – that Jesuit faggot in Brazil?

  27. because majority of filipinos still believe that marriage is a permanent union.. so divorce will encounter much more opposition than RH bill.

  28. now, its illegal to picket in the movie ;p

  29. From the time I have ended my reading and comparison with the first few books of the Tanakh, Bible and Qur’an, I have fallen out out my baptized religion and have embraced what is more enduring, spirituality. No human understanding can confine God’s wisdom and there is nothing Christ-inspired when there is suffering brought about by repression of free will and wielding of power.

    BongV, If “Ice Buko!” was for you, mine was “Bistwit!” at age 2 whenever everyone falls in line for communion.

  30. With the dwindling numbers of Catholics worldwide especially in countries with economically developed standards of living.. maybe the “catholics” in their place are dwinding simply because the original population the develop states had, is already going extinct….

    On Pnoy support on RH bill, its as solid as the MDC money.

  31. Too medieval, sadly. 

    We have been given the freedom to choose, yet what’s the use if threats of “excommunication” and “hell” are loud from the institution who are supposedly our “guides” for life?

    Even Jesus didn’t force His teachings to His people, that’s why we have the choice.

    Sorry BongV, I may sound like a downhearted RC with your article, but as we in AP are doing, we believe that questioning the norms is a key to see what is needed to improve our culture and society. And I believe it’s time that the followers of RC must do if we all want to make this RH bill happen. Have the faith, but question the authority 🙂

  32. concerned_citizen · ·

    Finally someone grew enough balls to pull off a stunt like that. Just one event like that is needed to have a chain reaction in which multiple Carlos Celdran will pop anywhere in the country. I wasn’t really born as a devout Catholic and I was left to read various books that influenced my outlook today. History has been a favorite subject of mine and has proved the limitless arrogance of the RCC through the centuries.

  33. Andrew Tuazon · ·

    How can they be the spokesperson of the catholics? Did we vote for them to be? did we chose them? No, they chose themselves. We dont even get to chose our pope or archbishop

    in regards to changing the “officers” or leave the organization, please tell me how do we change the current members of the CBCP so that we may start the process now 😀

    and also leaving the organization? really? its like saying, the “philippine’s politician’s suck, lets leave the country”. Nothing gets fixed by abandonment, its by staying and making a difference do things become better

  34. Andrew Tuazon · ·

    also uncivilized and barbaric would be if he smacked the bishop’s around with his DAMASO placard haha

  35. All weekend, I wondered whether the Celdran incident would become the spark for a new movement that’s been long overdue…so it gave me a chuckle when I see this article the moment I entered this site today. A chuckle of relief is what it was…

    However, what remains to be seen is whether the passage of the RH bill actually becomes a reality. At the end of the day, this could be the measuring stick to see if we’re actually entering a new era, or just another false alarm where the friars’ “fear factor” works their ol’ magic once again…and it’s back to same ol’ Pinas…ugh!

    One positive sign for me though was the CBCP backtracking on the excommunication threat. That is not a common sight. They are surely feeling some heat, but they won’t go down without a fight. They still have a few tricks up their sleeve, including some that may go against what they preach (nothing new there). How will we and our leaders respond? Abangan,,,

  36. Now that’s a Damaso Osama’d! 😆

  37. How can they be the spokesperson of the catholics? Did we vote for them to be? did we chose them?- refer to my comment above, not every authority is exercise by a complete democratic process(like directly electing its officers). in RC case, you signify our acknowledgement their authority and their right to represent the RC as a whole, once the you join their organization.

    in regards to changing the “officers” or leave the organization, please tell me how do we change the current members of the CBCP so that we may start the process now ? you need to petition your diocese to change your bishop ( note; must be back up by atleast or a significant majoirty of faithful within the diocese+ overt act of your dismay to his policy),

    and also leaving the organization? really? its like saying, the “philippine’s politician’s suck, lets leave the country- well, some of AP authors and many of its followers do really exercise this option, and posted article like they got the monopoly of good solution, while sitting comfortably in a foreign states, examining the RP like we are in a petridish.


  38. My initial reaction about the church object on this one is who are they representing? Low-middle to middle to rich people already have fewer children in recent times so the bulk of the problem must those dwelling on slums area – a breeding ground for unwanted pregnancies.

    A visit to medical centers run by government would be revealing to the church leaders that those who are still in their flock prefects practically over pro-life RC version..


  39. @Mike Portes

    There was never anything wrong with faith and believing. Religion turns what any goodness of faith might have and makes it into something harsh, like a weapon.

  40. Renato Pacifico · ·

    Did anyone here elected CBCP to represent your faith?

  41. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    Very informative, thanks.  But isn’t Lagman a member of the opposition and an Arroyo ally?  I read somewhere that GMA is against the passage of the RH bill.  Will her party be split on support of the bill?  I cannot simply understand GMA’s plain capitulation to the Catholic Church.  She is not dumb, but I think she is not using her reason here, only blindly following her faith.  What a disappointment for a woman to take the side of the church on the issue.

  42. […] Vox Populi Vox Dei: A Deaf CBCP Gets A Wake up Call? […]

  43. this is actually another great opportunity for Penoy to finally show some balls. if he stood up against the catholic church, i might start to believe that he might actually have some sort of capacity to lead this country.

    but knowing Penoy, the odds are against him as usual.


     “I cannot simply understand GMA’s plain capitulation to the Catholic Church”

    I swear, you are as dense as a black hole. Obviously, she’s doing this because they promised her that they will make sure that she will still go to heaven instead of hell, even with all the things that she did (i.e. The Lost Decade) if she supports their position. It was a bargain, see, they would be silent on her corruption if she supported them against contraception. Anyone who really knows human nature (or at least it’s darker side) would have understood this immediately. 

  45. Ryan Bosco · ·

    Now is the time people. Numbers overwhelm the corrupt authorities in the Philippines. Release ourselves from the Middle Ages. Elevate our minds!

  46. palebluedot_ · ·

    if it was a known “baliw” residing within the premises of the church who did the stunt, he/she would just be accosted out of the building…but because these frailes knew that David Celdran has the influence and is not just any deviant carrying a placard, shouting the truth, they decided to put him to jail…threatened eh?

  47. palebluedot_ · ·

    oops carlos celdran pala…sorry cuzin…

  48. Andun sa mass si “Dirty Harry” Lim 😯

  49. I am sure this is not the complete story of your journey Mr. Bongv.. Where is the part that you realized it is far too easier to be outside a church? jejeje..

  50. Elias Chacour · ·

    Last  I heard, GMA is on the side of the RH Bill…

    The only reason she could not oppose the Catholic Church before was that they were instrumental in bringing her to power and she needed their support in response to the rumor-mongering and media-bashing she was getting from the oligarchs due to her economic policies which sought to erode the monopoly of the oligarch companies.

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