Video: Religulous

This movie is dedicated not just to the friarocracy but to all religious extremists.

A range of views on the various world religions are explored as Bill Maher travels to numerous religious destinations, such as Jerusalem, the Vatican, and Salt Lake City, interviewing believers from a variety of backgrounds and groups, including a former member of Jews for Jesus, Christians, Muslims, former Mormons, and Hasidic Jews. He travels to Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London and satirically preaches Scientology beliefs

Don’t you wish he included the CBCP in his documentary? 😆

and here’s a bonus – The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins.




    Since your post is about extremism thought this was appropriate. Keep on writing and jabbing us. We as a nation might wake up one day.

  2. Netornit · ·

    I’ve seen this movie a couple of times.I laughed when Bill Maher started preaching Scientology in the Freedom Park in London.And on the creationist museum,it was creepy.

    By the way,there are actually schools in the Philippines that teaches Young Earth Creationism(the world being 6,000 years old and pretty much taking the Bible literally).One school that does this is called “Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow” which is located in Levitown,Bicutan,Parañaque City.

    I used to be a student there and wasted 85k by being taught by an educational system far worse than that being used by the DepEd just because of teaching Young Earth Creationism as a fact.

    If the Church becomes a totalitarian power here,every school might be the same.

  3. Check out – httpv://

  4. Hyden Toro · ·

    The three Monkeys, look like the Catholic Bishops: See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. My religion, dogmas and doctines. Or nothing at all. 😆

  5. Hyden Toro · ·

    All religions are Guilty of interpreting the Messages of our Divine Source, for their own benefits. Whether you are praying infront of an altar; or kowtowing East to Mecca; or Pow wowing around a Bonfire, like the Native American Indians. It is the same. It is all worship. 😥

  6. Come one, come all…..

    As I speak, the film can be seen on You Tube. Take time to see it asap. It will never be shown in RP (of course, you knew that), and the chances for a pirated copy are very slim. Unless you’re in a western country, it’s hard to obtain this film.

    Here’s the link to Part 1. You can take it from there…

  7. Wait…forget my link. It’s like watching the film from the back of the screen, so the letters are the other way around. My bad. 😳

    The good news is that there are other versions of the film on You Tube, so enjoy!

  8. Netornit · ·

    Nice vid.Thanks!

  9. Ok, here’s a link which I tested for the benefit of those who want it right here, right now. 😆

  10. Check out Discovering Religion, where the topics revolve around conflicts between religious teachings and science. First episode of the series from YouTube below.

  11. Anti-pinoy Idiots · ·

    Thank you for posting the BM docu, didn’t know it’s on youtube.

    Immensely enjoyed. 😀

  12. bill kasi · ·

    Hi Hyden Toro,A long long time ago, smart people invented religion to make the people conform with their great utopian ideas of a society. That was good then, but unfortunately those smart people were all long time gone and replaced by corrupt self absorbed religious people. They’ll fight corruptions with corruptions. Unfortunately the Filipino people adopted that method  I call it, “recycling corruptions”, a never ending cycle of stagnant minds caught in the vortex of poverty. As in the case of the former Pres. Marcos where the methods to prosecute him were also corrupt. Our  news media doesn’t question those things because they are also parts of that corruptions, translated and magnified into the masses. We are proud of our country’s independence but at the same time we also allowed another country to kidnap our Phil. President. To me that is corrupt to the core. Instead of Peoples Power, we should call it Peoples Weaklings. ha ha ha. Without the help of another country there would only be Peoples Weaklings. ha ha ha.

  13. […] Religulous by Bill Maher […]

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