Noynoy Aquino at ang Daang Baluktot: Mali ang Pamamalakad since Day One

“Ikaw na mali ang pamamalakad, ginagarantiya kong hindi ka magtatagal sa iyong pamamalakad kung puro lang kapalpakan, kahihiyan, at katangahan ang iyong dinadala sa sambayanan”.

Scoring brownie points on the RHB only works if the bill is actually passed. So, while Aquino is making the right noise on the RHB – it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

Take for instance the recent news that Aboitiz will build a PhP 15 billion power facility in Davao,

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Aboitiz Power Corp. is set to put up a P15-billion 200-megawatt circulating fluidized-bed coal power plant in Davao City in an effort to address the fast-deteriorating power supply situation in the south.

Aboitiz Power officials, led by its president and chief operating officer Erramon Aboitiz, have been going the rounds meeting with local officials, business groups and the media here, explaining the current power situation in Mindanao and at the same time hoping that the establishment of the proposed power plant in Davao City would be approved by those concerned.

“Mindanao will be facing a continuing and debilitating power crisis unless new power plants are built to cover the shortfall,” Aboitiz said referring to the need to put up a coal power plant in Davao City.

At present, power outages of up to 12 hours are experienced by most parts of Mindanao and a shortfall of 484 MW is expected to be reached between the supply and demand of power in the south by 2014.

“The shortfall is staggering, as based on present demand, this is equivalent to depriving power supply completely to five major cities in Mindanao – Davao, General Santos, Cagayan de Oro, Butuan and Zamboanga,” Aboitiz said.

Aboitiz further stressed that their company wants to be part of the solution to the Mindanao power crisis by building the proposed coal power plant in the city.
He said the new power plant will be operational by 2014 if the project is started soon. “Time is of the essence. Aboitiz Power is prepared to take the risk and build this plant without bilateral contracts with wholesale buyers of electricity,” he added.

The same story can be said about all other Philippine major cities and their power needs – Davao has Aboitiz, Cebu has Garcia and Aboitiz, NCR and Luzon has Lopez and more recently, Lopez and Pangilinan.

Sure, Aboitiz is willing to take the risk without bilateral contracts – you know why? IT’S A CAPTIVE MARKET!

As long as there is no foreign competition – THERE IS NO RISK TO FILIPINO BUSINESSMEN. There is no need to be efficient, there is no need to offer consumers affordable electricity – they have nowhere else to go BUT TO THE UTILITIES OWNED BY FILIPINO OLIGARCHS. To y’all non-oligarchs (read as HOI POLLOI INDIOS – you harden there). :mrgreen:

Sing alleluiah that Aquino is willing to butt heads with the RCC. But, sorry to burst your bubble – he ain’t butting heads against the OLIGARCHY – he has yet to grow balls when it comes to protectionism and charter change. Never mind that Hilary Clinton practically told the entire delegation of conyos and oligarchs made up of Ayala and Pangilinan, to shape the Philippine economy up:

We believe that you can unleash the human potential in a country like the Philippines by tearing down the barriers to economic growth and fighting corruption, which is like a cancer in the economy and society. Millions of people in the Philippines have left their native land for a better opportunity.


We hope that, Mr. President, the people of your country will be able to make a good living in their own country.

And in order to do that, there must be a partnership that creates the conditions for economic opportunity.

I know how smart the Filipino people are. I know how hard they work. I’m not sure there’s any group of people anywhere in the world that work harder than Filipinos.

But let’s be very honest here. Too many of them feel that they cannot progress in their own country.

Too many of them feel that the elite in business and politics basically call the shots, and there’s not much room for someone who’s hardworking, but not connected. Too many of them believe that even if they get the best education they can, that there won’t be an opportunity for them, and so they take that education and help build someone else’s economy, very often here in the United States.

Aquino, true to form, just took the money – claimed it as the output of his administration despite the fact that GMA initiated the Philippines entry into the program. The oligarchs seated in that room didn’t flinch an eyelash, just like the DOOFUS PRESIDENT that they have in their bag.

Time is of the essence to the oligarchy – if charter change takes place and allows foreign investors to fully compete against the LOUSY oligarchy, at least they have secured the contracts that will allow them to make hay at the expense of the Filipino consumer. Well, Aquino, the oligarchy’s water boy – is so eager to please.

“There’s a lot who want to return to power so that they can resume their fun, and by golly they are back in power”

The cause of the problem – the oligarchy, has the temerity to field a candidate. And by golly they will win – with all the idiots willing to vote for a vaporware candidate. Fifteen million idiots voting for Aquino – and in case he didn’t win – a couple more of pathetic millions for Estrada.

“The people who want the old system to prevail are back.”

Will the endless pogrom of socialites and their tete-a-tete really care about liberalizing the Philippine economy? Uh uh uh.

Even as Aquino announced his $2.5 billion – in investment commitments – that will supposedly create 43,600 jobs for Filipinos – the question still remains, what is he doing that can generate MORE jobs because Filipinos ARE still voting with their feet and leaving in droves to head for overseas destinations.

What is he doing to lift barriers to investment which create jobs? Specifically, Secs 10 and 11, Article 12 of the Philippine Constitution? More jobs that will pay for the ridiculous rates being charged by Aquino cronies who own roads, water, electricity, transportation, real estate, media.Yup, they are back – in full force. Ayala is on a roll. Aboitiz is on a roll. Lucio Tan is on a roll. Cojuangco is on a roll. Lopez is on a roll. Pangilinan is on a roll.

Meanwhile, Filipino consumers are roiling from massive rate hikes, trying so hard not get lost in the shuffle with the issues such as:

1) SLEX fees will increase by 320%
2) NLEX fees to increase by 12%
2) Rotating brown-outs
3) Worsening water outages
4) Homelessness
5) Lack of jobs – and good paying ones at that.

It is business as usual – Aquino’s oligarch pals make the money – and the Filipino coughs up the dough. Then the Filipino complains how hard life is, even acts it out  – on oligarch-owned TV, using oligarch-owned electricity.  Bloody Pinoy idiots – campaigning against charter change – the very thing that will set them free from the oligarch debacle.

I shit you not – this anti-charter change thingie is one big Stockholm syndrome – a Filipino nation abducted by the oligarchy – in bed with the oligarchy

In psychology, Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express adulation and have positive feelings towards their captors that appear irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, essentially mistaking a lack of abuse from their captors as an act of kindness.

The FBI’s Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 27% of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.The syndrome is named after the Norrmalmstorg robbery of Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, in which the bank robbers held bank employees hostage from August 23 to August 28, 1973.

In this case, the victims became emotionally attached to their captors, and even defended them after they were freed from their six-day ordeal. The term “Stockholm Syndrome” was coined by the criminologist and psychiatrist Nils Bejerot, who assisted the police during the robbery, and referred to the syndrome in a news broadcast.

It was originally defined by psychiatrist Frank Ochberg to aid the management of hostage situations.


“Kung kami talaga ang boss mo, you are fired.”

Lemme recall.

1. A useless “Truth Commission” – reminds me of 1984.

2. A three headed lobotomized hydra called the Comm Group which can’t tie its shoelaces.

3. Revoking the “midnight appointments”, recalling the revocation, and revoking the recall on the revocation.

4. Stupidly picking up beef against the office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

5. Staying silent on the robbery and con operations of HLI against the HLI beneficiaries.

6. Nowhere to be found and provide strategic leadership during the botched hostage fiasco.His “leadership” was tested – he didn’t have any.

7. The idiocy of putting a DILG Secretary who has now control over the PNP – and worse keeping a person who is not fit for the job. Daang baluktot yan noy – not matuwid.

8. Reduced budgets for health and education and moved it to his Presidential pork barrel. And you thought Arroyo was a pig? According to the Manila Bulletin, the Aquino government has proposed a P22.3-billion pork barrel next year, a 223.18 percent increase from this year’s allocation of P6.9 billion – with the P15.4 billion increment to finance infrastructure projects.

9. Still silent on passing a strong Freedom of Information Act – that’s not daang matuwid, that’s daang baluktot Noy.

Just looking at Aquino’s string of gaffes and boo-boos in his 1st 100 Days (and the transition from Arroyo to Aquino) does not really give one any comfort that the bloke has got his act together. Not that we had any illusions – or delusions that he could, in the first place.

So if I were indeed your boss, tell me again why I should retain you?

Why did I hire you in the first place? Oh I forgot – I am a Filipino idiot and you still have your job.



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  2. I have a problem with the metaphor of “daang matuwid”. If the topography of the land allows, fine. But if you insist on building one on an impossible terrain, you’ve a big problem. You don’t and you can’t build a “daang matuwid” going up Baguio, for instance. If you build a zigzag across a flat land and a bridge where you don’t need one, that’s another thing

  3. fu lin-lin · ·

    It is a little bit not understandable why BongV laments about poverty, forced migration and not enough jobs being created by the present govt. and yet a the same time he wants that more foreign investment comes into the Phil. Instead of the so-called Pinoy cronies exploiting human and natural resources in the Phil., their role should be undertaken by foreign enterprises. Does he thing that foreign investors invest in order to create jobs and distribute money to the Pinoys???

  4. 10. No real big fish charged with corruption or tax evasion {as promised in the campaign} immediately upon sitting as President

  5. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    Grabe, napaka-incompetent ng presidenteng ito, he appears to me like a typical stupid idiot, unfeeling and full of bravado, sus, inagkin banaman ang accomplishments ni PGMA as his in terms of economic growth.  And SWS reported, 7 out of 10 Filipinos are satisfied with his peformance, unbelievable, this is simply a lie, are the majority of Filipinos this dumb???  Okay the 15 million who voted for him, but they are not 7 out of 10 and even some of those voters have already disowned him, SWS is simply full of crap as a survey agency, clearly, they are rigging data to to put the idiot in favorable light.  

  6. I rather have them than those same old oligarchies who always dominate this country for decades. Enter the foreign investors and we have a fair competition and other Filipino small business owners can have a take of the pie as well, unlike what we have now when these small entreprenuers only have crumbs while only a handful of people have the whole piece.

  7. wrong – it’s not like only foreign investors can invest – it’s a level playing field – it’s the free market IDIOT!!!

  8. First 100 days of pure stupidity!

    Grading of Mr Aquino’s Ability

    Blah blah blah More stupid decision… Blah blah blah No Wang Wang… Blah blah blah Insulting the Japanese… Blah blah blah Hostage Fiaco… Blah blah blah Pissed of the Chinese… Blah blah blah…

    Grand total of Mr Aquino’s Skills as the President of the Philippines: FFF

  9. anonnymous · ·

    putang ina. VAT sa kuryente. Damay pa ako. Putang ina ninyo

  10. Penoy’s description of his first 100 days in office was completely expected.  lots of bullshit, full of embellishments, and nothing else. i can’t believe most Filipinos still gave him a very good rating (according to SWS). this nation is hopeless.

    but then again, we’ve all known that a long time ago.

  11. Hotdogs anyone.. LOL  😆

  12. ArticleRequest · ·

    Lets celebrate PNOYS 100 days with a 100 gaffes special because 7/10 Filipinos are stupid.

  13. branding the survet firm full of crap, while using the same firm survey in supporting the push for RH bill.. talking about double standard…

  14. Hyden Toro · ·

    Saddam Hussein of Iraq, has a 98% favorable rating during his term, from Iraqui Suirveys. He was murdering the Iraqui Shiites, burying them in mass graves. He was also gassing the Iraqui Kurds. I was surprised Noynoy Aquino did not get 98% job rating also. 😆

  15. It’s a start. Toll fees? It’s already on the way. Water charges? Expect it. 


  16. Ulan Mamaril · ·

    “Aquino, true to form, just took the money – claimed it as the output of his administration despite the fact that GMA initiated the Philippines entry into the program. The oligarchs seated in that room didn’t flinch an eyelash, just like the DOOFUS PRESIDENT that they have in their bag.”

    eto ang sa Millenium Challenge Account na inuwi ni Noy. Hindi man lang niya inacknowledge na ito ay pinagtrabhuan ni Arroyo at inako na lamang bigla na trabaho ng kanyang administrasyon. Kalokohan talaga! Isa sa mga requirement ng US Millenium Challenge upang mapondohan at makasama tayo sa kanilang programa ay ang pagkakaroon ng mataas na conviction rate laban sa kurapsyon na ginawa naman ng Office of the Ombudsman kaya na-grant ang program. Matagal na yang programa na yan. Di lang masyado inilalabas sa media noon tapos ngayon inaaako na tagumpay ito ng Aquino Administration. Tsk, Tsk, Sana yung bumoto kay Aquino masaya na at hindi nagsisisi sa pagluklok ng kanyang presidente,

  17. PNoy really represents the interests of those who voted and believed in him; Just look cute in front of the camera and not give a f&*k about everything else. And it is rather scary.

  18. Hyden Toro · ·

    If you are in power. You have a Choice: to live with the Truth; or to live with your Lies. If you live with your Lies; you will soon begin to believe your Lies, as Truth. Then, you Delude others to believe in your Lies, also. That is the reason, you hire people from the Surveys; to give you favorable job evaluations. You hire people, to comment that you are doing a very good job. It may serve your self interest for awhile. However, it will never Chase the country’s problems away.
    Noynoy Aquino seems to be living in the Delusions of his own Lies. 🙄

  19. Angelace · ·

    It’s a comedy site but they are more enlightening then reading our stupid news:

  20. I hate him for canceling the acquisition of 8 brand new Polish choppers because like the acquisition of brand new navigation system for NAIA, he says that those have graft and corruption. He and his corruption mentality.
    Ang Pilipino nga naman oo utak talangka. Just like those protesters with meaningless rallies na para sa sarili lang nila ang kanilang pinaglalaban. Damn I wanna create a massacre and kill those losers with a chainsaw.

  21. “Damn I wanna create a massacre and kill those losers with a chainsaw.”

    We don’t mind if you start with those commenters who spew their crap in here just because they’re offended by the content of the site. :mrgreen:

  22. kid dynamo · ·

    ..yet again Monsod does the fence sitting….

    and i thought they learned their lesson on their last SONA about “kuryentes”

  23. nice link. i used it on my blog. thanks.

  24. […] comment thread.  Thanks, […]

  25. On the other hand..

    Noy, Shalani break up, says source

    the latest from the grapevine says that TV5 reporter PATRICIA ANNE ROQUE is the new apple of the eyes of PNoy.

    insert OPM music here:
    “Kaibigan lang palakaibigan lang pala….”

  26. Tama ngang campaign material lang si Shalani para kay PNoy

  27. UP nn grad · ·

    to fu llin fin: Foreign investors will invest where their gross-revenue exceeds their total-costs. Foreign investors are willing to incur the costs (e.g. hiring Pinoy workers and paying them the current wage rates, buying supplies from local Pinoy companies, leasing land and/or office space from local Pinoy companies… did I say hiring Pinoy workers???) foreign investors will 😐 incur the costs as long as the net profit 😉 still allows for their target ROI 💡 (return-on-investment).

  28. Hyden Toro · ·

    sure, politicians will use anybody willing to be used, in order to win…a sucker, will always be a sucker…most Filipinos are suckers.

  29. President Noynoy seems to have silenced us all with his recent statement that he could not change something in 100 days when that something has been around for 10 years or more. Oh, i can’t wait for 2016 anymore! I’m not looking forward to a forsaken Philippines, but looking at the 100 days we just had with Noynoy as president, a forsaken Philippines is a logical projection.

  30. I already posted about this shalani issue noon pa na ginamit lang si shalani during the campaign period and election to assure non-supporters of Noynoy na they could vote for him kasi may normalcy pa sa system ni Noynoy. And Kris Aquino is a supporter of this issue kasi expertise n’ya ang love and romance. she was all over the news telling how she is supportive of shalani and how she’s having her brother looking good for shalani.

  31. i still don’t understand why the press and media continue to quote such surveys in their reports to make the president look good. i just don’t.

  32. very good point. joker arroyo even had the audacity to partially give noynoy a good 100-day review (after starting with a truthful review) by saying that because there is a high trust rating (based on what?!), the president did good somehow.

  33. Gems like these are hard to find in Inqurer :mrgreen: The guy must have been reading AP

    “This report tends to reinforce the growing public perception that the Aquino administration is a lazy presidency that loathes hard and sustained planning aimed at delivering results rather than platitudes that are easy to mouth.”

    Another 5.5 years. Good job Noynoy, nyahahahahahahaha

  34. shalani ain’t a marilyn monroe – noy ain’t a JFK either 😀

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