Fact Check:Aquino’s Blatant Lie About the $430M MCC Grant – Integrity My Ass

In a recent report from the clueless and uninspired reporters of the non-inquiring Inquirer, Mr Aquino just couldn’t help himself – and just had to lie about the MCC Grant Approval.

“Mr. Aquino said the people’s confidence in the government helped bring about the same confidence from the international community, as shown by the recent grant of $430 million by Millennium Challenge Corp.

He said the Arroyo administration had applied twice for this grant but was rejected twice.

“But in our three months in office, this was approved,” he said.

What a frakking BLATANT LIAR!!! This is an outrageous lie that needs to be called out.

As previously blogged in the the MCC Transcript the MCC board wanted to make sure that the anti-Gloria stance of Aquino will not mean discontinuation or termination of the Philippines Compact application. Else, what’s the point of releasing the money if Aquino will let the program go to waste. That’s throwing good money after bad.

If Aquino applied for the grant today – he will be disapproved.

The Philippines had to undergo the threshold program BECAUSE it failed the corruption indicators WHEN IT FIRST APPLIED for the compact program in 2004.

Thus, it had to access the threshold program and received $21M. It was only AFTER barely passing the threshold program that the Philippines was considered Compact-eligible.

The $484M Philippine Compact was approved AFTER the Philippines {completed the Threshold Program AND Philippines re-applied}. It is true that corruption is one of the indicators albeit a major one but not the only one.

The scorecard lays down the discussions in quantifiable terms. The last thing the MCC needs is an investigation into improper use of US taxpayers money.

Had Arroyo not undergone the initial process of qualifying for the grant – Aquino will have the same corruption indicators that Arroyo faced in 2004. Under such circumstances, given that the metrics and indicators do not support approval of a grant – I don’t see how Aquino will receive a $484M grant by virtue of his family name.

Sorry noy – humanap ka ng mga ignoranteng kausap – am not buying your shit.

The deferment was about policy continuity NOT corruption (or not having an Aquino family name).

The corruption issue was already settled when the Philippines passed the threshold program

Concern about Aquino’s commitment to the program initiated by Arroyo was high that MCC deferred approval.

On March 24, 2010, the MCC Board reviewed the agency’s poverty reduction results to date and the Board also discussed the Philippines compact proposal. http://www.mcc.gov/pages/press/release/release-032410-mccboardreviews

They stated that “The MCC Board deferred final consideration of the compact proposal in order to engage with the incoming administration to secure their commitment to the ideals and principles of MCC and to the compact’s objectives and implementation. ”

Aquino’s rabid Anti-Arroyo position put the approval at risk because if the Philippine compact program was seen as an Arroyo program – there was a real danger that the Philippines might not comply (because the program was initiated by Gloria) – or that the Philippines will not use the grant in the manner agreed on with the Arroyo administration.

Understandably, there might be also a precautionary measure not to release the funds prematurely as it will be seen as propping up an unpopular leader. However, that is speculative and I would rather defer to the statements of the MCC Board.

“In our three months in office, this was approved” – because someone did the earlier leg work – YOU LYING DOOFUS!!! 👿

Noy – nakikikain ka ng sinaing ng iba, matuto ka namang magpasalamat.. ‘tang’na nyan



  1. Akala ko di daw siya magnanakaw?

    Magnanakaw ng achievements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We should fire his speechwriter. His speechwriter is a blatant liar.

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  4. People accuse Honasan of being a leach on Enrile. Noynoy leaches on his family and the same person he stepped on to get where he is today. All he has ever done was get associated with other people the public already knows. He does not have an original bone in his body. He has never put his own stamp on anything. Karma is a bitc* as he will soon find out.


  5. And abnoy is an accomplice to his own liar speechwriter. =)

    Or.. maybe abnoy really believed that the grant was given to him because he’s an ‘Aquiiiiino’?!

  6. Hyden Toro · ·

    The self proclaimed Paragon of Goodness, Noynoy Aquino, comes in. Everything corrupt, turns not corrupt? Everything bad, turns good? This is the Aquino vice. They project themselves, as Great Righter of Wrongs, in our country. While, diverting everybodys’ attention of their hold of the Hacienda Luisita.

  7. UP nn grad · ·

    Yellow Army motto — keep saying a lie often enough and long enough and the Yellow Army will believe. I think this is the advise being given to President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino, whose reputation continues to grow about Noynoy being very understanding of his shooting buddies and 😯 generous to his college classmates.

  8. concerned_citizen · ·

    The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. Sorry I ain’t buying any of your shit as well NA.

  9. this info has to go beyond antipinoy and out to the people… jeez this is terrible…

  10. And still no matter how much bullcrappery you pull and your cronies and morons… Your scorecard of achievements is still a big ZERO…

    The number zero is empty… But, it holds unlimited possibilities.
    -Igor, Persona 3

    The number zero is empty… But it holds unlimited possibilities… Apparently you have no possibilities… Just a plain Zero! Zero in possibilities, and zero is skills

  11. Fanclubs will always make bogus claims that are quite easy to disprove, and once they are shot down, they’ll just make more. 

  12. Free from the Yellow tyranny · ·

    Excellent Article Bong V, I think we should all help together disinfect the internet from those blatant yellow lies. 😀

  13. Nagyayabang naman parang kung sino maayos gumawa ng bayan pero sa reality walang nangyari puro palpak.

  14. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    Yeah, the current president is the biggest liar ever to have been elected to the presidency.  Starting with his SONA, until his visit to the U.S., he has only brought lies to the public and the media is too moronic to tell the people the truth.  Good thing Monsod has waken up from her stupor during the last elections and is now heeding her sense of reason, she rightly pointed out that the grant was in the works even during the presidency of GMA, N/a has not accomplished anything concrete during his presidency, other than committing a host of gaffes that any self-respecting politician would have committed “harakiri” over.   Even the two billion dollar-investment promise, half of it apparently was worked out by GMA in 2007, Monsod is doing the country a favor by telling the truth!  She should have been more rational during the election campaign period and not project herself as a yellow fanatic, then she would have soared in credibility ratings with me.  I am still a little skeptical of where she really stands on principled politics.

  15. Her unbias has yet to be proven. It seems she is trying her best to inform the public of the lies being spread, but still doesn’t seem able to tear herself away from the Yellow party yet, listing down the numerous faults of the administration, but couching them in a manner that does everything but actually say PeNoy is at fault. Given her hard-hitting interviews and analysis of other people, this reluctance to place the blame squarely on PeNoy’s shoulders is pretty telling.   

  16. Corrupt, Corrupt, Corrupt! The $484 million is sure to get pissed away, while any chance of real development is squandered away by these mindless sh*t for brains.

  17. Pagkadawat-limpyo aning animala da!

    What PNoy just did was blasphemy! It was madness! 👿

    (God help whoever tells me that IT! WAS! SPARTA!)

  18. Too right, mate! Those dumbfvcks are going to give us all hell! Paen PNoy! Paen the Oligarchs! 😈
    (Paen is Korean for “Praise,” pronounced like a distorted “Pee on.” Can somebody just paen [I mean pee on] the fooks?!)

    And so I cross myself in sheer madness! 😯

  19. Erratum: That Korean term is actually spelled “paean.”

  20. classic PR conditioning of his zombie followers by President Noynoy. He himself stated in an interview that he does not care what the rest of the Philippines say about his performance as long as those who trust him are well taken care of. Eh di ba he should be leading the whole country and not just a few spots of the archipelago?! Going back to this PR conditioning of Noynoy regarding the grant, nakakatawa from a standpoint abroad kasi napaka-bitter ng statement — full of resentment and arrogance. President ka na, Noynoy. Bakit ka pa lingon ng lingon sa tuwid na daan? Siguro kasi takot na takot kang maligaw sa tuliro mong daan na hinaharap mo.

  21. very true. karma will bite his ass regarding achievements. kawawa talaga s’ya when the next president takes the lead. and since he knows na gagawin sa kanya in the next regime ang ginagawa nya sa iba today, he will make sure that an ally of his will win. kaya expect massive cheating next elections.

  22. i challenge mareng winnie to further dispute President Noynoy’s lie regarding the grant in her shows.

  23. Anyone who ran on Integrity can only succeed in doing so by lying.

  24. […] results. He even takes credit for the accomplishments of the previous administration for the $430M Millennium Challenge Corp (MCC) grant, among other things. He is lucky indeed, for majority of Filipinos are the sort of people who are […]

  25. […] fact, despite P-Noy’s misguided claim (which may have been foisted on him by malicious advisors) that his administration was responsible […]

  26. outoftheblue · ·

    This does not surprise me. It’s Noynoy, a non-achiever. It is very predictable that he will steal credit from others. 

    Look at this fool. After bashing Arroyo with his rhetorics, insulting late appointees and removing people who worked for Arroyo from their posts, now grabs something not of his making then shouts to the whole country. Just like a kid who wins the chair in trip-to-Jerusalem. 

    It is a big mistake that people elected him. It has been several months now. His supporters should stop making excuses such as “bago pa kasi” “wag tayong negative” “dapat nagtutulungan tayo” “dami kasing minananang problema kay GMA” “wala namang may gusto na ganyan ang mangyari” “kailangan supportahan natin at di puro pang huhusga”. People, especially who elected Ignoy, should think about love for country, not for the Aquinos. They should accept that Ignoy is incompetent and not the man for the job. 

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