Santa Claus is “Pulling Through” – Ruckus at Aquino’s 1st 100 Days Speech Ceremony

CdQ can’t get enough of kissing Aquino’s ass as he made a big fuss about Aquino Pulling Through. He said

“P-NOY DID not score his biggest point in his “Report kay Boss” by what he said. He did not even score his biggest point in his “Report kay Boss” by what he did, or intended to do.

He scored his biggest point in his “Report kay Boss” by—an accident.”

Why am I not surprised, considering he stumbled into the presidency by accident – the death of Cory. That Aquino’s sycophants will make a big deal about another unintended circumstance is just being true-to-form.

CdQ describes the situation which allowed Aquino to “pull through”,

It came immediately after his speech. In the open forum that followed, a teacher, Jesusa Antiquera, was the first to ask a question. The format called for representatives of the common man (or woman), ordinary citizens, the various faces of “the Boss,” to be raised on a pedestal and shine, if only for the first time in their lives, if only for a few moments of their lives. Alas, being raised on a pedestal took on the completely literal form of a high chair, and Antiquera, proving to be a completely literal representative of the common man, or woman, who like Jose Rizal stands barely five feet, could not quite pull herself up and plump her behind on it.

She sparked much laughter after she tried a couple of times and failed. She herself was giggling in embarrassment by then. It’s interesting to wonder how the other presidents might have handled the situation.

Then he goes into his list of speculations.

I see Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo shouting like the Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland, “Off with her head!” That is for the sabotage of the most epic proportions, that is for satire of the most diabolical conception, that is for subversion of the direst intentions. That is for impersonation of the foulest kind.

I see, Erap wagging his head and erapting after taking several swigs from a flask, “Para ka namang Vice President ko.” Or, “Balak mo rin bang agawin ang silya ko?”

I see Fidel Ramos summoning the PSG and/or the officials of the National Disaster Coordinating Council to respond ASAP to a mounting crisis. Alternatively, I see him calling for his technocrats and engineers, civil and/or military, and asking them to solve the problem also ASAP of whether to provide a ladder, and if so, how tall, or cut down the chair, and if so, how short.

I see Cory saying, “Let us pray….”

Though I can agree on his speculations about Cory and Erap – I’ll have to say the spiel on GMA and FVR is quite a stretch because these two are quite proactive – and bloody efficient at what they do. They would have already figured out that one shouldn’t use a high chair, or provide for a step ladder beforehand.

P-Noy himself, laughing along with everyone, hastened to assist. “We can do this,” he said. After Antiquera had tried to mount the chair by herself and failed, P-Noy asked a soldier, who was also a guest in the open forum, to push in front while he pulled from behind. He counted, “One, two, three,” and simultaneously pushing and pulling at “three,” they brought the delighted teacher to the heights she was destined for. It drew loud cheers from the audience.

No one now remembers what Antiquera asked. Everyone remembers that act of P-Noy of helping her to her seat, spontaneously, guilelessly, serendipitously. Antiquera herself was impressed. She gushed afterward that she had heard the President was a simple man, a man without artifice, a man who didn’t stand on ceremony. She didn’t realize the depth of it until she saw it. “Talaga palang simpleng tao lang siya.”

That was the most brilliant part of P-Noy’s “Report kay Boss.” That was the most triumphant part of P-Noy’s “Report kay Boss.”

I am for chivalry and all that – but, given the context of “the Aquino way” of governance, I’d say:

1. Aquino’s event managers weren’t up to their jobs. And didn’t prepare the stage well, nor do their due diligence on the “honorees” or;

2. It was a deliberately staged event:

2.1. You might as well be watching a Mexican telenovela of a “benevolent haciendero” pandering to the “common tao”.

2.2. Or a gospel revival ala Jimmy Swaggart and its roster of Philippine clones.

Noy’s range of gestures and media projection are calibrated to pain him as a “populist”.

Quite ironic considering that a haciendero is being portrayed as a practitioner of “a political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite”. The hot dog lunches, no wang wang, “walang mahirap kung walang corrupt” slogans form a consistent theme of aa product packaged as “P. Noy Aquino”.

Nothing can be further from the truth, given his silence on HLI, serving the Philippine consumers to his insulares Basque and Sangley Mestizo cronies – in energy, water, telecommunications, transportation, roads and tollways, and entertainment.

Antiquera and CdQ are like kids in a mall who got to sit on Santa’s lap, got a couple of candies, had their picture taken.

At the end of the day – like P. Noy Aquino’s populism – is like Santa Claus. The thing is – CdQ, Antiquera and millions more have yet to see through the illusion and outgrow it.

Now, while Kumareng Winnie waxes poetic about helping the country –

“If you are going to help this country, you’ve got to be in the country. If any of you have ambitions of going abroad so that you can earn more, please disabuse yourself, because by doing that, you are essentially betraying the people in the Philippines who trusted you and who invested their money in you,” she told her students, whose tuition at UP is subsidized by the government.

it doesn’t amount much when the kind of “help” being extended does not address the root causes of the problem. Nor does it provide a wholistic view – I found it quite parochial, provincial, and shallow. Mareng Winnie and all of Humpty Dumpty’s Horses have been around long enough and frankly they haven’t been able to put Humpty Dumpty back together gain – if not then, if not now, will they ever?.

The myth of honesty sans competence will make everything turn out alright has been busted. Aquino has been a total train wreck – one gaffee after another – and during the times where it’s not a gaffee, it’s a chunk of government being privatized, handed on a silver platter to Aquino cronies. Which pretty much leaves the rest of Filipinos to fend for themselves.

Even if the Phil government goes in a privatization spree, rates will not improve because the privatized corporations will be brought by Filipino monopoly corporations. Until such time that Secs 10 and 11, Article 12 of the Philippine constitution get removed – you can have all the press releases about how well the economy is doing but as Prof Bernardo Villegas pointed out

Without OFW remittances, it would be difficult for the Philippines to sustain the annual GDP growth of 7 percent or more. It is fortunate that the outlook for the earnings of OFWs remain bright, despite the very slow recovery of the developed countries.

Thanks to their unique traits and talents, OFWs continue to be the first to be hired and the last to be fired in some 200 countries all over the world.

Until such time we remove the barriers to the free flow of investments and trade into the Philippines the Philippines will remain in a perpetual chase – so near, yet so far. Thus, Filipinos will still keep voting with their feet – out of NAIA – to anywhere BUT the Philippines.

ECONOMIC POWER BEHIND THE SACRIFICE. “There are about 11 million Filipinos overseas. Conservative estimates put the aggregate income of all these Overseas Filipinos at close to 500 Billion US dollars a year and this is approximately 3 times the expected 2010 GDP of the Philippines projected at 180 billion US dollars. The current annual 20 billion US dollar OF remittances to the Philippines are mostly consumption driven remittances and is less than 4 percent of the total yearly income of all Overseas Filipinos”
Source: OFN Presentation

Indeed the more things “change” – the more they remain the same – the Roman Circus, Santa Claus, puppets, and puppet masters. New faces, same old scripts.

Santa Claus will be sending goodies these Christmas – but it will not come from Aquino and his three stooges – it will come from the blood, sweat, tears, joys, and sacrifices of the Overseas Fatigued Workers.



  1. Hyden Toro · ·

    I think the quality we are getting in our leaderships, reflects our choices. If we get leaders who are: corrupt; pretentious;self serving; thieves, etc…we deserve them. Because, we have not chosen right. How can a Haciendero; who owns almost all of the Province of Tarlac; become a Champion of the Rights of people. First, he must grant, the rights of his tenants/tillers to have the dignity to own the lands, they till. And, at least have a decent life, and future for their families. Before, he can claim; he is for the people…I would even doubt the validity of their ownership of their Hacienda. 😯

  2. Most of us Filipinos are often impressed by style, and rarely by substance.

  3. I do not want a “simple person” as a country’s President! Running a nation is a tremendous task and it should be somebody who could think and act in complexity. The first 100 days showed that PNoy cannot do his job well and I really doubt if he can still pull the strings to make a good President. Instead of significant matters, headlines about PNoy’s lovelife fill the newspapers.

    People are losing their jobs in my community. Mostly, these are also “simple people” like construction workers and laborers who cannot go abroad due to lack of education and skills. Obviously, the PNoy administration is busy changing personalities in government offices and the projects are put “on hold”.

    For those who do not have breadwinners abroad, they will hardly be seeing Santa Claus this Christmas.

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