Del Castillo and the Plagiarism Issue: The Corona SC Faces a Demolition Job

10/26. We don’t have to burn the entire SC to hold Castillo accountable.I ‘ve had a full plate at work – and can’t get some solid time to write – but here are some talking points for discussion on the Del Castillo Plagiarism issue. The long and short of it is that del Castillo needs to be held accountable. But we should be responsible in prescribing the manner of how accountability is achieved.

A. Plagiarism

  • We are signatories to international IPR law – and failure to attribute or cite 3rd parties, in this case – is not a good thing
  • I go with the dissenting opinion – re-issue the ruling of Vinuya.
  • There is still a room for appeal – petition for judicial review – certiorari.

B. Penalties

  • The penalty prescribed by UP Law – resignation is way overboard. Thus, the SC note to UP Law.
  • A more appropriate measure is to censure Del Castillo.
  • A review of del Castillo’s rulings tend to show a pattern of patchwork plagiarism – if proven, Congress can have him impeached instead.

C. Politics

  • The plagiarism issue is a demolition job to slowly unravel what is perceived as an the Arroyo holdover SC – it’s as clear as day.
  • The plagiarism issue is just softening the ground – to clear the SC of Arroyo appointees and put in Aquino appointees.
  • The correct solution is if Congressmen have issues with Corona – they should impeach him. But these weasels will not do that – because they all have pending cases in court. quid pro quo.
  • The Aquino camp wants to create dissent and weaken the judiciary and eventually have full control of government.
  • Will changing horses in the SC make any difference at this time? Different dogs, same sh*t. A MILLION REASONS anyone?  (an inside joke among Philippine lawyers) 🙂

D. Horse Trading

  • The Corona SC gave a warning shot on the HLI issue – note that Aquino stood down when the SC started going into the Land reform issue.
  • The SC-HLI issue has quieted down.The plagiarism issue is being brought to the fore, since the SC has painted itself into a corner by mediating in the HLI issue – for good reason – A MILLION REASONS Laughing.
  • If Aquino is not careful – there can be a repeat of Arroyo and Estrada – Corona will do a Davide on Binay.

It’s a thieves versus thieves war. Boils down to choosing which thief is yours. Yes, we are still damned 🙂

Going beyond the legalese – what this is a play to coopt the SC to stop checking Aquino and his merry men in Congress.


The best approach therefore is to:

  1. Faces come and go – the judicial system’s integrity needs to be shored up not torn down.
  2. Call for a review of the Vinuya case, and have the ruling re-issued.
  3. This is where UP Law School dropped the ball – call for censure but not resignation of del Castillo – within the context of the Vinuya case. If they are not satisfied then work to impeach Del Castillo.

The law may be hard, but it’s the law – let’s learn to follow – or if not satisfied, come up with better laws – better yet, choose darn good lawmakers so we don’t have to be in this ruckus in the first place.

– BongV



  1. Whoever “resigns”, gets “impeached”, gets fired, is censured, whatever. As long as any of these tasks and transactions transpire within the framework of the system in place then it’s all good.

    If there are morons out there who are using all this hullaballoo involving Mr what-his-face copying Ms-whatever’s work and Mrs-who-the-heck grandstanding in the Media calling for the head of Mr-who-the-hell-cares, as a means to stir up some kind of sentiment to discredit the system, I am hoping (against hope, really) that Pinoys and those who presume to shape opinion are intelligent enough to defer to the systems, processes, and institutions in place to effect whatever initiatives he/she may be pushing.

    As Bong said, faces and the morons behind them come and go. But what endures is the system. Remove, discredit, or replace whoever moron is on whatever lucrative government seat at the moment and there will be — to the tune of 100 million — a vast well of humanity in our islands from which another moron can be found to fill the void.

    Look no further than these morons:

    Who says there’s not gonna be another one of these bozos storming another civilian establishment brandishing high-powered PUBLIC-FUNDED weaponry sometime in the future? No one was killed in their last adventure, but who’s to say no one will be in a future one? Cut these people loose now by leapfrogging ESTABLISHED and INSTITUTIONALISED criminal justice systems and we all can expect again in the future to reap this dysfunction that we sow NOW.

    As Eleanor Roosevelt was said to have said:

    Small minds talk about people
    Mediocre minds talk about events
    Great minds discuss ideas

    Then again this is the Philippines where brokering on personalities and speculating on hidden agendas even as intellectually debatable material is on the table for public consumption over legitimate channels, trumps sensibility anytime.

    Whoever comes up a winner in this imbroglio should be the men and women who are most brilliant at working within the system and not those who work OUTSIDE of it and endanger civilian lives, undermine the country’s international reputation as a stable business environment, or weaken institutions that are otherwise working (albeit IMPERFECTLY).

  2. kid dynamo · · on paaaaare….

  3. Hyden Toro · ·

    Some sort of diversionary tactic of Noynoy Aquino. To make us not focus on the true issues. He is also trying to send messages to the Judiciary; that his Hacienda Luisita must be protected from the Land Reform Law. The Aquinos died to hold on this piece of real estate. Keep on your focus on the Hacienda Luisita issue. This is his Weak Point.

  4. Antay-antayan · ·

    So all these UP law professors asking a plagiarist to resign are really working with Aquino to divert attention from Hacienda Luisita? Awesome conspiracy theory.

    An SC justice plagiarizing should not resign? I thought you guys are moralizing revolutionaries that want to clean up this rude, lawless society?

    BTW, I noticed that Filipinos really love the term “demolition job”. Pinoy na pinoy ka pala, sir.

  5. Hyden Toro · ·

    Focus first on the issues like: rice and sugar shortages, lack of jobs, OFWs, implementation of Land Reform, and other pressing issues. These issues are in need to be addressed. Not on the idiotic plagiarism of a SC Justice. This can come later; if you want to burn that SC Justice on Stake later. You can do it. We need to be able to feed ourselves, first…

  6. Antay-antayan · ·

    Sure, we’re all poor miserable hungry victims. And, yes, let’s ask the UP profs to fix the rice shortage.

  7. Not a conspiracy to people who have the first hand information. 🙂

  8. yup – another sensationalist hype from the yellow turds who frequent UP law School

  9. Hyden Toro · ·

    Yellow Horde Robots on the order by their imbecile Master to divert the attention of people from Hacienda Luisita and Land Reform implementation. Too shallow tactics, morons…The Empire STRIKES Back. Dark Vader releases his order: His powerful Whore Sister: Kris Aquino is on reserve to release her Seductive Charms, on the second wave of attack…Full Demolition of all Anti Pinoy Bloggers who are Blogging against the Master of the Hacienda Luisita…Divert the people’s attention from Land Reform, my Hacienda Luisita, my incompetent performances, my failed tragic Hostage incident, etc… My Special Forces: Hacienda Luisita Mafia will also be on full attack. Idiots on the attack. Watch Out!!

  10. Plagiarism is a form of stealing. Stealing is a crime.

    Sa mga schools nga pwede ka ma suspend kapag nahuli kang nagplagiarize e. E dahil sa na abswelto ang isang plagiarist (SC Justice pa ha!), ano pa kaya kung mga estudyante ang nandaya. Malaking impact ang kabobohan na to lalo na sa mga schools at sa mga may “bright minds”.

    At talagang sinisi pa ang MS Word. At talagang epektib ang palusot na yun para dun sa mga nag abswelto ha. Without malicious content naman daw e.

    Sa tingin ko malaking issue din ito na di dapat palampasin. Hindi sapat ang public apology lang.

  11. kristine0019 · ·

    “Sa mga schools nga pwede ka ma suspend kapag nahuli kang nagplagiarize e.”

    Hindi lang suspension. In our university (I’m a grad student), plagiarism is penalized with expulsion. Estudyante pa lang yan, ha…

    Kaya nga hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit ayaw ng mga ibang tao dito na mag-resign si Del Castillo. His continued stay in the SC will send the wrong message (especially to students) that you can get away with wrongdoing as long as you are in a position of power. Kung meron pang konting kahihiyan sa katawan yang si Del Castillo, siya na ang kusang magre-resign.

    In Japan it is much worse – even the lowliest judge caught plagiarizing will not think twice about committing hara-kiri.

    “At talagang sinisi pa ang MS Word. At talagang epektib ang palusot na yun para dun sa mga nag abswelto ha. Without malicious content naman daw e.”

    Grabe, ang kapal talaga ng mukha. Huling-huli na, kung anu-ano pang palusot ang sinasabi. Do we really want a person who resorts to such stupid reasoning to be a SC Justice? I don’t think so.

  12. Antay-antayan · ·

    Nice intelligent comeback. You should work part-time writing scripts for Boy Abunda or Wowowee. =)

  13. Antay-antayan · ·

    Your response actually sounds more like “sensationalist hype” to me. It’s a redundant phrase btw.

  14. truth is stranger than fiction. if you can’t handle the truth, stick to fiction =)

  15. Hyden Toro · ·

    Si Puno…he stole from the people by taking Jueteng Bribes…He should pay taxes from what he got from his bribes…He is still with Noynoy Aquino. Diversionary Tactic? Is Plagiarism worse that taking Jueteng Bribes?

  16. Hyden Toro · ·

    It’s based on an American fiction tv-series, made into screenplay….called “Star War”…written & directed by American Director George Lucas…The Yellow Hordes are the Robots. Noynoy Aquino is Dark Vader. The Hacienda Luisita Mafia is the Evil Empire…Who will be Luke Sywalker?…remains to be seen…

  17. that’s for double redundancy purposes – yeah a response that contains the word sensationalist sounds sensationalist – and am am supposed to be surprised .. 😆

  18. kristine0019 · ·

    Parehas lang may ginawang mali si Del Castillo at si Puno.

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