Video: The Art of the Pinoy Accent

Another day in the life of this “finest race on the planet”. So fine in fact that, their accent can’t be “made fun of”. Really?

Consider the following Pinoy jokes, you can even see that the sentence is a play on the Pinoy accent.

1. Use BE COOL and I’LL BUY in a sentence.

…The tourist went to Mayon volcano in I’LL BUY, BE COOL.

2. Use SCHOOLING in a sentence.

…(phone rings)…..Hello? Who SCHOOLING?

3. Use AFFECT in a sentence.

…Maria is wearing AFFECT diamond ring.

4. Use ADIEU in a sentence.

…If you are ADIEU, the Arabs will kill you.

5. Use DECANTER in a sentence.

…You can order that medicine over DECANTER.

6. Use DELETION in a sentence.

…The balat of DELETION is crispy.

7. Use DESPISE in a sentence.

…Who baked all DESPISE?

8. Use DIFFERENT and DIFFERENTIAL in a sentence.

…I am looking for DIFFERENT of this boy to get DIFFERENTIAL consent so he can go to the picnic.

Then when somebody takes the Pinoy accent jokes further on Korean TV as in Lee Da Hae – – –


It is not funny??? Because???

I am wondering where are all the Pinoys because there’s more videos out there that make outrageous fun of the Filipino accent and that effin “Filipino race” – whatever the “racetards” mean.

Please view the following playlists and compare it to the recent video that has Pinoy racist nationalists fuming like the usual retards.

Rex Navarette – Hella Pinoy

All Music Guide describes Rex as a “Filipino-American comedian Rex Navarrete discovered his knack for telling jokes when he was going to school in the San Francisco Bay area, when he would bring in Eddie Murphy’s classic album Comedian to show his friends. When he began attending college, his parents assumed that Navarrete would become an architect, but at the insistence of one of his professors, he gave standup comedy a try, and immediately knew he had found his calling. In the spring of 1989, the then 19-year-old did his first routine in front of 800 people at the annual Asian Pacific Islander Student Union conference at U.C. Santa Cruz, and hasn’t looked back since. It took him a few years to hone his act, but by the time Navarrete was 28, he’d perfected a routine that centered around utilizing a cast of “characters,” ranging from an old teacher of his to a domestic worker (he bases his act on what he calls “real Rex moments,” in other words, true life experiences). In 1998, Navarrete issued his first comedy album, Badly Browned, following it up a year later with a sophomore effort titled Husky Boy (both issued on the Classified label), and in 2001, his first release on his own label, Kakarabaw Productions, entitled Bastos.”

[myyoutubeplaylist ehxSK-bGoXs, mzkePde9MpY, CoPNsS1EiFo, Lz7lSHOwM-A, DhWhvGSU75g, NXDgsQk5RPc, H83s8aipkKE, jf9QFjHQ9kY]

Rex Navarette – Badass Madapaka

[myyoutubeplaylist Y0iZVLRgM6A, lyRmSt_z2PM, BMWySzL0ueM]

I first learned about Jo Koy from the Fil-Am Students Association of University of North Florida. I was expressing my thanks to a group of students who took the time out to collect books, pack them into balikbayan boxes, and raise funds to cover cost of shipping expenses to remote schools in the Philippines.

Jo Koy – Dont make him angry

[myyoutubeplaylist SfPOqtnVmUY, xkbJRCYvLhI, cxXemG19Eu4, joGtGQ9ixHE, x44ZLFYzHuY, NzeCxD6Ix2E]

Another stand up who uses Pinoy accents is Edwin San Juan. Here’s a resume from Wikipedia – “Filipino American, Los Angeles based actor and comedian who is known for sharing his multicultural life experiences, his observational humor, word play and for poking fun at ethnic stereotypes. He is the Creator and Executive Producer of ‘SlantED Comedy’, a showcase of Asian American stand-up comedians televised on Showtime and also performs regularly across the country.

Edwin’s first film appearance was in “I’m Not Like That No More” (2010), a comedy co-starring Felipe Esparza and Paul Rodriguez.

Edwin has entertained American troops on the USO tour, ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ and has made several TV appearances such as Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, ‘Comics without Borders’ on Showtime, ‘ The Payaso Comedy Slam’ on both Showtime and Comedy Central, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen on ABC, UPN’s ‘Live from Hollywood’, BET’s Comic View, Galavision’s ‘Que Locos’ & ‘Loco Comedy Jam’, Si TV’s ‘Latino Laugh Festival’, ‘Inside Joke’ and ‘Latino 101’, ‘Destination Stardom’ on NBC, ‘International Sexy Ladies Show’ on G4 TV and also reigned as the grand champion of the ‘Talent Agency’ on UPN with 9 consecutive victories.”

Edwin San Juan

[myyoutubeplaylist azbpNZ7OQK8, EzMLEet1f2w, 3M1aszjvqo4, p4E-4b4MhzU]

Russell Peters and Carlos Mencia are very familiar names in stand up. And they sure can roll out those cultural stereotypes and poke fun at it. I am waiting for Pinoys to be enraged, to behave like they did at Chip Tsao, Alec Baldwin, Teri Hatcher – show your stuff Da Pinoy, ipakita mo na talagang wala kang ka class class – like red wine and seafood. 😀

Russell Peters and Carlos Mencia

[myyoutubeplaylist XDORYXvLlD0, XfcZxygstjc, ZtbyVFLl_7U, vqn9rXu1TCM, 83KEvIURe9M, IXe8BLZb5H8, SZRyry_B7TY, esKwU3BrUfM]

The Word of the Lourd

Lourds De Verya has the last clip. With this recent Pinoy accent brouhaha – It seems like this show “Balat sibuyas ang Pilipino” never even got airtime


In case the Pinoys didn’t notice since retarded Filipinos elected Aquino, the subsequent performance of the Aquino student government puts Charlie Chaplin and the Keystone cops to shame – Wangwang, Memo No. 1, Mendoza, taking Credit for Arroyo’s work, Best Friend Forever Puno, Juvenile Mislang – the joke is on the Filipino.

Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls has taken a new twist – Filipinos shouldn’t ask whom the joke is for – because not only is the joke on us. We Filipinos, ARE THE JOKE!

Walang kokontra at magkaka bukel ka 😀

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

* * * * * * * * *

Bonus: AP Author does comedy

Making fun of the British, Americans, Aussies, Indians, Singaporeans, and of course, DA PINOY (and Pinoy stereotypes), is AP Author, Sentro ng Katotohanan Co-Anchor, Charter Change Advocate, and Get Real Philippines stalwart Orion Pérez Dumdum…

Venue: Take-Out Comedy Singapore Open Mic Night in July 2009 at  the Em Studio Lounge at Gallery Hotel, Robertson Quay,  Singapore.

“Ai am natt hir tu bi yor wey-terr, OK?”



  1. I love this author! 🙂

  2. Where’s the rating feat? I wanna give this 11 stars!!

  3. pilipinas lang ang may hamburjur at fork galing sa fig.

  4. Miriam Quiamco · ·

    Ang babaw naman nitong Word of the Lourd na host, gustong pababain si GMA, riding on the hate campaign of her detractors and anti-cha cha riding on the moronic take on cha-cha of the anti-cha cha movement, cause of their paranoia of GMA’s continual hold to power!!!  Impress na sana ako, pero lacking din pala in critical analysis.

  5. frustratedcitizen · ·

    nice one. 
    direct hit Sir Bong. As usual, FIlipinos only laugh when the joker is a Filipino. Once it’s foreign(even though the same Filipino jokes are the ones being utilized), Filipinos go on assault mode

  6. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo · ·

    pero nung minsan nagflash daw sa show niya ng picture ni GMA. At tanong pa nga ng host kung nami-miss natin siya (gma).

  7. Hyden Toro · ·

    We complain all these Jokes that are upon us…it is because, we don’t feel good on ourselves. Mislang insulted the Vietnamese, for entertaining her with cheap Chilean wines. Did you hear any furor from the Vietnamese? Hoy, mga sensitivo na mga tao…mag-isip-isip kayo nang matino…

  8. mario taporco · ·

    Ulong Pare, where’s your comment(s) about these jokesters. I know you’re one hell of a standup heckler. So what’s your point of view. 😉

  9. You should have included Orion’s video. That was funny. ;0

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