Seventeen goals that can move the Philippines forward in 2011

The information and commodity deluge can be treated like a buffet. Just because your $12.95 allows you to eat unlimited everything – doesn’t mean you have to – at the risk of rupturing your stomach or suffering a really bad case of indigestion. Bite what you can chew and focus on the actions with the biggest ROI.

Cut through the darkness and mental labyrinth of Da Pinoy dysfunction – here’s some actions that you can focus your energies on and get the most positive impact to the bottom line of families, companies, the community, and society in general – starting in 2011 and beyond.

The Eight Goals/ “Big Dreams” for the Philippines just got an upgrade – in time for the holiday season and the new year (as if, the new year will bring in anything “new” to the Philippines) – with SEVENTEEN GOALS.

Aim your sight on the goal, drive yourself towards the goal, and take your best shot! Most of all practice, practice, practice!

This is my list of goals which are attain the vision of a Philippines that is Prosperous, Huge Middle Class, Politically Vibrant, Globally Integrated Economy

#1 – Free the market – remove the protectionist provisions to stimulate competition, innovation, and economic velocity

#2 – Federalize government to unleash the dynamism and innovation of regional diversity towards the shared goal of peace and prosperity

#3 – A good balance of issues and personalities – go parliamentary or at the very least – a strong republic under the rule of law.

#4 – Propagate a culture of excellence to do away with the culture of mediocrity – and no, just because Pempengco, Pacquiao excelled in their fields does not mean Filipinos are the greatest. We are a long ways off – in case you all didn’t notice, our botched approaches to operational excellence exemplified by our management of Mendoza, Ampatuan, Vizconde, Lacson, Trillanes, Nobel boycott. And that’s not even calling attention to this mega eyesore of mediocrity – a student government presidency that makes the phrase comedy of errors an understatement – the Aquino Presidencies #1 and #2 – yes, they both SUCK – Cory and Noynoy.

#5 – Promote a culture of personal responsibility to counteract the culture of impunity and the mobocracy.

#6 – Provide, discuss, and weigh alternative models of behavior, attitudes, belief systems, practices and identify which can be adopted or rejected to deliver positive and equitable results to the bottom line.

Tessie Millan Mora added the following to the list, great stuff Tessie!:

# 7 – Stop the culture of UTANG NA LOOB which obligates, if not forces, a person to pay back, specially the politicians

# 8 – Stop being so onion skinned. we take everything personally. let us take genuine criticism in a good way – to change, reform. we put emotion into everything

# 9 – Encourage entrepreneurship and teach the children to think BUSINESS instead of being a lifetime employee

# 10 – The children should not be relegated to the background and hushed when there are visitors around. we should introduce our children to our friends formally so they become confident early on.

# 11 – Children should be heard, should be talked to in soft tones, not to be shouted at, specially in public

# 12 – Pregnant women should take their babies in the womb seriously by eating healthy food so that the Filipino children are healthy in mind and body at the outset

# 13 – EDUCATION IS STILL THE EQUALIZER! when one is educated, it presupposes no one can fool you, most specially the politicians!!!

And from the original Eight Big Goals

#14 – Support the passage of a strong Freedom of Information Act

#15 – Support the passing of the Divorce Bill.

#16 – Eliminate the pork barrel.

#17- Tax religious organizations that get involved in politics. Catholic church can participate in politics if it waives its tax exemption status.

Feel free to add your own goals to the list and pass it on.

Happy Kwanzaa’, Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to y’all.



  1. good list
    i would add
    move from feudalism masqurading as democracy

    reduce the rice and videoke culture through independent and informed media and more discussion

    make politicians accountable through appraisal reports published every year

    stop the depende on china and the grip the chinese have in politics and business. be filipino

    earn global respect

    protect ofw’s working in slave conditions especially in the middle east

    sort out the tax system. the rich pay little or no tax and get away with it.

    sack anyone guilty of corruption

    be more friendly to tourists and not just beg for money

    clean the streets

    stop nepotism. use the best of the best and learn from best practice. dont reinvent the wheel.

    have vision and passion

    dismantle the political families. they only want easy money and only care for themselves

  2. The Lazzo · ·

    18 – Gun Law Reform.
    There’s a conservative saying that “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will own guns.” While not so true in ‘Amurrka,’ it’s definitely true here as the only people owning ‘guns’ thanks to the ridiculous gun laws are the rich and their private armies, and corrupt cops that can have their way with anyone. Now they’re even putting licensing fees on airsoft guns.

    Relax gun laws so that guns are more affordable. At the same time introduce efficient background checks and mandatory ‘seminars’ in gun safety so that gun ownership will be based on how responsible you are, not how much you can pay. Anyone with a legal gun tries shit, have a system in place that will track the serial down.

    Ultimately if some armed militia decides to invade your property, you can go down a real hero, not just some victim (like the periodico ‘journalists’ paid to tag along.)

  3. Very good list…I agree totally and these points could be done in a single day…its not that hard to achieve it…the issue is the willingness to do…the points are not sending man to mars..but just make everyone’s life better….

    Well, to be as positive but not miss the reality…how about the oligarch, they are forever trying to amass the wealth of others and their success comes with our failure to rise up. I think they will fight tooth and nail to see the points never comes to light. So sad, everyone will benefit from it…but these sociopaths don’t like everyone being happy…its all about them not us.

  4. Best added to the list: Make sure that ALL Filipinos will wake up from their fantasy world and start dealing with reality.

  5. I also want to add one:

    Introduce the public broadcasting system in the Philippines. It is the answer for all of the trashy stuff that mainstream media are feeding us. I want Channel 4 in the UK as a model for public broadcasting in this country.

  6. ArticleRequest · ·

    Curious, if you are from India how did you find out about this site?

  7. Good list
    Filipinos should also consider to invest their money wisely but here’s the problem

    Filipinos invest on LIABILITIES

    1. they would rather invest first for a car to show off his/her status despite the fact it’s more costly (Filipnos sure love to show off their shiny shimmering splendid cars).
    2. Rent/Buy a bigger house or Renovating their old house into something bigger
    3. Buy expensive possessions
    4. Parties (blow-outs after receiving a bonus or 13th month pay)
    5. Filipinos Think POOR hence the small unprofitable or failed businesses

    Ever read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”?

    And another thing…

    To those who are opening a business no matter how small or big just think of this possibility which is an actual fact when you apply or pay your business tax each year during registration/renewal, those sneaky government employees at the city hall talk to you as if you’re ripping them off of business taxes. Yet they are the ones who have perfected the art of corruption. My friend who owns a small business complains to me about this “I have to Pay more to what I earn. I might as well go bankrupt” I remembered him quoted. But he never really did go Bankrupt as he told me he just secretly paid ‘under the table’ to keep his business running. See? the President isn’t the only one who is corrupt but people insist it’s all the President’s fault (for the most part actually)

  8. Reminds me of this sticker I saw on a gate. It said:

    “An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.”

    Besides, isn’t disarming the citizenry a trait of totalitarian states?

  9. Hyden Toro · ·

    They are very ambitious goals; in a nation of Wowoowee Politics, Wowoowee leaders and telenovela politicians. The Aquinos has dragged us so low; that it is now an accepted norm that low intellect and being barely educated can get you to the highest realm of leadership. The Spanish colonizers hate very educated Filipinos. It seems, the cycle came back; to make us all ignorant. So that, they can continue to delude us with Wowoowees…

  10. Because, I love Philippines. I relate easily to Filipinos than back home. Besides, I don’t believe in political boundaries, they were created to divide humanity. I know given my opinion in filipino forum dealing with filipino problem is bit odd…but i can’t help it…:) i like it here…I gain lots of insight from anti-pinoy..Thanks

  11. some added thoughts

    get rid of the cheats, illegal loggers, tax evaders and drug pushers in senate and congress.

    clear the streets of rats, beggars, children sleeping rough and prostitutes

    get rid of private armies and the davao death squad, and the mayor who funds it

    crackdown on sex trafficking and sexploitation via internet

    upgrade jeepneys and taxis go green and electric

    renovate and restore important buildings. heritage and good for tourism. dont give impression everyone live in pig stys

    develop more sports. not even 1 football stadium

    build decent housing which lasts

    dont be manila and makati centric

    allow younger talent on tv. not old has been politicians and the gay mafia

    stop naming everything aftrt politicians. they r not soo important. it perpetuates elitism

    scrap personal numberplates for politicians. make them work not think they r gods

    start a new political party which reflects what people really eant and need

  12. “get rid of private armies and the davao death squad, and the mayor who funds it”

    In a lawless society like this, we might as well NEED those death squads to put the rebellious natives in line.

  13. if your from davao, you would appreciate what DDS would do. 

  14. if you are from davao – and you get to see places where:

    * the rule of law works
    * investigators actually investigate and don’t get phone calls to whitewash an investigation
    * judges are upright
    * the cops get the best compensation to attract the best – honest, intelligent, physically fit and street smart people
    * the law is enforced
    * people vote for officials who are intelligent enough to come up with solutions worthy of civilized people

    you will be disgusted at how barbaric, primitive, and how phoney it all is – it is a mini North Korea with its Kimg Jong Ils

  15. taga dabaw ka BongV?

  16. DDS batch #1 ain’t too happy with DDS batch #3 being instructed to wipe out batch #1 bcoz batch #1 knows too much. batch #3 too happy to please their masters – till future DDS batch #5 wipes out batch #3 for knowing too much. then when they figure it out – after another team was sent to shoot their relatives and vice-versa – they have all been played by utapuko numero uno.

    whatever’s going on in davao ain’t got nothing to do with the rule of law – come to think of it – Ampatuan’s list of victims pales in comparison to davao’s disaperecidos – and DOJ de Lima can’t do jacksh*t not even as former CHR chair –

  17. here is something:

    #1 Practice common courtesy – hold the doors if someone is behind you, stand on the right side when on an escalator, let people get off the train before you enter, don’t cut lines. DON’T sing karaoke ’til 5 AM during a weekday because maybe your neighbour needs to go to work and can¨’t sleep

    basically what im saying is that pinoys should stop treating each other like sh*t.. but i don’t think this will ever happen so why even bother.. let’s just use the system and earn as much money as we can and then when the ship is really sinking (maybe in 50 yrs?) then i can make use of my dual citizenship 🙂

  18. […] which includes “colonial” influences, and forge a real identity with them. And, let us focus on the right goals. Share If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS […]

  19. What do you expect the country to go the paperwork to create efficient gun laws like that and attempt to profit from it?

    Now I think of it, is there any profit from the way they have their archaic gun laws (the one who pays the most as opposed to being responsible?) The way I figure, being responsible would amount to more awareness, which would mean more involvement with the gun industry and what not (and boy can the local industry create cheap firearms), which would actually milk in more money from different avenues than have only those with the funds be the main customers.

  20. The profit in the current system would be that the warlords with their ill-gotten wealth can buy the all the guns they want, and the only ‘poor’ that “buy” them would be their trained grunts that they distribute the guns to anyway.

    As for the local gun industry, that’s what the system is for. A lot of gun crime is committed with illegal guns, or purchased-then-stolen guns. The legit manufacturers/distributors will benefit, while more resources can be focused on the lowly ‘paltik’ fabricators.

  21. Jett Rink · ·

    So Bong are the Dutertes good, bad, or ugly for Davao ?

  22. Just get the worlds greatest hypnotists to work their voodoo on the idiot filipinos (Noy loyalists, kapamilya freaks, charice freaks, religious freaks and other closed-minded conservatives, illogical thinkers, undeserving politicos, warlords, and so many more). Once the hypnotists are done and snap their fingers, the idiots start killing each other.

    Tapos ang problema.

  23. “Close-minded conservatives?” I’ve conservative leanings, but damned if I’m close-minded!

  24. Oo na…so I made an error . I meant closed-minded. Happy now?

  25. Wait…i just realized there was no error after all. Thanks a lot, AJ. Grrrr…

  26. Jett:

    Are the Aquinos good for the Philippines?

    Are the Kims good for North Korea?

    Are the Ampatuans good for ARMM?

    Many are outraged by Ampatuan – because it was wholesale murder in one swoop.

    Davao on the other hand – has retail governance by murder.

    If you are “in” – it’s all good for you – you can smoke sh*t without having to worry if you are close to the powers that be – as an ex-DDS operative once said he thought that shooting “bad evil people” was okay – until it was his turn to be on the chopping block – BECAUSE HE KNEW TOO MUCH – and he realized the importance of the rule of law. am not sure if the dude is still alive today, but this what he said

    you die if:

    1. You forgot to pay protection money

    2. You did not get your supplies from “approved sources”

    3. You have not paid for your supplies.

    4. You know too much

    the deceased Erning Macasaet, Luigi Santos, Boy Tombo – and the rest of Davao’s “Magnificent Seven” – the originals just shake their head at how ugly this has turned out to be – they created a Frankenstein.

  27. I see the Davao Death Squad as extremist with very good intentions (sometimes they called it ‘Duterte Death Squad’ for the lolz).

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