Wikileaks Revelations: Nothing New About the Philippines

Just one of those days – of sifting through the BS of Philippine media and its lapdogs in the blogosphere.

Frankly, there is nothing new in the Wikileaks revelations that hasn’t been said about the Philippines before. Raise a howl on the Wikileaks revelation that an Australian diplomat considers the Philippines a “basketcase”? C’mon dudes – that’s a NO-BRAINER.

Why do you think there are at least TEN MILLION FILIPINOS overseas? That’s a sizeable chunk of the Philippine population. Not only that – it’s a demographic that is highly educated, highly literate – albeit a lot are misguided – but just the same that pool of human resources is a valuable knowledge base that drives the economies of their adopted countries instead of the Philippines.

Here’s a sprinkling of the wikileaks revelations:

Wikileaks “Revelations”


WikiLeaks: Beijing gives then-Pres. Arroyo thumbs up

WikiLeaks cable: Beijing saw Arroyo as ‘good leader’

Asia/Pacific Regional Concerns

Aussie diplomat says PH a ‘basket case’ – WikiLeaks cable

Wikileaks: Philippine south emerging as terrorist haven

WikiLeaks: China might pressure PHL on US ties

Wikileaks PH update: Philippine facilities among list of “critical US infrastructure”

Responses to Wikileaks: The Global View

Analysis: WikiLeaks stirs debate on info revolution

Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America

Responses to Wikileaks: The Philippine View

WikiLeaks docs a wake-up call for Philippines | Sun.Star Network

Foreign Office slams WikiLeaks –

Frankly, all of these issues are being dealt with in all candor in ANTIPINOY.COM – no security clearance required, available daily – all that is needed is a mind equipped with critical thinking – and an Internet connection.


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